10 DIY Backyard Garden Ideas (Easy and Cheap)

Everyone loves a well-kept and attractive garden in their backyard. You can escape the stress by relaxing in your backyard and it also refreshing. A very attractive garden is also a great place to receive guests. You can have that calm, relaxing atmosphere for a very small get together with your close friend or some family members. The outdoors is always a place to go, so why not turn your backyard into your own mini oasis? Try some of our easy DIY backyard garden ideas listed below!

Sometimes hiring a landscaper or a decorator can be really expensive and not everyone can afford this luxury. Some people just give up on having a great garden in the backyard. Maybe it is the cost and trouble of maintaining it that is discouraging you from having a garden. Or maybe you are just afraid your backyard is too small to include a garden?

The size of the yard should not determine whether or not it can look amazing.

Not to worry, this article offers great DIY ideas for your garden, these ideas are cheap and simple enough to do yourself. These ideas are low-maintenance, perfect for people that don’t have so much time for maintaining a garden. These garden ideas are also good for all backyard sizes, so even if your backyard space is limited, you can still have that perfect garden.


1. Potted Plants

Making use of potted plants is a great way to save yourself the trouble of maintaining the garden. Potted plants are also a good way of saving space, so if you have a small space, you might want to look into using potted plants for your gardens. You can also make designs from the arrangement of the pots in the garden. Also adding decorative garden signs around your garden pots is a great idea too!

For more color, you can go for colorful flowers. Another great advantage of potted plants is that they can be moved about to create space for other activities after which they can be moved back.

2. Artificial Turf

Using artificial grass is the ultimate low maintenance gardening idea. It requires no weeding or watering every day or on weekends. It is a good idea for families with pets and kids because it makes a great play space for kids and pets. You don’t also have to worry about your kids or pets running about and pulling out your grass. All you need to do is to get a good artificial grass turf to buy and you are set to have a low maintenance garden.

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3. Build a Vertical Planter

Another great idea for people with limited space is to build a vertical planter or simply use a pallet to arrange your potted plants. A vertical planter or pallet will take less space in the garden and you can arrange as many pots as possible on it and still leave enough room for them to grow.

Plus the vertical planter can serve as a fence for your garden to keep nosy people out. You can build the vertical planter yourself and you can make it as long and as wide as you want, another alternative is to use a pallet and just stack them vertically. You will need a stainless steel and nails for holding the pots.

4. Perennial Plants

Another great idea for your backyard garden is to make use of plants that will continue to grow for years. You just need to plant them once and they continue to grow year after year. Most times they don’t need maintenance. For people with limited backyard space, instead of going for trees that will take up all the space, you can just fill your garden with these plants and you are good to go.

5. Colorful Plants

Colorful plants make your garden look very attractive and refreshing. All the burst of colors gives the garden a summer and relaxing atmosphere. So having colorful flowers is a really great idea for your garden. Just make sure that the flowers you are choosing for your garden are low-maintenance ones, preferably the one that can adapt well in your climate.

6. Adaptive Plants

For people that don’t have so much time to spend on maintaining their garden, it is best you go for plants and grass that can survive in your climate without maintenance. You can research about the plants that survive best in your area and then choose among these plants. Fill your garden with plants like this and you don’t have to spend so much time maintaining your garden.

7. Stones


Stones are a great design for a low-maintenance garden. You can fill your garden with crushed stones, dimension stones or blue stones of different colors. They add a splash of color to the garden and you don’t have to worry about weeding every time. You can fill your beds with crushed stones and place potted plants or flowers on them. You can use blue stones; they have dense compositions and their different colors to pick from.

These stones by LF Inc are a great addition to the garden. You get 50 lbs worth of stones at a great price!

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8. Mulch

Instead of planting grass around your beds or in the garden, you can add beds of mulch. They prevent weed and fertilize your plants where they decompose. Plus the fact that they are less expensive; this may be a good idea if you don’t like the idea of going for the artificial grass turf. It is low maintenance because there is no need to mow or water the beds plus they give a pleasant fragrance to your garden.

9. Foliage

Another great idea for your garden is to use foliage instead of flowers. Ferns, Moss and Petal-less flowers, give your garden that awesome extra green serene that is calming and refreshing. Plus they are low maintenance and their leaves last longer than flowers. You can take it a step higher and make your garden full of foliage plants.

10. Native Plants

Another great way to have a low-maintenance garden is to grow plants that are native to your climate. Doing this will save cost on pruning and watering, and is a perfect way to plant a garden for people that don’t have much time to maintain a garden.

Final Thoughts

Keeping a garden is not as expensive and time-consuming as you thought. These ideas are low maintenance meaning you don’t work so hard to maintain your garden. It doesn’t really matter that your backyard space is small; you can still have a great garden in your backyard. You can try some of these ideas for your garden if you are thinking about a garden to relax in your backyard.

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