How Tall Do Cedar Trees Grow?

Cedar is a type of wood frequently used for its aromatic and spiritual benefits. There is a huge demand for cedar trees, so it’s crucial to know how tall they grow so that you can understand how much wood you can get out of them. There are several types of cedar trees, each growing at different rates.

Keep reading on to learn everything you need to know about how tall cedar trees grow and what types of cedar trees are out there. Then, we will discuss everything you need to know so that you can grow your cedar trees as tall as possible.

How Tall Do Cedar Trees Grow? 

When your cedar tree stops growing, it can reach 120 feet. There are even certain types of cedar trees that can grow to be 180 feet tall. There are several varieties of cedar that cause a lot of height fluctuation. So if you plan to grow your cedar trees or go to, ensure you have enough room.

How Fast Do Cedar Trees Grow?

How Fast Do Cedar Trees Grow

Cedar trees are known for their rapid growth. Therefore, different cedar trees will grow at different rates. However, most cedar trees grow by the following measurement.

  • Per year: Between 12 and 26 inches
  • Per month: Between 2 and 3 inches
  • Per week: 5 inches

 There are specific species of cedar trees that grow faster than others. For example, the Duncan Cedar can reach a height of 180 feet.

What’s the Average Height of a Cedar Tree?

The average height of a fully grown cedar tree is 120 feet. This height ranges based on the species of a cedar tree that you’re looking at.

What is the Tallest Type of Cedar Tree?

The tallest type of cedar tree in the world is the Dunkin cedar which averages 178 feet. Most other types of cedars only reach 120 feet, so the Duncan Cedar is significantly taller than other types.

What is the Smallest Type of Cedar Tree?

The Green Arrow Weeping Alaska Cedar is a dwarf variety of cedar trees. This cedar tree reaches up to 30 feet tall, which is very short for a cedar tree. Many people use this variety of cedar trees in their gardens also because they’re quite thin but still have the smell that people seek in cedar trees. When this type of cedar tree is fully grown, it reaches 4 feet.

How Wide Do Cedar Trees Grow?

Most species of cedar trees end up being between 8 and 12 feet wide. However, there are a few exceptions to this, depending on the species of cedar that you plant. Dwarf cedar trees will only grow to be 4 feet wide at their fullest maturity.

How Long Does a Cedar Tree Seed Take to Sprout?

How Long Does a Cedar Tree Seed Take to Sprout

The time it takes for your cedar tree seed to sprout depends on whether you’re growing it in nature or a nursery. The seed will sprout in about a month, but when you grow the seedling in a nursery, you’ll still have to wait two years before you can replant the cedar tree. It can take about 45 days for the seedling to sprout when grown in rough conditions.

What’s the Average Lifespan of a Cedar Tree?

Cedar trees can live up to 1000 years when they’re not tampered with. Depending on the species of a cedar tree you’re growing, the tree will live anywhere between 500 and 1000 years. So your cedar tree will last for many generations.

Does the Soil Affect the Cedar Tree’s Growth?

Most species of cedar trees are compatible with most soil types. However, cedar trees thrive in moist soil and areas that receive a lot of water. Cedar trees are extremely durable and can withstand various weather and soil conditions.

What’s the Tallest Cedar Tree Ever Recorded?

The Cheewhat Giant is the largest cedar tree ever recorded and stands 182 feet tall. This tree is in Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. This cedar tree has been around for over 2000 years.

How to Make Your Cedar Trees Grow Taller?

The first thing you need to do to grow your cedar trees as tall as possible is to ensure that you have a cedar tree species that will grow tall. Some species of cedar are not designed to grow tall, and if you focus your time and energy on working to get these trees tall, you will be very disappointed. You can follow the following methods to help your feeder trees grow taller.

  • Keep your cedar trees well hydrated. This type of tree always drives in soil that is thoroughly watered.
  • Make sure your cedar tree receives enough nutrients. Cedar trees are hungry; the more you feed them, the taller they will grow.
  • Start your cedar trees and a nursery to receive optimal growing conditions.
  • De-weed your cedar trees as often as possible so that we don’t interfere with your cedar trees’ growth.

Can You Keep a Cedar Trees Small?

Can You Keep a Cedar Trees Small

The only cedar trees you can keep fairly small are dwarf species of cedar. However, even dwarf cedar trees get up to 30 feet tall. While this is small for cedar, there are much smaller trees that you could get instead.

What are Cedar Trees Used for?

Cedar trees are used commonly in spiritual practices and add aroma to a room. In addition, people use cedar trees for their wood because cedar is one of the most aromatic woods. Cedar trees are also commonly used to shade an area because they are so large and lush.

Final Thoughts

Cedar trees are tall and durable, and most cedar trees will reach 120 feet tall. Finding the cedar tree species that will fit most gardens can be difficult. However, cedar trees have many uses, spiritually and aromatically. If you have the space for it and are looking for a tree that will last you for years, you may want to consider growing a cedar tree because it lasts between 500 and 1000 years.

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