How Tall Do Pecan Trees Grow?

Pecans are frequently used in baking and trail mixes. These nuts add fantastic protein to your daily diet, which is why many people want to grow pecans themselves. However, many people don’t have the room to grow pecan trees at home.

Continue reading to learn about how tall pecan trees grow in the different varieties that there are. Neglecting to learn about the size of a pecan tree before you grow will cause additional work because it can cause you to remove a tree you don’t have room to grow.

How Tall Do Pecan Trees Grow? 

Pecan trees can grow up to 100 feet tall under the right conditions. These trees are massive and will reach this height within 25 years.

How Fast Do Pecan Trees Grow?

It takes 25 years for a pecan tree to mature. The following are guidelines you can follow throughout your pecan tree’s growth to ensure it meets the correct growth standards.

Per year: Pecan trees will grow 3 3/4 feet until fully mature.

Per month: Pecan trees will grow 3 3/4 inches until fully mature.

Per week: Pecan trees will grow and inch until fully mature.

The rate your pecan tree grows will vary depending on the care that you give your pecan tree. However, the rates above apply in most situations.

What’s the Average Height of a Pecan Trees?

What’s the Average Height of a Pecan Trees

The average height of a fully mature pecan tree is 80 feet tall. However, pecan trees range between 70 and 100 feet tall when fully grown.

How Wide Do Pecan Trees Grow?

The trunk of a fully mature pecan tree can be between four and six feet wide, depending on the tree’s height. The spread at the top of the pecan tree can reach 50 feet wide, which also varies depending on how tall the tree is.

How Long Does a Pecan Tree’s Seed Take to Sprout?

Pecan tree seeds should sprout within eight weeks. Pecan trees require dry climates for their seeds to sprout, unlike most other seeds. If the pecan tree seed doesn’t sprout within eight weeks, then you need to try a different seed because that seed is unlikely to grow. You must store your pecan tree seed in a dry area as soon as you harvest it if you want it to grow.

What’s the Average Lifespan of a Pecan Tree?

Pecan trees live an average of 200 years. Therefore, if you grow a pecan tree, you can expect it to last for generations as long as it receives proper care. However, if you don’t take proper care of your pecan tree, then it will not live a long life.

Does the Soil Affect the Pecan Trees Growth?

Soil is the most important part of growing a pecan tree. The following are soil guidelines you need to follow if you want your pecan tree to grow properly.

  • Sandy loam soil is the perfect consistency for growing pecan trees.
  • Provide the soil with plenty of nutrients so your tree can grow tall and strong. Your pecan tree will convert these nutrients into energy that will allow it to grow tall.
  • Ensure that your pecan tree’s soil has plenty of drainage points.
  • Clay soils also work if you cannot access sandy loam soil.

These soil conditions are optimal for growing pecan trees. The tree’s soil is the basis on which your pecan tree will grow, and ensuring you reach optimal soil conditions is vital if you want to keep your pecan tree alive and thriving.

What’s the Tallest Pecan Tree Ever Recorded?

The tallest pecan tree ever recorded was 157 feet tall and was located in Spain. This recording took place during the year 2014.

How to Make Your Pecan Trees Grow Taller?

How to Make Your Pecan Trees Grow Taller

The best way to grow your pecan tree taller is to give it optimal growth conditions. Follow the guidelines below to help you grow your pecan tree as tall as possible.

  • Provide Your pecan tree with either sandy loam soil or clay soil.
  • Give your tree a warm, humid climate to grow in. Some pecan trees can grow in cold climates, but they will not grow nearly as tall as pecan trees that grow in warm climates.
  • Water Your pecan tree at least once every two weeks. If you exceed three weeks without water, your pecan tree could dehydrate and wilt.
  • Ensure your pecan tree has plenty of access to nitrogen and zinc. These two nutrients are vital for your pecan tree’s growth and development.
  • Provide your pecan tree with eight hours of direct sunlight.
  • Ensure that your pecan tree’s soil has plenty of drainage points to avoid root rot

With these helpful tips, you can grow your pecan trees taller. Neglecting any of the above situations could stunt your pecan tree’s growth. Taller pecan trees will provide more nuts.

Can You Keep a Pecan Trees Small?

The smallest pecan tree you can get is a Pawnee pecan tree because this is a dwarf variety. However, this variety of pecan trees does not exist in the United States. Even dwarf varieties of pecan trees will still grow up to 30 feet, so they’re not considered small. It is impossible to grow a pecan tree smaller than 30 feet tall.

Final Thoughts

Pecan trees are large, and you must have enough space to accommodate them if you want to grow them. You cannot get a pecan tree that will grow less than 30 feet tall, and most of them will grow much taller. Some pecan trees can reach 100 feet tall if you give them proper care.

Like most large trees, pecan trees will live for a very long period. You can expect your pecan tree to live for hundreds of years if you take the right care of it. However, you must know it will take several years for your pecan tree to grow before it produces any nuts and must be grown in the right climates. Pecan trees grow best in warm climates with plenty of water and sunlight.

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