How Tall Do Lime Trees Grow?

Limes are one of the most popular citrus fruits in the world and are commonly used in food and beverages. Because limes are so frequently used in beverages, people like to try growing them so that they have excess limes at their disposal. However, there are several situations where people might be unable to grow their lime trees.

One of the most important factors in growing lime trees is having enough room. Continue reading to learn how tall lime trees grow to learn if you have enough room to accommodate them.

How Tall Do Lime Trees Grow? 

Under optimal growth conditions, lime trees can get to 20 feet tall. Yet, this height can vary depending on the types of limes you grow and the conditions you grow them in.

How Fast Do Lime Trees Grow?

Your lime tree will take four years to reach its maximum height. Your lime tree also will not grow fruit until it reaches full maturity at about 20 feet tall. The following is a guideline to help you determine how much your lime tree will grow over time.

Per year: Your lime tree today will grow about 60 inches until it fully matures.

Per month: your lime tree will grow 5 inches until it fully matures.

Per week: your lime tree will grow an inch and a half until it fully matures.

This growth rate will vary depending on the care you give your lime tree throughout its life. However, on average, it will only take four years for your lime tree to grow fruit and reach its maximum height of 20 feet. Different varieties of limes will also give you different growth rates. The guidelines above apply to limes you find in your regular grocery store.

What’s the Average Height of a Lime Trees

What’s the Average Height of a Lime Trees?

The average height of most lime trees is 17 feet tall. However, most lime trees range between 15 and 20 feet when they reach full maturity.

What is the Tallest Type of Lime Tree?

Kaffir lime trees are the tallest types of lime trees, and they reach 25 feet tall. Therefore, this species of lime tree is 5 feet taller than most other species you will encounter.

What is the Smallest Type of Lime Tree?

The smallest type of lime tree you can get is the dwarf Key Lime tree, and it will only reach 2 feet tall maximum. This type of lime tree will produce fruit within one to three years. Other lime trees can take four years before they produce any fruit, so this lime tree is perfect for growers who want their fruit as soon as possible.

How Wide Do Lime Trees Grow?

The average lime tree will grow 8 feet wide at its base. Most lime trees are grown in the ground because of how wide their roots are and how tall they get. Dwarf varieties of lime trees will only grow to be a few inches wide.

How Long Does a Lime Tree Seed Take to Sprout?

A lime tree seed should sprout within six weeks. If you keep your lime tree seed in optimal conditions, it might sprout within three weeks. However, if six weeks have gone by and your lime tree still hasn’t sprouted, then you should throw away that seed and try a different lime tree seed. It is unlikely the seed will sprout after six weeks of not sprouting.

What’s the Average Lifespan of a Lime Tree?

The average lifespan of most lime trees is 50 years period; however, this lifespan varies depending on which type of lime tree you grow. Smaller lime trees will only live for a few years, and larger lime trees are expected to live for 50 years. Therefore, you must keep your lime tree in great living conditions if you want it to see 50 years of life.

Does the Soil Affect the Lime Trees Growth?

Soil is the most important part of any plant’s growth. Therefore, a lime tree requires specific soil requirements to reach maximum height. The following are the soil conditions you need to keep your lime tree in.

  • Clay loam or sandy loam soil works the best for growing lime trees.
  • Provide your soil with plenty of nutrients because your lime tree will require plenty of food if you want it to grow tall.
  • Your soil for your lime tree should be about 6.5 pH because lime trees thrive in slightly acidic soil.

The above soil conditions go for most standard lime trees. However, other variations of lime trees might need different soil requirements to grow tall.

What’s the Tallest Lime Tree Ever Recorded?

The tallest lime tree ever recorded is in Germany, and it stands at 66 feet tall. This tree is also one of the oldest lime trees because it is between 500 and 1,000 years old.

How to Make Your Lime Trees Grow Taller

How to Make Your Lime Trees Grow Taller?

It would be best if you gave them optimal growth conditions to grow your lime trees as tall as possible. Follow the guidelines below to grow your lime tree taller.

  • Select a variety of lime trees that grow taller.
  • Give your lime tree optimal soil conditions.
  • Provide your lime for you with at least eight hours of direct sunlight.
  • Water your lime tree once or twice a week.
  • Check your soil frequently to make sure your lime tree absorbs enough water. Lime trees need plenty of water to grow properly. However, holding in too much water will cause your lime trees to develop root rot.

Any lime tree will drive when given the conditions above. The better you take care of your lime tree, and the taller your lime tree will grow.

Can You Keep a Lime Trees Small?

You can keep your lime tree small by selecting a dwarf variety to grow. Dwarf lime trees only grow to be 2 feet tall and produce fruit rapidly. Small lime trees are ideal for new growers because they will see results sooner.

Final Thoughts

Lime trees make a fantastic addition to any gardener’s roster of plants. People use limes in many foods and beverages because this citrus is very versatile. Traditional varieties of lime trees will grow about 20 feet tall, and dwarf varieties of lime trees will grow to 2 feet tall. The variety you choose will depend on what kind of growing conditions you can provide your lime tree and how much space you have.

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