10 Best Hanging Patio Heaters in 2024 (The Ultimate Guide)

Hanging out on the back patio is a lot of fun, just relaxing outside enjoying the fresh air with family is amazing. However, it comes that time of year where the temperatures cool down and being outside isn’t quite as enjoyable. You still want to kick back on your patio chair reading a book while sipping on your favorite hot beverage, right?

Well, let me tell you what you need to keep warm when the weather decides to change… Its time to find the best hanging patio heater so you can enjoy the outdoors a little bit longer.

During colder months, a hanging patio heater can bring the warmth and comfort we need to safely enjoy each other’s company. Many people also have pets who would love that little bit of warmth when outside in the backyard too. Anyways, with all these considerations, finding the best hanging patio heater for you can re-open the patio, allow company to enjoy the outdoor spaces of your home, and ensure the comfort of the animals you care for.

Considerations When Buying a Hanging Patio Heater?

The Heat!

The most important feature of any heat fixture is how it will provide heat for a given area. Some heaters feature multiple output levels for different settings; others offer simple and efficient designs that promise consistent heat to one space. Some are more powerful than others, emitting heat to a larger space. But if the space to heat is small, models with lower output can save energy while maintaining a consistently comfortable temperature.

Safety Features

Heat sources present a number of dangers. Touching a patio heater can leave burns and even the most well-designed and tested products can overheat. Some designs feature an automatic switch-off that will cut the energy to the heater if it exceeds a safe temperature. Others will offer a feature that turns the heater off when it is tipped over, to avoid fire and other hazards, this is important if your hanging heater happens to fall when you aren’t around.

With these features, you can rest assured that you, your family, and any guests will be safe by the heater. With some designs, you can also leave the heater unattended with a much lower risk of harm to your home and any people or animals near the heater.

Another notable safety feature can be found with a certification from one or several quality-rating agencies. These include the ETL, UL, & CSA, which are third-party experts that perform tests to ensure quality materials and design.

Energy Consumption

Hanging patio heaters depend on electricity, and like air conditioning or fans in the summertime, they can impact your electric bill. The efficiency of each device can be compared by 1) the materials and 2) the availability of different settings.

Various products feature different types of heating mechanisms. Infrared, for example, can be used with quartz or carbon fiber and generally uses energy most efficiently: most of the energy that goes into the heater comes out as heat into the space, rather than being expended to run the device. Another common material is ceramic, which will often be found at a middle price range and is easy to replace. Other materials include halogen tubes, which consume more electricity but can have an attractive appearance.

Different settings can allow you to consume less energy when you do not need maximum output. Not all products offer different settings, while some offer precise thermostats and others offer two or three basic settings.

Weatherproof + The IP System

Most of the products mention an IP rating and other certifications. The IP system refers to an object’s degree of protection against intrusion from solids and liquids. “IP” is followed by two numbers: the first number rates the degree of protection against solids (like dust), while the second number rates the protection against liquids (like water). This rating will influence where you will be able to put your heater and if you will be able to leave it exposed for long periods of time. The best hanging patio heater for you might need to be highly durable, or alternatively, it might need to be easy to handle and store.

Remote Controlled Feature

Remote controls offer convenience and subtlety. They open up more options for where to place your heater. If there is no remote, you will want to place the heater in a place that is easy to reach, so it is easy to switch the power on and off. If the patio heater comes with a remote, you can arrange furniture however you like and you can know that you won’t have to leave your seat when you’re sitting with company.


Hanging patio heaters can be mounted in a variety of ways. Some come with ceiling mounts, others come with wall mounts, and others come with chains that you hang from pre-existing structures. When you’re looking for the best hanging patio heater for your needs, keep in mind where you would like to place it and what you will need to be able to do so.


Finally, you will want to find a heater that looks good in your space. Some designs are sleek and eye-catching, while others are more subtle. Some will emphasize a low-glare style, while other designs emphasize heat power and may emit more light. Most often, due to the materials, the colors will be grey, silver, black, and white. While these colors will fit with many spaces, it is important to keep it in mind what you feel will best suit your needs.

Top 10 Best Hanging Patio Heaters in 2020

1. Mill Hanging Carbon Patio Heater 

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With elegant design, The Mill Hanging Carbon Patio Heater offers an attractive option for a beautiful porch space perfect for lounging or hosting guests. Using a carob fiber heating element, the heater comes with 2 different settings: 750W & 1500W. The power and the settings can be adjusted with a simple remote control.

It mounts on the ceiling and features an adjustable cable to relieve hassle and unsightly dangling wires.  It also employs a soft, subtle light for a casual and soothing space. It has an IP25 rating, making it highly durable to rain.

  • 2 settings: 750W & 1500W
  • Mounted to the ceiling
  • Adjustable cable
  • Remote control
  • Soft light
  • Weather-resistant and IP25 approved

2. Simple Deluxe Ceiling-Mounted Heater Simple Deluxe Patio Portable Outdoor Heating for Balcony, Courtyard, With Overheat Protection, Ceiling-Mounted Heater

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With energy-efficient infrared and a carbon-fiber tube, the Simple Deluxe Ceiling-Mounted Heater offers two heat settings: 600W & 1500W. For safety, it features overheat protection and has been listed by ETL.

This sleek, black patio heater hangs from the ceiling by a chain and hooks with a pull cord as a safe and convenient power switch. A metal top protects the insides from water, so rain and snow are no issue. Simple Deluxe also provides a 2-year quality assurance program as well as lifetime customer support.

  • Overheat protection
  • Two heating modes: 600W (indoor) & 1500W (outdoor)
  • Infrared saves energy
  • Waterproof
  • Ceiling mount
  • 2-year quality-assurance & lifetime support
  • ETL-listed

3. Solar Comfort 1500 Infrared Heater Electric 1500 watt Wall mounted Infrared heater with full up and down and side to side motorized rotate. Remote controlled Wall Mount Heater Indoor/Outdoor, Commercial/Residential

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Solar Comfort’s patio heater offers a compact design with a range of options. Its “High” output runs at 1500W to heat up to 20 sq. ft., but the device comes with “Medium” & “Low” settings as well. With an IP65 rating as well as ETL & UL certifications, it is one of the most durable products on the market to both solids and liquids.

The heater mounts on the wall with adjustable brackets, or could be placed on a separately sold metal stand. It also features a remote control as well as manual adjustment for ease and a range of options.  With its black coloring and relatively small size, it offers low-glare light output for maximum subtlety without sacrificing heat output.

  • Remote control / manual options (3 settings)
  • Weather / dustproof IP65 rating + CETL / UL certifications
  • 1500 W, 110 v (adjustable)
  • Low-glare light output
  • Comes with adjustable wall mount brackets

4. Westinghouse Infrared Electric Outdoor Heater-Hanging Westinghouse WES31-1520C Infrared Electric Outdoor Heater-Hanging, Black

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With an attractive design, Westinghouse provides a simplistic and durable hanging patio heater. It has 1500W maximum to heat up to 65 sq. ft. It also has an IP24 certification, so it can endure the rain. As a unique feature, the exterior is made with a powder coating finish that provides long-lasting protection of the metal.

The heater hangs from the ceiling with a chain and switches on and off with a pull cord. Though it does not feature conveniences like a remote control and multiple settings, it provides heat for a very large space compared to other patio heaters.

  • 1500 W max
  • IP24 certified for weather resistance
  • Powder-coated finish for durability
  • Hang from ceiling with chain
  • Pull cord power switch
  • Heats 65 sq. ft.

5. SURJUNY Electric Patio Heater Electric Patio Heater, 1500W Outdoor Patio Heater with Remote, Instant Heat & Golden Tube, Wall Mount Infrared Heater for Garage Outdoor Use, Sliver

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The SURJUNY Patio Heater is a highly durable and versatile heater. With gold-lined tubes and an aluminum build, this heater boasts an IP65 rating, making it very resistant to dust and water relative to other similar products. On top of that, SURJUNY offers a 1-year manufacturer replacement for extra assurance.

The heater comes with sturdy wall mounts that are easy to assemble. The heater also comes with a remote control in addition to a power switch on the heater itself for versatility and convenience.

  • Comes with aluminum reflector
  • Weather / dustproof IP65 rating
  • Remote control
  • 1-year manufacturer replacement
  • Power switch on the heater

6. Muskoka Lifestyle Products 1500 Watt Infrared Wall Mount Heater 1500 Watt Gold Coated Tungsten Quartz Infrared Heater Remote Controlled Patio Heater/on Off/ High /Low/med

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Muskoka’s infrared heater is powerful, efficient, and durable. Its “High” setting uses 1500W, while it also features a “Medium” setting. Additionally, the Muskoka heater has an IP65 rating, making it one of the most weatherproof models on the market.

This patio heater easily mounts to the wall with brackets. And with a remote control, you can switch it on and off and adjust to between the two different settings for an optimal experience.

  • Infrared
  • IP65 weatherproof rating
  • 1500W, 110 v
  • Adjustable wall mount brackets
  • Remote control, 2 settings (Med & High)

7. Solaira Cosy 1500W/120V Outdoor Commercial/Residential Heater Solaira Cosy SCOSYAW15120W 1500W/120V Outdoor Commercial/Residential Heater, White

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Made with a quartz heating element and aluminum build, the Solaira Outdoor Heater offers a highly powerful design. With an IP55 rating, its weather resistance is very high. It also holds UL & CSA certifications, ensuring that the inside parts will run safely and reliably. Most notably, this hanging patio heater can heat a space up to 100 sq. ft., which is huge compared to some other models.

The heater mounts on the wall with brackets and needs to be turned on and off manually on the device. With a simple design and no remote control, however, this model places focus on power and reliability for a large space.

  • Quartz + aluminum material
  • UL / CSA approved
  • Weatherproof
  • Heats 10 ft. x 10 ft. area
  • Wall mount

8. Dr. Infrared Heater 1500W Carbon Infrared Heater Dr Infrared Heater DR-238 Carbon Infrared Outdoor Heater for Restaurant, Patio, Backyard, Garage, and Decks, Standard, Black

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Made with a sleek aluminum design,  Dr. Infrared provides a highly versatile patio heater. The Dr.Infrared Heater comes with three settings: 900W, 1200W & 1500W. With infrared and multiple settings, you can optimize heat output without consuming a lot of energy.

Additionally, it comes with a remote control and a digital switch on the device for an attractive, modern appearance. For even more versatility, it can be mounted on the wall and the ceiling. Between the multiple settings, the mounting options, and the weather-proof aluminum, you have access to an array of possibilities for both interior design and efficiency.

  • 900, 1200, & 1500 W options
  • Infrared
  • Remote control
  • Wall & ceiling mount
  • Weather-proof aluminum

9. WANG XIAO Electric Hanging Heater  

Sturdy and highly effective, WANG XIAO Hanging Patio Heater provides a powerful hanging patio heater with versatility. With two halogen tubes, it can heat up to 100 sq. ft.  It also features three different settings for a variety of spaces and needs.

It mounts to the ceiling with an adjustable chain. With a rustic, stainless steel build and IP44 rating, it can withstand dust and rain with no issue. It also comes with a remote control for ease in addition to the switch located on the device itself. Offering power and versatility, WANG XIAO’s hanging patio heater can perform extremely well in a variety of settings to meet your needs.

  • 3 power settings
  • Heats 100 sq. ft.
  • Stainless steel
  • Adjustable chain
  • Weather-proof IP44
  • 2 halogen tubes with lifespan over 6000 hours

10. XtremepowerUS Electric Patio Heater 

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With a highly modern design and infrared technology, the XtremepowerUS patio heater can serve a number of spaces with power and simplicity. Its output is 1500W for highly effective heat. It also has a cord to safely switch the power on and off without touching the heater.

It mounts to the wall with a subtle appearance and as an added feature, the heater comes with an LED light on each side to provide additional light to the space.

  • Wall mount
  • Carbon fiber tube, aluminum build
  • 1500 W
  • LED provides additional light if needed
  • On/off cord

Final Thoughts

The considerations above are what your going to need to know before purchasing an outdoor hanging patio heater.

If you are more interested in an open flame heat where you can also roast some marshmallows please take a look at these 9 amazing outdoor fireplaces made for roasting marshmallows.

If you are looking for something that can just sit tall without the need for hanging or mounting, take a look at the Hiland 91-Inch Tall Quartz Glass Tube Heater, it stands tall on its own with no need for any hanging assembly.

Using an outdoor hanging heater doesn’t take away from your patio space, I know my back deck isn’t very big so a hanging heater would be my best option. Properly mount the heater off a wall or have it hang from a pergola, either way, enjoy your new heat source.

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