10 Best Firewood Racks for Outside in 2024

Firewood can be difficult to store because of its size, it takes up a lot of space. Having a single-family home is where you are more likely to have an indoor fireplace and a need for firewood. Furthermore, anyone with a backyard has the opportunity to have their own fireplace area. I can tell you from experience, having a firewood rack makes that space look a lot better. I built my own backyard paver stone patio to have outdoor fires, but I quickly realized we needed a designated woodpile area. After looking through a number of options I decided to create a list of the best firewood racks for your outdoor space.

This outdoor area can be a vital feature for casual social gatherings and simple comforts with the family. Whether you rely on wood to heat your home or you want wood stored for hosting a few evening get-togethers, the best firewood rack can take the safety and elegance of your home to the next level.

Functionally, a firewood rack raises your split wood a few inches off the ground to keep it dry and prevent rot and pest infestation. A firewood rack can also help cure wood to burn more readily and more cleanly than fresh-cut wood. This will help save your chimney and your lungs from residue build-up that comes from burning fresh wood. In addition to function, a firewood rack can add a beautiful cosmetic touch to any backyard or patio. If you are interested in roasting marshmallows over your fire check out the 10 Best Fire Pits for Roasting Marshmallows. Anyways, let’s get started on firewood racks for outdoors.

What to Consider When Buying a Firewood Rack?

With a variety of styles and features, you can find the best firewood rack that perfectly suits your home’s needs. Maybe you’re looking for something stylish but inconspicuous. Or maybe you want something sturdy and simple to keep your large wood store secure. In your search, you will need to consider qualities like the durability of the material and the size that will fit your home’s needs. You will also want to explore other features like covers and aesthetics.


When it comes to the best firewood racks for outside, steel and iron will be the strongest and most durable material. Both of these metals can feature a powder coating finish. This treatment prevents rust, scratches, and other wear and extends the life of the metal.

Another place to assess the quality of the structure and assembly of the rack. Welding will be stronger and last longer than screws. However, a rack that can be disassembled makes storage and mobility much simpler.

Size of Structure (Length and Weight)

There is a wide variety of sizes and many choices available in any particular size. Take time to examine what your home’s needs are. Do you need to store enough wood to heat your home all winter? Do you want a high capacity for emergencies? Or do you want enough wood on-hand for a few social gatherings?

A longer rack (16 ft. long) will have a much higher capacity (up to 1 cord). A shorter rack (2-4 ft. long) will have less capacity but will occupy less space in your yard.  Similarly, a heavier rack may be sturdier, while a lighter rack can offer increased mobility.

Wood Capacity (Cords and Pounds)

When looking at a firewood rack’s capacity and your home’s needs, you will need to understand how to compare measurements of “cords” and pounds.  A cord is a volume measure. 1 cord of wood measures 4 ft. wide x 4 ft. high x 8 ft. long, or 128 cu ft. The weight of a cord will vary depending on factors like the type of wood and whether the wood is fresh or dried.

Cover Included?

A very important functional feature of a firewood rack is a cover, as it helps keep wood dry and safe. Some racks come with covers attached, some do not. Some covers are adjustable, and some have hooks and latches for security. There is also a variety of materials available, some of which are waterproof and highly durable while others will need to be replaced after a few years.

When considering your favorite models with the right size and sturdiness, the cover could be a feature that makes the difference in what you choose. If you have a covered area, a cover for the firewood rack may be excessive and add unnecessary costs. But if you are storing firewood in an uncovered area, a rack cover will be highly necessary for safe and reliable firewood storage.

If you are searching for the best firewood rack cover take a look at the recommended accessories section below, I have a number of sizes listed!


If you are looking for more decorative qualities for your porch or fireplace, there are several models with a variety of rustic and elegant designs. Most of these more decorative options will be smaller in size, while the larger models place to focus on simplicity and function. With these options, you can consider keeping a large store elsewhere on your property, then add a smaller, more stylish rack on your porch or even indoors.

Top 10 Best Firewood Racks in 2020

1. Woodhaven The 3 Foot Firewood Log Rack with Cover The Woodhaven 3 Foot Firewood Log Rack

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This smaller 3ft Woodhaven model offers high-quality materials and top-notch features. Made in the U.S. with black, powder coat finish, and arc-welded end sections, it is hard to beat the durability and sturdiness of this model. Additionally, the rack comes with an easily adjustable cover that is attached to the rack for security.

This particular model holds about ¼ cord of wood with a compact 3 ft. design. If you like this design but need more space, Woodhaven also offers larger sizes.

2. Landmann 82443 Firewood Rack with Cover – 8 Feet 


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The black powder coat finish and additional legs provide a combination of durability and stability with this 8ft Landmann model. In addition, this model comes with a PVC cover that can cover the entire surface of the wood on the rack. For even more ease, the cover latches to the bottom of the rack instead of a zipper for less hassle and more security.

The 8 ft. design allows capacity for up to 2/3 of a cord and at 23 lbs, the rack is lightweight for its length. It also disassembles, so it is easy to move and easy to store.

3. Sunnydaze 4-Foot Firewood Rack Outdoor with Cover Combo Sunnydaze Outdoor Firewood Log Rack and Cover Set - 4-Foot Powder-Coated Steel Lumber Storage System with Durable Weather-Resistant Protective Black PVC Top

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Sunnydaze offers a compact, sturdy, and relatively light-weight design that does not sacrifice capacity. This 4 ft., 16 lb. Sunnydaze model features tubular steel construction with black powder coat finish. Its capacity holds up to ½ a cord.

This rack also comes with a cover with hook and loop fasteners at the bottom. The material for the cover will not last like the PVC material of the Landmann, but it is simple to fasten and will surely keep the wood dry.

This model also features very easy assembly with just a few screws at the bottom. And if you are concerned about the durability of that simple design, Sunnydaze provides a 1-year warranty for this firewood rack.

4. Ucared Heavy Duty Log Rack 


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Ucared offers this smaller model, with 2 ft. of length and 1/8 cord capacity. It is made of steel and its assembly is simple and highly secure. Unlike several other models, this Ucared heavy duty model features a middle divider and a third pair of legs for increased stability and organization capacity.

It does not come with a cover and the steel is not powder coated, so it is more prone to wear over time.

5. DOEWORKS 17 Inch Small Heavy Duty Indoor/Outdoor Firewood Rack DOEWORKS 17 Inch Small Heavy Duty Indoor/Outdoor Firewood Racks Steel Wood Storage Log Rack Holder

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This small, more decorative model from DOEWORKS offers compact and convenient firewood storage without sacrificing quality. Just 17 in. in length, its capacity is relatively low. However, this small design makes it more mobile and easier to store. It also provides a more subtle, decorative quality compared to other models.

Assembly is simple, with just 4 screws. The parts are made of black powder-coated steel providing a highly stable design. While it does not come with a cover, the powder-coated steel material increases durability to withstand outdoor conditions year-round. Finally, its aesthetic flourishes make an elegant addition for any fireplace or porch.

6. Amagabeli 8 ft Outdoor Fire Wood Log Rack Amagabeli 8 ft Outdoor Fire Wood Log Rack for Fireplace Heavy Duty Firewood Pile Storage Racks for Patio Deck Metal Log Holder Stand Tubular Steel Wood Stacker Outside Tools Accessories Black

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Simple and reliable, this Amagabeli firewood rack offers a tubular steel design with a black powder-coated finish. The 8 ft. rack provides a lot of space with the ability to hold up to 650 lbs. of firewood. Amagabeli also offers a smaller 4 ft. option, which holds about ¼ cord.

The durable materials are easy to assemble, disassemble, and store, with 12 screws, nuts, and bolts included. There is no cover included with this option, which is great if you plan to store your wood in a shed—you don’t have to pay for something you don’t need. Plus, Amagabeli offers a 1-year warranty to ensure product quality and customer satisfaction.

7. ShelterLogic Adjustable Heavy Duty Outdoor Firewood Rack ShelterLogic 8' Adjustable Heavy Duty Outdoor Firewood Rack with Steel Frame Construction and Water-Resistant Cover

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ShelterLogic provides an outstanding and reliable product for storing firewood. This ShelterLogic Adjustable Heavy Duty Firewood Rack is made of black powder-coated steel and featuring six pairs of legs, this firewood rack is sturdy and durable. It has capacity for 2/5 cord or 2200 pounds of firewood, and it features a two-way adjustable polyester cover that slides up and down to fit the height of the wood stack. With an adjustable cover, you can easily control the airflow and treat the wood in the most optimal conditions, no matter the weather.

It requires assembly with a ½ in. wrench, which allows disassembly and easy storage as well as exceptional structural reliability. On top of that, ShelterLogic provides a 1-year warranty if any problems should arise.

8. INNO STAGE Firewood Log Rack INNO STAGE Firewood Log Rack, Iron Wood Lumber Storage Holder for Fireplace, Heavy Duty Log Storage Bin for Firepit Stove Accessories Indoor - Perfect Construction - No Any Screw to Install

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With a lovely design and high-quality material, this INNO STAGE firewood rack offers a beautiful rack with rustic aesthetic quality and reliable structure. Wrought iron with black powder-coated finish ensures the rack and its intricate design will last. For its length (18 in.), it is quite heavy at 8.8 lbs. At that weight, it is still mobile, but it will surely remain sturdy and hold well over its weight in firewood.

Additionally, the assembly is incredibly easy with ready-made slots for the sides to fit into. As a special feature, the bottoms protect flooring and decking, and they can be adjusted to raise the wood further off the ground. There is no cover provided, so be sure to buy one separately for uncovered areas.

9. Plow & Hearth 10117 Heavy Duty Steel Outdoor Firewood Rack Plow & Hearth 10117 Heavy Duty Steel Outdoor Firewood Rack with Finial Design

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The Plow & Hearth firewood rack features an elegant and compact design for accessible firewood storage anywhere. Powder-coated tubular steel makes it able to endure a variety of outdoor weather conditions. Stainless steel screws and bolts make the assembly accessible and reliable.

23 in long, 23 in high, and 12 in deep, this rack provides ample storage with subtlety. There is no cover provided, so you will have to buy a cover separately for outdoor use unless you have access to a sheltered area.

10. Mofeez Outdoor Firewood Log Storage Rack Bracket Kit Mofeez Outdoor Firewood Log Storage Rack Bracket Kit,Fireplace Wood Storage Holder-Adjustable to Any Length

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With a unique and highly simplistic design, Mofeez provides the metal parts for an easily customizable firewood rack. The powder-coated cast iron  Mofeez firewood rack facilitates the creation of a sturdy place to store wood with 2×4 lumber cut to any length. So you can create a 16 ft. outdoor wood store for high capacity or you can maintain a compact 2 ft. storage capacity for a subtle and unique decorative quality on the porch.

Though the lumber and screws and cover must be purchased separately, this option provides a rustic aesthetic, customization, and easy storage & mobility. In addition, Mofeez provides an 18-month warranty for the cast iron base parts.

Recommended Accessories

Patio Watcher 4 Feet Log Rack Cover

The Patio Watcher 4 Feet Log Rack Cover is a perfect heavy-duty choice to keep your wood dry from rain but also enabling the wood to air out and cure for better burning. The 2 air vents allow great circulation for the curing to happen. This firewood rack cover is made of durable woven polyester which is water-resistant. Choose between a grey or black option! Click here for the latest price.

CO-Z 8 Foot Firewood Log Rack Cover 

This CO-Z 8 Foot Firewood Log Rack Cover is a great option for the longer firewood racks on the list above. It offers a weatherproof heavy-duty 600 Denier Oxford cloth which protects from water and it is UV-resistant. The security buckles ensure safety against heavy winds, but let’s not forget the upgraded air vents that help cure your wood for a better burning experience. See the latest price by clicking here!

Fiskars Super (36″) Splitting Axe

Having this Fiskars Super Splitting Axe will help you split wood for your indoor or outdoor fires. This axe weighs 5.85 lbs, which isn’t too heavy or too light. Having that amount of weight behind a swing increases the momentum to split wood quickly, easily, and most importantly efficiently. Also, the blade design is another feature made to have a sharp edge for making splits in a hurry. Click here to see the latest price of this splitting axe.

Final Thoughts

After reading through our top 10 best firewood racks I hope it helps you find what you were looking for. Quality is important for a firewood rack, wood is heavy and if you burn it a lot you are constantly adding more on your rack. This weight can’t be trusted with cheap materials, opting for a heavy-duty firewood rack is certainly a good idea.

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