10 Best Outdoor Hanging Chairs With a Stand in 2024

It is time to look for the best outdoor hanging chair with stand for 2020! What hanging chair is for you?

You might think you need a lot of yard or patio space to own a hanging chair with a stand, however, that’s not necessarily true. I own a beautiful hanging chair and it sits on my 12 ft x 10 ft back patio. Which is a relatively small space considering some people own acres of land. A lot of people do live in the city and only have limited space so keep in mind the dimensions plus the amount the chair can swing.

I thought it would be a pretty good idea to find the best outdoor hanging chair with stand, so I made a list of the top 10 best hanging chairs for your backyard! I hope you find the right pick for your home, if you already own one let us know in the comment section at the end of the article and we might be able to add it to the list!

Our article is different than others simply because every one of our hanging chairs come with the chair stand. This means no drilling wooden beams or concrete slabs. Your chair will be an all in one package, buy it, set it up, and have the ability to move it anywhere you please. The mobile option was a deal-breaker for me, it just made the chair less intimidating as to setting it up and not being able to choose where it can go.

If you are not looking for the stand you can still consider these options. The stand can be placed in storage and then you still have the option to hang it by a proper beam. Enjoy our best outdoor hanging chair with a stand list!

Top 10 Best Outdoor Hanging Chairs With a Stand Included

1. Best Choice Products Outdoor Hanging Chair (Best Bang for your Buck) Best Choice Products Outdoor Hanging Curved Steel Chaise Lounge Chair Swing w/Built-in Pillow and Removable Canopy, Teal

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You are just a click away from relaxation with the Best Choice Products Outdoor Hanging Chair. This hanging chair is a wonderful blend of the luxury of a laid-back and a hammock. It also gives a complete-body hold that a chair lounge offers. It’s got an adjustable canopy that aids in providing shade for complete convenience. You get true comfort whether you’re in the yard, by the pool or on the deck.

The relaxing 2-inch foam-stuffed cushion helps you lay your head on some included pillow. It also offers your body great rest. Your hanging chair is as well strong and sturdy – constructed with a durable powder-ridden metal structure. The entire dimensions are 73” (L) X 46” (W) X 78” (H). The weight capacity also runs to about 265lbs and the material is metal and polyester-made. Yet, recall you would need to assemble the parts and the manufacturers have made available the guiding instructions for that.

This hanging chair comes with a perfect design. It’s the new design and contemporary silhouette that gives an exciting décor pitch to your patio, garden, deck or porch. The cushion is as well water-resistant such that when it drizzles or rains your hanging chair is yet protected.

2. Resin Wicker Espresso Hanging Egg Chair with Tufted Khaki Cushion and Stand (Modern Design)


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With this Hanging Egg Chair you can station yourself in comfortable luxury. You can also feel the serenity and beauty of your yard with this Belham Living Resin Wicker Espresso Hanging Egg Chair with Tufted Khaki Cushion and Stand. This metal chair is covered in some amazing resin wicker with some rich espresso finish and characterizes a good-looking, complete design.

You would find comfortable relaxation on this tufted and single polyester cushion. You can decide to nap, read, eat, or just relish some little time in meditation with yourself. It is framed by some tough steel structure. This Hanging Egg Chair will promptly turn a choice sanctuary for all in the family.

As for its dimensions, the general weight of the item is about 60 pounds. The estimate of the dimensions of the stand is about 6 – 7” tall. The rear comes to about 4 X 4 inches. This chair is indeed good. The swings are great and they are quite easy to assemble. It syncs with the existing outdoor resin wicker just like the furniture you have on your porch. It can as well accommodate an adult or two little kids.

3. Modway Outdoor Patio Lounge Swing Chair Set with Stand (Most Unique)Modway Arbor Wicker Rattan Outdoor Patio Porch Lounge Hanging Swing Chair Set with Stand in Red

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This Swing Chair by Modway is one that helps you get into peace and tranquility in your own yard. It also has an attractive wicker patio swing. It also makes room for outdoor space needs with a contemporary hanging chair that’s perfect for rest.

The outdoor swing also features a strong powder-concentrated metal structure. The seat of your patio swing chair is made with comfortable artificial rattan. This makes it to bring forth an elegant and supportive area to relax. It’s also got a modern style that the crafted texture, organic appeal and normal curves afford. Its different orientation brings an eye-catching supplement whether in the home or by the pool.

The lounge spot is as well stylish. You can relish the sun rays and kind weather in this outdoor swing chair. The complete weather cushion puts on a machine-washable cover which is both water-resistant and brings ceaseless comfort.

You would want to appreciate the swing measurements of the stand-alone. This is also complete for the poolside or porch. The contemporary swing arrives equipped with some strong metal stand and hanging chain. The dimensions are about 47”L X 40”W X 76”H. The weight limit comes to about 265 lbs.

4. Island Gale Luxury 2 Person Wicker Swing Chair (Largest 2 person) Island Gale® Luxury 2 Person Wicker Swing Chair ((2 Person) X-Large, Charcoal Rattan/Charcoal Cushion)

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Hanging chair producers, Island Gale, manufactures and sells the chair delivering comfort and quality in the process. The Island Gale Luxury 2 Person Wicker Swing Chair is constructed from some strong powder-concentrate and it is with steel frame. It is as well a commercial-level, hand-made weather PE Rattan Wicker.

The base for the chair appears to be a greater design for the item as well. The item orientations are about 58.9L X 47.2W X 78.7H inches. The weight of the item is exactly 150 pounds, though the weight capacity is 528 pounds, which was discovered in a lab test. Essentially, the material is made of wicker, metal and polyester. It is worthy of note that you do not require to assemble the chair at all. To use it you only need to hang it.

All relating to this chair is virtually perfect! You’ll surely admire the way it looks, the size, the color, the quality, the comfort and the strength. Their customer care seems to extend to replacing damaged ones if your items needed one shortly after purchase.

It seems to be those few hanging chairs that’s got enough room for two adults. Sure, you would love the sight of your kids piling on the chair all the time.

5. Resin Wicker Hanging Egg Swing Chair for Backyard 

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The Resin Wicker Hanging Egg Swing Chair is a beautifully shaped hanging chair, but also a large chair too. The size creates a rich atmosphere and a high quality look. It hangs from a powder-concentrated metal frame. With the good-looking mocha brown completion you can cuddle up in a comfortable pitch cushion. You can choose a common club-like night and gaze into the star-studded skies in the chair. This chair is most like my hanging chair!

This contemporary hanging chair belongs to your home and its tough resin wicker construct is crafted to soldier the elements. The UV restraints in the composition of the resin repel those fades coming from the overt sun exposure. It is also chip resistant for a long-last utility. To care for your chair is not difficult. How do you? You can take to a garden hose spraying down the resin wicker. You may also wipe it down with a wet cloth. That’s it!

In your Swing Egg Chair package, you would find a stand, a cushion, a basket and a hanging hardware. The item dimensions are 35.58L by 48.03W by 76.37H inches. The weight capacity likewise includes 220lbs and the depth of the base is about 27 inches. As it is easily maintainable and you can as well adjust the height of the seat.

6. Boho-chic-style Resin Wicker Hanging Egg Chair 

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Your Boho-chic-style Resin Wicker Hanging Egg Chair offers room for you alone. It is you-centered. Your egg chair also comes with a good cushion and a firm stand. It offers the ultimate means for a minimal escape. It is as well a wonderful excitement to look at and also fun to just curl up in it. This item is special and made of a metal frame covered in resin wicker.

It also hangs firmly from a powder-concentrated metal stand. Your chair is strongly constructed and is made to hold up to 300 pounds. The item is really easy. But the construction of the ridged resin wicker is crafted in driftwood. That brings a graceful style.

Your chair has a feathery, tufted polyester cushion that suits snugly in the chair frame. The cushion also attracts you to retreat in and have a great time. The orientations are about 37.5 D X 75 H in. The metal chair structure is as well covered in a tufted rubber and low gray hassock. It comfortably seats you only.

It’s completely easy to put together. The swing makes the arm to jerk here and there as you move in the chair.

7. Darlee Tear Drop Shaped Swing Chair with Cushion

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The Darlee Tear Drop Shaped Swing Chair with Cushion is a great piece you would love to constantly feature in your home or workplace. It seats with the luxury cushion that aids the back, the seat, and the arms. Also it arrives with some aluminum arm structure which possesses a chain for elevation adjustment. It is essentially made of metal frame and is wrapped in a durable plastic rattan.

It is as well a powder-concentrated aluminum body, has a dark chocolate color, and has some all-season hand-made resin wicker.

Your Darlee Swing Chair has a good seat colored in beige and the back cushion is also constructed of 100% polyester. It is 80 inches in height from ground to the peak of the hanging post. By measurement, it goes in 28D by 51H by 38W inches. The weight of the item is about 85 pounds. The bolster is great and greatly easy to put together. It is a do-it-yourself kit because none of the body parts are too heavy that prevents you from doing it.

This swing chair is so comfortable that you’re tempted to sleep away while in it.

8. Flower House Egg Chair with StandFlower House FHEC100-BRK Egg Chair, Bark

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If there is any egg chair that offers an attractive area to rest in your residence or garden it is the Flower House Egg Chair. The make-up of the item features a tough, weather-resistant material. It equally makes it a unique supplement to an outdoor or indoor seating area.

The entire height of the egg chair goes to as much as 66-inches. The width of the egg seat is about 35-inches and it is also 43-inches in height. The cushion measures around 28 inches and you can peg the depth at 24-inches. Your Flower House egg chair carries on a pillowed egg-oriented chair. It also offers a suitable choice for utility on patios and decks.

It is made of a comfy design for napping, reading, lounging and meditating. The Flower House chair features a tough fabric that’s definitely weather-flexible. Moreover, you can find it in variety of colors and make your choice. The weight of this item comes to about 64 pounds, rather light compared to other models on the outdoor hanging chair with stand list of 10.

The Flower House chair is quiet easy to assemble. It’s got a weighty coated steel structure though. This is great because it supports swinging and a total weight capacity over 300 pounds. It is perfect for indoor and outdoor usage. It is use-able by both the young and adults whether in the home or in the backyard.

9. AmazonBasics Outdoor PE Wicker Rattan Hanging Chair with Stand

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The AmazonBasics Outdoor PE Wicker Rattan Hanging Chair has an identifiable egg-oriented shape. It affords an exclusive and miraculous area to sit and rest. It’s either you’re taking a morning tea, reading a novel in the dusk or you’re seeing a movie.

The exterior hanging chair offers a wonderful option for a rear deck, poolside area, garden, patio, yard or close to an outdoor bar. You do not require to focus on one spot. As it weighs about 40 pounds, you can conveniently station the chair from one area to the other, this chair is lightweight!

Notably too, the AmazonBasics only need little assembly. Regarding its stance, the chair stands with an X-shaped base for stability. Equally, it is crafted in a lustrous black color and made of synthetic PE wicker and metal. The hanging chair also measures 43.3 by 43.3 by 78 inches. The weight capacity is also about 275 pounds.

Needful to mention though, the color you request for might differ from what can be found on the screen. Nonetheless, the frame and fabric of the chair is awesome. It can qualify as a good add on to your patio. Moreover, it fits adults and children too and looks super cute.

10. Outdoor Wicker Tear Drop Hanging Chair Christopher Knight Home CKH Wicker Tear Drop Hanging Chair, Brown

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Christopher Knight Home, the creators of the Outdoor Wicker Tear Drop Hanging Chair are purpose-driven in their builds. With this Outdoor Wicker Tear Drop Hanging Chair they only seek to provide a friendly yard and a peaceful environment for your loved ones.

This hanging chair is capable of conveniently seating kids and adults alike in an outdoor setting. The UV-proof and weather fabric together with the materials shield your chair from extreme weather conditions. They also give your classic chair a wonderful pool-side seating choice. The strong build and the strong materials together provides a long-lasting product that can sit pretty in your backyard.

This outdoor hanging chair with stand, takes a recognizable dimension of 23.5” D by 38” W by 48.0” H inches. The iron structure comes to about 44 “D by 44 “W by 80” H inches. Notably too, this Outdoor Wicker Tear Drop Hanging Chair likewise comes in a 2 shapes, tear drop and egg-shaped. As expected, you would need to assemble it to use it, which is an easy project.

Are Hanging Chairs Comfortable?

Hanging chairs are an expensive piece to add to your inside or outside decor. You probably want the hanging chair to be comfortable because it cost you a few hundred dollars. The truth is not all hanging chairs are comfortable, it depends on what chair you have. The cushion is what determines whether your chair is comfortable or not. If you have a thin and low quality cushion you are going to feel the wicker or steel beams under you.

My hanging chair has a thin red cushion and I can feel the wicker and steel beam when I use it, which makes it pretty uncomfortable. There is an easy solution to making your hanging chair comfortable at a low cost. I bought foam tiles on Amazon and cut them into a round shape, then I placed them under the cushion. Now when I sit down the chair feels very comfortable.

If you just don’t like the cushion you can find a new one! You can buy a comfortable high-quality hanging chair cushion for around $100 on Amazon.

See 3 options below, each product has various color options when on Amazon:

SQINAA Hanging Egg Hammock Chair Cushions

Tina’s Wicker Rattan Hanging Egg Chair Pads

KE & LE Swing Hanging Basket Seat Cushion

How to Clean an Outdoor Hanging Chair?

Mildew and algae stains happen with outdoor furniture. It is the same for your outdoor hanging chair with stand, but there is always an easy way to clean it up. Mix vinegar and warm water together, the vinegar will help break down the gunk and scum making it easy to clean. Use an old rag and a scrubbing brush for best results!

If you are looking for a cleaning product try a drop of dish soap and warm water. When cleaning certain surfaces like rattan and wicker be careful not to get it soaked. Apply small amounts of water to prevent damaging the materials.

Other metal materials you can spray down with a hose if you want, but I recommend wiping it down afterwards. This just slows down the process of any possible paint chips or rust forming.

How Much Weight Can a Hanging Chair Hold?

Through a statistical analysis of 8 single-person hanging chairs the average weight a hanging chair can take is 272 pounds. Some hanging chairs hold 220 pounds and others hold up to 300 pounds. Our list has one two-person hanging chair which has a weight capacity of 528 pounds. A hanging chair can take the weight from 220 pounds up to 528 pounds depending on which chair is being used.

What Other Names Are Hanging Chairs Given?

There are different style hanging chairs, which all have different names. Here is a list of what hanging chairs are called:

  • Hanging Egg Chair
  • Hanging Teardrop Chair
  • The Hanging Hammock Chair
  • Hanging Pod Chair
  • Outdoor Hanging Chair
  • Indoor Hanging Chairs

There are many names for hanging chairs!

Final Thoughts

I hope the information and product descriptions helped you today! Remember if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to leave a comment in the section below.

Hanging an outdoor hanging chair with stand is a great way to make your yard look awesome. It will catch everyone’s attention, from a kid all the way up to an adult. These chairs just have something that everyone loves! Please share this article with friends and family through social media platforms to help everyone see what hanging chair is best for them!

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