Can You Put a Smokeless Fire Pit on a Wood Deck?

There is no better way to celebrate the summer and warm months than lounging in the backyard with some friends as the sun goes down. And the only thing that makes that scenario better is a fire pit.

Fire pits have been around for ages but they have advanced over the years. Today, you can use a special type of fire pit – a smokeless one. This revolutionary type of fire pit keeps you warm and festive but also keeps you safe. But can you use them anywhere?

What Are Smokeless Fire Pits?

When a fire is not really hot enough to properly consume the fuel, smoke is produced, which causes burned particles to rise into the hot air. Secondary combustion is used in modern smokeless fire pits to generate high temperatures, effectively burning up these particles before they can escape and land in the eyes and clothing of anybody close.

It’s very hard to eradicate all of a fire’s smoke, especially when the fire is first kindled, therefore “smokeless” is a bit of an exaggeration. Think “less smoke” instead of “smokeless.” Even yet, a well-designed smokeless fire pit creates so little smoke that it almost removes the eye-burning clouds that a regular campfire produces.

Check out our full guide to learn more about how smokeless fire pits work here.

Do Smokeless Fire Pits Get Hot On The Outside?

Yes, smokeless fire pits get hot on the outside. The products used by smokeless fire pits, wood pellets, and firewood are very low in moisture and also burn quicker, and produce heat of up to 1000°F.

The majority of smokeless fire pit manufacturers have designed their devices to emit a significant amount of heat. Do not be surprised if, even with a group of five people surrounding a pit, you feel yourself gradually backing away. They can get hot to touch and the fire can produce heat that can burn you from a distance.

Can You Use a Smokeless Fire Pit on a Wood Deck?

Yes, but you’ll need a barrier between the deck and the fire pit, as well as a technique to keep the deck safe from flying embers.

The biggest disadvantage of installing a fire pit on any sort of deck is the radiating heat and potential sparks from sizzling wood. After a long time, heat stress can damage a wood or composite surface, making it brittle and susceptible to breakage.

When setting your smokeless fire pit on a hardwood deck, keep the following in mind:

  • As a heat dissipator, use stone or concrete pavers beneath the fire pit. A heat shield mat can also be purchased.
  • To further safeguard the surface beneath and capture any sparks or embers, use a wide ember mat.
  • Place the fire pit as far away from the house as feasible, at least 10 feet away.
  • To keep embers from escaping the fire pit, use a spark screen.
  • Always observe the codes, laws, and regulations of your city.

Can You Use a Smokeless Fire Pit on Composite Decking?

You can certainly place and use a smokeless fire pit on composite decking, but you should still follow the same safety precautions as a wooden deck at all times, also follow similar precautions as keeping embers from escaping the pit and placing the fire pit at least 10 feet away from your house or other backyard structures.

Can You Use a Smokeless Fire Pit under a Pergola, Covered Deck, or an Awning?

Solo Stove 27" Yukon Fire Pit Stainless Steel Smokeless Outdoor Fire Pit Great for S'Mores and Hot Dogs

Yes, you certainly can. You and your family may safely enjoy the atmosphere of a fire pit beneath your pergola, covered deck, or awning with appropriate ventilation, thoughtful placement, and common-sense safety procedures. Many people feel that putting a fire pit beneath a surface like this is dangerous. This, however, is a misunderstanding. All you have to do is follow these simple instructions:

  • Before purchasing a fire pit, check with the local or county restrictions. The usage of fire pits is prohibited in several locations.
  • Place the fire pit in the pergola or gazebo away from overhanging tree limbs, branches, or leaves. Alternatively, it might be too near to your house.
  • Allowing youngsters to be unaccompanied around the fire pit is not a good idea.
  • Ensure that your fire pit is set up on a level, stable platform.
  • If the fire pit is still blazing or contains hot embers, never leave it alone (if using wood).
  • When it comes to gazebos and pergolas, propane or natural gas are preferred, but you may use a wood-burning fire pit as long as you utilize a fire screen to keep the ash and embers contained.

More importantly, you should be aware that the heat created by the fire pit may bake, break, or discolor the gazebo ceiling over time.

How Far Away Should A Smokeless Fire Pit Be From Your House?

Fire pits should be set up on a level area at least 10 feet from any building, preferably 20-25 feet away, in a wide-open region away from low-hanging branches, woodpiles, shrubs, and other things that might catch fire if they come into contact with a flame.

What Are Some Ways To Safely Use a Smokeless Fire Pit on a Deck?

Placing Concrete Blocks Underneath the Fire Pit

If you are hoping to make a comfy little spot in your backyard and want it to be on your deck, you can do so by using a fire deck with concrete blocks underneath it.

Concrete blocks make excellent fire pits for a variety of reasons, one of which being their ability to resist extreme temperatures. They’re not as heavy as most other materials. Concrete blocks are extremely durable.

Porous concrete blocks are preferable to thick concrete blocks for fire pits because they allow steam to escape, minimizing the risk of moisture build-up and explosions. Choose a fire-resistant concrete block that absorbs heat and protects you from sparks while posing no risk of harm or hazard. Check with the retailer to see if the blocks are fire-resistant.

It is very important to make sure that whatever concrete you place is always level in order to make sure that the fire pit never tips and causes damage.

Use a Fire Pit Stand or Shield

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A fire pit stand is a device created for holding a smokeless fire pit. The stand is typically made of touch materials, such as concrete, and is able to withstand the heat that a smokeless fire pit gives off.

Using a fire pit stand or shield on your back deck is a great way to keep the wooden surface below it safe and free from the damage done by a smokeless fire pit. They are generally easy to install, although they are sometimes very hard to move and usually stay put once installed.

Use a Fire Pit Mat

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Small to big pads that function as a heat screen between your fire pit and another surface are known as fire pit mats. Read our guide on the best fire pit mats here! The fire pit pad catches the heat in its tracks, rather than blowing it down onto your valuable wood or composite material. Many types can withstand temperatures significantly higher than those found in a typical outdoor fire pit. Furthermore, the fire pit mat catches fire pit debris too ensuring your deck doesn’t burn from ash or other burning materials. 

Related Questions

Can You Use a Solo Stove on a Wooden Deck?

Yes, your Solo Stove may be used on a wooden deck. However, there are a few things to take in mind while putting one up and utilizing it on your deck.

To begin, make an informed decision. Choose a pit that does not require a stand and stands directly on the deck. Choose a model that can be used with a stand. It’s also possible to use a heat-resistant barrier on the deck.

The most important consideration is heat direction. Your deck will be heated if the heat radiates downwards. You don’t want that level of heat hitting the deck, especially when some fire pits reach temperatures of 1,000 degrees. There must be some space between the fire and the surface in order for heat to disperse.

Another issue to consider is the possibility of sparking. You don’t want the hissing, spitting, and sparks from a real fire ruining your deck. If the pit is disturbed, there’s a chance that red-hot embers will escape. You can prevent this by using a thicker barrier and only burning high-quality hardwood that is less prone to ignite.

Solo Stoves are a great choice since they are quieter and emit less smoke and sparks than many other kinds.

Can You Use a Breeo Smokeless Fire Pit on a Deck?

The Breeo Smokeless Fire Pit is not suggested for use on a deck. Gravel, pebbles, or dirt are recommended surfaces for the product. Wherever you put your fire pit, you need also put a heat-resistant surface below it to protect it from the elements. Heat shields, gravel, and sand are examples of protective materials. You should also utilize your fire pit on a level area at all times. If you cook on your fire pit, this will help protect your space from grease, as well as prevent excessive wind from swirling in and blowing sparks or ash out of the fire pit.

Do Smokeless Fire Pits Need a Spark Guard?

They do, in fact. A spark screen is required if you have a fire pit. This mesh device fits over the top of your fire pit and prevents wayward sparks from landing on you, your guests, or your patio. A fire pit spark screen also keeps you from coming too close to the open flame. They are highly recommended to prevent catching trees or your property on fire. 

Can I Use a Smokeless Fire Pit on Grass?

Yes, you can use a smokeless fire pit right on the lawn. But if you don’t make sure to fireproof and keep your yard safe, you could experience danger and serious harm to your household. The best way to avoid all damage is to lay down a mat or a substance that can prevent the spread of embers and fire.

It is vital that you rotate the fire pit often and that you ensure your grass is water regularly to make sure no chance of fire exists. A raised fire pit that comes with a spark screen is also a good idea.

Can Smokeless Fire Pits Be Used During Fire Bans and Restrictions?

Sometimes. It depends on the sort of burn restriction that has been imposed.

Usually, if there is a burn ban on campfires, a smokeless fire pit will be included because it is still burning wood with an open flame. If the burn ban permits for burning in authorized campfire rings, a smokeless fire pit may be acceptable.

It’s critical to understand the regulations of burning no matter where you are, whether you’re camping or in your own garden. These rules are in place to safeguard the environment and avoid wildfires. Before starting any form of fire, it is your obligation to learn about the existing rules in your region.

Final Thoughts

Smokeless fire pits are a terrific way to improve your backyard and create an environment that is wonderful for friends, family, or neighbors.

However, you must make sure that you follow all the careful steps and precautions laid out in order to keep your deck and home safe. It might take a little bit of work but it will be well worth it because it will soon bring forth the best hang out spot in the entire neighborhood.

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