10 Best Backyard Accessories & Items for Family Fun!

When preparing your backyard you need the right gear. A backyard needs a few “cool” items to become a fun place. Adding a unique fire place or a pool fountain might just create a better atmosphere. Our items were chosen for backyard owners that want to make their backyard fun, cool, awesome, and just overall amazing. It doesn’t matter your age, if you have kids or not, there is an item perfect for you!

Here at The Backyard Pros we like to prevent a boring and empty backyard area, this “Best Backyard Accessories” list can help you with some yard decisions. How about we get to the list so you can see the accessories and items for yourself!

Best Backyard Accessories and Items

1. Orbit 10198 Outdoor Misting Sidewinder Orbit 10198 Outdoor Misting Sidewinder 1/4-Inch Flexible Mist Stand (Colors my vary)

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Need something to beat the summer heat? The Orbit 10198 Outdoor Misting Sidewinder is an excellent way to cool things down in the backyard. The mister easily hooks up to any standard garden hose and one brass and stainless-steel misting nozzle. The price is very affordable for giving your kids a new way to cool off while playing.

The extension can stand on its own, with the flexibility of a garden hose allowing you to spray mist how and where you want. The Orbit mister is super lightweight, weighing under one pound and completely extended reaches 30 inches long. Adjusting the nozzle sees the range on the spray adjust between about 3 feet and 6 feet long.

The Orbit 110198 Outdoor Misting Sidewinder is perfect for other uses besides entertaining the children. It is great for cooling down your patio, giving the dogs relief from the Sun’s overbearing heat, or gently watering a small section of plants. This hose extension is a quick and efficient way to use your garden hose without using too much water.

2. Backyard Expressions Cooler Rustic Outdoor Beverage Cooler for Patio - 45 Qt. - Rustic Brown

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The Backyard Expressions Cooler is your number one choice for a reliable cooler in the backyard. Available in either brown or rustic, this cooler is both stylish and affordable enough to sit in on your get-togethers and gatherings. The inside is lined with metal and can hold 55 quarts (or over 13 gallons), making the value of the purchase top of the line.

The exterior features a mountain scene on the front of the hand-made board construction that will add a unique sense of charm to your outdoor entertaining whether it be around a fire, a pool, or on the patio.

This cooler clocks in at approximately 31 inches tall and just under 28 inches wide and weighs 35 pounds. An attached bottle opener is included for your convenience and a drain with a threaded cap on the bottom of the cooler allowing you to drain remaining water before cleaning.

If filled with ice and kept away from warm liquids and direct sunlight, the Backyard Expressions Cooler should keep your beverages nice and cold for up to two days. If you need a bunch of beverages and cold snacks to stay cool, give Backyard Expressions a shot.

3. Hammock Sky Brazilian Double Hammock Hammock Sky Brazilian Double Hammock Two Person Bed with 2 Tree Straps for Backyard, Porch, Outdoor and Indoor Use - Soft Woven Cotton Fabric (Natural)

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Are you looking for a relaxing way to get closer to a special someone? Look no further than the Hammock Sky Brazilian Double Hammock. This item comes in three available colors and is woven together with a long-lasting soft fabric. The hammock is made in the style called cocoon of weightlessness.

This style has been handed down for generations by native artisans in Northeastern Brazil and gives the user a euphoric feeling of laying on a soft sponge while providing a safe relaxing experience for both children and pets.

Hammock Sky is confident in the value for the price, saying, “We’ve been selling Hammocks for over a decade. Based on years of accumulated customer feedback, we can confidently say this one has the best quality to price ratio.

Don’t be fooled by cheaper versions which are often undersized and can fall apart with poor stitching and lower quality end-loops. In fact, we offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY. If you aren’t happy, for any reason, at any time in the future, we’ll give you your money back.” The length of the overall hammock reaches 144 inches and the resting area is 98 inches long by 59 inches wide and can also be used inside if you so desire.

4. Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit - Smokeless Large 19.5 Inch Stainless Steel Outdoor Firepit | Portable Backyard Natural Wood Burning Firebowl | No Gas or Propane Required

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The Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit is a reigning Kickstarter success story. Back in its crowdfunding days, it sold over $1.1 million. Measuring at 14 inches tall and 19.5 inches in diameter and weighing only 20 pounds, it is constructed in all stainless steel and has a double wall design that maximizes the airflow and burning processes.

The vent holes near the bottom of the log burning unit work to pull in more air, in turn bringing a stronger flame to the pit while simultaneously channeling warm oxygen up between the walls of the stove and back into the fire. This process of fully feeding the flames leads to less smoke being emitted into the air, and not nearly as many leftover logs because they will be fully used.

The base plate allows a continuous supply of air to reach the fire while allowing the spent ash to fall into the ash pan. This ensures that no wood goes un-burned. Since more oxygen can reach the fuel source, firewood is burned more efficiently than traditional fire pits.

Not only is the Solo Stove efficient with its fuel, but efficient on your body as well. There is no extra assembly required. Just set up the pit under a starry sky with good friends and enjoy your company. For traveling purposes, a black nylon drawstring bag is included which along with the small size makes the Solo Stove a great choice for both your home and for taking to other people’s houses.

5. Ultimate Ears Megablast (Amazon Alexa) Ultimate Ears MEGABLAST Portable Waterproof Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Speaker with Hands-Free Voice Control - Graphite

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The Ultimate Ears Megablast is a fully waterproof speaker that is perfect for your pool party. The speaker pounds out a full 360° clear sound with heart-pounding bass. The speaker fully supports Amazon Alexa controls, and now has Spotify support as well, so feel free to show off that amazing playlist you have been making to your friends.

The longevity of the speaker is one of the biggest selling points on it. The battery can last up to 12 hours of continuous use and can be fully immersed underwater for up to a minute and a half in case of accidents around the pool. Ultimate Ears also brags about the durability of the speaker, claiming it to be “virtually indestructible.”

The Megablast is compatible with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. If at home, connect it to your router and save your phone battery, but while on the go have the freedom to listen to your favorite content. With the Ultimate Ears app, you can also update the speaker with no features that release over time, constantly getting more out of your purchase. The price tag for this speaker is very understandable for the quality you are receiving.

6. Amish Wagon Decorative Garden Backyard Planter Amish Wagon Decorative Indoor/Outdoor Garden Backyard Planter, Red

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While the other items on this list are largely items with a certain utility to them, the Amish Wagon Backyard Planter is purely for decorative purposes. The lowest priced item on the list, the Amish Wagon Backyard Planter is a great way for you to showcase your flowers, plants or seasonal decorations all year round. While there is assembly required for the item, the wagon allows for you to customize to your heart’s content.

The available colors are red, green, and blue and you decide what to display on it. Even if you are not satisfied with your purchase, Collections Etc has a 60-day easy return policy. Not including the handle, the wagon reaches 21.75 inches, plenty of room to include multiple plants and other creative decorations.

Crafted from wood and iron, this planter provides sturdy construction and durable quality suitable for either indoor or outdoor use. For the summer months, keep it outside with beautiful, bright flowers that bring about the hottest time of the year feelings. During the fall, display pumpkins and leaves for Halloween.

Bring the wagon inside for the winter months and fill it with wreaths and other holiday items for Christmas time. The possibilities are only constrained by your imagination.

7. Wsky 2019 Newest LCD LED 2800 Lumens Portable Home Theater Video Projector  

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The Wsky 2800 Lumens Portable Home Theater Video Projector is the newest projector from Wsky. The new appearance is more fashionable and simpler than the older models. Other benefits over older models include an improved contrast rate of 2000:1 and enhanced LED technology making the projector 90% clearer and brighter.

The projector outputs at 1080P HD and supports ±15°vertical keystone adjustment. This allows the projector to output images between 30 and 176 inches allowing the projector to be a must-have for either your theater room or to make a drive-in theater in your backyard. The projector’s dual fan design includes noise suppression technology and is also equipped with its own cooling system, progressing the life of the system.

The Wsky 2800 can connect to many other devices. Anything that has HDMI, VGA, Audio ports, or a USB slot will be able to be projected. This includes Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or a docked Nintendo Switch. Take advantage of this powerful projector and host the ultimate gaming night.

Projector Screen with Stand Projector Screen and Stand,JWSIT 100 inch Outdoor Movie Screen-Upgraded 3 Layers PVC 16:9 Outdoor Projector Screen,Portable Video Projection Screen with Carrying Bag for Home Theater Backyard

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Of course, with owning a projector, you will need a screen to have the images on. This projector screen from JWST comes with a stand and allows projections up to 100-135 inches long. With easy setup and convenient carrying, be sure to grab the full value on both the Wsky Projector and the JWST Screen.

8. Yard Games Giant 4 Connect in a Row Giant 4 Connect in a Row with Carrying Case and Stained and Finished Legs and Frame

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Connect 4 is a classic game that generations of kids have played. Bring that fun to your backyard with the Yard Games Giant 4 Connect in a Row. The durable wooden board made with premium wood and finished with natural stain measures out at 31 inches by 23 inches. The size of the board makes this a giant game of Connect 4, but it can easily be transported and works just as well indoors as it does outside in your backyard.

Play a few fun games with your children while soaking in the sun, or during a lazy rainy day. Of course, to play Connect 4, you will need the checkers to insert into the slots. Yard Games has you covered with providing 21 red and 21 blue checkers that fit perfectly into the board.

The included heavy-duty nylon carrying case zips up and has easy to use handles and pockets to fit all of your game pieces inside. Given the size of the classic game’s board, the Yard Games Giant 4 Connect in a Row is a great value.

9. Merax Outdoor Garden Patio Furniture Set 

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The Merax Outdoor Patio Furniture Set is made from a rattan wicker and is a perfect lounging set for your patio. For the whole four-piece set, this is an insane value. For your purchase, you receive a double sofa, two armchairs, and a table with a tempered glass top and three cushions for the seats. All pieces of the set are weather and wear resistant.

The steel frame wrapped in the wicker is capable of staying outdoors all year long. The cream white soft foam polyester cushions also allow for easy cleaning and maintenance whenever needed. All four pieces were made with consumer-friendly assembly in mind, so there should be no issues setting up.

Crafted for compact spaces or dedicated outdoor nooks while keeping modern design and comfort in mind, give your space a stunning upgrade and refined appearance. Altogether, the furniture weighs 330 pounds. No wind is going to send your set flying across the yard. If you are looking for a furniture set to complete your backyard lounge, look no further than the Merax Outdoor Garden Patio Furniture Set.

10. Grecian Triple Tier Floating Swimming Pool Fountain Easy to Attach Grecian Triple Tier Floating Swimming Pool Fountain Add Spark to Your Pool

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The Grecian Triple Tier Floating Swimming Pool Fountain is the perfect way to add spark to your swimming pool. Easily attach the fountain to your pool’s return line in minutes using a pair of pliers and differentiate your pool from the neighbors instantly.

Worried if your pool will support the fountain? Have no fear because the Grecian Triple Tier Floating Swimming Pool Fountain can be used in above-ground and in-ground swimming pools. The fountain shoots up water to a spray height that is adjustable from 7 to 16 feet.

Purchasing the set earns you a fountainhead, fountain base, flexible plumbing kit, and anchor leaving you the main tools to get you started. The fountain is affordable and easy to attach. It creates a unique focal point for your pool and home that will have guests focused on it and talking about just how unique of an experience it will make your get-togethers.

There is no requirement for batteries or electricity. Just attach it to the pool’s existing pump in less than 5 minutes and add the magnificence of cascading water to your pool.


If you enjoyed our Best Backyard Accessories list let us know in the comments! Feel free to tell us about an item we could add to the list. I hope I can help people to build a better and unique backyard that everyone loves. Thanks for reading here at The Backyard Pros and don’t forget to subscribe (for free) to our website.