4 Outdoor Backyard Party Ideas (Details for Each)

Outdoor parties in your backyard can be really fun and cozy, especially when its a family get together or even some work colleagues hanging out. Your backyard is also a great venue for that simple yet elegant wedding party you have been dreaming of, you just need to add the right designs and decorations to make that dream wedding come true.

It may get challenging when you don’t have the right decorations for backyard parties or maybe you are finding it difficult to get the right idea for the party. You don’t have to worry about all that again; this article gives simple and great ideas for your next backyard party.

What to Consider Whan Having a Backyard Party? 

When it comes to planning outdoors parties, there are some things to put into considerations before picking a theme or an idea for the party.

  • The first thing to put into consideration is the budget for the party; you have to set aside a certain amount to spend on the decorations for the party. When preparing the budget you also have to consider the prices of the decoration so as to avoid spending above budget.
  • You have to also make the decision to either do it yourself or hire an expert for doing the decorations. Doing it yourself save you some money but then hiring an expert will give it the professional look and ensure you don’t end up making a mess at the end.
  • You have to consider the size of your backyard before choosing any design. You don’t want to choose a design that will be too much for your backyard and which in the end may make your backyard too cramped together. You don’t want to choose a design that will make your big backyard look too sparse either.
  • The last thing to consider is the design or the theme you want to choose. You have to choose the type of decorations that fit your backyard, a simple design or an elegant one. You have to choose the design that won’t be too expensive peradventure you don’t have so much to spare for the party at the moment. You need to consider the size of the backyard before choosing the design.

4 Backyard Party Ideas:

Some simple yet elegant ideas for decoration for outdoors parties are presented below, so you can just keep any ideas that would be suited for you, then add some effects to make it just right.

1. It Is All About the Furniture

It Is All About the Furniture

When it comes to throwing backyard parties, a great idea for designing is to make the decorations for the furniture. It can be quite fun and the arrangement of the furniture can change the look of the party from formal to causal; it is all about how creative you are. There are several ways to do this and it will come out fantastic.

  • Make use of colorful and beautiful flowers to decorate the tables and then mix and match different chairs which will be arranged around the tables. This design would make the party really colorful and cheerful. This is great for a summer wedding party, all that color!
  • You can decide to take it up a notch by using umbrellas to decorate the tables; you get some really light colored and dainty umbrellas to use for this. This is a lovely idea for parties like baby showers, it makes it charming. The umbrellas can even be to announce the gender of the baby, I know right.
  • You can decide to just use a long bench instead of several tables and decorate the tables with beautiful flowers. This idea is very practical especially if your backyard is not so big; it creates more space for people to move about. With this, you don’t have to worry about how your backyard will accommodate several tables and chairs.
  • You can decide to go creative with your chairs and make the party all about the chairs. You can decide to go all fancy and use only clear acrylic chairs around the tables. You can go simple and use rustic chairs or wooden chairs and you can go more creative by mixing and mismatching the chair. This idea is quite nice for casual parties like a simple get together between family members. 

2. Make It About the Lighting

Make It About the Lighting

Another option to go for in decorating your backyard for an outdoor party is to make it about the lighting. The lights can give the party a different look and serene, so you can add a little romance to the party mood if you use just the right types of lights.

You can decorate with fairy lights, even the Christmas lights can be put to good use by decorating with them for your backyard party. These lights will add a festive edge to your party and you can hang these lights all around the trees.  Another idea is to use floating lights; this is a great idea if you are going for a more romantic setting.

3. Add a Splash of Color

Add a Splash of Color

You can be creative and use colors to make the design for that backyard party really great. Since its outdoor, you can be bold enough to use bright and vibrant colors that you dare not to use inside, giving you a chance to be creative with them. For touches of color, you can make use of bright colored flowers to decorate the tables. You can decide to have a color theme and make all the decorations that color; you can also use two or three colored themes.  A good design idea is to go for brightly colored chairs.

4. Pick Your Backyard Party Theme

Pick Your Backyard Party Theme

When it comes to backyard parties, you have to be a little more creative about designs and themes. Good themes can make your backyard parties fun and refreshing. Here is a list of different themes and ideas to go alongside.

8 Backyard Party Theme Examples: 

1. Picnic Theme – So you can decide to adopt a picnic theme for your backyard party, you can use a palette instead of a table. This idea is quite nice for casual family dinner no need to go all fancy.

2. Cardboard Theme – You can decide to get creative with cardboard and do a cardboard themed party, cardboard flowers, cardboard crowns and all. This idea would be great for a kid’s birthday, there is no need to waste so much money; the kids would love it.

3. Tropical Theme – With bright colors, the tropical theme is a popular choice. Having a pool you might want to pick this theme because it fits in quite perfect. Place pineapples around with glasses on them is an easy start.

4. Country Theme – Pick up some flags of your country and cook some local food. This is a country theme where you celebrate your home, enjoy who you are and where you’re from. Include any traditions and anything that relates.

5. Ice Cream Party Theme – Everyone brings ice cream! Buckets to cakes, there will be more than enough cold ice cream for everyone on a hot summer day! Ice cream parties go nicely with an old wooden look.

6. Pizza Party Theme – Simply order or make pizza, it’s that easy.

7. Tea Party Theme – It’s an elegant tea party. Dress up fancy and act like the queen. The party decorations can include fancy dining sets, and almost look bright white like a wedding.

8. BBQ and Lobster Party – Enjoy a nice BBQ steak, burger, or hot dog while having a lobster cook-up on the side. Design the table with a simple tablecloth and dinner with plastic cups and plates. Maybe the kids might have a water fight? Have radio music in the background to drown out the noise.

Once you pick your party theme, that is when you know what decorations you need to start looking for. To get different ideas you can look up some of our themes listed above online. You will easily find different ideas throughout. If you want to see outdoor party decorations online click here and you’ll see plenty on Amazon, at a good price.

Final Thoughts

Backyard parties can be fun and refreshing, it all about having the right designs, decorations, and theme for a great party.

If you have any outdoor party themes or ideas that you want to share, go ahead and email us your ideas on our contact us page. Thanks for reading!