How Tall Do Orange Trees Grow?

Oranges are one of the most common fruits people eat at breakfast in the United States. Many people also like to juice their oranges for a fresher taste than they would find in a grocery store juice. However, orange trees are large, and it can be challenging to figure out if you’ll have enough space to grow an orange tree.

Continue reading to learn how tall orange trees grow so you can determine if they would be right for you. Neglecting to learn how tall orange trees grow can leave you with a lot of work removing an ungrowable tree from your yard.

How Tall Do Orange Trees Grow? 

A fully mature orange tree can grow up to 22 feet tall. However, many circumstances can alter the size of an orange tree.

How Fast Do Orange Trees Grow?

Orange trees reach full maturity once they hit ten years old. However, these trees grow slowly compared to other types of fruit trees. The following are our guidelines to track your orange tree’s expected growth.

Per year: Orange trees usually grow a little over 2 feet annually until they reach full maturity.

Per month: An orange tree will grow about 2 inches until it’s fully mature.

Per week: Until your orange tree is fully mature, you can expect about half an inch of growth per week.

There are some variations of orange trees that are bred to grow faster. However, the guidelines above apply to most orange trees that you will find naturally.

What’s the Average Height of an Orange Tree?

What’s the Average Height of an Orange Tree

The average height of a fully mature orange tree is between 18 and 22 feet tall. The height of an orange tree depends on what kind of orange tree it is and the care that you take for the orange tree throughout its life. After 14 years of growth, the orange tree is fully mature and will not grow any taller.

What is the Tallest Type of Orange Trees?

Navel orange trees are the most common types of orange trees out there and the largest. A navel orange tree will grow to be 30 feet tall maximum.

What is the Smallest Type of Orange Trees?

The smallest type of orange tree is a Valencia orange tree known for its dwarfism. This tree can be as small as 11 feet in height. This dwarf orange tree is only half the size of a standard orange tree.

How Wide Do Orange Trees Grow?

The average width of an orange tree is between 25 and 30 feet. However, this is for standard navel orange trees. Dwarf or genetically altered orange trees will have different diameter measurements than naval orange trees.

How Long Does an Orange Tree’s Seed Take to Sprout?

And optimal conditions, an orange tree’s seed will take no longer than ten days to sprout. However, if you try to sprout your orange tree seed in a chilly climate or an area that doesn’t receive much sun, it will take longer for your seed to sprout. The following are the best conditions for your orange tree to sprout fast.

  • Wrap your orange seed in plastic and establish there is enough moisture and warmth for it to grow.
  • Allow your orange tree seed to receive about four hours of sunlight daily.
  • Avoid temperatures below 75 degrees for rapid orange tree seed sprouting.

If your orange tree seed does not splat within three weeks, you should toss it and try a different seed. Your seeds are not designed to last forever, and waiting too long to throw them away will accumulate unusable garbage in your home.

What’s the Average Lifespan of an Orange Tree?

Orange trees live an average lifespan of about 75 years. Yet, the lifespan varies significantly depending on the orange tree’s care and its conditions.

Does the Soil Affect the Orange Trees Growth?

A coarse soil that drains well is best for orange tree growth. Soil that puddles too much water will cause your orange tree to develop root rot. The soil of your orange tree plays a huge role in your orange tree’s growth. Follow the guidelines below to ensure that your orange tree grows the best it can from its soil conditions.

  • Frequent watering and plenty of drainage points.
  • Soil with a coarse sandy consistency.
  • Keep your soil well-nourished so that your orange tree stays well fed.

Your orange tree’s soil is the foundation of your tree’s growth. Soil always affects a plant’s growth.

What’s the Tallest Orange Trees Ever Recorded?

The tallest orange tree ever recorded was in 2020 and measured to be 89 feet tall. This orange tree was in Slovakia at the time of measurement. This is four times the height of most orange trees.

How to Make Your Orange Trees Grow Taller?

To grow your orange tree as tall as possible, you must take fantastic care of it. Follow the guidelines below to help you make your orange trees grow taller.

  • Make sure you use the proper soil for your orange tree.
  • Give your orange tree plenty of nutrients and compost to keep it healthy. Your orange tree will convert the nutrients and compost into energy.
  • Ensure your orange tree is in a well-lit area.
  • Water your orange tree once a week.

Can You Keep an Orange Tree Small?

Can You Keep an Orange Tree Small

The only way to keep an orange tree small is to select a dwarf orange tree. Some orange trees only grow to be 11 feet tall, allowing you to harvest the fruit quickly. These orange trees will also give you space for other plants on your property. Navel orange trees will grow to be 22 feet unless genetically modified.

Final Thoughts

Planting an orange tree is a great way to get that fresh fruit whenever you want it. If you’re lacking space, you can plant a dwarf orange tree because it only grows to be approximately 11 and a half feet. However, if you have space for it, navel orange trees grow much larger and last longer than dwarf orange trees. Navel oranges are also in higher demand than any other orange.

If you prefer your orange tree to grow tall, you must ensure you pick the right type of orange tree and take fantastic care of it. Orange trees will only grow tall when well-maintained.

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