25 Best Outdoor Furniture Brands in 2024

Finding a reliable outdoor furniture brand in this day and age can be stressful. With so many manufacturers on the market, how can you know whether or not you are making an informed and long-lasting decision?

Through our expertise and direct product experience, we have compiled a list of some of the best outdoor furniture brands available so that you can find the perfect piece for your backyard or patio.

We’ll also help you think of some considerations before you jump into shopping. There’s more to buying outdoor furniture than simply knowing a good brand name- let’s get started right away!

What to Consider When Searching for Outdoor Furniture?

No matter what piece of furniture you’re shopping for, from dining table to Adirondack chair, you should consider some things before making your final purchase. Here are some of our top considerations for you to think about.

The Warranty

Buying a brand new piece of furniture with a reliable warranty from your furniture company is important. Not only can you experience issues with a brand new piece of furniture that should be covered by warranty, you may experience unexpected damage or issues that a company may be willing to cover.

It is always important to read a piece of furniture’s warranty information carefully, as warranties can be fairly easy for a manufacturer to void. However, buying an expensive piece of furniture that comes backed with some peace of mind is important for any consumer to consider.

Cushion Quality and Comfort

If you are planning on purchasing an outdoor chair or sectional, you should consider the overall cushion quality and comfort before making your final purchase. It can be difficult to determine this if you are purchasing your furniture from an online retailer, however.

The cushion quality and comfort may be discussed in online reviews, or on the manufacturer’s website. If you are able to test a outdoor furniture cushion in person, this is going to be your best way of determining whether or not it meets your quality assessment standards.

You may also consider the overall weatherproof capabilities of your outdoor furniture cushions. While comfort should take priority, you may be looking for a cushion that can resist some level of inclement weather, just in case you forget to bring them inside! The overall quality of the stitching and fabric should also be considered.

Type of Furniture Material

There is a wide variety of outdoor furniture brands on the market today, and some of these brands use an even larger variety of furniture material. Outdoor furniture is often made out of sturdy and corrosion resistant materials, such as treated wood, recycled plastic, metal, and even stone.

The type of furniture material you choose will greatly affect your ability to care for it in the future as well as its overall lifespan. If you are looking for something low maintenance, for example, you may consider metal or recycled plastic over a more high-maintenance material like teak.

The type of furniture material will also greatly affect your budget. Most recycled plastic furniture is likely to be less expensive than a high-quality wood or metal. However, you may be looking for a more refined finish like marble or seasoned wood. Just be prepared to pay for these materials.

Delivery or Pickup?

Many consumers don’t consider what it means to purchase a large piece of furniture and then have the ability to bring it home. Online retailers often offer delivery to your address, and this may be a preferred method of furniture delivery rather than picking it up from your local store.

However, furniture delivery can get expensive, especially if you have purchased a particularly large and heavy piece for your outdoor area. Some retailers offer free shipping, but some may not. While it is convenient to have it delivered right to your door, you may be spending hundreds of dollars in delivery costs.

If you plan on picking up your new piece of outdoor furniture, you will need to make sure you bring adequate muscle with you, along with a vehicle that can fit the piece of furniture in it. The last thing you want to do is load up your furniture and find that it doesn’t fit in your humble sedan!

Weather Resistance – Where Do You Live?

As I have already mentioned, weather resistance should be a huge factor when deciding what outdoor furniture you purchase. If you live in a particularly wet and rainy environment, including snowy season in the winter, you may want to seriously consider a weather resistant piece of furniture.

The same is also true for those of you living in an extremely sunny environment. UV rays can easily fade fabrics and materials of outdoor furniture, and the sun often makes plastic brittle and breakable in a short period of time.

25 Best Outdoor Furniture Brands

Ready to take a look at some of our best outdoor furniture brands? With varying degrees of both quality and price, you will no doubt find a brand on this list that suits both your style, backyard space, and budget. Let’s get started.

1. Polywood

POLYWOOD La Casa Café Dining Set, Teak

Recycled plastic furniture is all the rage these days, for many reasons, and Polywood is one of those companies to rage about. We’ve already talked about some of the best recycled furniture manufacturers, and Polywood makes the list. Let’s talk about why.

This company has been in business for just about 30 years, and their mission is to create all of their furniture using recycled plastic from the ocean. Their sustainable mission along with their 20 year warranty is enough to make any modern consumer happy.

Polywood offers just about every outdoor furniture piece you can think of, from Adirondack chairs to dining sets, to porch swings, to whole sectionals and chaise lounges. Plus, they are made in the USA and offer free shipping to anywhere in the contiguous US.

Polywood may not suit every budget, as their prices can get a bit high. However, their knowledge, sustainable mission, and overall weather-resistant products are often considered worth the cost. Give them a try if you are looking for a weatherproof and recycled plastic outdoor furniture piece.

Check out the POLYWOOD Amazon Store by clicking here!

2. Brown Jordan 

Offering a wide variety of furniture pieces in even more materials, Brown Jordan is a furniture manufacturer that is known for luxury. In business since 1945, this Pasadena, California retailer employees high-end designers with outdoor living in mind.

Their website offers a great deal of customizable furniture options, even down to the individual fabric choices and frame finishes. However, you can’t order these pieces online. You will need to seek out a Brown Jordan retail store and pick up your furniture there.

Every single piece that this company makes is backed by a warranty, but it depends on the material purchased as to how long the warranty lasts. However, given the luxury price tag and expectations that go along with such a cost, you will likely not encounter any issues getting your furniture repaired or replaced in a reasonable amount of time.

If budget is not your top concern, this outdoor furniture brands offers a great deal of unique and stylish pieces to fit any backyard. Plus, they offer just about everything, from umbrellas to mid-century modern armchairs perfect for sitting by the fire. See more on www.brownjordan.com.

3. GDF Studio

If you are sticking to a moderate budget but don’t want to sacrifice on style, check out GDF Studio. This online retailer offers free shipping throughout the USA, a wide variety of indoor/outdoor furniture, and 90-day free returns, should something not fit your outdoor living space.

The price point for this particular outdoor furniture brand is significantly more reasonable than luxury items, though this does mean that their warranty when do is much shorter. You have 90 days to return anything that’s gets damaged or isn’t suitable for your particular style, but after that window, there’s nothing to be done.

This isn’t to say that this particular brand isn’t reliable. They are backed by thousands of customer reviews and their outdoor pieces of furniture are built to last in many different weather scenarios. Speaking of furniture pieces, this website offers just about everything, from outdoor sofas and sectionals to unique acacia wood planters. See more on www.gdfstudio.com/.

4. Ratana 

Ratana, another upscale and luxury furniture brand, has been in business since 1980. They have furnished countless hotels, spas, and homes since this year of inception, and they pride themselves on their ability to build both quality pieces of furniture and long-lasting relationships with their customers.

The overall look of their outdoor furniture pieces tends to err on the timeless side of style, though they do have many modern offerings as well. They build each of their pieces by hand, using many different material types such as stainless steel, wicker, and wood.

These furniture pieces also come backed by a comprehensive warranty. However, you will need to purchase Ratana furniture from your local retailer rather than from their website. While this may be an inconvenience, purchasing an outdoor dining set that lasts a lifetime is worth it.

See more on www.ratana.com/.

5. Amazon Basics Patio Furniture Amazon Basics Outdoor Patio Garden Faux Wicker Rattan Chair Conversation Set with Cushion - 4-Piece Set, Brown

We all know that you can buy just about anything you want on Amazon, and outdoor furniture is no exception. Amazon Basics, which is Amazon’s primary retailing brand, offers a wide variety of weather resistant and unique outdoor furniture.

From string lights to hammock stands, you’ll not only find full furniture pieces like rockers and sectionals. You will also find whatever accessories you may still need for your backyard or patio. This includes a wide variety of fabric cushions, fire pits, and even outdoor heaters.

The best part about an Amazon purchase is that it shipped directly to your door and usually within two or three days. You can also expect a fair return window and a good price. However, the quality may just be so-so, depending on the products that you purchase.

See the Amazon Basics Store outdoor furniture here!

6. Arhaus 

Not only does Arhaus offer unique and high-quality luxury outdoor furniture, they offer you a commitment to sustainable and global furniture making practices. This brand partners with many international artists and companies to bring unique and sustainable furniture to you.

This brand offers some of the most unique outdoor furniture pieces I’ve ever seen, from two-seater lounge chairs and fire pits, as well as whole sectional couches that are nice enough to be inside of your home. Using recycled plastic from our oceans, this brand creates weatherproof fabric and cushions for your convenience.

While anything you purchased will be backed by a protection plan and warranty, you should know that this luxury brand doesn’t come cheap. However, you know you will be purchasing a piece of furniture that lasts a lifetime, with unparalleled customer support.

Check out Arhaus Outdoor Collections by clicking here!

7. Tropitone

Started in the 1950s, Tropitone offers a wide variety of timeless and modular furniture for your outdoor patio or backyard living area. They became well-known because of their furnishings of luxury hotels, and customers began asking where they could purchase this brand of furniture for their own homes.

Tropitone is considered a luxury outdoor furniture brands and is only found in certain retailers Nationwide. However, they offer a robust customization design program on their website so that you can choose your exact colors and finishes for your outdoor furniture.

They offer just about everything you need to furnish your outdoor space, with a commitment to sustainable practices as well as a comprehensive warranty. You can get a completely weatherproof and modular lounge sofa for your backyard patio, no problem!

See more on www.tropitone.com.

8. Crate & Barrel and CB2

Crate & Barrel and CB2 (Crate & Barrel’s more modern sister company) have been a name in the home furnishings game for quite some time. They offer a wide variety of mid-priced furniture, and have recently expanded their outdoor furniture offerings.

Between both sites, you can expect a wide variety of outdoor sectionals, dining sets, and umbrellas. They have just about everything for your outdoor living space, and you can choose between the more traditional look from Crate & Barrel or a more modern look from CB2.

You can shop this brand both in stores and online, and this company offers shipping to your door. This company is known for making pieces that last, and that remain timeless throughout the lifespan of the furniture piece. Your backyard will be complete with a unique and durable piece of furniture from Crate & Barrel.

See more on www.crateandbarrel.com and at www.cb2.com.

9. Hanover Hanover TRADDN9PCSWG-SU Traditions 9-Piece Rust-Free Aluminum Outdoor Patio Dining Set, tan,with Eight Swivel Chairs and Rectangular Glass

Offering more traditional looking outdoor furniture at a fair/upper end price, Hanover is an outdoor furniture brands with not too many bells and whistles. They are a relatively new retailer, with a website offering free shipping and comprehensive knowledge of outdoor furnishings.

They have dining sets, sectionals, rocking and gliding chairs, and much more. They have an entire section of their website dedicated to furniture that can withstand any and all weather situations, making their furniture a durable choice for the money.

Given that they are a relatively new company and an online retailer exclusively, Hanover doesn’t offer a very extensive warranty at this time. However, they do offer a 30-day return window should your furniture not meet your expectations.

Check out the Hanover Amazon Store by clicking here!

10. Christopher Knight Home

CHRISTOPHER KNIGHT HOME Burchett Outdoor 4pc Chat Set - Acacia Wood and Wicker - Teak/Mixed Brown/Beige

Available to purchase directly from their website or their Amazon store (found here), Christopher Knight Home is known for creating timeless looking outdoor furniture pieces without you needing to break the bank in order to get the look you want.

The Christopher Knight brand of outdoor furniture is unique in that it offers complete and full sets for many different types of outdoor furniture settings. They offer complete patio sets with dining, outdoor couches and lounges with fire pits, and even whole sets for extremely large backyards or group gatherings.

Their price points are reasonable, especially considering that they work with weatherproof materials and acacia wood. While their pieces may not feel entirely inspired, they are both modern and timeless. They will certainly suits just about anyone’s backyard, especially with the peace of mind that comes from purchasing a durable piece of furniture.

Plus, having the option to purchase through Amazon and get that two-day shipping and make a huge difference for many customers and homeowners. You won’t have to wait through a long luxury furniture customization process in order to transform your backyard!

Check out the Christopher Knight Outdoor Amazon Store by clicking here!

11. Berlin Gardens

Located in the heart of Amish Country, Berlin Gardens is a wonderful brand combining modern durability techniques with old-fashioned design and building practices. Given that they are based in the USA, they value customer service and their reputation highly. This makes them a great brand to consider for your outdoor furniture needs.

They do not offer online shipping, but do have their pieces available in many furniture retailers across the United States and Canada. They build their furniture out of a wide variety of materials, but primarily out of recycled plastic or polymer-based materials. This makes their furniture both highly customizable and long-lasting.

Berlin Gardens has also partnered with Sunbrella, a company well known for creating both UV and weather-resistant fabrics. This outdoor furniture brand creates all of their cushioning from Sunbrella’s reliable materials, making all of your fabric purchases durable and resistant to wear.

While this brand may not be the most affordable, it does have a lot to offer in terms of its style, comfortability, and long-lasting materials. Knowing that your outdoor sectional will last a decade or more may make the price points seem fair, especially with a US-based company having your back.

See more on www.berlingardensllc.com/.

12. Homecrest Outdoor Living 

A company that started in the 1950s because their founders wanted a more stylish and durable ottoman option, Homecrest Outdoor Living maintains their sense of traditional style and luxury today. This company saw its biggest boom after creating the mechanism that birthed the traditional outdoor swivel rocker that you find in many backyard gardens today.

Their product line is so comprehensive that you can search for an outdoor furniture piece based on material, shape, style, and color. This company claims to offer their outdoor furniture pieces as affordable luxury, making them a more ideal price point for many consumers.

Speaking of outdoor furniture, this brand offers whole sets as well as accessories, as they usually service hospitality and workplace settings. However, you can easily get a durable and timeless piece to fit in your own backyard.

The main drawback to this brand is that you can’t order Homecrest Outdoor Living furniture pieces online. You will have to seek them out in retailers nationwide. You can put in an order to replace any of your furniture accessories online, making this retailer another brand that cares about its customer base.

See more on www.homecrest.com.

13. Outer

Similarly-priced to Crate & Barrel, Outer is another outdoor furniture brand specializing in both modern and pieces of furniture. Given their commitment to weatherproof and long-lasting pieces, this brand may be worth the price a bit more than some of the other choices on this list.

Outer specializes in three materials in particular: teak, wicker, and aluminum. All of these boast long-lasting finishes and weatherproof cushion options, including a unique water-repelling fabric. The Outer Sofa is specifically designed to resist both dirt or stains and water.

This sofa is also unique and special in that it is entirely modular. You can set it up any way you like, and even have individual seats spread out across your yard if that is what you prefer. Having the option to arrange your sofa in any particular style as well as its ability to withstand rain and stains makes this outdoor furniture brand a standout in my book.

See more on www.liveouter.com.

14. Lulu and Georgia

Inspired by vintage and luxury home and hotel furnishings, Lulu and Georgia is a luxury furniture company based out of Los Angeles. However, you don’t need to visit Los Angeles in order to own one of these luxurious outdoor furniture pieces.

This company will ship your desired product to your door, and they offer a 60-day return policy. Keep in mind that shipping isn’t free, and given some of the high price points and totals of some of these products, you may be paid more in shipping then you expect.

Lulu and Georgia offers more individual pieces than sets, and they primarily manufacture indoor furnishings rather than outdoor products. However, the few outdoor pieces that they do have are true statements and works of art in many ways. You will likely not find many outdoor furniture pieces like the ones sold by Lulu and Georgia.

See more on www.luluandgeorgia.com.

15. Klaussner Outdoor

Klaussner Outdoor, a division of Klaussner Home Furnishings, started in 2014 after the indoor furnishings department decided to offer more durable furnishings. This company prides itself on being able to deliver quality and affordable home furnishings to its customers time and again, both indoors and out.

They offer both individual furniture items, such as statement chairs and lounges, or they even offer full dining sets for your backyard patio. You will find a wide variety of materials used, such as metal, waterproof fabrics, and recycled plastic.

While you can’t buy any of these pieces online, you can find Klaussner Outdoor in your local retailers after a quick search. They offer United States based customer service and comprehensive warranties for their products, and seem to be a decent value for the quality of furniture.

See more on www.klaussneroutdoor.com.

16. Yardbird

Specializing in outdoor furniture alone, Yardbird is transparent about their manufacturing, shipping, and material processes. They offer a wide variety of weatherproof materials, such as lightweight rust proof metals, all-weather wicker, and recycled plastic from our oceans.

While their overall look and feel seems to be fairly traditional, everything is elegantly finished at a reasonable price. And given their transparency about the durable materials they’re using, along with their comprehensive warranty plan, the price points is extremely fair for the quality of furniture you will be receiving.

 They offer free shipping on orders over $2,000, and this amount will be fairly easy to achieve if you plan on purchasing one of their dining sets or sectionals. Yardbird also offers covers for all of their furniture pieces so that you can maintain them season after season.

See more on www.yardbird.com.

17. Rove Concepts

A luxury brand known for sleek and modern designs, Rove Concepts offers simple and elegant outdoor furnishings for any backyard or patio. Their furniture pieces are built out of a variety of materials, including stone, metal, and high-quality wood.

Their company is relatively new, founded in the Pacific Northwest in 2011. They boast that they actively manufacture high-quality goods for the sophisticated homeowner, which means that their products don’t come cheap.

They offer everything from outdoor sectionals to statement end tables, and have even more available for the interior of your home. Their cushions are made of UV-resistant fabric and quick-drying foam so that you can feel comfortable leaving your outdoor furniture in place season after season.

See more on www.roveconcepts.com.

18. Harmonia Living

Harmonia Living started as an outdoor only furniture company, and they claim to offer a solid middle ground for consumers in terms of budget to quality. They understand the importance of high-quality outdoor furniture, and regularly use materials built to resist weather and water.

Some of these materials include high quality aluminum, recycled plastic, Sunbrella fabrics, and quick-drying foam core cushions. They also offer an attractive wicker finish, and their furniture is primarily functional and modular to promote ease-of-use.

You can bet that they are a quality furnishing company, but, while they say they are fair middle-ground purchase in terms of price, Harmonia Living does seem to be on the more luxury end of the budget scale. However, they understand the importance of customer service and offer many different warranty plans.

See more on www.harmonialiving.com.

19. Article

Started in 2013, Article is a more modestly priced furniture company while still offering a wide variety of styles and pieces. They offer just about everything you need to furnish an outdoor living area, such as sectionals, statement tables, and patio seating.

As well as offering a wide variety of styles, Article also gives consumers an option for a variety of materials as well. They offer treated wood, metals, rattan, and more. Article is one of the few companies offering stylish and modern furniture choices at a fair price.

However, the quality of their furnishings may be in question in  terms of their all-weather capabilities. This is something to consider, though Article does offer a 30-day return window if you are dissatisfied with any of their products.

See more on www.article.com.

20. Best Choice Products Best Choice Products 7-Piece Modular Outdoor Sectional Wicker Patio Furniture Conversation Set w/ 6 Chairs, 2 Pillows, Seat Clips, Coffee Table, Cover Included - Natural/Navy

Best Choice Products offers a wide variety of outdoor furnishings, including greenhouses, fire pits, zero gravity chairs, and your standard outdoor sectional. Not only can they offer you just about everything you need to furnish your backyard, they offer it to you at a budget price.

While affordability may put quality in question, Best Choice Products still has a lot to offer, especially if you are on a budget. They offer a wide variety of pieces built from corrosion resistant metals, recycled plastic, and high-quality weather resistant wicker.

They have a pretty flexible return policy and regularly takes customer feedback in stride. While they may not be the most fashionable choice, they are certainly much more budget-friendly than other retailers and even offer free shipping to your door. 

Check out the Best Choice Products Amazon Store by clicking here!

21. Bed Bath & Beyond 

bed bath beyond outdoor patio furniture

Who knew that the Beyond portion of Bed Bath & Beyond stood for outdoor furniture? They offer a wide variety of outdoor Furnishings, including patio dining sets, bistro tables, outdoor armchairs, and more. Plus, Bed Bath & Beyond is known for their affordability as well as their customer service and product reviews.

While quality may be in question with this particular brand, you can have a bit more peace of mind knowing that Bed Bath & Beyond has a large amount of customer reviews posted for each products that you look at. This means that you can make your own informed decision based on the purchases of others.

Bed Bath & Beyond also offers online purchases as well as in-store purchases, if you have a vehicle large enough to bring your outdoor furniture home with you. They have a generous return and exchange policy as well, making them a great choice for your various outdoor furniture needs.

See more on www.bedbathandbeyond.com.

22. Frontgate

A semi-luxurious furniture company that ships directly to your door, Frontgate is a more traditional outdoor furniture brand. They offer a variety of furniture pieces, such as patio sets, modular sectionals, patio heaters, and much more.

Most of their outdoor furniture is made from corrosion-resistant aluminum, weather resistant wicker, teak, and all of their cushions are covered in a water resistant material. They boast having exclusive designs from luxury designers, and they even offer you the option to design your own piece with them.

Frontgate is also an outdoor furniture brand offering a 10 year structural warranty on just about all of their home furnishings, both indoors and out. They value their customers and input, and are likely a fair brand for the price, so long as you have the budget for it.

See more on www.frontgate.com/outdoor.

23. Dear Keaton

Best described as boho or vacation chic, Dear Keaton wants your outdoor furniture to reflect a resort feel, no matter where you live or what you’re doing. Given that they have built furniture with vacations and resorts in mind, they anticipate that you have the budget to pay for semi luxurious outdoor furniture.

Most of their pieces are contemporary in style, made with bleached teak wood and wicker materials. They offer some stone and water-resistant cushioning, though the overall durability may be in question, especially given the price.

Given that the majority of their furniture pieces are built on a teak base, it will be durable so long as you continue to maintain it. However, with removable cushions, you can easily set up your outdoor furniture for success, season after season.

See more on www.dearkeaton.com

24. Ikea

ikea patio furniture

A popular home furnishing store, both indoor and out, Ikea offers a wide variety of outdoor furnishings for budget-friendly price ranges. You may have an Ikea store in your area, which is the best way of shopping for Ikea furniture, in my opinion.

Their outdoor furniture is built with small-scale living in mind, often offering modular or foldable pieces of furniture for your balcony or apartment patio. Their furniture pieces are modern, if not on the simpler side, but that is likely due to their affordable price points and general Nordic inspiration.

Ikea’s furniture always has to be assembled by hand when it arrives, as it usually comes packed in a compact box. The quality of Ikea furniture is also up for debate, but given the general low prices offered, the quality seems to be fair.

See more on www.ikea.com.

25. Home Depot

home depot patio furniture

If you are sticking to a budget and have the option to pick up furniture locally, check out your local hardware store such as the Home Depot. They offer a wide variety of outdoor patio furnishings, such as rugs, dining sets, and sectional seating.

Home Depot can offer these things at a fair price and the quality seems to be there, especially if you are on a budget. Unlike the majority of brands on this list, Home Depot can offer its customers in home installation or setup, and this likely includes complicated outdoor furniture.

Like Bed Bath & Beyond, Home Depot offers customer reviews on all of their products so that you can make an informed decision before you purchase. If you have a Home Depot locally, you can also go in and chat with the sales associates and test out the available furniture.

See more on www.homedepot.com.

Final Thoughts

Finding an outdoor furniture company that you love is easier than ever before. However, knowing that you have invested in a quality piece of furniture is also worth the wait. Enjoy shopping for the perfect outdoor patio set or poolside bed for your backyard retreat!

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