10 Most Comfortable Outdoor Chairs for The Elderly in 2024

I can see my grandfather kicking back in his old La-Z-Boy recliner watching sports and just enjoying the comfort. Finding comfort inside your home is much easier than the outdoors, but that’s what I’m here for. It is important that seniors can get out in the fresh air and sit back in a comfortable chair, so I decided to list together 10 most comfortable outdoor chairs for the elderly.

What to Consider?

Proper Posture

According to American Senior Communities proper posture for seniors is more important than ever. Along with the numerous physical health benefits, proper posture for seniors that “sit upright have more energy and are more confident in life”. The goal here is to find an outdoor chair that provides proper posture so the elderly users can feel even better when sitting out in the beautiful fresh outdoors.

Ease of Use

The chair must be easy to use, it can’t have a low profile that makes it difficult to sit down in. Bending down and hunching over can be strenuous on the body, and for seniors, that’s the last thing a comfortable outdoor chair should do. A simple design with proper armrests so the user can grab a hold of them for assistance. Nothing to hold on to or grab if in need is a poor design option for elderly users. I have family members who have had slipped discs and bulged discs in their spinal cords, having a sturdy chair with a good grip is required, trust me.


I mentioned a sturdy design above, and it is worth it to have it as one of the key considerations when purchasing a chair as a senior or for a senior. The quality of the chair is related to the sturdiness, finding a high-quality outdoor chair will provide several benefits, sturdiness being the most important. Have you ever sat down in a plastic lawn chair and something just snaps off? I have, but if that happens to a senior they could potentially get hurt. Buying a good quality-built chair is something we must do when searching for an outdoor chair for a senior.

10 Most Comfortable Outdoor Chairs for The Elderly

Keep in mind that there are various designs available on this list. Figuring out what works best for the user of the chair is important, sometimes seniors may have difficult times getting in and out of the chair, so maybe avoiding a chair that rocks/swings is your best bet. If you are seeking the most comfort, having a chair where you can recline back and relax could be a better fit.

1. Hanover Ventura Outdoor Patio Recliner (Most Comfort)

Hanover Ventura Outdoor Patio Recliner with Hand-Woven Wicker, Rust-Resistant Frames, and Thick Vintage Meadow Green Cushions, VENTURAREC

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When you’re looking for something that fits all of your needs, you need to be thorough in your search. The Hanover Ventura Outdoor Patio Recliner makes it an easy job for you. The heavy-duty steel frames are rust-resistant, which means you’ll have these chairs for a long time. They’re hand-woven wicker with high-quality pillows to top them off. 

Not only is this chair comfortable, it gets even more comfortable. The reclining option is an incredible choice for when you need to fully relax outside. The cushions are 4.5 inches thick, which is plenty generous to ensure your comfort. I wouldn’t be worried about being comfortable. Be more worried about falling asleep and getting sunburnt. 

One of the best things about this company is its service. They want you to be comfortable and ensure that with customer support that will be able to help fix your issues within 24 hours. It’s always nice to make a purchase with the backing of a solid and reliable company there to add the mental comfort.

2. Automatic Adjustable Patio Recliner Chair (Best Deal)
ART TO REAL Automatic Adjustable Patio Recliner Chair Relaxing Sofa Outdoor Wicker Armchair Furniture Aluminum Frame Lounge with Soft Thicken Cushion

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Stability and comfort come into one with the auto adjustable patio recliner. It is built like a typical box chair, but brings in the feature of a recliner that everyone looks for in getting the most comfort. The wicker construction is high-density polyethylene so it is UV resistant and strong against the weather. The seats are sponge-cushions that are covered in a waterproof, zippered material. 

With this chair you can sit upright and have an engaging conversation with a friend. You can also lift the legs up so that you’re engaging a more comfortable position. When you’re ready for full relaxation, the backrest leans back and allows you to lay almost flat. 

This chair is a great addition for any space, but is built to withstand the outdoors. You’re guaranteed comfort with this one and it allows you to have some versatility in how you choose to lay back and relax. 

3. Pearl Outdoor Teak Finished Acacia Wood Club Chairs

comfortable club chairs outdoors

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These teak-framed outdoor chairs are an elegant solution to bringing comfort into your own backyard. Pearl Outdoor Teak Finished Acacia Wood Club Chairs are nothing complex, they are simple, and simply comfortable. Sometimes this is all you want. A simple fix to a problem. 

The chairs come with three different colored cushions so you can make them personalized to your own backyard. They are built to be put to the test in all kinds of weather. The acacia wood is sustainably harvested and built to last. 

On top of it all, you get 90 days to try this out without any worry that you’ll buy a chair you don’t want to have in the end. Take it home, try it out. If this fits the style of comfort that you want, keep it. If not, it’s easy to send back and get something that works better for you. This company believes that you’ll keep it. Take advantage of this opportunity to truly hone in on what’s best for your comfort. 

4. POLYWOOD Presidential Rocking Chair
POLYWOOD R100BL Presidential Rocking Chair, Black

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For me, it’s hard to beat a good rocking chair. They gently move you back and forth to increase your comfort as well as bring you into a relaxed state of mind. This is the kind of chair you take into your backyard to listen to the birds chirp and read your book, eventually falling into a peaceful nap. 

While the POLYWOOD Presidential Rocking Chair doesn’t come with a cushioned seat, you can add any level of cushioning that you want to make it more yours. It has wide arms and slats on the seat so you don’t have any areas of discomfort that can be found on a lot of other wooden slat chairs. It’s a great addition that’s incredibly weather-proof in your yard. 

The contoured seat matches the curve of the rockers. The back is properly supported, and the chair is indestructible. It’s easy to get in and out of, so there’s no struggle on either end of your experience. The company backs this chair with a 20-year residential warranty. That’s a long time to comfortably move back and forth without ever worrying about some splintering, cracking, or chipping. 

5. Lafuma Futura Air Comfort Zero Gravity Recliner
Lafuma Futura Air Comfort Zero Gravity Recliner (Taupe Grey) Padded Folding Outdoor Reclining Chair

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Zero gravity recliners have gone from a futuristic idea to a reality in front of us today. The Lafuma Futura Air Comfort Zero Gravity Recliner is one of the best examples of what is available on the market today. Unlike other zero-gravity chairs, it adds even more comfort with a thick cushion over the whole body. It’s unbeatable.

You get three different color options so you can match the chair to your backyard. The chairs also fold up so you can take them outside of your own yard to a campground or just over to a friend’s house. The ease of transport is a huge plus for this chair because you can bring your own comfort with you anywhere.

The zero-gravity feature of this chair helps to conform to your body’s shape while you relax. The fabric used makes sure that there’s no sticking to it due to sweat or water, and it holds up to extreme weather conditions. If you want true comfort and relaxation, check out one of these chairs.

6. Preston Outdoor Wooden Club Chairs

wooden acacia comfy chairs

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Here’s another beautiful acacia-wood chair that gives you extreme comfort with a simple design. These Preston Outdoor Wooden Club chairs have a deep seat that lets you fully sink into the chair and use it to its full capacity. The cushions are covered in a water-resistant material that not only helps protect it from rain, but it protects the chair from you as well. It makes cleaning up a spill a cinch and you don’t need to worry about serious stains. 

You can get these elegantly-designed chairs in three different colors. No matter what, the teak finish is sure to enhance the beauty of your backyard and let you enjoy the sight as well as the comfort. 

You get the 90-day hassle-free return policy along with the chairs. You can try them out and see if you want to keep them or not without any additional financial pressure. 

7. PORTAL Oversized Mesh Back Zero Gravity Recliner Chair
PORTAL Oversized Mesh Back Zero Gravity Reclining Patio Chairs, XL Padded Seat Folding Patio Lounge Chair with Adjustable Pillows and Cup Holder for Poolside Backyard/Lawn, Support 350lbs (Dark Grey)

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Here’s another zero gravity chair that utilizes mesh to let you use comfort but also leave it outside in any kind of weather. The mesh breathes well and dries almost instantly. There’s no risk of getting a sweaty back because of a thick cushion. Instead, the air flows through and lets your whole body breathe.

Comfort also includes the included accessories. This chair has a small side table with a cup holder so you can relax with a snack and a drink easily-accessible at your side. For hot summer days, it’s almost necessary to have this function. There’s no reaching awkwardly for a drink on a table, or need to get up over and over again. 

The zero gravity holds you gently and lets your body float in space. The only thing about this chair is that it’s hard to get out of. But, that’s only because you don’t want to leave it. 

8. Solaris Outdoor Grey Wicker Armed Chaise Lounge

outdoor lounger chairs for seniors

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A chaise lounge is one of the best ways to get comfortable for several hours in the sunshine. They let you fully extend and have the necessary back support to sit up and read a book without difficulty. This Solaris Outdoor Grey Wicker Armed Chaise Lounge is made by Solaris in order to bring the highest level of comfort possible. 

There’s a wide range of colors that you can choose from, and even if you get an array of different colors, they still look good together. If you have a pool and are wanting to bring a good-looking design to the poolside, this is the lounge to do it with. 

When you’re in the off-season, these chairs have folding legs in order to allow for easy stacking. They will give you a ton of comfort year-round, but when the summer disappears, they may need to be stashed. 

9. GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker Portable Folding Rocking Chair
GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker Portable Rocking Chair & Outdoor Camping Chair, Indigo Blue

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Camp chairs have been developing impressive technology to make the outdoors more comfortable. The GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker uses spring-action technology to imitate a traditional rocking chair. It’s nearly impossible to tell the difference between the two. 

This is a chair designed to go everywhere with you. If you are reaching an age that you need maximum comfort, you may still want to go camping from time to time. It’s also a great chair to take with to watch grandkids play sports on all types of fields. 

The chair is lightweight and portable, but that doesn’t mean it’s uncomfortable. It’s designed to give you the ergonomic support you need. One of the best features is the price tag. It’s highly affordable, but it won’t be bringing much style to your yard. 

10. La-Z-Boy Outdoor Patio Recliner


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Ever feel like spoiling yourself because you’re worth it? This is the chair for those that want the best of the best. The highest level of comfort is, of course, brought to you by the most popular company. La-Z-Boy is a name that’s become synonymous with comfort. They’ve designed this chair to continue to prove that they’ve earned the title. 

The deep-seat cushions are designed to dry quickly so even if a midnight rainstorm hits, you can still enjoy the chair the next afternoon. It’s built with a hefty and strong design so you don’t need to worry about it breaking underneath you. The hand-woven wicker covers an aluminum frame that is rust and weather-resistant. 

La-Z-Boy has made this chair to be enjoyed in three different positions for all situations. You can sit upright in the closed position, ease into relaxation with a mid-way recline, and soak it all in with the full-recline. It’s made to bring the comfort of your living room into an outdoor space. In the end, it may leave you wanting to go back outside rather than in. 

Final Thoughts

From a tech-filled camping chair to the ultimate luxury of La-Z-Boy, there are all different kinds of comfortable outdoor chairs for the elderly available to choose from. There’s no shame in needing to switch up your furniture in order to enjoy things in ways that you used to. It’s worth every penny to bring comfort outside.

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With these comfortable outdoor chairs in your own backyard, you’ll start soaking up Vitamin D and feeling healthier in no time. Prescribe yourself one of these chairs and get ready for the summer sun to come around. It will quickly become your favorite part of the house.

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