5 Best Artificial Grass Options for Your Backyard

You have finally decided that artificial turf is the way to go. I get it, it’s low maintenance and it looks stunning, but where do you start? I have decided to put together an in-depth guide to help you purchase “the good stuff”.

Our guide first explains what you should consider when looking to buy artificial grass and then we look at 5 options that you could install in your backyard.

What to Consider When Buying Artificial Grass?

Length and Looks

Does the grass look good? Long grass looks nice, but you may run into trouble with it going flat, meaning you’ll have to rake more often, I recommend you consider that if you want something with lower maintenance. Also, real grass isn’t always a one-tone color, I recommend finding a multi-toned artificial grass.

Roll Size

You may be wondering how in the world can I find the right size roll of artificial grass for my space. Don’t worry, some options below make for custom sizing, but if not you can cut the fake grass to the correct size.


Will your grass be used often? With heavy traffic, you must consider finding the appropriate product, so you won’t run into issues with wear and tear. Like most products, the lighter the weight usually the worse the quality and that tends to be the same with artificial grass. The best way to determine this is to check the face weight and the back weight of the turf.

The back weight is the under the surface that the artificial grass connects to, the heavier and sturdier this feels the more durable your artificial grass will be. The face weight is the grass blades, the heavier they feel the more durable your artificial grass lawn will be.

Professional level installations usually include some sort of infill, this is usually rubber bits, but for residential use we use sand. The best sand is Envirofill Green Silica Sand for Landscape Artificial Grass.

Is It Weatherproof?

The type of weatherproofing required depends on your geographical location. If you live in a hot geographical location your turf must be able to handle such hot temperatures, you don’t want your artificial lawn melting. Furthermore, you don’t want it to fade so make sure its UV resistant.

Pet-proofing is important too, you want to have artificial grass that you don’t have to worry when they do their business. Choosing from our high-quality picks ensures your grass is designed to reduce these odors and that they are easy to clean regularly. Plus, rainwater is a good cleaner too, just like on real grass.

Get Some Samples!

If you have a large space to fill and you are unsure of what artificial grass to get for your backyard space don’t hesitate to reach out to the suppliers for a sample size. Many will not have a problem providing you with them. Anyway, lets jump into our best list of artificial grass options you can get today!

5 Best Artificial Grass Options for Your Backyard

1. Artificial Grass Wholesalers
New 15' Foot Roll Artificial Grass Turf Synthetic Fescue Pet Sale! Many Sizes! (Premium 12' x 30' = 360 Sq Ft)

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Sliding into the top spot as our #1 recommendation when it comes to the best artificial grass for your backyard is Artificial Grass Wholesalers’ 15-foot roll of artificial turf. It’s a soft grass design that was created to provide the utmost comfort and durability, with an even more natural appearance. It can handle the heaviest traffic, rough play, and performance of nearly any option on the market.

This is everything you want in a synthetic grass, as it is natural, comfortable, durable, and fairly priced. With nothing but good reviews and a multitude of sizes to choose from, it easily presents the best bang-for-your-buck of all the options on this list. It also comes with a 15-year warranty, and a 30-day return policy if you do have to return it. When trying to narrow down which artificial grass to go with, you are ideally looking for a product that offers premium durability, comfortability, authenticity, and simplicity. When it comes down to this choice, it easily checks off all of these boxes!

2. LITA Realistic Artificial Grass Turf Lawn LITA 7ft x 13ft Realistic Deluxe Artificial Grass Synthetic Thick Lawn Turf Carpet Perfect for Indoor/Outdoor Landscape, 7'X13', Green

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Another tremendous option is the LITA Artificial Grass, and potentially presenting ever greater value compared to our top option. It is made with non-toxic, high-quality materials built to offer ultimate resilience, and durability. It consists of a 4-tone pattern which helps to make the grass soft, lush, and creates a more natural look. It is also a very safe design as compared to other options, as no heavy metals (zinc, lead) were used to manufacture the product, and the softness of the fibers within the artificial turf is specifically built to sustain premium comfort.

The installation process is also very consumer-friendly, as you simply mark down the area, and roll out the turf, sealing the matter afterwards. It is constructed with the highest quality UV resistant polyethylene and polypropylene yarn. And the best part is, you can use it outside, OR inside! One of the reasons why this has become a go-to option for a lot of people is that it provides one of the more genuine-looking artificial turfs on the market.

When compared to other options, the LITA product provides the perfect choice for anyone looking for a “real-grass” look, for a decent price. LITA as a brand are well-known in the artificial grass realm, as they are renowned to create real grass with excellent color fastness, and amazing drainage performance. They are also respected for their low-friction design, and UV properties, easily providing one of the more durable designs, without technically being labelled “heavy-duty”.


3. iCustomRug Thick Turf Rugs and Runners Artificial Thick Realistic Grass Mats & Rugs 6' X 6' Synthetic Finished Rug Indoor Outdoor Garden Landscape,Pet Pad Dog,Deck, Pre-Finished Edges Fake Grass

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Coming in as our third best artificial grass for your backyard is the iCustomRug Thick Turf Artificial Grass. This unique design comes with 48 different sizes, and delivers a reasonably-priced, pet-friendly option. It also comes finished all around with carpet binding tape to make a more authentic “rug like” look. The softness of the iCustomRug’s Artificial Grass could not be overstated, as it is 100% Olefin UV Stabilized with a 2-year fade warranty.

The iCustomeRug is likely to be the most durable design on this list, and easily the most heavy-duty. This is one of the thicker designs available, and since will carry slightly different characteristics. While it will be more durable than other options, you may be able to find softer, or turfs that are easier to assemble. While the installation process isn’t exactly rocket science, this style of artificial turf will require a slightly more extensive process as you are dealing with more heavy-duty material.

ICustomRugs are amazing at offering up unique options, specifically designed to suit your every need. Outside of this amazing artificial turf, they also have a variety of other reliable products. They are fairly renowned in the game, and you can find peace of mind with your purchase knowing that you are buying from a reputable dealer.

4. ALTRUISTIC Thick Artificial Grass ALTRUISTIC Thick Golf Artificial Grass Turf Pro Putting Green Mat 7ft x 10ft, Customized Sizes/ Indoor Outdoor Golf Training Mat, Synthetic Faux Grass for Garden Yard Baseball Football Gym Sports

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ALTRUISTIC offers another fantastic choice with their version of Artificial Grass, and a go-to for athletic fields. This option is both durable, and low-maintenance as it is made with precise stitching, and all you have to do to clean it is a hose, water, and soap. It has a built-in drainage system that drains 23 gallons of fluid per hour, making it far easier to maintain when compared to other options. This premium option is made with quality synthetic material, offering up one of the most resilient, high-density artificial grass on the market.

One of the most unique features about ALTRUISTIC’s turf option is that it was engineered to be multipurpose, as it comes with a variety of custom sizes to suit your needs. It can literally be used anywhere from a mini-put, to a garden. ALTRUISTIC has done a tremendous job at offering up an affordable option, that carries a lot of the same features to other artificial turfs.

However, they are one of the more durable designs on the market, much like the iCustomRug, this option is another heavy-duty design. ALTRUISTIC is a pioneer in the artificial grass game and has garnered spectacular reviews as one of the best artificial grass products on the market. It is made with impressive resilience and a high-performance thatch yarn that few can rival.

5. Petgrow · Realistic Artificial Grass Turf · Petgrow · Realistic Artificial Grass Turf -13FTX30FT(390 Square FT),Indoor Outdoor Garden Lawn Landscape Synthetic Grass Mat - Thick Fake Grass Rug

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Petgrow offers up an amazingly affordable option as one of the more realistic, and well-drained turfs available. It is specifically designed to look thick, and realistic, as it carries a 4-tone colour system, is soft, lush, and has a thatch that makes it look like natural grass.

Similarly to other options on this list, the Petgrow Artificial Grass is made with the highest quality UV polyethylene, and polypropylene yarns, offering up superior resilience and durability. It also comes with a rubber backed design with a drainage hole, so the cleaning process becomes amazingly simple. It’s an ideal option for gardens, lawns, patios, decks, or even for indoor use as a mat, or carpet.

Petgrow has done a tremendous job at providing a premium solution for those looking for a natural look, with premium durability features, at a decent price. The reviews are off the charts for this option, and would likely be our #1 choice if not for the comfortability, customizability, and cost-efficient features of some other turfs on this list.

Petgrow is another renowned manufacturer-direct, wholesale, artificial and synthetic turf supplier for everything from residential neighborhoods, to turfs within athletic facilities. Their products typically carry a long lifespan, and are easy to maintain, as any leaves, twigs, or debris can be easily swept away. They have once again gone above-and-beyond in providing one of the premium artificial turfs on the market. 

How to Install Artificial Grass Yourself?

I know this article isn’t a “how to” article, but since you are looking to buy this artificial grass yourself, you are likely a DIY kind of person like myself. The video below explains the process quite well, but you don’t need to do everything perfectly, remember it’s a DIY project for most of us. The video is a great place to start though. The best way to understand how to install this stuff is to watch the video, but here are the general steps outlined in the video:

1. Lay Gravel and Tamper/Compact

2. Lay Masonry Sand for Smooth Feeling Underneath Artificial Grass

3. Lay Out Artificial Grass

4. Seam Pieces Together

5. Use Carpet Kicker to Get Turf Tight

6. Cut Edges With a Sharp Utility Knife

7. Add in Envirofill Silica Sand and Rake It

Final Thoughts

After deciding on what artificial turf you want, you can begin prepping the area of installation. It can take some time for your custom order to show up, but this just provides you with more time to research and to gather information to help make your installation process flow a lot smoother.

I really hope my top 5 options help you find the best fit for your backyard. Good luck installing your artificial grass!

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