10 Best Fire Pit Mats in 2024

So, you’ve officially ordered your first wood-burning fire pit and are already looking forward to enjoying evenings by the fire, but have you considered how you’re going to protect your deck? The truth of the matter is that flying sparks, embers, and the heat from the fire pit itself can severely damage, melt, or even set your deck on fire if it’s not heat-resistant. Fortunately, fire pit mats are the perfect solution to deal with this surprisingly common problem.

What Does a Fire Pit Mat Do?

A fire pit mat is similar to a regular mat except that it’s specifically designed with high heat-resistant capabilities. So, not only is a fire pit mat necessary for safety purposes, but it also helps to prevent flying sparks, or embers from damaging your floors.

While it can undoubtedly feel cozy to sit by the warmth of a fire and get comfortable, it can be disheartening to have to scrub away the burnt marks afterwards. Especially if you have wooden or particularly delicate floors. This is where fire pit mats come into play, as they are heat-resistant and will effectively protect you (and your deck) from getting hurt.

What Materials Are Fire Pit Mats Made Out Of?

Most fire pit mats are made with either fiberglass or fire-retardant film because both materials carry heat-resistant qualities to help protect the surface from intense levels of heat. Though if your fire pit is not standing on any legs, and sits directly on the ground instead, then you should consider firmer pads made with volcanic rock fiber or a ticker metal heat-resistant shield.

10 Best Fire Pit Mats

1. The Ember Mat

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The Ember Mat is hands down one of the best fire pit mats on the market. It’s specifically designed to stop popping embers or dripping grease from damaging the area, and it’s food-grade silicone coating ensures that the mat won’t cause any discomfort.

Plus, the Ember Mat comes with high-reflective edging for easy visibility at night, including eight stainless-steel edge grommets to reliably stake the mat to the ground. Not only that, but it allows for 10 inches of airspace between the bottom of your fire pit, and the mat itself to help prevent heat transfer to the ground surface. The Ember Mat also meets all USFS and BLM fire blanket regulations, and even comes with a 1-year warranty.

2. FirePad Deck Protector

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The FirePad Deck Protector is unquestionably one of the best fire pit mats on the market, with the use of premium materials, and world-class customer support. The mat is made with industrial-grade, high-temperature aluminized Z-flex fabric technology, which reflects 95% of radiant heat while keeping cool and staying safe to the touch.

The Z-Block fabric bottom layer acts as an impenetrable flame barrier, helping to prevent any burn marks or heat damage from accumulating. Plus, this fire pit mat has been battle-tested specifically for home use, so it can be placed at least 6 inches under the source of heat, and help to avoid any damage to the surface. Plus, the FirePad Deck Protector comes in either 24”, 30”, or 36”, all of which are approved by FAA for use in aircraft fire containment, as well as CA, and NY State Fire Marshalls for fire curtains.

3. KOFAIR Square Fire Pit Mat

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The KOFAIR Square Fire Pit Mat is another remarkably durable alternative, for a consumer-friendly price. Not only does this fire pit mat come with two dimension options (36”x36” or 38”x38”), as well as two different colours (Brown & Gray). But it’s also made of three layers of fire resistant materials; Aluminized fiberglass, thermal insulation cotton, and non-itchy silicone coated fiberglass. Thanks to these fire-resistant qualities, this fire pit mat can withstand temperatures up to 2000 degrees F, and is able to reflect 95% of heat from the patio, to help further protect your lawn or deck.

This mat also comes with a non-slip silicone coated fiberglass material, meaning that even tall fire pits, large grills, or smokers would be reliably steady on the KOFAIR Square Fire Pit Mat. Also, thanks to the aluminized fiberglass layer, and non-itchy silicone coated fiberglass, the fire pit mat is water resistant. Plus, you can easily remove oil, grease, mud and other stains from the mat with the simple use of water and a towel. Though, it’s recommended for this model to keep the mat at least 4 inches apart from the heat source (and keep the reflective side up!).

Additionally, this fire pit mat is equipped with double threads, meaning that it’s even more durable and long-lasting than some of the more popular models.

4. HOMENOTE Round Fire Pit Mat

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Sliding into our fourth spot on the list, we’ve got the HOMENOTE Round Fire Pit Mat that is incredibly versatile, affordable, and long-lasting. This exceptionally durable fire pit mat is coated with fiberglass fabric that is specifically engineered to protect your patio or deck from hot embers and fire sparks. HOMENOTE guarantees that their fire pit mat won’t tear, curl up, or crack from heat exposure, unlike certain traditional mats.

Also, the first layer of HOMENOTE floor mat is manufactured with organic silicone coating, meaning that it will help to protect against stains, spills, grease, and dirt build up. Plus, the fiberglass allows for extreme heat resistance, with the mat carrying the ability to resist up to 500 degrees F.

Not only that, but the HOMENOTE Round Fire Pit Mat is also amazingly easy to clean, transport, and store for later use. You will need to leave at least six inches of space between the fire mat and the heat source though (much like other fire pit mats).

5. Meitola Fire Pit Mat

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The Meitola Fire Pit Mat is another astounding option for anyone in search of a quality fire pit mat this year. Not only is this mat made with the perfect material, but it also features an incredible non-slip and waterproof bottom cloth to prevent it from moving. Specifically, the cushion is made with absorbent material, which can quickly absorb liquids, and avoid any serious damage caused from intense heat.

Not only that, but this mat is also very easy to clean, and install, as you simply need to place the mat in the desired location, and cut it to the exact size necessary. Giving you full control over how much area you need to cover. Plus, the cushions are made with environmentally-friendly felt materials, so you can have peace of mind with your purchase knowing that it’s 100% safe for people, pets and even plants.

6. KINGXBAR Fire Pit Mat for Deck Visible at Night

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The KINGXBAR Fire Pit Mat for Deck Visible at Night is an extremely reliable and unique option for those in search of a reasonably priced, high-quality, and long-lasting fire pit mat. This mat is made with fire-retardant and fire-resistant food-grade silicone coating, meaning that your surface will stay protected regardless of material. Specifically helping to protect against burns, heat damage, heat deformation, grease spills, cement stains, and much more.

Plus, this mat is designed to be used at night as well, as it’s decorated with four reflective strips to help illuminate the area. On top of that, this grill mat can be easily cleaned by machine washing, hand washing, or even vacuuming. The material is durable enough to withstand wear, tear, oil, and water build up.

You can even further secure the mat down to the floor, as well as store it easily, thanks to the multiple rings on the inside of the barbecue mat. Allowing for quick and easy storage and transportation. However, since this fire pit mat will not stop the heat from transferring to sensitive surfaces, such as grass or wooden decks. The fire pit mat will need to be placed at least 10 inches below the direct heat source.

7. Deckfender Fire Pit Mat

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The Deckfinder Fire Pit Mat is easily one of the most reliable and effective choices, and one of the few brands that offer full refunds on returns if you’re just not satisfied with your purchase. Which seems unlikely… This fire pit carries exceptional heat-resistant qualities, with the ability to withstand up to 1300 degrees F, as well as reflect up to 95% of radiant heat, leaving it cool to the touch.

One very nice touch that Deckfender adds in is with their handy 26-inch fire poker, ensuring that you stay at a safe distance from the heat, embers, or sparks. All in all, a masterfully designed fire pit mat that comes locked and loaded with all the necessary features to ensure a fun yet safe environment.

8. Semmiro 3-Layer Square Fire Pit Mat

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The Semmiro 3-Layer Square Fire Pit Mat is a wonderful alternative for those that are ok to spend a little more, for all the bells and whistles. This exceptionally durable fire pit mat is made with 0.5mm fiberglass aluminized film, 3mm fiberglass, 0.5 mm food-grade silicone coating, and is up to 4mm thick. Allowing the aluminum foil surface to reflect an industry-leading 98% of heat radiation, and resistant temperatures up to 2000 degrees F!

Compared to some other models on our list, the Semmiro 3-Layer Square Fire Pit Mat is 40”x40” rather than the typical 36 inches. Meaning that you’ll be getting far more coverage, without compromising quality. Once again, you will need to ensure that there is at least 6 inches of space between the fire pit and the mat. But you can also further secure it to the ground with the provided stainless-steel edge grommets. Proving specifically beneficial on windier days.

9. MGDC 39×39 Inch Fire Pit Mat

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The MGDC 39×39 Inch Fire Pit Mat is undeniably one of the best fire pit mats out there thanks to its 4-layers of protective fabrics, and incredibly easy to clean materials. This fire pit mat is made up of dual side aluminum foil, and dual-layer thick fiberglass fabric. While the Ember Mat surface layer, aluminized Fabric Technology reflects up to 95% of radiant heat up and away from your lawn, deck , or patio.

Plus, you won’t need to check if it’s the right side, since it carries the glass fiber aluminum fabric on both sides, helping to protect against burns, heat damage, heat deformation, grease spills, cement stains, and much more. Much like these other fire pit mats, the MGDC 39×39 Inch Fire Pit Mat will need to be placed at least 6 inches away from the heat source.

10. Fireproof Pros 36” Fire Pit Mat

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Capping off our list of the ten best fire pit mats this year, we’ve got the Fireproof Pros 36” Fire Pit Mat. One glowing feature with this model is that it claims to be 6x thicker than the average. Where most fire pit mats may seem relatively thin, Fireproof Pros prioritizes durability, and their models are specifically designed to be able to withstand even more extreme levels of heat.

Due to it’s three-layer protection, their fire pit mat is able to block out 95% of external heat. With the top layer of the mat being made with aluminum-fiberglass, the middle layer being 5mm fiberglass infused cotton that diffuses at 5%. While the bottom silicone coated layer works with the other 2 layers to form a near invincible fire pit mat.

As if this all wasn’t enough to convince you, this mat also features non-slip, waterproof, and extreme durability capabilities, and can withstand up to 1800 degrees F. Plus, it even comes with a handy carry bag for quick and easy transportation, as well as a reliable 1-year warranty should you run into any issues.

Fire Pit Mat FAQs

Can I use a Fire Pit on a Wooden or Composite Deck Without a Fire Mat?

Absolutely NOT! When you opt to go for a fire pit, and you have a wooden or composite deck, a fire pit mat is necessary to enjoy your fire pit with ease and peace of mind. A fire pit mat is specifically designed to withstand extreme heat, with most able to resist up to 600F.

Not only will it protect your outdoor surface from heat, and flame damage against your fire pit, but it also protects against grease cooking, stains, and spills. So, if you have wooden floors or other such delicate floors, it is paramount that you have a fire pit mat because it’s going to be very difficult to get rid of those burn marks.

Are There Alternative Options to a Fire Pit Mat?

You bet! Most people opt to go for fire pit mats because it not only adds a bit of style to your home decor, but it also helps to protect you, and your surface from the heat, embers, or sparks. With that being said, there are a ton of other solid alternatives to fire pit mats as well.

For example, if you’ve got a grass surface, then you could try using water under your fire pit instead. This very low-cost solution to not damaging your lawn will involve you lightly soaking the grass under the fire pit with water so that the grass doesn’t turn brown or wither. By continuing this process, the grass will stay damp, and won’t dry out too much, meaning that the grass stays hydrated, which will help it recover quicker from intense heat or fires.

Another solid alternative is to use brick pavers underneath the fire pit. Not only are these heat resistant, but they’re also incredibly strong, sturdy and (very) heavy, so they won’t move out of place or damage easily. Concrete also tends to work well, but concrete blocks are known to retain a lot of moisture, and when the blocks heat up enough. Steam pressure builds up but can’t escape fast enough, causing the bricks to expand and crack (sometimes even explode).

Can I Use a Fire Pit Mat Up Against a Wall to Protect the Wall from Heat/Fire?

Being that it carries all of the necessary heat-resistant qualities one would need to keep their surfaces safe, a fire pit mat is more than capable of protecting your wall from heat as well. With that being said, you will need to make sure that there is significant space between your home and the heat source. Typically 10 feet is a safe distance from your house or any structure, such as a fence or a shed.

Will a Fire Pit Mat Protect My Grass?

This will depend heavily on how low the fire pit is to the ground, but in general; yes, it would be wise to invest in a fire pit mat to protect your grass. Grass, much like wooden decks, is highly flammable, so keeping it as far away from the direct heat source as possible is strongly advised.

Firepit mats will help to add a layer of protection so that even if something does catch, it won’t spread. But to truly keep your grass in tip-top shape, then you will need to keep the fire pit elevated. Typically, adding in a few concrete blocks/pavers underneath can help to ensure that the heat doesn’t reach the ground.

Final Thoughts and Safety Overview

In conclusion, we’ve undoubtedly covered a ton of information and reviewed some of the best fire pit mats this year has to offer. Regardless of whether you’re after a larger mat, with decent safety qualities, or a compact model with more reliable safety features. We’ve got it covered in the article above.

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Anyway, now you’re all set to make an informed decision, and choose which mat is best for you. Enjoy your next backyard fire!

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