How Tall Do Cherry Trees Grow?

Cherries are an extremely popular fruit in baking, and many people enjoy them plain as well. If you use cherries in your cooking or enjoy eating them, you could benefit from growing a Cherry Tree on your property. However, before you grow your Cherry Tree, you must ensure that you have the room to accommodate it.

Continue reading to learn about how tall Cherry Trees grow and how wide they can get. We will also discuss the care regimens that Cherry Trees require so you can determine if you have the means to grow them properly. Neglecting to inform yourself about Cherry Trees before growing them can cost you time and money.

How Tall Do Cherry Trees Grow? 

Cherry cherries can reach 35 feet tall and have a massive spread. The size of your cherry tree will depend on the variety of Cherry Tree you grow and how well you take care of them.

How Fast Do Cherry Trees Grow?

Cherry Trees are rapid growers. You can expect your Cherry Tree to fully mature within five years of planting it into the ground. Consult the guidelines below to determine if your Cherry Tree is growing appropriately.

Per year: Between one and two feet until fully mature.

Per month: 1 1/2 inches until fully mature.

Per week:  Half an inch until fully mature.

The guidelines above apply to most flowering Cherry Trees. However, the growth rates will vary depending on which variety of Cherry Trees you grow. Research your Cherry Tree’s variety before you purchase them to help understand how long it will take for your Cherry Tree to grow.

What’s the Average Height of a Cherry Trees?

What’s the Average Height of a Cherry Trees

The average height of a standard Cherry Tree is about 15 feet tall. However, average heights will vary depending on what type of Cherry Tree you grow. Some Cherry Trees grow larger, and some Cherry Trees grow smaller.

What is the Tallest Type of Cherry Trees?

The tallest type of Cherry Tree is the American Black Cherry Tree. This tree can grow to be 125 feet tall. Therefore, this variety of Cherry trees is over ten times the height of a standard average Cherry Tree.

What is the Smallest Type of Cherry Trees?

The smallest variety of Cherry Trees is the Hiromi Weeping Cherry Tree. This is a dwarf Cherry Tree that usually only grows to 6 feet tall.

How Wide Do Cherry Trees Grow?

Cherry Trees, on average, have a spread of about 14 feet wide. The trunk of an average Cherry Tree is usually two feet wide. However, the Cherry Tree’s width will vary depending on the height of the Cherry Tree as they grow proportionate to each other.

How Long Does a Cherry Tree’s Seed Take to Sprout?

If you do not plant your Cherry Tree seed immediately, it will take about 30 days to sprout. However, if you harvest and plant the seed right away, it can take up to 150 days after burying it to sprout. Therefore, it would be best to sprout your Cherry Tree seed outside the dirt and plant it after sprouting to grow faster.

What’s the Average Lifespan of a Cherry Tree?

Cherry Trees only live an average of about 20 years. The length of time your Cherry Tree lives will depend on which variety grows. However, Cherry Trees are overall notorious for their short lifespan.

Does the Soil Affect the Cherry Trees Growth?

Soil plays a crucial role in your Cherry Tree’s growth. Suppose you don’t provide your Cherry Tree with the optimal soil conditions; you may never see it bear fruit. So, follow the guidelines below to ensure that your Cherry Tree has the proper soil to grow properly.

  • Well-drained loam soils worked the best for growing Cherry Trees. However, Cherry Trees cannot tolerate soils that are too sandy or too wet. Therefore, you need to find a good middle ground of moisture for your Cherry Tree soil.
  • Cherry Trees thrive in soil that has a pH between six and seven.
  • You must ensure that the soil you plant your Cherry Tree is at least four feet deep.

If you follow all of the soil guidelines above, set your Cherry Tree growth up for success. However, if you ignore any of the guidelines listed above, you risk shortening your Cherry Tree’s life.

What’s the Tallest Cherry Tree Ever Recorded?

The tallest Cherry Tree ever recorded is an American Black Cherry Tree in the United States. This Cherry Tree reached a height of 139.9 feet tall. American Black Cherry Trees are notorious for being giants among Cherry Tree species.

How to Make Your Cherry Trees Grow Taller?

How to Make Your Cherry Trees Grow Taller

To grow your Cherry Tree taller, you must ensure you give it optimal growth conditions. Your Cherry Tree cannot grow tall unless you provide it with the best resources possible. Follow the guidelines below to help grow your Cherry Tree taller.

  • It would be best to water your Cherry Trees once every ten days. Ensure that you thoroughly soak the soil when you water your Cherry Trees.
  • Plant your Cherry Trees in direct sunlight because they require a minimum of six hours of unfiltered sunlight daily.
  • Fertilize your Cherry Trees at least once a year to provide the nutrients it needs to grow tall. However, avoid fertilizing too often; otherwise, you could cause a nutrient lockout.
  • Grow your Cherry Trees in deep, well-drained, loam soil for best results.
  • Select a large variety of Cherry Tree to grow. Certain varieties of Cherry Trees will never grow tall no matter how well you care for them.

The taller your Cherry Trees grow, the more fruit the tree will bear. Following the guidelines above is the best way to grow your Cherry Trees as tall as possible. Neglecting any of the above guidelines could stunt your Cherry Tree’s growth.

Can You Keep a Cherry Trees Small?

You can keep your Cherry Tree small by selecting a dwarf variety. Dwarf varieties will fruit much faster than standard Cherry Trees. However, you will not get nearly as much fruit from a dwarf Cherry Tree as you would from a standard Cherry Tree.

Final Thoughts

Cherry Trees come in all sorts of varieties and range significantly in size. You can get massive Cherry Trees that can live for hundreds of years or dwarf Cherry Trees that will only live for a few years. Fortunately, this scenario means many people can grow Cherry Trees at home. Take inventory of the space you have to provide a Cherry Tree before selecting your seeds to ensure you can give your Cherry Tree a fantastic habitat.

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