10 Best Outdoor Furniture Picks for Oceanfront Properties

When living near the ocean you tend to get weather most can’t even imagine. With a mixture of sun, salt, and wind, your outdoor furniture doesn’t seem to last. The number one question waterfront homeowners wonder is whats the best outdoor furniture for oceanfront properties?

In this article, we look to answer multiple questions you might have, but more importantly, we give you a list of the best outdoor furniture options for oceanfront owners. These products are chosen simply on their ability to withstand oceanfront living.

However, if you are looking for a quick answer, the best outdoor furniture for oceanfront living is cast aluminum. Unlike steel, aluminum does not rust when exposed to salt, instead, it develops an oxidized film that must be cleaned with soapy water.

It is important to keep in mind most any metal can corrode with salt exposure, but the oxidation can be cleaned and maintained much easier than rust. Rust rapidly spreads through wrought iron furniture and other steel furniture options.

What are the Best Outdoor Furniture Materials to Withstand the Sun, Salt, & Wind?

Cast Aluminum

We already mentioned our number one pick cast aluminum above, however, the reason it makes it as the number one pick is because of its overall durability. Since it does not rust, rather corrodes, it is a long-lasting material. Furthermore, the heavyweight is much better against the wind, this means you are less likely fetching your outdoor furniture from your neighbour’s yard or looking for it in the ocean.

Other than its strong resistance to saltwater, it is still a sturdy metal that will hold up against other weathering. Sun damage is a huge issue living near the water because your furniture is getting direct sunlight, which can fade, and that ruins outdoor furniture. The best thing about cast aluminum is that it is safe against the sun from both fade and heat.

Cast aluminum does not heat up as much as other metals, which is very important for outdoor waterfront furniture. You don’t want to burn your skin from sitting on a piece of furniture, right?

Remember that regular aluminum is still a great option for oceanfront living, it is just more susceptible to blow with the wind. 

Aluminum outdoor furniture is a great option for oceanfront properties, this is mainly because cast aluminum comes at a high price tag. Unlike cast aluminum, regular aluminum is more popular, and when purchasing you are going to find more designs to make fit into your space. Just don’t forget that if not cast aluminum it will need more regular cleaning!


Plastic furniture is becoming much more of a popular choice for outdoor furniture. The durability is very strong and is very unlikely to be damaged by natural weathering. I would say it competes with cast aluminum and even wins in some situations.

The type of plastic material you use will determine whether or not the product is strong against oceanfront weathering. I do not recommend synthetic resin – wicker furniture, this furniture is beautiful but does not last as well as other plastics near the ocean. It would require a lot of cleaning and maintenance regularly.

A great choice of plastic is called High-Density Polyethylene, also known as HDPE. Many HDPE products are created from recycled plastics such as milk jugs. This makes it an ideal eco-friendly plastic option that will stay strong against all types of weather.

You can find HDPE furniture such as chairs, dining sets, and much more. Many opt metal furniture for these plastic ideas because of their simple maintenance.

POLYWOOD is a very popular choice for outdoor furniture, it is a recycled plastic material that will last a lifetime. I highly recommend it if living on the water, this material is designed to fight against this type of weathering. I will make sure to add some of their top choices on our list below. It is also heavier than other plastics making it great in locations that see wind often.

Other types of plastic furniture can also be great options, but try to stay far away from cheap plastics that crack fast and fade quickly.

Considering wood?

Wood can be a great option for outdoor oceanfront homes, but make sure you pick the right type and that its properly protected. When wood is not waterproof the water will seep into the wood and when saltwater enters the wood and dries out the crystals can actually crack the wood from the inside out.

The best wood options that you could use for outdoor use should be teak. Teak wood is more popular and easier to find when searching to make a purchase. Many boat decks are made with teak wood, which is quite the evidence for proof that it can handle salty encounters. Other wood options are available but teak is just more popular for outdoor furniture.

If you are interested in learning how wood should be treated for outdoor use read our article on How to Treat Untreated Wood for Outdoor Use. These tips can make many types of wood extremely waterproof and can even be used against oceanfront weather.

Others Materials

There are many other materials that will hold up against the tough waterfront weathering, however, they will not compare well to the cast aluminum and plastics. Many metals with any chips in outer coatings will rust in no time. If choosing metal you should try to choose one that does not rust like the cast aluminum.

When metals chip you should cover them with the proper coating to prevent rust damages.

Other metals may not be very popular choices for building furniture but they could be an option. You could see Galvanized steel, which is a method where it is hot-dipped in a thin layer of zinc to prevent rust and oxidation.

If interested check out our “What Outdoor Furniture Lasts Longest?” article, it has many great material options for outdoor living.

10 Best Outdoor Furniture Choices for Oceanfront Living

1. Odena Outdoor 7-piece Cast Aluminum Black Sand Dining Set

outdoor furniture set

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The Odena Outdoor 7-piece Cast Aluminum Black Sand Dining Set is great for those who want to get out of the house into the sunshine. When it’s getting hot it’s understandable that people will look for every chance to get out of their stuffy homes out into the fresh air and the glorious sunshine, and the perfect opportunity to do just this is meal time. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner: they’re all better in the sunshine. Food and good times go together so effortlessly, and this set makes it only easier.

The set features six chairs and a table that is just the right size, that is, neither too big or too small. It can easily fit the average-sized family or even one a little bigger, but it won’t take up masses of space either. Which is great for those who need space for other things. The chairs and table are beautifully designed with an intricate criss-cross pattern and are made from cast Aluminum, so not only do they look great you can be confident that they’ll handle whatever the weather throws at them.

I give this set an overall oceanfront rating of 9.6/10.

2. POLYWOOD Furniture

POLYWOOD NCC2280-WH Nautical Arms Chaise, White

Typically a lot of work has to be put into protecting normal wood furniture to prevent it from rotting outside. If such efforts are not made then fungi and bacteria will start to decompose the wood. The normal way to protect the wood is to coat it, but this is an imperfect solution and ultimately the coating will have to be re-applied if the wood is to survive long periods.

In contrast, POLYWOOD does not require any protection from rot. Because it’s made from recycled plastic, it’s is of no interest to hungry fungi or bacteria, and so it requires no real maintenance beyond the occasional bit of cleaning every once in a while, therefore making it an excellent substitute for real wood. That being that it’s made from recycled plastic making it an eco-friendly choice.

Polywood makes a whole variety of great products and has come along way since there start in the early 90s, but on this list, we’ll take a look at two of the most popular products they have to offer.

Find a lot of POLYWOOD options on Frontera.com/polywood, but many styles are also available on Amazon POLYWOOD store.

I give POLYWOOD an overall oceanfront rating of 9.7/10.

POLYWOOD Nautical Arms Chaise

polywood beach lounger

Pollywood’s chaise lounge is a great way to relax, and in a way, it seems only natural that for a company whose main idea has been about products that are incredibly easy and stress-free to look after.

Now besides the benefits of being made from Polywood lumber, this chaise lounge has two great features. Firstly, an adjustable backrest which makes it easy to find just the right level inclination, and secondly it can be lain flat for easy stacking, which is great if one plans to have multiple stacked for easy storage.

Also, find these POLYWOOD lounge chairs on Frontera, the Luxury Patio Living website, see their price by clicking here.

POLYWOOD Classic Folding Adirondack Chair

Polywood also offers its Adirondack Chair. This is the first item they offered and it’s easy to see why it became such a popular brand. Based on a 1938 design by Irving Wolpin, it utilizes a backward sloping seat and back to put the user in the ideal position to relax in. It is also a great looking chair and will definitely help create an easy-going relaxed atmosphere in your outdoor waterfront space.

3. Christopher Knight Home Joy Outdoor Mesh and Aluminum Chaise Lounge

Christopher Knight Home Joy Outdoor Mesh and Aluminum Chaise Lounge (Set of 2), Gray

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Not everyone is a fan of a rustic look when it comes to outdoor furniture. For those people, there is little pleasure in a piece of finely shaped casted metal and they don’t like the look of wood, or at the very least it is inconsistent with the kind of style they’ve incorporated in other parts of there homes. For them, a well-polished piece of metal gleaming in the sunshine is much more their kind of thing, and so many of the items on this list might not appeal to them, but I don’t doubt that is not the case when it comes to this set of chaise lounges.

These Christopher Knight Chaise Lounges are the epitome of contemporary style. There is no wood or ornate metalwork here. No, instead these chaise lounges are constructed with stylish silver-color aluminum frames and grey mesh making them not only very attractive looking but also very weather resistant. Take proper cleaning precautions and these chairs can last a long time.

I give this set an overall oceanfront rating of 9.0/10.

4. Crested Bay Outdoor Gray Aluminum 5 Piece Club Chair Chat Set

outdoor aluminum set

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It’s important to consider how the furniture is going to be used and who will be using it. So far in this list, we’ve looked mostly at items aimed at one or two people, which are intended to be used mostly for relaxation, but for those who need seating for a larger group and are also more interested in furniture for the sake of socialization, this set will be a much better fit. This set includes four chairs and a coffee table. The chairs are made from grey aluminum frames and feature thick dark grey and weather-resistant cushions. The coffee table is the ideal size for this and the overall look of the set is stylish and contemporary.

I give this GDF Studio set an overall oceanfront rating of 9.1/10.

5. Safavieh Newport Chaise Lounge Chair

SAFAVIEH Outdoor Collection Newport Natural/ Beige Cushion Built-in Side Table Adjustable Chaise Lounge Chair

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This chaise lounge is perfect for the person who may want to spend some time by themselves, or if you have a few pieces it’s great to hang out with friends on the waterfront.  The back of the chaise long can be adjusted to the desire inclination and It has a comfortable seat cushion.

What’s really unique about this chaise long though, is the eucalyptus wood frame.  Eucalyptus wood has a high oil content and therefore is very resistant to rotting. With only little maintenance it’ll last a long time, and as it ages it’ll develop an even darker color, and as well as being very nice to look at, eucalyptus wood is very pleasant to the touch having a soft and smooth feel with a light grain.

Eucalyptus wood can be heavy though, being roughly equivalent to the weight of oak, but that isn’t a problem with this chaise lounge, as Safavieh has been good enough to include a set of rear wheels.

As well as all the other great things about this chaise lounge there is also one last great little feature: a sliding tray for one’s drink.

I give this Safavieh lounge an overall oceanfront rating of 9.3/10.

6. Patio Sense Theon Bistro 3-piece Set

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This Patio Sense Theon Bistro Set is a great little set that looks like it would be at some quaint cafe. Of course, it’ll be just as at home in a quiet waterfront spot. The small table and chairs are perfect for someone who wants to conserve space or simply doesn’t need more space than for two. it’s a very attractive-looking set that is made from cast aluminum and features a very appealing and detailed criss-cross pattern.

The seats are a good height for the table and the set is a good choice for those who want someplace outside where they can eat and have a morning coffee.

I give the Patio Bistro Set an overall oceanfront rating of 9.5/10.

7. Modway Shore 3-Piece Aluminum Outdoor Patio Furniture Set

Modway Shore 3-Piece Aluminum Outdoor Patio Furniture Set in Silver Gray

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This Modway Shore Set is another one for those who enjoy that modern look and is similar to Crested Bay’s 5 Piece Chat Set. It also has a very square design, low profile, and a matte look, but there are some key differences with this set.

This is another set that would be good for a couple who want somewhere to relax away from everything else or just an area made to kick back and have a cocktail.

As far as the differences in appearance between this set and the 5 piece club chair chat set, this set has opted for lighter grey colors both for the cushions and the frame, and the frame has a wood grain pattern to it which is a nice extra touch.

I give this modern set an overall oceanfront rating of 9.1/10.

8. Walker Edison Furniture Company Solid Acacia Wood Patio Chairs

Walker Edison Acacia Wood Patio Chairs with Cushions in Dark Brown - Set of 2

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These Walker Edison chairs are very nicely made. Some people aren’t looking for a chair to be lounging in or something with overly thick cushions. They want something that is firm and will give them good support. Comfortable but not indulgent. This is the chair for them.

It sits neither too low to the ground nor too high and it’s made of firm but comfortable acacia wood which has the added benefit of being resistant to the weather. Cushions are included but they are not as thick as you’ll find with other sets, but that isn’t necessarily a shortcoming of this set.

Many people do not like unnecessarily thick cushions and prefer something a little firmer to sit on, thick cushions sometimes fail to stay put on chairs, which shouldn’t be a problem with this chair because of the thickness of its cushions. Also, because of the handy cushion straps included which allow you to tie it to your chair, you will not have any issues.

This set will look great oceanside and on the water, what a beautiful color wood to fit into a waterfront home.

I give these chairs an overall oceanfront rating of 9.3/10.

9. PolyTEAK Traditional Element Faux Wood Poly Adirondack Chair

PolyTEAK Element Collection Poly Lumber Wood Alternative All Weather Outdoor Adirondack Chair for Patios, Porches, Decks, and Pool Side, White

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The PolyTEAK option is another great Adirondack chair similar to POLYWOOD products. It too has a comfortable reclined design and a position low to the ground for added comfort. What is different about this one is its use of Polyteak materials. PolyTEAK is the ideal material for those who really love the idea of HDPE furniture, but want a wooden look design.

PolyTEAK is made from HDPE, but it has been finished in such a way that it more closely matches both the feel and grained look of real wood, and just like other poly lumbers it is highly resistant to weather.

I give the PolyTEAK furniture an overall oceanfront rating of 9.6/10.

10. Three Coins Cast Crossweave Cast Aluminum Chaise Lounge (High-End Option)

luxury cast aluminum chair

The Three Coins Cast Crossweave Cast Aluminum Chaise Lounge is another great oceanfront furniture option. It holds the most durability on this list, however, we must remember that the best quality comes at a luxury price tag. This top-quality cast aluminum lounge chair is the longest-lasting option on our list.

It is a good choice for those who’ve already invested in cast aluminum furniture and wanted something that’ll complement it. Cast aluminum may not immediately come to mind when thinking about furniture to relax on, but for the person concerned about weather from living close to the sea, it’s actually a good choice.

As I’ve already mentioned cast aluminum is the best material for resisting the corroding effects of the seaside air. Obviously, some people may have concerns about how comfortable it is, it is metal after all. This really isn’t something that needs to be worried about, at least with this chaise lounge as it comes with made-to-order cushions.

Another concern may be about the weight of this chaise lounge, but that is also unnecessary. This chaise lounge features a set of rear wheels, so moving it about shouldn’t be an issue. The increased weight prevents blowing in the wind so you don’t lose all your oceanfront furniture.

Overall the design has been very well thought out, and this chaise lounge should prove to be a great addition to anyone’s outdoor area.

I give this Cast Aluminum Lounger an overall oceanfront rating of 9.9/10.

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Final Thoughts

Choosing furniture for oceanfront living is not an easy task. You are looking for long-lasting quality where you purchase a piece of furniture and you can use it for years to come. That is why I wanted to put an informative article together to explain what materials are best, but also to provide you with outdoor options to choose from.

The list of ten outdoor furniture picks include sets, individual chairs, dining ideas, and more. I want to help you find something that you will feel confident in and a product that lasts.

These ideas also provide you with great tips for buying furniture for now or in the future. Whether you are looking for something today or down the road.

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