9 Most Expensive Outdoor Furniture Sets in 2024

When looking for modern luxury furniture it’s hard to find it all in one place. I decided to put together this ultimate list of the most expensive outdoor furniture. Expensive furniture for your outdoor home means a number of things, the quality must be high and it must be super comfortable. If the product does not meet both of these factors it isn’t worthy of this list. Let’s get into some more considerations.

What to consider when buying expensive outdoor furniture?

Quality and Durability

If you are about to spend thousands of dollars on outdoor furniture you need to make sure it is going to last sometime. Durable materials are very important, you wouldn’t spend two thousand dollars on cheap plastic chairs, right? No, I certainly hope not. Keep an eye on durable materials like aluminum, wrought iron, wood, and certain resin wickers.

When you see a wicker chair for a low price it’s probably not long-lasting, when buying a wicker I think going with a known brand or a reputable company is a good idea. This is why I made sure to choose quality wicker products only for this list.


The size of your outdoor furniture is more important than you probably realize. If too big it eliminates valuable space in your yard, but if too small, the furniture is almost pointless to have. Picking the right size to fit properly creates better design and usability, overall creating a better atmosphere. You can almost call it a science?


The reason you purchase high-priced items is that you expect value. Value relating to products is when you have an interest in making a purchase based on a few things. First, you probably look for quality and make sure this item is worth it. After deciding if the quality reaches your standards you check the price tag, if the quality is high you might see a higher price and vice versa.

You are looking for the best value, the best bang for your buck as some might say. The idea is to find the best value for the best price in your budget. After that, you will have found the perfect product you were looking for. With a few planning phases, you can be ready to find the perfect piece of outdoor furniture in no time at all.

The outdoors is so important to our sense of well-being. While our homes shelter us from the elements and all of our wonderful modern possessions, we are always looking for reasons to go outside. Having that beautiful space to kick back on some outdoor furniture is exactly what you need.

I am very excited to help make your outdoor space more hospitable, instead of kicking it inside watching the television I think its time for everyone to get outside!

This list includes top-of-the-line outdoor furniture sets that you can easily order straight to your door. Let’s get started!

9 Most Expensive Outdoor Furniture Sets

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Another expensive, yet impressive outdoor furniture set is the Modway Marina Premium Teak Wood Outdoor Furniture Set. It comes fully equipped with 4 armless chairs, 1 left armchair, 1 right armchair, 2 ottomans, and 2 additional armchairs. This modern patio set is crafted with Grade-A premium teak with textured wood grain, lasting natural resin, and an all-weather stain. The immense detail in this design is not to be questioned either, with vivid panel detail, gentle curves, and a natural organic appeal. Each piece carries the ability to withstand extreme weather conditions, and an ergonomic design that is built to provide exceptional support, and comfortability.

The Modway Marina Premium Grade-A Teak Wood Outdoor Patio Furniture Set provides us with the ultimate lounging experience, that beautifully blends style with comfort. One downside to this furniture set is the fact that it does not come with a coffee table or side table, and instead, you will have the additional ottoman. With the ability to create any formation imaginable, the Modway Marina Patio Set is one of the best outdoor furniture sets available and the perfect option for anyone looking to liven up their outdoor living space.

2. Coral Bay Outdoor Grey Aluminum 5 Piece V-Shape Sectional Sofa Set with Fire Table (Luxury Budget Option)


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The Coral Bay Outdoor Gret Aluminum 5-Piece V-Shape Sectional Sofa Set with Fire Table is one of the best outdoor furniture sets on the market hands down. This stunning display includes 1 right arm 2 seat sofa seat, 1 corner sofa seat, 1 left arm 2 seat sofa seat, 1 fire table, and 1 tank holder. Each cushion is made with water-resistant fabric, and the frame is supported by steel and aluminum materials. Not only is this one of the more modern designs on the market, but it is also exceptionally durable due to the quality of materials being used.

While you may get fewer pieces with this model, you will get a powerful gas fire table with the tank holder on the side, so you can enjoy your time outdoors all summer long. This is a stylish solution for someone who wants a premium outdoor sectional, but would also like the warmth provided by the fire table. Having such a modern-looking set at a great price, people will think you spent thousands on this outdoor furniture set.

3. MONTAUK COLLECTION by Arhaus (Best Overall Pick)

expensive sectional

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The Montauk Collection Includes:

The Montauk Outdoor Collection is one of the most stylish furniture sets on the market, with a stunning 9-piece wicker design that is built to last. The Montauk Collection is made with handwoven all-weather resin wicker that is specially formulated and hand-finished by artisans to illustrate genuine rattan. Plus, this amazing collection is finished with all-weather wicker that showcases an all-natural appearance, as well as dry-brushing that creates more organic textures and adds depth to the exterior. The cushioning is made with dense foam padding that allows for high elasticity, providing the ultimate combination of flexibility, and comfort. The cushions help to provide ideal support, while the all-weather resin fibres within the fabric are engineered to be highly resistant towards mildew, fading, staffing, staining, tearing and cracking.

The Montauk Collection is also supported by a rustproof aluminum frame, and all Montauk sofas, swivel chairs, and sectional pieces (except for corners and ottoman pieces) include lumbar pillows for additional comfort and support. This exceptional design also features both Sumbrella Outdoor Performance Fabrics, and Inside Out Outdoor Performance Fabrics. The Sumbrella Outdoor Performance Fabrics are woven from 100% solution-dyed materials that are stain-resistant, fade-resistant, and colorfast, providing up to 98% UV protection. While the Inside Out Outdoor Performance Fabrics are made from durable polyester and polypropylene fibers, which are pill-resistant, bleach-cleanable, fade-resistant, anti-milder, and eco-friendly. All in all, the Montauk Outdoor Collection is one of the best outdoor furniture sets available, providing market-leading comfort, durability, convenience, and performance.

4. La-Z-Boy Outdoor Outdoor Furniture Set

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This La-Z-Boy Outdoor Outdoor Furniture Set a really nice set that captures the feeling of indoor furniture for the outside. Which is really the aim isn’t it? Having the comfort of inside-outside. Well, this set does that fantastically.

The set includes two swivel rocking chairs, a sofa, two ottomans and a glass top table. The chairs, sofa, and ottoman all come with plum washable pillows that further remind me of indoor furniture. The frames are made from rust-resistant aluminum and is covered by all-weather textured resin wicker patio panels expertly woven by hand. The table is also made from wicker and has a rust-resistant frame, but also sports a scratch-resistant tempered clear glass top. The ottomans also include inner storage and have a flip-top.

5. Genuine Ohana 18 Piece Outdoor Furniture Set

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The Genuine Ohana Outdoor Sectional Sofa and Dining Wicker Patio Furniture Set is the ultimate solution for anyone in search of the most premium outdoor furniture. The set includes 1 sofa set with 2 corner chairs, and 4 armless chairs, as well as 2 chaise lounges, 1 coffee table, and a dining set with 8 chairs. This gorgeous design is made with tremendously deep, and comfortable seating, as well as cushions that are water, UV, and fade resistant. This sectional design is made with a high-quality all-weather PE resin wicker material surrounding a durable, and rust-free powder-coated aluminum frame for additional support.

This spectacular set also comes with a stylish outdoor table that is topped with tempered glass and is beautifully complemented with the matching wicker dining chairs (with arms). The wicker chaise lounge chair also comes with 4 adjustable settings for comfort, and a unique sloped cushion design that is engineered to provide additional support, and premium comfort. Also, included with the Genuine Ohana Outdoor Sectional 18-Piece Set are long-lasting protective covers, and clips to keep your furniture safe, and secure. The Genuine Ohana Outdoor Sectional Sofa and Dining Wicker Patio Furniture 18-Piece Set is the #1 option for anyone in search of the best (and most expensive) outdoor furniture set available.

However, if 18 pieces is too much to handle, Ohana also carries a very similar 9 piece set.


outdoor expensive furniture sets

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Collection Includes:

The Canyon Outdoor Collection is one of the best furniture sets on the market, which unfortunately also comes with a fairly large price tag. However, this beautiful furniture set illustrates one of the most stylish, and modern designs on the market, exuding natural beauty, and durability. Each piece is crafted from sustainably harvested teak wood, which contains natural oils that repel insects, prevent drying, and resists moisture, fungal decay, rotting, and warping due to humidity. The hand-crafted finish is applied by artisans and dense foam padding that enables immense elasticity.

The Canyon is another design on this list that features both the Sumbrella Outdoor Performance Fabrics, as well as the Inside Out Outdoor Performance Fabrics. The Sumbrella Outdoor Performance Fabrics are handwoven from 100% solution-dyed materials that are tremendously easy to clean and care for, plus they are resistant to stains, fading, and provide up to 98% UV protection. While the Inside Out Outdoor Performance Fabrics are made with durable polyester and polypropylene fibers that are pill-resistant, bleach-cleanable, fade-resistant, anti-milder, and eco-friendly. The Canyon Outdoor Collection is one of the best furniture sets on the market with its stunning aesthetic, and long-lasting durability features.

7. TK Classics 17 Piece Barbados Outdoor Wicker Patio Furniture Set

TK Classics 17 Piece Barbados Outdoor Wicker Patio Furniture Set, Cilantro 17b

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Like most people, I love a good party. Whatever it is there’s something great about spending time with a large group of people, but such gatherings have certain requirements. Good music, good food, and lots of alcohol may be the first things that immediately come to mind, but somewhere comfortable to place oneself are just as important, and that’s what makes a set like this one so valuable.

With a total of ten chairs, two being club chairs, and the rest being part of a sectional composed of armless and corner chairs, nobody will struggle to find somewhere to sit, and with this set not only are there plenty of places to seat oneself, but all those places are extremely comfortable. The chairs are deep with thick, fade-resistant, and easily cleaned cushions, perfect for lounging in.

The TK Classics Set includes three side tables that can be placed between the chairs so guests have somewhere easily within arms reach to place their glass of wine or bottle of beer. Let’s not forget that a powder-coated cast aluminum fire pit is included.

8. Hanover Strathmere 6-Piece Lounge Set

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The Hanover Strathmere 6-Piece Lounge Set is a gorgeous furniture arrangement, with deep seats, and high-grade materials. This set includes a 3-person sofa, 2 armchairs, 2 ottomans, 4 accent pillows, and 1 coffee table. Each piece of furniture is made with all-weather synthetic wicker that is hand-woven onto rust-resistant frames. Plus, the coffee table features a tempered glass top for a more modern aesthetic, as well as shelf below for additional storage. The thick foam cushions are wrapped in a premium olefin fabric that dries quickly and is stain, water, and UV resistant. Due to the thickness of these cushions, they are able to maintain their shape over time and come available in multiple different color options depending on your style/current arrangement. All in all, the Hanover Strathmere 6-Piece Lounge Set is one of the most expensive furniture sets on the market, and for good reason. This is the perfect solution for anyone in need of a vibrant sectional that can maintain the same level of comfort for decades.


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The Montego Seating Collection is a gorgeous 20-piece set that exudes exceptional craftsmanship, with a more traditional aesthetic. The sturdy frames are made from all-weather tubing, and cast aluminum which features precision welds, and reinforced areas with high-stress points. Also, the aluminum frames features a hand-applied, powder-coated finish that helps to create a barrier that protects against water, and rust (10x more durable than paint).

All of the cushions are mold and mildew resistant and provides exceptional comfort and support due to the fiber’s high elasticity. The Montego Seating Collection also features similar SunBrella and Inside Out Outdoor Performance Fabrics (acrylic and poly-blend) that are hand-woven from 100% solution-dyed materials. These materials are so vital because they are amazingly easy to clean, plus they are stain-resistant, fade-resistant, and supply up to 98% UV protection. The Montego Seating Collection comes with 20 premium furniture pieces, so you don’t have to look far to see why it made our list of the most expensive outdoor furniture sets available.

Final Thoughts

After having look at all these different sets I can’t help but feel there’s a set for any situation. Whether a person is just looking for something to help them spend a little time outside or if they’re looking for something to complement a very active social life, or something in between those extremes there’s a set, and very stylish sets at that, ranging from understated and natural to more fantastic eye-catching designs.

We include highly functional options at that, whether that’s because of the materials used or the features included. Truly any of these sets are a good home investment. It’s just a matter of picking the right one. I hope this list has provided you with some great ideas, the most expensive outdoor furniture sets come with the quality most are seeking.

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