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Those of you with the proverbial green thumb are aware of how the yard or the garden requires care and affection. Not only does it ask for your time, but it also needs careful understanding. A good gardening tool can make a great difference in the up-keep of your yard. Most people make do with the ordinary gardening shear, but there are those who truly realize just how much of an effect a proper tool can have on the outlook of your yard.

So, without further ado, let’s review some of the best yard clean-up tools on the market right now:

  1. The Fiskars 28-inch Bypass Lopper
  2. Root Assassin OS-002 One Shot Garden Shovel
  3. ROOT ASSASSIN RAKE Assassin Tools
  4. VIVOSUN Gardening Hand Pruner Pruning Shear
  5. DEWALT DCHT820P1 20 V Max Hedge Trimmer
  6. Gutter Sense Gutter Cleaning Tool
  7. Worth Garden Stand-Up Weeder and Root Removal Tool
  8. Vremi Heavy Duty Gardening Gloves for Men and Women
  9. Gorilla Garden Hands
  10. Sleek Garden Smart Collapsible 30-Gallon Canvas Garden Waste Bag
  11. Makita MU04Z 12V Max Cxt Cordless Grass Shear
  12. Miles Kimball Rolling Grass Trimmer

12 Must-Have Yard Clean Up Tools

1. The Fiskars 28-inch Bypass Lopper Fiskars Gardening Tools: Bypass Lopper, Sharp Precision-ground Steel Blade, 28” Tree Trimmer (391461-1003)

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 The Fiskars 28-Inch Bypass Lopper is built to easily cut through greens and tree branches. With its sharp stainless steel finish, the Bypass Lopper can cut through around one and a half inch of shrubbery and wood. With its curved blade and well-designed handle with shock-absorbing abilities, the 28-inch tool was made for comfortable use and ease of working.

Pros Cons
-Full lifetime warranty allows for customer trust and support.

– Designed bumpers for shock-absorbing aids in the support of the arms and the wrist.

– Precision-ground, hardened steel blade cuts through thick branches and roots.

– Solid make, hefty, and durable.

– Blades can be replaced, making it long-lasting

– Not very lightweight, and may cause problems for some users.

– Short life-span of the blade, requires changing.

2. Root Assassin OS-002 One Shot Garden Shovel ROOT ASSASSIN One Shot Garden Shovel - 60" Straight Handle, Winged Back Shovel, Dig Deeper and Easier, Holds More Dirt, Larger Surface Area for You Foot (60" Long Handle Wing Shovel)

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All seasoned yard-keepers know that a great shovel boils down to one extremely important thing – the handle. The One-Shot Garden Shovel in the Root Assassin series takes that spirit into account. The series presents you with a shovel with a mighty sturdy handle that is 60 inches long for ease of use. With its wicked sharp shovel wing, digging has never been easier.



– Lightweight, with a fiberglass handle

– Great shoveling strength and precision

– Sturdy handle, with a workable length

– Innovative wing shovel technology that lets you scoop up more and have it stay on the wing.

– Larger foot for better leverage

– Slices through roots very well

– Requires great working strength if shovel goes too deep

– Risk of bending the handle or the blade depending on the angle of entry.


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The Rake Assassin Tools from Root Assassin, available on Amazon, are a great combination of shovel and rake that are perfect for your gardening activities. With the rake assassin, cleaning up your yard becomes more efficient and easier. The tool allows you to dig, skim, rake, sift, collect, carry and shift with a large amount of efficacy. It requires a sturdy touch but presents results that appear delicate and subtle.



– Lightweight, with an aluminum shaft with powder coating

– Robust teeth of polypropylene, with sharp edges

– Long handle, 58 inches, makes it easy to grip and work with

– Excellent for cleaning out soil beds

– Great transplant tool, can move plants without damaging them

– Dual function as rake and shovel

– Some assembly is required that might affect the working of the tool.

4. VIVOSUN Gardening Hand Pruner Pruning Shear VIVOSUN 6.5 Inch Gardening Scissors Hand Pruner Pruning Shear with Straight Stainless Steel Blades Orange 1-Pack

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The Curved Blade VIVOSUN Hand Pruner adds on to the qualities of the straight blade shear in this same line. Where the VIVOSUN Straight Blade Hand Pruner is lightweight and made of stainless steel, the Curved Blade Pruner is made of titanium-coated stainless steel. This adds to the durability excessively, while still making sure it remains lightweight and easy to handle. The brightly colored body with the easy grip makes for a tool that is a joy to use.

Pros Cons

-Comfort Grip, which decreases the strain on the wrist and the hand

– Immensely sharp blades make for great snips and pruning jobs, aiding in the shaping of bushes and other yard clean-up jobs

– Sharp, narrow blades and in on-point precision in cutting and snipping.

– Easily operable with one hand without immense impact

– Safe and can be locked, and the blades can be protected when needed to be stored away.

– Can be kept in a pocket, while other gardening jobs are being done, with ease

– Plant sap accumulate on blade tips and requires regular cleaning

– Might be non-ergonomic for some users.

5. DEWALT DCHT820P1 20 V Max Hedge Trimmer DEWALT 20V MAX* Cordless Hedge Trimmer, 5.0 Ah, 22-Inch (DCHT820P1)

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The DEWALT Max Hedge Trimmer, on Amazon, comes with a 5AH pack and is a solution to your heavyweight yard clean-up needs. Are the trees in the yard getting a bit too rowdy for general yard cleanliness? The Max Hedge Trimmer is a great go-to choice. With a powerful working motor, the power tool can cut through thick branches for a long stretch of time.


– With no spark plugs, air filters or carburetors being used, the Max Hedge Trimmer requires very less maintenance.

– The high Capacity 5AH Lithium-Ion battery pack ensures that the Trimmer is able to work with a great power that does not rely on gas, causing any fumes.

– The tools can start and stop real-time with the trigger. Does not require time and effort in getting it to start.

– The long serrated blade allows for a large amount of cutting.

– Versatile and immensely powerful with great recharge time.

– Lightweight and long-lasting.

– Wear and tear caused on the blade if not maintained properly.

– Battery life may vary for different usages.

6. Gutter Sense Gutter Cleaning Tool Gutter Sense Gutter Cleaning Tool

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The Gutter Cleaning Tool from Gutter Sense is the ultimate gutter wiz for residential use. With wide paddles, 2.5 inches to be precise, the tool allows for effective cleaning of gutters, picking up dry leaves to even pine needles.

Pros Cons
– Wide paddles allow for better holding capacity.

– Light in weight, designed for ease of access

– Can pick up a large variety of things from dry leaves to pine needles.

– Adjustable tongs have a grasp that is 14 inches wide.

– Easy to maintain, can be cleaned underneath the supports of the tool.

– If connected to an extension pole, can reach gutters two stories high.

– Extension pole is not included with the tool

– Might require some hands-on adjustment to reach between some gutters.

7. Worth Garden Stand-Up Weeder and Root Removal Tool Worth Garden Stand-up Weeder, Root Removal Hand Weeding Tool - Weed Puller with 34" Long Handle Made from Anti-Rust Steel with 5 Claws & Comfort Foam Grip, Easily Grabber Picker Without Bending

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 What’s better than not having to squat awkwardly in order to remove unwanted weeds and clean your yard? Available on Amazon, the Worth Garden Stand-Up Weeder and Root Removal tool makes it a point to make sure that the weeding job does not take a toll on your spine and your legs. All in all, this is a tool designed to make your gardening experience more tolerable. The handle is 33 inches tall which removes the need to constantly bend over, and the pedal is large enough to assist in putting force on the ground and pulling out the entire weed. The 5-pointed claw can penetrate through hard soils.

Pros  Cons
– Can be used for 5 varying soil types, including hard soils.

– Handle made of padded foam is easy to adjust to the hand.

– Zinc-plated and designed to be rust-resistant

– The purchase of the product is risk-free, with a full refund in case of customer dissatisfaction.

– Designed to be ergonomic and very durable.

– Includes a three-year warranty with the purchase.

– Can be finicky to use on dry soil.

– Made completely of solid metal, requires maintenance.

8. Vremi Heavy Duty Gardening Gloves for Men and Women 

 In three universal sizes and an assortment of colors, the Vremi Heavy duty Gardening gloves allow for safety in the working of your garden or yard, while also offering a sense of style. The material is made of breathable bamboo with nitrile coating, making it resistant to cuts and scratches, and it fits in your hand comfortably.

Pros Cons
– In assorted sizes and attractive colors, making them stylish.

– Made to be tear-proof and resistance to cuts and scratches.

– Makes for great gifts for gardening friends due to unisex design.

– Easy maintenance and storage

– Can be used to many other purposes other than gardening or yard-cleaning.

– Durable and long-lasting.

– Breathable material keeps your fingers from sweating and pruning.

– May not be comfortable for some users due to standard size.

9. Gorilla Garden Hands Miles Kimball 338901-BC00359139 Gorilla Garden Hands, Green

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Do you need a hand in your yard? The Gorilla Garden Hands by the Fox Valley Traders are designed to do exactly that. They remove the curiosity of what would happen if your hands were just a little bit bigger to carry that extra bit of dry leaf fuzz. They give you those large hands, as the name suggests. The Gorilla Garden hands make yardwork more efficient, acting as an extension of your own hands, but offering a larger scoop, and working like oversized hand rakes.

Pros Cons
– Works like an extension of your hands making them easy to use.

– Handles are designed for support of the wrists, in order to reduce strain

– Ergonomic, designed with handle ridges

– Great for picking up all kinds of dried leaves and perishable debris

– Scoops made of durable and robust plastic.

– A large amount of material can be gathered in one go.

– Light and easy to use and hold.

– The all-plastic material might cause friction against the wrist.

– If left out in the cold, might become brittle and break at the handles.

10. Sleek Garden Smart Collapsible 30-Gallon Canvas Garden Waste Bag Collapsible -30 Gallon Canvas Garden Waste Bag -Pop-up Bucket Reusable Yard Leaf Bag Holder- Heavy Duty Hardshell Bottom – with Drain Holes for Lawn Pool Garden Camping Trash Debris Bag with Handles

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Some of the most reliable and important garden and yard tools are often the simplest or the most common. One of these tools that are rather taken for granted include the waste bags. Many a yard-owner knows the trouble of having piles upon piles of black plastic bags filled over with leaves. The Sleek Garden Smart Collapsible Canvas Bag on Amazon, is designed to make that very misery untrue. With a large capacity, the bag allows for quick yard clean-up.

Pros Cons
– Collapsible and with a large storage capacity.

– The canvas fabric does not consist of vinyl and is environment-friendly.

– Smart design is reusable and keeps its shape for as long as required.

– Comes with a scoop and a rake

– The scoops included are light and ergonomic

– A large amount of debris can be collected in one go, making them efficient.

– Durable, strong material, made to last.

– Can be knocked over due to lack of heavy structural support.

11. Makita MU04Z 12V Max Cxt Cordless Grass Shear Makita MU04Z 12V max CXT® Lithium-Ion Cordless Grass Shear, Tool Only

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 The Makita Cordless Grass Shear is a powerful tool in its best form, designed to make your yard upkeep more effective in a short span of time. With a strong motor, the tool provides with great cutting action and efficient grass trimming. It is a smart tool with a built-in battery capacity warning system.

Pros Cons
– Dual blade action for efficiency

– User convenience and safety in left and right lock-ff system

– Nickel-plated blades are non-electrolysed, adding to the rust-resistance

– Tool-less blade changing system for convenience.

– Ergonomic with a rubberized handle for shock and vibration absorption.


 – Battery and charger are not included with the tool, and need to be bought separately.

12. Miles Kimball Rolling Grass Trimmer Fox Valley Traders Rolling Grass Trimmer

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Who isn’t fond of a gardening tool that allows for the ease of lightweight upkeep? The Miles Kimball Rolling Grass trimmer from the Fox Valley Traders ensures that your green bed stays pristine without having you take out heavy grass-trimming tools or equipment. They are a great addition to your yard tools.

Pros Cons
– Rollers are very durable wheels.

– Ergonomic, with hand grips covered with soft foam

– Long 41-inch handles mean no bending.

– Can be easily assembled

– Long-lasting 8-inch metal blades.

– Might not be very accurate or precise

– Might need more than one cut.


These are our picks for the best yard clean up tools! Good gardening tools, no matter how simple in their conception or working, are a good yard-keepers bread and butter. Help yourself become a better gardener and make your yard pristine in any season with these tools. Figure out what needs to be cleaned up and order a product you need today.

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