10 Best Outdoor Coffee Tables in 2024

There is nothing that completes an outdoor patio set more than a stylish, well-placed, long-lasting coffee table. However, many people either get stuck early on in the process by giving up, or just give in and go with the cheapest/most convenient option available.

While convenience (and price) is definitely something to consider for any purchase, it should not be the sole reason you put money into something under any circumstances. Most of the time, by simply going with the “easy decision” or the “most convenient option”, you will probably be missing out on more suitable options.

There is certainly a plethora of things to consider when trying to find the best outdoor coffee table for your personal setup. All of which we will cover in the following section.

What to Consider When Buying an Outdoor Coffee Table?

There is unquestionably a variety of valuable considerations that should be made before investing your hard-earned money into an outdoor coffee table. But with so many factors to consider, you’re probably wondering; where do I start?


First and foremost, debatably the most important aspect when picking out an outdoor coffee table is the overall quality of the table itself. This generally speaks to the quality of the materials; from the screws/adhesive used, to the finish used for the surface, or the overall structure of the table itself. Quality plays a massive role in regards to not just the overall look and feel of the product, but also the durability, and general longevity of the item as well.

Price (vs. quality)

The next most important factor, and generally the one that most people base a lot of their decisions around in this department, is price.

As with any other purchase, everybody is going to have some sort of budget when looking into the market of outdoor coffee tables. Taking the time to understand not only what your budget is, but how to find a good quality item within that budget, is essential.

This means getting the best quality for your dollar, and understanding that there’s nothing wrong with getting a cheaper option, so long that you are aware of your role in increasing the longevity of the item. Be aware that when it comes to less-expensive tables, if they are not cared for properly, it likely will not last as long as more expensive, and higher quality products.

Does it fit?

The final consideration one should have before investing in an outdoor coffee table is making sure that it will fit in your outdoor space. This can be looked at in both the literal, and figurative sense, in that not only should you take note of the dimensions of your space, as well as the dimensions of the product. But you should also be aware of the current atmosphere or “vibe” your outdoor space carries, and do your best to match your new coffee table with your outdoor décor. Look for complimenting colors, or patterns, and keep in mind the overall feel you want the space to have.

Be aware that while all of these brands have tremendous customer support teams, due to the current state of affairs, and the unpredictability of online ordering. By not taking the proper precautions before purchasing (such as measuring the space, matching the décor etc.), then you put yourself at more risk of having to potentially wait for a return, exchange, or refund. All of which can take time.

10 Best Outdoor Coffee Tables

1. Christopher Knight Home Carlisle Outdoor Acacia Wood Coffee Table Christopher Knight Home Carlisle Outdoor Acacia Wood Coffee Table, Sandblast/Rustic Metal

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The Christopher Knight Home Carlisle Outdoor Coffee Table slides in as our top choice amongst outdoor coffee tables. One of the most important things to consider when purchasing an outdoor coffee table is the quality, durability, and price. And this model takes the cake in all three departments. It’s the perfect addition to any outdoor space with a rustic acacia wood design, and a beautiful, sandblasted finish to illustrate a raw yet refined edge to any setup.

This model offers supreme strength and durability as well with the rustic metal base, built to provide additional support as it can hold up to 200 lbs! With a renowned history of superb customer support, and nothing but amazing reviews, this easily presents the greatest value as a simplistic, yet elegant design that is built to last for years to come.

2. Capri Outdoor Teak Finished Acacia Wood Coffee Table (Best Bang for Your Buck)

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GDF Studio offers a clean yet sturdy design with their Teak Finished Acacia Wood Coffee Table. It’s an absolute must for anybody in the market looking for a great quality outdoor coffee table, for an amazing price. This is easily the best bang for your buck, and offers up a very simplistic, yet durable design.

Unlike the first option on this list, the Capri Coffee Table is a much simpler design, although is not built to handle as much weight. Still a very sturdy option however with the thick acacia wood, and the specialized treatment to make it outdoor-friendly. If you are in search of the most durable, yet stylish product, for the best price, then this is the one for you!

3. DIMAR garden Outdoor Wicker Coffee Table (Best Deal) DIMAR GARDEN Outdoor Coffee Table Wicker Patio Small Table,Square Rattan Side Table with Glass Top,Deck Porch Backyard(25.2in, Mix Brown)

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The DIMAR Outdoor Wicker Coffee Table is another tremendous option for anyone seeking a more modern, and clean design. One of the unique features this model carries is the glass top, and clean wicker design. This amazing option is with ultra-high-quality material such as brand new PE rattan, stainless steel screws, UV-Resistant for up to 2000 hours, and rust resistant for over 2000 hours. The perfect all-weather patio furniture, suitable for anything from your lawn, porch, garden, or even by the pool. This coffee table can even be used indoors! Making it one of the most versatile tables on the market.

Not to mention the fact that it’s super easy to assemble, coming with not only a list of instructions, but an install video as well! DIMAR is renowned also for having a spectacular customer service team, so you will have peace of mind knowing you have a full host of people their to help you out if need be.

4. Eden Outdoor Coffee Table (Luxury Pick)

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The Eden Outdoor Coffee Table is easily one of the more luxurious and premium options available, although if price is not an issue, and you’re in search of the best outdoor coffee table. Then look no further! This tremendous coffee table is crafted from glass fiber-reinforced concrete, made by layering high-strength glass fibers and cement, it helps to create a lightweight yet unbelievably durable, weather-resistant design.

This amazing option offers a clean faux marble surface that is hand-finished using a water transfer technique. This results in a finish that resembles natural marble with unique grey veining. The surface is then finished through polishing, sealing, and coating the table with a clear polyurethane topcoat for added protection against scratching and staining. Also, due to the inherent variety found in the Edgewater Table surfaces, you will never find another piece with the same color, or texture, so your piece will truly be one-of-a-kind.

5. Keter Corfu Coffee Table

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The Keter Corfu Coffee Table slides into our 5th spot as a tremendously minimalistic design, with spectacular durability, and at an even better price. This presents an amazingly affordable option, that’s easy to move, rearrange or put into storage thanks to its lightweight design. It is also tolerant of high temperatures and is UV protected so that the color won’t fade over time. This open-weave design mirrors natural rattan, and comes in two colors, and nothing but impressive reviews.

6. Walker Edison Sorrento Modern Acacia Wood Glass Top Outdoor Coffee Table Walker Edison Sorrento Modern Acacia Wood Glass Top Outdoor Coffee Table, 36 Inch , Brown

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The Walker Edison Sorrento Outdoor Coffee Table rolls in as our 6th best option in terms of outdoor coffee tables. This unique design offers a more modern, clean finish, with a variety of outdoor furniture built to match the design. Walker Edison have done a superb job at illustrating the perfect combo of quality, with a surprising amount of durability built into the design.

It is another sturdy option made with solid acacia wood, built for long-lasting construction, and a tempered safety glass top. It is also fully resistant to any outdoor element, and can support up to 75 lbs. Walker Edison has done an incredible job at designing a modern, sleek style of tempered glass that requires minimal maintenance, and is built to be out in the sun all day!

7. Hannah Outdoor Acacia Wood Coffee Table

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The Hannah Outdoor Coffee Table is a tremendously durable, yet attractive design, offering up a beautifully crafted and spacious outdoor coffee table. A simplistic design that perfectly fits into any backyard or patio space, and it’s super easy to maintain. Another design made with acacia wood to help bring a sleek and exotic look, with a durable hardwood naturally built to withstand a plethora of outdoor elements. The gorgeous slat paneling gives a more sophisticated, classic design, and is finished with bold legs to illustrate premium durability.

8. Modway Repose Wicker Rattan Glass Outdoor Patio Coffee Table Modway EEI-2691 Repose Wicker Rattan Glass Outdoor Patio Coffee Table in Light Gray

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Modway offers a sleek wicker design, with a beautiful glass top to perfectly accentuate the coffee table’s unique features. The Modway Repose Wicker Outdoor Coffee Table is another tremendous option, offering up the perfect mix of the durable wicker material, with the clean glass top finish. This coffee table falls right in the middle in terms of price, so there are certainly better deals available. But no other option carries the same wicker build, with a glass top that covers this amount of space.

They have perfectly combined the size, and sturdiness necessary for an outdoor coffee table, with the clean, and attractive finish the glass top offers. Modway’s Outdoor Coffee Table features a powder-coated aluminum frame, and comes with a tan and gray synthetic rattan weave, with ultimate UV protection.

9. Elle Decor Premium All Weather Wicker Storage Coffee Table Elle Decor Vallauris Patio Outdoor Furniture Collection Premium All Weather Wicker, Storage Coffee Table, Gray

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Elle Décor slides in with our 9th best option for outdoor coffee tables with their unique wicker design. What makes this design so different, however, is the storage that comes along with it. This Elle Decor Coffee Table is one of the few available on this list that comes with a built-in storage area.

It falls right in the middle price-wise, which means that if you are in search of an outdoor coffee table with adequate storage, then look no further! This soft gray design is hand-woven with all-weather polyethylene wicker, and a rust-resistant powder-coated aluminum frame. There is also peace of mind knowing you are purchasing a product from a renowned company, with an exceptional customer service experience.

10. Furinno Tioman Outdoor Coffee Table in Teak Oil Furinno FG16504 Tioman Hardwood Patio Furniture Outdoor Coffee Table in Teak Oil, 1-Tier, Natural

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Rounding out our top 10 is the Furinno Tioman Outdoor Coffee Table, presenting us with a multi-functional design built to last. This dark red meranti wood is treated with teak oil in order to create a more durable, and water-resistant finish. A tremendous option for any outdoor setup, that not only fits into about any space, but any budget as well. A relatively simplistic design, but one that offers tremendous durability, for a spectacular price. Not to mention the fact that this table can hold up to 175 lbs!

Final Thoughts

Through all of this, we have covered a variety of different styles, materials, and ways in which certain coffee tables can (and should be) utilized. From acacia wood to wicker styles, to glass-tops, even to marble finishes. We have certainly covered a ton of different options in this article.

So, no matter the size, shape, color, texture, material, or price. We have you covered!

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