9 Outdoor Pool Deck Lighting Ideas

When being outside by the pool at night it is always great to have vision. This prevents people from tripping up or down stairs, falling into the pool, and much more. Having the best outdoor pool deck lighting is important. So in this article, I have put together a list of 9 different lights that are great for your pool deck area.

Choosing a light type may not be as easy as it seems. When purchasing a certain light you need to consider a few things. How does the light keep power? Is it a battery operated deck light, solar powered light, or an electric light system? The lights chosen in this list will have a description explaining their power type and other unique features.

To keep it simple, this article is here to provide people who have a pool in their backyard with a choice of lighting types. Pick and choose a creative style light to make your pool area bright up at night. These lights are still available for any type of backyard, so don’t be shy if you are interested in any! Enjoy reading through the list.

1. Outdoor Strip Lights

 When placing backyard lights around the pool, the outdoor strip lights are great. You can easily have them powered by any regular plugin. The best way these lights are used is around an edge. This gives the light a nice bordered look around stairs, corners, walkways, support columns, and any other creative ideas you may have.

They are priced at an affordable dollar, and you have plenty of options when on the look for a certain color. This LED Strip Rope Light set on Amazon has 8 available color options. Choose from blue, red, green, pink, soft white, warm white, pure white, and yellow. They are 3200 Lumens, which is plenty of brightness for a patio light. A great product for choosing light brightness is the Lutron Credenza C.L Plug-In Dimmer, just plug the light you want to be dimmed into the dimmer and adjust to your preferred brightness by hand.

2. Motion Sensor Solar Deck Lights

Outdoor Solar Lights, JSOT Solar Deck Lights, Solar Powered Outdoor Lights Waterproof Outside Lights for Garden Backyard Patio Yard Fence Post Stair Step Wall Railing Lighting, Cool Light 6 Pack

Having motion sensor lights is great for your outside pool deck. These deck lights will charge daily with the suns energy, which provides light during the night. You can find lights like these at your local stores, or simply on Amazon. This Super Bright Solar Motion Sensor Light on Amazon comes in packs of 1,2, and 4. The lights are bright and contain 15 LEDs. Also, the light senses motion up to 26 feet but will stay turned on when on a low dim setting without any motion.

I use similar lights around my outside pool. I connect them to the wooden fence that surrounds my pool. They are very easy to setup, the rear side of the light has 2 screw holes for easy hanging installation. Slide the light up or down to easily take them off the wall.

It is a simple idea when looking for an electricity-free pool deck lighting idea. They brighten up the area at night and look great. Place the lights by stairs, doors, or anywhere needed.

3. Light Bulbs Wire Hanging

Over the past few years, the hanging wire light bulb became super popular. It became a light used at many outdoor bars, out on their patios they would string them back and forth. The idea can still perform excellently on your own backyard patio. If you have an area where you can connect the wire by nail, screw, staple, etc, then this idea is an option for you.

Hanging light bulbs come in various sizes. You can get tiny bulbs, medium, and even large. The design options are available for you, pick and choose what suits your needs and you will have a beautiful backyard.

You will usually find the lights in a black or white wire, it is rare to find other colors. This is because black and white can really go with almost any color choices. Pick which color suits your color scheme.

See the latest price of the Regular Hanging Patio Bulb Lights

If you do not love the bulb looking design, hanging lights are available in many other shapes. Such as:

4. Outdoor Lamps

Having an outdoor lamp can make your deck look up-to-date. It is perfect to place around the pool deck in different corners, or wherever you feel it fits. Outdoor lamps can withstand regular weather conditions. If it is a storm or anything it is recommended to take them inside. Regular rainfalls and easy going weather is no issue to the lamps at all.

One interesting thing about outdoor lamps are the available designs. Lamps come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Feel free to search through this included Amazon search tool I added in. See what different lamps catch your eye!

5. Outdoor Lanterns

Outdoor lanterns can be seen hanging off patio walls, sitting on tables, or standing tall. There are multiple lantern designs you could choose from. Certain lanterns go well if you have a historic theme. They fit well with rock walls, stone walls, and even pathways. However, there are new contemporary style lanterns, usually found in materials like stainless steel, brushed nickel, other metals, etc.

When buying an outdoor lantern I highly recommend avoiding plastic materials. They do not last long and you will be replacing them regularly.

Wall lanterns simply screw into the wall and overhang a small amount of space. Take a look at this lantern on Amazon as an example to get a complete understanding of wall lanterns: Click to See Wall Lantern Example

Hanging Lanterns overhang an area just like a chandelier. Take a look at this lantern on Amazon as an example to get a complete understanding of hanging lanterns: Click to See Hanging Lantern Example

Table and Floor Lanterns sit on the deck itself, outdoor dining tables, coffee tables, and end tables. These lanterns can be placed in many different styles. Take a look at this lantern on Amazon as an example to get a complete understanding of table and floor lanterns: Click to See Table/Floor Lanterns Example

Post Lanterns stand up tall, they are basically a large lamp post. Take a look at this lantern on Amazon as an example to get a complete understanding or post lanterns: Click to See Post Lantern Example

6. Deck Floor Lighting

The Tomeshine LED Deck Light Kit is another great pool deck lighting idea. The lights are easily installed, by drilling a 32mm hole you simply place each light inside. The lights are waterproof IP67, meaning that they can actually be submerged into water. So placing them on your deck you will have no worries about pool or rainwater damaging the lights.

What I like about the Tomeshine lights is the ability to place the lights however you want. They are easily placed wherever you drill the 32mm hole. They can be placed directly on the deck floor, leaving you with all the ideas you can think of, for example creating a light pathway.

If you are interested in these lights see more information and check for the most recent price on Amazon by clicking here.

7. Wireless LED Ball light

Solar Ball Light Outdoor Decorative-8 inch Outdoor Waterproof Powered Ball Lights with Remote Control, 10 Modes Rgbw Color Changing Decor for Garden Poolside Backyard Pathway

The LED Ball light is a Multi RGB color changing light. This light is perfect for the backyard, especially when you have a pool. It floats, and its waterproof IP57. This means the ball has a waterproof protection around any electrical compartments inside, preventing any water damages. Keep it in the pool or anywhere around the backyard. Place it in certain areas on the deck to create a unique design.

The lights battery life is 6-12 hours long after a full charge, perfect for an entire night. Charge through the day, and have stylish lights throughout the night. I own a few of these lights, and I must agree that they look amazing. When I have guests over, not many forget to compliment on them.

If you are wondering how big are they, the lights come in a variety of different sizes. Choose from 6″,8″,12″, and 16″. You also pick from a ball-shaped light or choose a cubed light. No matter which shape you choose, they are both waterproof and have 16 colors available.

8. Deck Fence Light

Fence lights are a unique type of light that you can almost clip on anywhere. The clip-on piece can hook easily onto most any fence, wood, steel, etc… It can also be screwed into a wall, wooden posts, and more. The clip-on feature enables you to twist and tighten the back, perfect for easy installation without causing any permanent changes or damages.

They are great around the pool deck for extra vision at night. They are available in solar charge, meaning no extra work for you when things are installed. I think the lights are great when looking for something on a budget, but also they are long-lasting and waterproof making it less maintenance. When working in the backyard, less maintenance means more relaxation.

Interested in more information on the Solar Fence Lights See The Latest Price Here

9. Post Lights

I use post lights at my cabin, they are on a deck that leans out over the lake. They could easily light up the area around the pool. They are pretty cool because the solar tops charge the post light all day long, providing you with a green long-lasting outdoor light. They simply install on a 4×4 wooden post, check the dimensions before you make the purchase. Online the sizes are given, find what works for you. These wooden post lights are stylish while affordable, see the latest price here.

Some different post lights can sit on top of a vinyl and PVC. If looking to place on top of this type of building material make sure the lights are compatible. Check these post lights that can be placed on both 4×4 vinyl or PVC, see more info and the latest price by clicking here.


I hope this article provided you with the information you were looking for. Included are 9 different pool deck lighting ideas, many are lights that I use around my pool or at my cabin for extra light around the lake. If curious the cost of adding in extra lighting you are looking at $50-$200, depending on how many lights you need or length needed (Could be more!). Amazon will usually have the best prices, local stores can have sales but lights are usually listed at high prices. Check out Amazon for the best-priced lights.

If you have any ideas you would like to mention please comment below,

Thanks for reading with us!


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