10 Most Comfortable Outdoor Daybeds for 2024

Having space in your backyard to sit back and relax is wonderful, maybe grab a book or just to enjoy the fresh air. With a comfortable outdoor daybed, ultimate relaxation comes right to your outdoor space. Treat yourself to lavish leisure time without leaving the comfort of the home you work so hard to maintain. With different shapes, sizes, colors, and a wide variety of special features, it is easy to find the most comfortable outdoor daybed for you and your home for an unparalleled lounging experience.

Why Buy an Outdoor Daybed?

An outdoor daybed can be the highlight of your whole outdoor experience. From the comfort of cushions or even the shade of a canopy, you can enjoy the stunning views of your garden, your glistening pool, kids playing nearby, or the clouds in the sky. Whether you choose something lavish or something more simplistic, an outdoor daybed will provide an element of style as well as a place to center yourself and enjoy the best of life.

Outdoor Daybed Buying Guide | What to Consider?

Comfort Level

With a wide range of products and styles, comfort is one of the most important features. And it might look different for everybody. If you can think back on some lounge chairs you’ve used in the past—maybe at a hotel or country club or a friend’s house—and think about some of your favorite designs and materials, it will help a lot with committing to a particular daybed.

Some daybeds are designed similarly to hammocks, with a mesh or linen material that stretches between the sides. Like hammocks, these will bend depending where your weight is. It can be really comfortable and relaxing, but it can also put pressure in certain areas of your back, so it is not for everyone. Other designs feature support systems more closely resembling a traditional bed frame or couch. These use various types cushions, which can vary in stiffness for different levels of support.

Comfort is not just about laying the daybed. You will also want to think about versatility of uses as well as outdoor durability and mobility for your perfect daybed.

Fabric Quality

As you consider comfort level and the variety of features offered by different materials, it is important to note the different qualities of different fabrics. Many daybed designs you will find use either synthetic mesh or polyester cushions. Both of these are made to be highly durable through consistent use and through any kind of weather—sun, heat, rain, cold, wind, and even snow. Additionally, they are both very easy to clean with a wet cloth, your preferred cleaning spray, or even a hose.

Frame Durability

Outdoor daybeds feature a number of frame materials, mostly including aluminum, steel, and wood. The producers of these daybeds design them with the outdoors in mind, so the aluminum, steel, and wood are treated and coated accordingly.

To compare quality across each material, steel will provide a supreme level of strength and durability. However, it is relatively heavy, so aluminum is a more lightweight alternative with comparable durability. With different types of wood, you will find varying levels of durability and bulkiness. Teak provides more durability as it is more resistant to pests and water damage. Acacia is also a common wood and though it is more susceptible to pest and water damage, it can last many years with the right finish and maintenance. Compared to metal, however, most wood will surely show wear more quickly.

Weather Resistance, Storage, and Maintenance

Most outdoor daybeds are made with rust-proof metal or treated and finished wood to increase durability through rain. Some models are also made with rattan or synthetic wicker, both of which are highly weather-resistant. With highly resistant materials, storage is not always necessary. But if you would like to store your daybed during colder months, it is important to consider the ease of assembly and disassembly, as some are easier to assemble than others, while some cannot be disassembled at all.

Even with weather-resistant materials, some companies suggest covering their daybed through inclement weather for the sake of longevity. And this is likely a good precaution for any product, simply to make the daybed last even longer. However, with some daybeds—particularly with cushions made of cotton, linen, or less water-resistant fabrics—you will want to bring cushions and such into shelter through rainy days or colder seasons. Or if you plant to keep your daybed under a dry shelter all the time, you do not need to worry about water-proof fabric and frame materials.

Style & Design

In many instances, daybeds provide a style focal point. They are large and luxurious pieces that will be noticed and used by your family and by guests all the time. With that in mind, style and design are vital to the space they occupy. If you are creating a new space with all new furniture and accessories, you may consider choosing your favorite daybed for function and durability and basing the rest of the design off of it.

If you are trying to add a daybed to a space that is already decorated, consider whether wood or wicker or metal will blend better. Metal will almost certainly contribute a more modern aesthetic. While it may complement a wood patio, concrete pool deck, or wicker furniture, it may not match with wood furniture. Wicker is highly versatile in aesthetic and provides a warm welcoming feeling as well as comfort. Meanwhile, wood material can keep a space bright and lively for a vibrant garden or friendly patio space.

Color will also play a major role in the right aesthetic for your daybed. Most designs feature frames that can match a variety of design schemes. But choosing between black, dark brown, light brown, off-white, and gray still influences the feeling the daybed will give to the space. It will also impact how it blends with other furniture pieces and accessories. In addition, some companies provide a range of color options, so you can find your favorite design and pick from multiple options.

With or Without a Canopy?

Some daybeds boast a luxurious canopy to provide customized and flexible shade. This can be a great feature for sunny areas by the pool or in the backyard, and it can add versatility depending on if you want to read in the shade or simply bask in the sun. However, canopies can be cumbersome and a canopy would be excessive if you want to place your daybed under a pre-existing shelter. It all depends on the location you would like for your daybed and what you want to use it for. Any model can let you sit in the sun, so consider if you want that added shade feature or not.

10 Most Comfortable Outdoor Daybeds for 2021

1. LexMod Taiji Outdoor Wicker Patio Daybed Modway Taiji Outdoor Patio Daybed in Espresso White

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  • Weather-proof synthetic rattan
  • Powder-coated aluminum frame
  • Machine-washable cushions and UV + water resistant
  • Several cushion color options
  • Daybed dimensions are 71”L x 51”W x 29”H
  • Ottoman dimensions are 59”L x 28”W x 10”H

The vibrant style combines with elegant and quality design in LexMod’s Taiji Outdoor Wicker daybed. Weather-proof synthetic rattan wicker ensures that the exterior will withstand all kinds of weather conditions. Then the powder-coated aluminum frame provides a sturdy and durable interior that will not rust or wear and is light enough to move with relative ease. With the addition of UV-resistant, machine-washable cushions, this bed is very easy to maintain. And on top of that, there is no assembly required, so this daybed can boast ease and convenience as well.

Whether it’s poolside or on the patio, dark brown wicker can complement a wide array of style schemes. And with a variety of color options for the cushions, you can find the perfect level of vibrancy or subtlety to match the style of your home. Plus, unlike several other daybeds, this relatively compact design comes with an ottoman for more luxurious relaxation.

Pros Cons
  • Comes with an ottoman
  • Multiple color options
  • Dark wicker can match a wide range of design schemes
  • Can’t buy without the ottoman

2. Bedford Outdoor Wicker Overhead Canopy Daybed w/ Water Resistant Cushion – Best For Your Money

Bedford Outdoor Wicker Overhead Canopy Daybed w/ Water Resistant CushiSee on GDFstudio


  • Wicker material is Polyethylene
  • Frame material is Aluminum
  • Cushion material is 100% Polyester
  • Daybed dimensions are 91.25”L x 35.75”W x 53.25”H

With one of the most stunning products you can find, the Bedford daybed offers an outdoor wicker canopy daybed that boasts unrivaled style and luxury. I like to say it is the most comfortable outdoor daybed on this list, but even better the price is realistic for what you get.

Anyways, the polyethylene wicker and polyester cushions make it 100% weather-proof. Plus, an aluminum makes it sturdy, but also relatively lightweight so it is not hard to move around the patio or pool area.

With a lot of spaciousness, you can find a number of comfortable positions. The built-in canopy also provides a degree of back support that can be easily supplemented with pillows. However, it is important to note that this canopy does not provide full shade. But with a beautiful woven design, it is sure to impress guests and add an absolutely lovely artfulness to your home’s design.

Pros Cons
  • Beautiful design
  • Massive in size and space
  • Extreme luxurious at an unbeatable price
  • Most Comfortable Daybed
  • Canopy does not provide full shade

3. Othello Outdoor Gray Finished Acacia Wood Daybed with Water Resistant Cushions – Best Compact Daybed

Othello Outdoor Gray Finished Acacia Wood Daybed with Water ResistantSee on Amazon


  • Frame material made of Acacia wood
  • Cushion material is 100% Polyester
  • Daybed dimensions are 29.5”D x 88.5”W x 26.75”H

Othello’s outdoor daybed combines elegance and subtlety with a warm and welcoming design that can provide comfort in a variety of settings. Beautiful Acacia wood gives this daybed an approachable quality but does not sacrifice elegance. Acacia also provides a sturdy construction material that will last season after season of heavy use.

The dark brown finish makes the daybed resistant to all weather conditions, while also providing a highly stylish aesthetic that can complement any number of other furniture pieces and designs. Combined with the grey, 100% polyester cushions, you can have convenience and style with ease.

One of the best features of this daybed is its versatility. The armrests can lock in an upright position for a couch that can accommodate multiple people. But for luxurious alone time, the armrests also fold down at multiple angles so you can recline or completely stretch out with incredible comfort. While there is no ottoman or canopy, the adjustable armrests are a feature that make hosting guests and relaxing on your own simple and highly restful.

Pros Cons
  • Dark wood and gray cushions can match an array of design schemes
  • Armrests can lock upright, or fold out in multiple positions
  • Best compact daybed option
  • No canopy or ottoman included

4. Bayard Outdoor Off-White Sunbed with Adjustable Canopy

Bayard Outdoor Off-White Sunbed with Adjustable Canopy See on GDFstudio


  • Frame is made of Larch wood with Teak stain
  • Fabric is a synthetic mesh
  • Includes adjustable and water-resistant canopy
  • Bed dimensions are 81.5”L x 85.75”W x 61.75”H

Bayard Outdoor Off-White Sunbed with Adjustable Canopy offers dazzling sophistication and an adjustable canopy that can provide luxurious shade while you lounge. Sturdy larch wood with a beautiful Teak finish gives a bright and uplifting vibrancy, while also providing durable function through the elements. Likewise, the synthetic mesh fabric material will endure any conditions and is very easy to maintain.

Its unique design makes the fabric act similar to a hammock, and this creates unbeatable comfort levels. Did you know sleeping in a hammock is really good for your back? Having a daybed with a similar scientific design is a pretty good idea too!

With the added width that doesn’t come with every daybed, you can stretch out on your own or share the space with someone else. In sun or shade, this daybed can bring the indulgent comfort of a spa right to your backyard.

Pros Cons
  • Built-in, adjustable canopy
  • Large enough for two people
  • Large size may limit where the bed can be placed

5. HomeRoots Sunproof Fabric and Aluminum Daybed – Best Design 

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  • Synthetic Wicker
  • Aluminum built frame
  • Sun-proof UV resistant fabric
  • Daybed dimensions are 79.5”L x 45.7”W x 80.3”H

With an unrivaled design, the HomeRoots daybed is a sturdy bed with built-in luxury. An aluminum frame will support multiple people for a couch function, and the curved design allows one person to sprawl across the bed in a variety of comfortable positions. Meanwhile, synthetic wicker material ensures the bed will last a long time through all kinds of weather. And since it’s water-proof, cleaning is a sinch.

Brown and beige coloring, as well as a relatively compact shape, make this daybed highly versatile in a variety of spaces. And the built-in canopy ensures that there will be shade wherever you go. With the fixed height, it may be hard to put it under existing structures. But for open areas by the pool or on the patio, this bed can bring a lot of comfort and room to relax without taking a lot of floor space.

Pros Cons
  • Convenient shape won’t take up a lot of horizontal space
  • Built-in canopy
  • High-quality
  • Modern (rich) design
  • Unique, unlike all other daybeds
  • Canopy is not adjustable
  • Height could limit where you can put it, depending on the outdoor space

6. Merianna Gray Wood Sunbed with Gray Outdoor Mesh Canopy

Merianna Gray Wood Sunbed with Gray Outdoor Mesh Canopy

See on GDFstudio


  • Frame material is Larch wood
  • Fabric material is a Weather-proof mesh
  • Daybed dimensions are 78.75”L x 90”W x 60”H

This sleek and modern Merianna daybed provides luxurious spaciousness with simple maintenance for a fully relaxing experience. Larch wood provides a sturdy and long-lasting frame to support multiple people in this extra-wide daybed and to support the canopy above. Mesh material for the bed and the canopy make them water-resistant for durability through every season and incredible ease to keep clean.

The dark grey coloring is sure to make a statement by the bright and glistening pool water. The contrast will make for a dynamic, non-monotonous aesthetic that will certainly bring excitement to your life and impress any guests. And with a vibrant rug or a few colored pillows, the color will pop for sensational beauty and style. Spacious luxury, easy maintenance, and majesty—all in the backyard.

Pros Cons
  • Built-in canopy
  • Large enough for two people
  • High-quality materials
  • Modern Design
  • Extremely Comfortable
  • Large size may limit where it can be placed

7. Amos Outdoor Aluminum Daybed with Canopy

Amos Outdoor Aluminum Daybed with Canopy See on GDFstudio


  • Frame material is a Powder-coated Aluminum
  • Cushion material is 100% Polyester
  • Daybed dimensions are 79.5”L x 60.75”W x 76”H

The Amos Luxurious Rich Daybed offers a highly modern design with incomparable features for simplicity, style, and comfort. Powder-coated aluminum composes a frame that will last long years of use through all kinds of weather conditions. The 100% polyester cushions also make it easy to clean in the washing machine and durable through rain and bright sun.

Built for two, the design of this daybed allows for multiple kinds of custom settings to maintain personalized relaxation. The backrests are split in half, and each half can adjust to multiple angles. There are also multiple curtains on each side of the frame, so you can adjust to the sun and find the perfect amount of light or shade for the moment.

Pros Cons
  • Built-in curtains can be drawn open or closed to custom position
  • Adjustable backrests
  • A lot of space
  • Extreme Comfort
  • Various sun shade options
  • Large size may limit where it can be placed

8. vidaXL 2-Person Patio Sun Lounger Bed vidaXL 2-Person Patio Sun Lounger Bed Brown Rattan Garden Daybed Chaise Lounger with Adjustable Backrests and Cushion Outdoor Backyard Lawn Furniture 78.7" x 54.5" x (11.8"-28.7") (L x W x H)

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  • Wicker material is Weather-proof Rattan
  • Frame material is a Powder-coated steel
  • Daybed dimensions are 78.7”L x 54.5”W x (11.8”- 28.7”)H when fully reclined

vidaXL provides a subtle, low-profile daybed with simplistic, elegant style and accommodating features. The vidaXL daybed is constructed of weather-proof rattan wicker made to last through wind, water, and sun. Supported by a powder-coated steel frame, this bed is extremely strong and durable through the weather as well as heavy use. However, the cushions are not weather-proof, so it is important to be mindful of that with them.

Built with enough room for two people, this design maintains a relatively subtle size and also provides customizable settings for individual preferences. The divided backrests can adjust to multiple angles to sit upright, recline, or lay down flat. And while there is no canopy, the low height allows the daybed to be placed anywhere, including under pre-existing structures.

Pros Cons
  • Large enough for two people
  • The relatively low profile makes it able to be placed under pre-existing shelters
  • Adjustable backrests
  • Top-level comfortability
  • Best bang for your buck deal
  • Width may limit where it can be placed

9. SUNCROWN Outdoor Patio Round Circular Daybed with Retractable Canopy

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  • Wicker material with weather-proof resin finish
  • Team assembly required (2 people)
  • Daybed dimensions are 66” in diameter; 20” seat height; 56” high with canopy raised

SUNCROWN also provides an unrivaled design with highly versatile features and a sleek aesthetic. With all the pieces combined, you have a lovely daybed with a lot of cushioning and space enough for two. There is also an adjustable canopy that can provide varying levels of shade or retract to enjoy the open sky. The bed also splits into four pieces, so you can easily convert the luxurious daybed into a 4-piece matching set perfect for hosting.

With that unmatched versatility, you also get weather-proof wicker with a resin finish. And the black coloring provides great contrast for bright areas by the pool or on a sunny patio. One important thing to note is that SUNCROWN recommends team assembly, but once you put it together, it will provide all kinds of relaxing functions for years to come.

Pros Cons
  • Highly adjustable design
  • Retractable canopy
  • Enough space for two
  • Size and shape could limit where it can be placed
  • Team assembly required (2 people)

10. Safavieh Outdoor Collection Tandra Teak Modern Contemporary Daybed Safavieh PAT6745B Outdoor Collection Tandra Teak Modern Contemporary Daybed Day Bed, Natural/Beige

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  • Frame material: Acacia wood with teak finish
  • Cushion material: Polyester
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Assembly required
  • Daybed dimensions: 85.4”L x 29.1”W x 29.5”H

Safavieh provides a bright and versatile design, with welcoming wood and weather-proof materials. Acacia wood provides a sturdy structure, while Teak finish can liven up any space in any weather conditions. Machine-washable polyester cushions also provide great comfort with convenient cleaning and durability through all weather.

Though there is no canopy or ottoman, you can still recline or stretch out with the adjustable armrests. Multiple settings on each side make it easy to find the perfect lounging positions. And with the armrests upright, the daybed becomes a beautiful couch for hosting on the patio or by the pool. In addition, with the compact and flat shape, this daybed can fit in a wide variety of spaces and under pre-existing structures.

Pros Cons
  • Small enough for a number of locations
  • Armrests adjust to multiple angles
  • Compacted design
  • Easily moved
  • No canopy or ottoman included


Outdoor Daybed Accessories Not to Forget About!

Outdoor Rugs

Rugs can elevate any design to a welcoming, dynamic, and stunning space for timeless enjoyment. Check out our Top 10 Rugs article. Once you pick the best outdoor daybed for your home, you can make it all the more vibrant and splendid with a rug like the “Home Dynamix Patio Country Danica Outdoor Rug.”

Ornate design, beautiful blue coloring, and detailed accents add lively energy to a room or patio space. Plus, polypropylene material makes this rug water-resistant and microbial-resistant for incredibly easy maintenance and longevity. Under a daybed or right by its side, you can use this rug to further transform your space into one that will keep on impressing you and guests for years to come.

Comfy Outdoor Pillows

Pillows can improve the ease and comfort of your daybed experience. But like your daybed, you want the very best. For comfort, style, and outdoor versatility, the Rivet Mudcloth-Inspired Decorative Throw Pillow is top of the line. Lovely design accents can add beauty and charm to almost any space. Meanwhile, the materials make it easy to clean and provide the utmost comfort.

Outdoor Blanket

As the weather cools off, you don’t need to stop enjoying the luxury of your daybed. Once you’re tired of the bright heat of Summer, you can still curl up under a blanket with the leaves turning colors through Autumn. The DII Rustic Farmhouse Cotton Chevron Blanket provides warmth and softness for lovely comfort. It is also perfect for other occasions at the beach, at the campground, or in the park. Plus, it is machine-washable for easy maintenance and will last a long time.

Outdoor Cooler

Perfect for small get-togethers, larger parties, and professional gatherings alike, the Keter Modern Cool Bar on Amazon, can elevate a space with elegance and function. With that, it can be a perfect addition to go beside your daybed. Functionally, the lid can be kept closed for a small coffee table, or it can be lifted up 10 in. above the rim to reveal the cooler and elevate the table’s surface. The cooler also features a drainage plug in the bottom to easily drain contents without any awkward lifting and pouring.

With multiple sizes, colors, and styles, you can find the perfect fit for you and the daybed you choose. On top of that, the resin material is weather-resistant so you can keep the table outside and be sure it will last.

Final Thoughts

Finding ways to relax these days can be hard. With a daybed, you may find exactly what you need. From sun to shade, and from hosting guests to quietly lounging alone, the most comfortable outdoor daybed can be a defining feature of an inviting and relaxing home. And with the right accessories, you are sure to create a paramount space perfectly fit for your tastes and more.

Happy lounging!

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