10 Best Motorized Retractable Patio Awnings in 2024

Patio awnings can provide you a nice calm, cool, and relaxing environment for you to enjoy your outdoor living space. Having an awning provides you with shade and keeps you dry from the rain, it’s just a great option to have honestly. There are different types of retractable awnings, manual vs motorized awnings, but in this article, we go over the 10 best motorized retractable awnings.

The difference is not complicated, manual means you have to open and retract it back yourself, usually, there is a hand crank of some sort. Motorized awnings sometimes have a manual option too, but they will have a remote for easy retraction.

There are a number of things to consider when purchasing a motorized patio awning, some of which we have outlined below.

What to Consider When Buying a Motorized Patio Awning?

The Size

The dimensions of the awning are going to be the most vital considerations when making a purchase. All of the awnings mentioned below are going to come with different dimensions, and so it’s essential that you take the time to do measurements and find the proper size awning. While all of these brands are reputable, and well-respected within the community, the absolute last thing that you’re going to want to deal with right now is an exchange, return, or refund. So, try and get the size right the first time if you can.

Ease of Use

Ease of use is another very important aspect to consider when buying a motorized patio awning because if it’s not easy to use, then you may as well just opt for a (less expensive) manual awning. Motorized awnings are built with convenience in mind, and are specifically designed to remove the need for any manual labour. With many models carrying the ability to operate the functions via smartphones, as well as wind/rain detectors, having an easy-to-use motorized awning is essential in 2021.


Another worthy consideration should be how weatherproof the item is. Since this is likely going to be something that is bolted, or latched onto the side of your home, you’re going to have to make sure that it can withstand the elements. You should look for models that can hold up against rain and wind, and that is UV resistant to help protect you from the sun. All in all, consider your environment and try to match your awning accordingly.

10 Best Motorized Retractable Patio Awnings

1. ALEKO Half Cassette Motorized Retractable LED Luxury Patio Awning

ALEKO Automatic Retractable Patio Awning with Motorized Crank - LED Lights, Beige, 16x10 feet

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The ALEKO Half Cassette Motorized Retractable LED Luxury Patio Awning represents the best value on the market when it comes down to the best motorized retractable patio awnings. This exceptional design comes with a remote-operated motor which helps to open and close the awning quickly, and easily (within 1 minute). The remote is small and easy to operate with 1-click control to either expand, retract, or stop the awning, helping to provide up to 76 square feet of coverage.

Plus, even if you’re without electricity this design comes with a hand crank for manual retraction for opening/closing the awning. The motor encases LED lights which allow for the perfect level of illumination in the evenings and serves as a beautiful decoration piece. Each LED light is built for prolonged usage, and market-leading performance, and comes with a remote control allowing for up to 3 different light settings. ALEKO has masterfully illustrated the ability to combine style, convenience, and performance with their Half Cassette Motorized Retractable LED Luxury Patio Awning.

2. ADVANING Electric Classic C Series

ADVANING 16'X10' Motorized Patio Retractable Awning | Classic Series | Premium Quality, 100% Acrylic UV Sun Shade Awning, Color: Natural Beige Stripes, EA1610-A332H

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The ADVANING Electric Classic C Series is another superb choice for anyone in need of an attractive design, with easy-to-operate features. This semi-cassette patio awning comes in 5 different sizes, and 5 different colours, illustrating the first stripe design on our list (comes with a solid colour as well). The fabric is made with a premium-grade 100% acrylic fabric that helps to provide UV80+ sun protection. The fabric used for the ADVANING Electric Classic C Series is also fade-resistant, and tremendously breathable.

This awning also features an easy pitching system with a 3-loop design that includes 2 easy pitch loops, and 1 crank loop to manually adjust the awning to block out the sun at different times of the day. Plus, this exceptional product also comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty, as well as world-class customer tech support. The ADVANING Electric Classic C Series is undoubtedly one of the best motorized patio awnings on the market, and ideal for those looking for a convenient solution, with world-class features.

3. Outsunny 12′ x 10′ Outdoor Patio Motorized/Manual Retractable Awning

Outsunny 12' x 10' Electric Awning, Retractable Awning, UV Protection Sun Shade Shelter with Remote Controller and Manual Crank Handle for Deck, Balcony, Yard, Cream

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The Outsunny Outdoor Patio Motorized/Manual Retractable Awning illustrates a wonderfully durable design that provides up to 5 feet of shade. It is 12’ x 10’ and comes with a remote control to open and close the awning with ease. And even if you’re without electricity, this design also comes with a manual hand crank. This awning is constructed of aluminum and steel frame with a 280g/m2 polyester with PU coating, and a long-lasting material that’s resistant to fading. It can easily attach to a reinforced plain cement wall or stable unrendered brickwork with matching screws (2 wall brackets are included for stability).

The Outsunny Outdoor Patio Motorized/Manual Retractable Awning also comes fully equipped with adjustable angles, providing the ultimate protection against the deadly UV rays. All in all, Outsunny has exemplified its ability to deliver premium products, for an affordable price.

4. ALEKO Retractable Motorized Patio Awning

ALEKO Motorized Patio Awning | Automatic Remote Controlled | White Frame | Retractable Crank Home Deck Canopy | Upgraded 2024 | 13x10 | Ivory

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Another tremendous option if you’re in the market for a motorized retractable patio awning is the standard ALEKO Retractable Motorized Patio Awning, illustrating an extremely versatile design that’s easy to adjust, and long-lasting. This premium awning comes available in more than 10 different sizes, and over 15 different colour patterns, showcasing one of the more customizable items on the market.

It also comes with an easy-to-use motorized retractable function that can open (or close) in less than a minute. Plus, if you run out of power, there is an emergency manual hand crank you can use to operate the awning by hand. ALEKO specializes in delivering premium materials, and this awning is no different with its extremely lightweight, sturdy, rust-free, water-resistant, and UV-treated build. All in all, the ALEKO Retractable Motorized Patio Awning is the ideal choice for those who enjoy the convenience of having multiple colour/size options, as well as a long-lasting design.

5. Awntech Destin with Hood Left Motor with Remote Retractable Awning

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The Awntech Destin with Remote Retractable Awning is another exceptionally versatile product with more than 30 different colour patterns and adjustable angles. This design comes ready to go with a remote control, wall brackets, and a cranking wand for manual usage if you’re without power. Its fabric is also tremendously durable with 100% solution-dyed acrylic outdoor fabric that is fade, water, soil, and mildew resistant.

This popular model also carries world-class reviews and comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty on the frame and fabric (a 1-year warranty on lateral arms and motor). The Awntech Destin with Hood Left Motor with Remote Retractable Awning is the perfect solution for people who want the most colour choices, but still enjoy all of the motorized features listed in other models.

6. ADVANING 10’x8′ Motorized Patio Retractable Awning | Luxury Series

ADVANING 10'x8' Motorized Patio Retractable Awning | Luxury Series | Premium Quality, 100% Solution-Dyed European Acrylic UV Sun Shade, Color: Garden Green Stripes, EA1008-A808H2

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ADVANING slides into our 6th spot with their 10’x8’ Motorized Patio Retractable Awning (Luxury Series) and comes with spectacular features, and more than 6 sizes, and 7 colour patterns. The premium fabric is also made with durable 100% solution-dyed acrylic canvases that feature world-class UV protection and an extremely breathable weave design.

This breathable material releases trapped heat for a more cool and comfortable experience (an advantage over lesser quality Polyester or Vinyl materials). The ADVANING Motorized Patio Retractable Awning (Luxury Series) is also very easy to operate with the ability to operate the awning via remote control. All in all, the ADVANING 10’x8’ Motorized Patio Retractable Awning (Luxury Series) is a spectacular choice for anyone looking to add some more character to their outdoor living space.

7. Diensweek Patio Awning Retractable Electric Motorized Commercial Grade

Diensweek Patio Awning Retractable, Fully Assembled Motorized Electric Commercial Grade - Quality 100% Dope-Dyed Acrylic Window Door Sunshade Shelter - Deck Canopy Balcony (12'x10', Beige)

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The Diensweek Patio Awning Retractable Electric Motorized Commercial Grade is the ultimate solution for anyone in need of a durable awning that is easy to use, and long-lasting. This stylish awning is made with 280g/m2 Polyester + PU coating fabric that is waterproof, fade-resistant, has 80UV+ solar protection, and extremely wind-resistant as well (Beauport scale 4).

The frame is tremendously sturdy also with a corrosion-resistant T5 grade aluminum frame, and arms, as well as a multitude of amazing customer reviews. This exceptional design is also backed with a 2-year warranty and is specifically built for either residential or commercial use, beautifully illustrating its diverse profile. The Diensweek Patio Awning is perfect for those that want a trusted product, from a trusted brand, as well as full protection from harsh weather conditions.

8. ROLLINGSHIELD Rolling Shade Patio Awning Motorized Retractable Sun Shade Awning

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Stealing the show with our 8th best motorized retractable patio awning is the ROLLINGSHIELD Rolling Shade Patio Awning that is large, durable, and built for protection. It’s ideal for shading terraces, backyards, balconies, courtyards, patios, cafes, and restaurants, and comes available in 12 different colour patterns. The Rolling Shade retractable awning is also rust-proof and is composed of aluminum and stainless steel for additional support, and longevity.

This exceptional awning is also easy to operate with a convenient crank handle, as well as an easy installation process (comes fully assembled, just needs to fasten the brackets and mount awning). It is one of the larger models on this list as well with a massive 16’ x 10.2’ build, making it ideal for both residential and commercial use. The ROLLINGSHIELF Rolling Shade Patio Awning Motorized Retractable Sun Shade Awning presents tremendous value on the market, and would certainly be the perfect addition to your patio.

9. Sunsetter Motorized Retractable Awning

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The Sunsetter Motorized Retractable Awning is another stylish design that offers exceptional coverage from the sun and has shown to make your deck/patio as much as 20% cooler. One additional advantage for this item is SunSetter’s magnificent 5-year Manufacturer’s warranty, with the option to add on a Weather Limited Warranty. Plus, SunSeter offers a 90-day money-back No Risk Home Trial return policy and is the only brand that has earned the prestigious Good Housekeeping Seal and the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of recommendation for UV Protection.

The awning is roughly 14’ x 10.2’, and the fabric is made of 100% solution-dyed, water-repellent acrylic material, as well as a stylish woven design that blocks out 99% of UV rays. Plus, this amazing deal comes with a Wireless Wind Sensor, and an Awning Cover to keep your item safe, and protected over time. The SunSetter Motorized Retractable Awning is perfect for someone who prioritizes warranty coverage, and purchasing from a reputable brand.

10. MCombo 12×10 Feet Motorized Retractable Awning

MCombo 12x10 Feet Motorized Retractable Awning Patio Door Window Sunshade Shelter Outdoor Canopy 12MT(Grey)

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Rounding out our top 10 we have the MCombo 12×10’ Motorized Retractable Awning that comes loaded with impressive features, and solid structural components. This easy-to-operate solution comes with a DM45R AC tabular motor, as well as a built-in radio receiver, and an 18-foot power cord. To adjust the angle of the awning, you can use the remote that’s supplied for you, or there is also a manual crank if need be. It is also built with an entire corrosion-resistant T5 grade aluminum frame, and a 280 g/m2 Polyester + PU coating fabric that is water, fade, and wind-resistant (Beauport scale 4).

The MCombo Motorized Retractable Awning also has 50UV+ solar protection, as well as up to 4 different colour patterns to choose from (beige, burgundy, dark blue, grey). This awning caps off our list and offers the ideal solution for those who are in need of a quick and simple solution to provide them with optimal sun coverage and convenient features.

Motorized Awnings FAQs

How do Motorized Awnings Work?

Since motorized awnings work strictly off of electricity, the motor is what retracts the canopy (instead of your hand). This can make things much more convenient for people who don’t want to go through the hassle of manually cranking a lever to close the awning.

How much do motorized awnings cost?

Motorized awnings can vary quite heavily in cost, with some of the lower-end awnings being as low as $175 (CAD), and a lot of the high-end awnings ranging anywhere from $2500 to $10,000 (CAD). But for a high-quality awning, you can easily find something sturdy, and durable for under $2500 (CAD).

What’s the difference between a motorized awning and a manual awning?

To put it simply, a manual awning is defined as one that requires a crank to operate, whereas a motorized awning runs on electricity. Some of the motorized awnings also come with wind sensors and can retract themselves if the wind surpasses a certain point (as well as rain). Plus, some can also be operated entirely by your smartphone, so (in general) many would say that the motorized awnings are much more convenient than manual awnings (but may also be more expensive).

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, investing in a high-quality motorized retractable awning is a great idea for your patio or outdoor space.  They can help to provide some much-needed protection from the pesky UV rays, as well as some necessary shade to cool off in the warmer months. While manual awnings are typically more affordable, they are not nearly as easy to operate and do not offer the same level of features like a motorized awning. But hey that’s up to you!

Plus, most motorized awnings come with a manual handle anyways, so you can always just use the handle if you prefer.

The good news is that the options are endless when it comes to high-quality motorized retractable patio awnings, so you should have no problem finding the perfect solution for your patio/outdoor living space.

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