How Often Should You Water Indian Hawthorn?

Known botanically as the Indian hawthorn, the Raphiolepis indica is a delicate, blooming shrub that belongs to the Rose family. It’s a shrub that’s very easy to grow and popular because of its high cold resistance. When the plant is established, it can tolerate drought pretty well.

How Often to Water Indian Hawthorn?

The frequency of watering the plant depends on its current growth stage. If you’ve recently planted your hawthorn, you need to make sure the soil is moist daily. When its root system is set up, you can water the plant every 5 to 10 days during the hot summer months.

How to Tell if Indian Hawthorn Needs Water?

When a fresh Indian hawthorn is planted, it needs consistent moisture in the ground to ensure a strong root system. After the plant has become established, water it every five to ten days during the summer months, making sure to use enough water to thoroughly saturate the entire root zone.

Given the modest drought tolerance of an established plant, you can water it less frequently without affecting its beauty. However, less irrigation will diminish the number of flowers produced as well as the overall development of the plant. Even though Indian hawthorn can survive a variety of soil types, it requires well-drained soil.

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How Do You Know When Your Indian Hawthorn is Sufficiently Watered?

With Indian hawthorn, it’s not so much about testing the soil as it is about understanding how much water the plant needs during its different growth stages. The trick is to pay attention to the soil around the base of the plant while you water. You want the soil to remain moist while making sure you don’t add so much water as to potentially drown the roots of the plant.

Can You Overwater Indian Hawthorn?

Yes. Sadly, overeating the hawthorn isn’t always human error, as this can also occur when there is too much rainfall during the plant’s growing season.

What are Signs of an Overwatered Indian Hawthorn?

The Indian hawthorn might show signs of a fungal disease called Entomosporium mespili, most commonly known as leaf spot. When this occurs, you are likely to consider small red spots on new leaves and spots that have red borders, and gray spots in the middle of older leaves.

How Long Can an Indian Hawthorn Go Without Water?

The Indian hawthorn is a shrub that can tolerate drought pretty well provided it already has a well-established root system. Even during dry seasons, the plant is not likely to need extra watering other than what it gets from rainfall. If you notice the stem tips or new leaves wilting, feel free to water the plant.

How Much Sunlight Does Indian Hawthorn Need

How Much Sunlight Does Indian Hawthorn Need?

If you planted your Indian hawthorn in a container, then it will be easy to move it around and have it “follow the light”. This plant likes full fun but could also grow happy and healthy in partial shade.

Will My Indian Hawthorn Survive in Winter?

This plant likes full sun but can also tolerate mild shade. However, it can only survive in a mild climate. If you live somewhere with deep winter freezes, the plant might not survive.

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