10 Most Comfortable Hanging Chairs for Outdoors in 2024

Hanging chairs are a fashionable way to take advantage of open space, and create a dangerously-comfortable corner to whisk away with a new novel, or doze off underneath the stars. With everything from wicker – to fabric – to steel-framed hanging chairs; there is without a doubt a headache’s worth of products to choose from.

Unfortunately, with the wide variety of items you have available to choose from, there is also a wide variety of aspects to consider as you look into buying a hanging chair. With so many essential factors to take note of, it can be tempting to simply opt for going with the cheapest, or the most convenient option. And while both of these are definitely worthy aspects to consider, they shouldn’t be the only factors when determining what to buy.

Below we will cover some other things you should consider when buying an outdoor hanging chair.

What to Consider When Buying an Outdoor Hanging Chair

Comfort Level

This one may seem obvious, but it cannot be overstated the significance of taking the time to understand what you find comfortable and uncomfortable. Depending on personal preference, age, weight, health factors (allergies) or a variety of other factors. You could find some fabrics, designs, or materials more comfortable than others. For the most part, this will simply take just understanding the differences between wicker, rattan, cotton, as well as the fabrics used for certain cushioning. And going with what you think you will find the most enjoyable for an extended period of time.

Chair Size

Size is another huge aspect to consider beforehand, taking into account things like how many people can sit in it, are there any weight limits, and how much space the structure itself is going to take up. Issues regarding chair size can be easily avoided by reading the small details of each item, and measuring out the proper dimensions for the space you’re hoping to fill.

Quality and Outdoor Durability

Obviously, with most hanging chairs that you look to install, you are not going to want to then have to un-install every time the seasons change. So, it’s paramount that you understand the differences in the materials used, the support structure, and the weather-resistance of the item as a whole. This will depend entirely on your geographic location, where the chair is placed, and how often you use it. But ideally you want to invest your money into something that is going to last, and not break down over time. You will find the best quality hanging chairs on this list below and also on our Top 10 Outdoor Hanging Chairs (With a Stand) too.

The Price

The final consideration is another somewhat obvious one, and that is price. Price is king under any circumstances, and justifiably so, as some items just aren’t worth as much as their retail price. However, we have gone above and beyond at providing you with a wide variety of items that should fit into your budget one way or another. At the end of the day, budget it certainly important, and you should never feel pressured to step outside of your budget if you don’t feel like you need to. But also understand that sometimes you get what you pay for, and by opting to put less money into a hanging chair, you may be getting a hanging chair of lesser quality.

10 Comfortable Hanging Chairs for Your Outdoor Space

1. Christopher Knight Wicker Tear Drop Hanging Chair

Christopher Knight Home Isaiah Indoor/Outdoor Wicker Tear Drop Hanging Chair (Stand Not Included), Multi-Brown and Tan

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This amazingly trendy Christopher Knight Wicker Tear Drop Hanging Chair is another amazing option for any outdoor space. It does not come with a stand though, and is priced higher than most other similar designs. Although this hanging chair presents one of the more versatile chairs available, as it can be used both inside or outside, and can hold up to 300 lbs!

Featuring a graceful teardrop shape, this chair encapsulates the ideal cozy structure needed to enjoy any morning, evening, or night under the sun (or stars).  The design is finished with an intricate weave, to give it a more modern look, and a long-lasting woven finish of the polyethylene rattan creates a more durable structure than the average. It is another design that features water-resistant cushions, and is priced right in the middle of the pack.

You can also purchase the same model and design known as the Berkley Outdoor Hanging Teardrop/Egg Chair by GDFstudio. It is the same chair but we wanted to give you a second loacation where you could purchase it. 

2. Primo Outdoor Wicker Hanging Basket Egg Chair

primo outdoor wicker chair

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Sliding in as our 4th best option for outdoor hanging chairs is the Primo Outdoor Wicker Hanging Basket/Egg Chair. This hanging chair is another wicker design, featuring a long-lasting woven finish, providing ultimate durability and versatility. This cozy basket shape creates the perfect comfort space, and it comes with a hanging stand so the set can be suspended anywhere in your outdoor space.

It also features water-resistant cushions made with 100% polyester, and is available in a variety of colour formations, allowing for optimal customization. If you are in the market for another premium product, for a premium price, then the Primo Hanging Chair is the one for you!

3. Bengum Hammock Chair Hanging Swing (Best Price)

Bengum Hammock Chair Hanging Swing | Indoor and Outdoor Use | Large Swinging Seat Chair for Patio, Bedroom, or Tree | 2-Tone Grey Durable Hammock + 2 Cushions + Side Pocket + Rope + Carrying Bag + S

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The Bengum Hammock Chair/Hanging Swing is another tremendous option for anybody looking to maintain the classic hammock design, with the support offered in a typical hanging chair. This sturdy design was built for maximum comfort, illustrated beautifully with their XL cushions, and breathable cotton and polyester canvas fabric mixture. This hanging chair is perfect for lazy days or nights, an ideal hanging chair for reading in comfort and privacy. And it’s unique design also comes with a stitched on 10’”x10” side pocket for you to keep your favorite book, phone, glasses, or other personal belongings. With a steel reinforced hanging loop frame, this chair has amazing support, and can hold up to 300 lbs.

However, potentially the greatest feature of this product is the amazing price, as this hanging chair is amongst the lower-priced items on this list. It’s an amazing option for anyone whose main priorities are comfort, price, and durability. As all 3 are at the top of the list for the Bengum Hammock Chair. Although the one downside would be that it doesn’t come with a support frame like the others, so you will have to secure it properly.

4. Best Choice Products Outdoor Hanging Curved Steel Chaise Lounge Chair

Best Choice Products Hanging LED-Lit Curved Chaise Lounge Chair Swing for Backyard, Patio, Lawn w/ 3 Light Settings, Weather-Resistant Pillow, Removable Canopy Shade, Steel Stand - Teal

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Rounding out our top 5 is the Best Choice Products Outdoor Curved Steel Chaise Lounge Chair. This modern design is amazingly convenient and affordable as if provides us with an extremely versatile option. This unique hanging chair features a comfortable chaise seat with a tempered steel cantilever to create a superb lounging experience. It also comes with a 46-inch removable polyester shade canopy for when the sun’s shining extra bright, and the 2-inch foam cushions create the perfect ergonomic support system. It comes with a removable headrest and can hold up to 265 lbs.

The powder-coated steel frame paired with the water-resistant cushions mean that you’re getting a tremendously durable design, for an amazingly affordable price. This is one of the more versatile options on the market as well because you have up to 6 different colors to choose from!

5. Bathonly Hammock Air Chair with Metal Bar Frame

Bathonly Hammock Chair with Foot Rest, Sky Chair with Metal Bar, Hanging Chair Outdoor with Side Pouch, Supportive Pillow, Max 330 LBS Capacity, Blue

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Another spectacular option is the Bathonly Hammock Air Chair, as it offers one of the more portable, and easy-to-assemble choices on the market. This minimalistic design perfectly combines the classic “lawn-chair” aesthetic, with the comfort and support of a typical hammock or hanging chair. Perfect for any outdoor (or indoor) space, and it doesn’t take very long to assemble. It can also hold up to 330 lbs, making it one of the stronger available options.

This Hammock Swing Chair is made of durable weather-resistant polyester material and PVC Novel porous materials unit, and a heavy-duty, powder coated steel construction. It also comes with a fuller pillow, armrests, footrests, and a cup holder! Being that this hanging chair takes only a few minutes to set up, offers premium strength and durability, for a ridiculously low price. There really is no better value deal on this list.

6. Yukon Outdoor Wicker Hanging Nest Chair


yukon hanging chair in outdoor space backyard

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The Yukon Outdoor Hanging Nest Chair takes over as our 7th best choice in terms of outdoor hanging chairs due to it’s beautiful woven wicker design, and cozy exterior. Another premium option, as it falls into the category as one of our more expensive items on this list, but offers the perfect combination of calm bliss, with maximum comfort, and privacy. This hanging chair offers an open basket seating that cradles you as you swing, and the scooped shape makes you feel nice and snug as you lounge about.

The Yukon also comes with water-resistant cushions, and is available in a couple of different colour combinations. While this tremendous hanging chair does offer great value, there are other similar products on this list, that are at a far lower price.

7. Gina Outdoor Fabric Swing Hammock Chair

gina hanging chair

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The Gina Hammock Chair is another amazing option for anyone looking to liven up their outdoor space. For a surprisingly low price, you can get this beautiful cotton fabric design that is incredibly strong, and is featured in a wide array of colours. It is made from larch wood, and is attached to it’s hanging bar using intricately woven ropes to add for unbeatable comfort, and style. Made with extremely soft material, this beautiful aesthetic is very breathable, and naturally resistant to static. Although, you should avoid leaving it outside for too long, as the fabric will deteriorate over time. The Gina is a spectacular option as it presents us with an extremely affordable hanging chair, with undeniable comfort, and softness features. But it also is a product that cannot be left outdoors for an extended period of time, and cannot hold as much weight as other options available.

8. PIRNY Hammock Chair Stand


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The PIRNY Hammock Chair is the strongest, most durable design on the market, as it is made with a sturdy triangular support stand that can hold up to 500 lbs! It is only available in two colors and offers up a vastly different exterior to many other items on this list, but for an amazing price, you can get a hammock chair that is built to last. It’s extremely easy-to-assemble and Is made of weather-resistant iron tubes that have a rust-resistant coating, illustrating one of the strongest hanging chairs available. This is an ideal choice for anybody with concerns surrounding weight capacity, or the overall longevity of a product.

9. Patio Watcher Hammock Chair Macrame Swing with Cushion and Hanging Hardware

Patio Watcher Hammock Chair Hanging Macrame Swing with Cushion and Hardware Kits, Max 330 Lbs, Handmade Knitted Mesh Rope Swing Chair for Indoor, Outdoor, Bedroom, Patio, Yard, Deck, Garden, Beige

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The Patio Watcher Hammock Chair illustrates a gorgeous mesh rope design, with a very easy assembly process. It comes with all the hanging equipment necessary, and with durable stainless-steel screws, spring snap hooks and chains, as well as both ceiling or wood screws to help adjust to any environment. One amazing feature about this item is that it’s tremendously stylish, clean, comfortable, and it can hold a surprising amount of weight (265 lbs).

To be used indoors or outdoors, the Patio Watcher Hammock Chair is made of 100% handmade cotton, with a classic woven-net design, and it also comes with a thick cotton ropes, and premium iron chains to allow for heavy-duty strength. For a very reasonable price, this option is available in 4 different colours, and presents a superb way to add some flavor to your outdoor space.

10. Perry Outdoor Wicker Hanging Nest Chair with Stand

peryy hanging chair gdfstudio

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The Perry Outdoor Wicker Hanging Chair has the stand included when you buy  it, so that’s a plus right off the get go. You also get to choose from 2 color options, the light brown chair or the grey/black color combination. The shape is similar to the Yukon chair above at number 6 however the design of the chair is much different. The Perry has open weaves of wicker, giving a nice flow to keep the space looking large outside. In my opinion, the reason we put this behind the Yukon is because of the open design it isn’t as comfortable as the Perry. 

The cushion however is fluffy and keeps you sitting up almost like you are on a cloud, the cushions are water-resistant so they are perfect for outdoor living. Having a sturdy stand when being a hanging chair owner is important, it improve the comfort of the chair. Just thing about it, imagine sitting in one of these chairs and not knowing if the stand is going to collapse? That would put me over the edge in discomfort. These stands can hold up to 400lbs so no need to worry!

Hanging Chairs FAQs

Now that we’ve covered some of the better options on the market, it’s time to dive into some FAQ’s when it comes to outdoor hanging chairs.

Are hanging egg chairs comfortable?

Hanging egg chairs have gotten a bad wrap over the years, as many people simply look at the exterior, and believe them to be uncomfortable to get in or out of (let alone lie in all day). However, egg chairs can be extremely comfortable, and when padded properly, and upon using the correct cushions, they can actually be more comfortable than other outdoor chairs. To help in your search, you can find comfy cushions on amazon such as the Hanging Egg Chair Cushion by Enipate.

Do I Need a Chair Stand?

Many people also wonder if it is absolutely necessary to have a chair stand to go along with your hanging chair.

The simple answer to this question is no, not necessarily. There are numerous ways you can secure your hanging chair, as long as you are aware of the weight capacity of both the chair itself and the equipment you use to keep it secured. Look to secure it to a metal or wooden beam, or something sturdy like a big tree strong enough to hold the max weight.

You can see out guide of the best hanging chairs with stands though to find one with a durable stand included.

Can I Just Buy the Chair Stand?

Yes! Absolutely you can just buy the chair stand, and there are a ton of amazing options online, beginning with the Best Choice Products Metal Hanging Hammock C-Stand!

Final Thoughts

There are a number of tremendous options available no matter your current backyard situation. Whether you are in search of a gorgeous wicker design, or a more modern steel-framed build with foam padding. We’ve got you covered.

Hopefully, we have provided you with adequate information to help you make your decision, and now all that’s left to do is fill that lonely space in your backyard.

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