How Tall Do Sugar Snap Peas Grow?

Sugar snap peas are a popular vegetable found in many food dishes. Many cultures and regions regularly use sugar snap peas in their food and grow them where they live. Unfortunately, sugar snap peas range and height depend on several factors, making growing them pretty confusing for gardeners.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about how tall sugar snap peas grow and the different varieties of sugar snap peas. Different growth methods can promote the growth of sugar snap peas and get the most height possible out of the plant.

How Tall Do Sugar Snap Peas Grow? 

Most varieties of sugar snap peas grow to be four to six feet high. However, there are specific varieties of climbing sugar snap peas I can reach 8 feet high. Be mindful of the variety of sugar snap pea you’re growing before you buy them to ensure that you have enough space to accommodate their height.                                       

How Fast Do Sugar Snap Peas Grow?

Sugar snap peas reach their maximum maturity within 70 days, depending on climate, and that’s when you can go to harvest the vegetable.

Per year: 5 feet

Per month: 1 foot

Per week: 1/4 foot

Sugar snap peas grow rapidly but reach their full maturity within 70 days, so they will not grow beyond that. After 70 days, they won’t get any taller because it’s time for a harvest.

What’s the Average Height of a Sugar Snap Peas? Pea Seed, Sugar Snap Pea, Heirloom, Non GMO, 500 Seeds, Perfect Peas

The average height of a sugar snap pea plant is between four to six feet tall. You can get specific sugar snap pea plants that can grow a bit taller, but most plants will grow a maximum of six feet.

What is the Tallest Type of Sugar Snap Pea?

Sugar Magnolia is the tallest variety of sugar snap peas, and they regularly exceed 6 feet in height. Sugar snap peas from this tall variety are not as sweet as other Sugar snap pea plants. These plants take 70 days to grow to full maturity.

What is the Smallest Type of Sugar Snap Pea?

The smallest variety of sugar snap pea plants is the Tendersweet sugar snap pea variety which only reaches a maximum height of 20 inches. This species of sugar snappy reaches full maturity and 70 days, and peas are stringless.

How Wide Do Sugar Snap Peas Grow?

Sugar snap peas vines often extend 6 inches from the base of the plant. However, the actual diameter of the base of the sugar snap peas is very thin because sugar snap peas grow on vines. Therefore, variations of sugar snap peas that do grow taller will also have more spindly Brett vines that may reach a larger diameter than smaller breeds of sugar snap peas.

How Long Does a Sugar Snap Pea Seed Take to Sprout?

How Long Does a Sugar Snap Pea Seed Take to Sprout

Sugar snap peas typically take between 7 and 10 days to sprout. Therefore, the recommended time to plant your sugar snap peas is during the summertime because they will not withstand the winter.

What’s the Average Lifespan of a Sugar Snap Pea?

Sugar snap peas often die three months after you’re ready to harvest them. Sugar snap peas only last about a year or less, depending on where you plant them. When the frost comes in, outdoor sugar snap pea plants will die.

Does the Soil Affect the Sugar Snap Peas Growth?

If you want your sugar snap peas to grow as tall and excellent as possible, you must keep your soil between a 6 and 7.5 pH level. You can use manure in compost to keep your plants well-fed with nutrients to get the best produce from your harvest.

What’s the Tallest Sugar Snap Peas Ever Recorded?

The tallest sugar snap pea plant has ever been recorded is 8 feet for the climbing varieties. However, this sugar snap pea plant needs to be held up to reach this height, or else it will sag down and not reach the 8-foot height.

How to Make Your Sugar Snap Peas Grow Taller? 

Sugar snap peas plants will only grow to a certain height because their main function is to create produce for harvest. Therefore, once it reaches its maximum height, the energy s from photosynthesis will be targeted towards the produce instead of growing the plant taller.

If you want a sugar snap pea plant that will grow tall, you need to select a variety known to grow taller. Some varieties of sugar snap peas will, and some will stay short. Other than that, you can only provide enough nutrients and keep it well-watered so that your plant thrives as well as possible.

Can You Keep a Sugar Snap Pea Small?

If you want to keep sugar snap pea plants small, you need to pick a variety that stays small. Tendersweet Varieties are the best for staying small because they only reach a maximum height of 20 inches.

Does Sugar Snap Pea Height Affect Taste?

The flavor of your sugar snap peas depends on the variety and not the height that the variety reaches. So there are some tall varieties of sugar snap pea plants that produce sweet sugar snap peas, and there are some that produce not as sweet sugar snap peas. There is no correlation between the height of a sugar snap you plant and the flavor of the peas after harvest.

Are Sugar Snap Peas Grown on Vines?

The sugar snap pea plant combines a bush and a vine. The vine himself holds the sugar snap peas are formed in a way where they’re semi-self-standing and clumped together. However, the actual peas do not grow on branches; they grow on vines.

Final Thoughts

Sugar snap pea plants can get very tall or very short, depending on your variety. You should look into how much space you have horizontally to grow sugar snap pea plants before you buy and look into the varieties there are. Some sugar snap pea plants also grow at faster rates than others. However, after you harvest your sugar snap peas, it’s unlikely that you’ll continue to see growth in height from your plant as they only last a year.

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