How Tall Do Plumeria Trees Grow?

People use Plumeria Tree flowers for traditional Hawaiian leis. These flowers are beautiful and can make an amazing accent on your landscape. People also use the flowers on a Plumeria Tree in cooking and candle making. However, not everybody has the proper conditions to grow Plumeria Trees successfully.

Continue reading to learn how tall Plumeria Trees grow and how wide they can get. Plumeria Trees have certain standards you must meet if you want to grow them successfully. I will discuss everything your Plumeria Tree needs to grow to help you determine if you can grow them successfully.

How Tall Do Plumeria Trees Grow? 

Plumerias can grow up to 20 feet tall. However, the height a Plumeria Tree will grow will depend on which variety of plumeria you grow and the conditions you grow it in. Different varieties of Plumeria Trees grow to different heights and thrive in different climates.

How Fast Do Plumeria Trees Grow?

All varieties of Plumeria Trees are rapid growers. Plumeria Trees can average between 12 and 36 inches of growth per year, depending on which type you select. The guidelines below can help determine if your Plumeria Tree is growing at appropriate rates.

Per year: Between 12 and 36 inches until fully mature.

Per month: About 2 inches until fully mature.

Per week: About 1/2 an inch until fully mature.

There are several varieties of Plumeria Trees out there, and you’ll have to check the growth guidelines depending on the variety you get. However, most varieties will average the above guidelines.

What’s the Average Height of a Plumeria Tree

What’s the Average Height of a Plumeria Tree?

Plumeria Trees average out to be 20 feet tall. This average considers all the different varieties.

What is the Tallest Type of Plumeria Tree?

The Frangipani Plumeria Tree can get up to 30 feet tall under optimal conditions. However, this tree still reaches an average of 20 feet usually. Plumeria Trees don’t range that much in height, so a specific variety doesn’t stand out much taller than the others.

What is the Smallest Type of Plumeria Tree?

That dwarf pink Singapore plumeria is one of the most popular Plumeria Trees of the dwarf variety because it only grows 3 feet tall. This is the smallest type of Plumeria Tree you can grow.

How Wide Do Plumeria Trees Grow?

Plumeria Treetops can spread up to 25 feet wide. The trunk of a Plumeria Tree is usually about two feet wide.

How Long Does a Plumeria Tree’s Seed Take to Sprout?

It should take no longer than 30 days for your Plumeria Tree seed to sprout. Some tree seeds even sprout within seven days. If your Plumeria Tree seed takes longer than 30 days to sprout, you should throw it away and try a different seed. After 30 days, you will unlikely successfully grow a Plumeria Tree from that seed.

What’s the Average Lifespan of a Plumeria Tree?

Plumeria Trees can live an average of 40 years. However, the average lifespan will depend on how well you care for the Plumeria Trees and what conditions it lives in.

Does the Soil Affect the Plumeria Tree’s Growth?

Soil is extremely important when it comes to how a Plumeria Tree grows. Plumeria Trees are pretty sensitive to the soil they grow in, so you should follow the guidelines below to ensure you pick the right soil. Conversely, choosing the wrong soil for your Plumeria Tree could stunt or kill your Plumeria Tree’s growth.

  • Loose soil that drains well is perfect for Plumeria Trees. Many people use cactus mix for their Plumeria Trees to grow.
  • You should add peat moss to your Plumeria Tree’s soil to help them get the necessary nutrients.
  • Avoid soil that retains moisture. Plumeria Trees do not require moist soil to grow successfully.
  • The soil of your Plumeria Tree should be about 6.8 pH. Plumeria Trees live in slightly acidic soils.

The soil guidelines above apply to all varieties of Plumeria Trees. Plumeria Trees are tropical plants, which means they thrive best in dry conditions.

What’s the Tallest Plumeria Tree Ever Recorded?

The tallest Plumeria Tree ever recorded is 25 feet tall. This Plumeria Tree is located in Portugal, and this record was noted in 2018. this number is also about the average height most Plumeria Trees reach.

How to Make Your Plumeria Tree Grow Taller?

How to Make Your Plumeria Tree Grow Taller

To grow your Plumeria Tree taller, you must give it optimal growth conditions. However, in most scenarios, Plumeria Trees will only grow around 20 feet tall. Therefore, follow the guidelines below to grow your Plumeria Tree as tall as possible.

  • Overwatering can be a massive issue for Plumeria Trees. It would be best if you only watered your Plumeria Tree once every three weeks. Dry soil is acceptable for Plumeria Trees because they thrive in tropical conditions.
  • Your Plumeria Tree needs full sunlight to grow properly. Therefore, it would be best to give your Plumeria Tree 8 hours of full sunlight daily.
  • You should fertilize your Plumeria Tree once every three weeks during the growing season. Giving your Plumeria Tree proper fertilization is an excellent way to ensure it grows as tall as possible.
  • Grow your Plumeria Trees and loose cactus soil. Clay soil is horrible for Plumeria Trees and could cause your Plumeria Trees to die early.
  • Keep your Plumeria Tree soil at a pH of 6.5 because Plumeria Trees thrive in slightly acidic soil.

If you follow the guidelines above, your Plumeria Tree will grow taller. Plumeria Trees require frequent fertilization and do not require water often. Overwatering is one of the most common mistakes people make when growing Plumeria Trees.

Can You Keep a Plumeria Tree Small?

Selecting a Plumeria Tree variety that stays small is essential to keeping your Plumeria Trees small. However, you can also prune your Plumeria Trees to keep them smaller and remove dead branches. Many gardeners prune their Plumeria Trees frequently to maintain a small size.

Final Thoughts

Plumeria Trees are fairly small and can spruce up any garden. You can even eat the flowers off your Plumeria Tree or use them in bouquets. However, to grow a plumber a tree as tall as possible, you must provide it with the right soil conditions, plenty of fertilizer, and avoid overwatering. Plumeria Trees will usually reach a height of 25 feet tall.

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