10 Comfy Fire Pit Chairs Your Backyard Needs!

Fire pits are great for hanging out in the great outdoors with friends and family. But to truly enjoy your outdoor space, you need something a little more comfy than a standard folding lawn chair. Here are 10 comfy fire pit chairs that your backyard decor needs!

Why Do I Need a Comfy Fire Pit Chair?

One thing people don’t realize is that you can spend hours sitting around a fire pit. From roasting marshmallows to having a beer, you might notice time passing so quickly. I know personally I can sit by a fire until we run out of wood to burn.

Anyways, the reason you need to have comfy fire pit chairs is because of the hours you and your family sit in them. I do a lot of work at a desk and sitting in my uncomfortable desk chair for hours can take a toll on the body. When it comes time to relax by the fire I want a comfortable outdoor chair.

Furthermore, I have family members that come over to sit around the fire and chat. Some family members have back problems and other issues, I want to give them a chair they can sit on for hours unbothered.

What to Consider When Buying a Fire Pit Chair?

Quality & Comfort

If you are looking for comfort then the quality is the number one detail your decision should be focused on. High-quality materials relate directly with the overall comfort of the chair, especially when it comes to chair cushions. However, not everyone likes thick cushions so I also included chairs without them that are durable and provide great support.

What About the Price?

Most of us take the price into consideration, but I like to think of it as what deal gives me the best bang for my buck? If you can spend a little more and receive a super comfy fire pit chair, then why not, right?

In this list of 10 comfy fire pit chairs the prices vary but remember that having a comfy fire pit area will make those long hours by the flame significantly better.

10 Comfy Fire Pit Chairs

1. Patio Sense Deluxe Coconino Wicker Chair Fire Sense 62172 Coconino Wicker Chair, Mocha Deluxe

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The Patio Sense Deluxe Coconino Wicker Chair has a lot of great features. The back of this natural half-round wicker chair is taller than some outdoor chairs, which makes it a nice choice for taller folks especially. In addition to the super thick 3-inch seat cushion, it comes with a special removable lumbar support cushion, so it’s ideal for anyone needing a bit of extra back support (or you could move it under your head or neck if that’s where you need support).

Comfortably low to the ground, this chair gives you good access to the low height of a fire pit but is still tall enough so that you don’t feel like you’re sitting on the ground. The chair’s frame is made from tubular steel for strength, but it’s light enough at 27 pounds to move around your yard relatively easily. And the stylish all-weather wicker that covers the frame, resistant to dust and breaking down, will help your chair last through many seasons of comfort.

2. Lifetime Faux Wood Adirondack Chair Lifetime Faux Wood Adirondack Chair, Gray - 60204

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Adirondack chairs are a staple of outdoor furniture. But they often don’t last over time – many types of wood do not always weather well, and sitting down onto splinters or peeling paint is not comfortable for anyone. For the classic look of an Adirondack Chair without all of the downsides, look no further than this Lifetime Faux Wood Adirondack Chair. Made from sturdy weather-resistant faux wood, it is also resistant to the fading effects of UV rays and should last much longer than a regular wood chair, with no cracking, chipping, or peeling.

The materials and shape of the chair also make it both stain-resistant and super easy to clean. And for an added bonus, the large flat arms can accommodate a beverage to make your lounging around the fire pit even more pleasant.

3. Andrae Outdoor Acacia Wood Club Chairs



2 chairs for a nice backyard design

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If you’re looking for comfort combined with the elegance of real wood for your outdoor chairs, this set of two Andrae Outdoor Acacia Wood Club Chairs might be the perfect fit for you. The frames are made with beautifully sleek real acacia wood, which is naturally durable, weather-resistant, and does not darken over time. As a testament to their durability, acacia wood was often used all over the world to make ships.

These chairs are minimalist and strong, and look quite elegant, with wide sturdy bases that really showcase the natural beauty of the acacia wood. The soft non-porous cushions are water-resistant and quite sizable, making very comfortable seats over the wood-slatted seats and backs.

4. Admiral Outdoor Wicker Swivel Rocking Chair w/Water Resistant Cushions

comfy backyard chair

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The Admiral Outdoor Wicker Swivel Rocking Chair is a uniquely comfy outdoor chair. It features plush water-resistant cushions and has a nice sturdy back and armrests, which both add to its comfort. The frame of the chair is made from strong iron and aluminum.

The weather-resistant polyethylene wicker that covers the frame is practical and easy to clean, unlike natural rattan which can degrade in the outdoors and break up. Its sturdy wicker is also lovely to look at, but this chair has a couple of other surprises as well. The best part of this chair is that it has both a swivel and a rocker on a strong circular base. With all of that adjustability, you can easily get into your most favorite position in front of the fire pit and rock comfortably.

5. LOKATSE HOME Outdoor Club Chair LOKATSE HOME Outdoor Club Chair Patio Metal Dining Sofa with Steel Frame for Porch, Deck, Poolside, Beige Cushions

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If you want a super stylish and modern look around your fire pit, consider the Lokatse Home Outdoor Club Chair. It features super plush sponge seat and back cushions for a really comfy place to sit, and the Olefin fabric covering the cushions will wear well and resist spills. In addition, the cushion covers can be removed for easy cleaning.

The minimalist steel frame gives this chair a much more modern feel than a lot of outdoor furniture. It is ergonomically designed to be super comfy, and the frame also has a powder-coated finish and is rust-resistant to give you many years of good service from this chair. Weighing in at only 21 pounds, it’s relatively easy to move around your yard as well. If you really like the look of this chair, there are other matching pieces you can add for a full patio set as well!

6. Carlson Diego Outdoor Cast Aluminum Club Chairs

backyard chairs with cushions for a comfortable fire pit seat

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For a nice classic look in a lightweight metal frame, this set of two Carlson Diego Outdoor Cast Aluminum Club Chairs are sturdy but easy to move around your yard. The frames are made of sturdy rust-resistant cast aluminum. These chairs have lovely crisscross diamond grid backs and slatted seats, as well as gracefully curving Georgian-style armrests for extra elegance and comfort.

Their corded back and seat cushions are practical, made of water-resistant polyester, but are also super soft and comfy. And for extra practicality, the cushions tie securely to the frame of the chair so they won’t shift easily while you’re sitting in them around your fire pit.

7. EVER ADVANCED Oversize XL Zero Gravity Recliner EVER ADVANCED Oversize XL Zero Gravity Recliner Padded Patio Lounger Chair with Adjustable Headrest Support 350lbs (Green)

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If you prefer the option of reclining in an outdoor chair, the Ever Advanced Oversize XL Zero Gravity Recliner is a great choice. This chair is about ultimate comfort and features a sturdy frame with triangular stability to make sure it’s safe as well. Lashed onto this with a double thickness of sturdy rope is a breathable base to lounge on ergonomically with a padded seat and back on top. In addition, the chair sports a detachable and adjustable head or lumbar cushion and extra-large armrests. It can remain upright or be reclined back for lounging, and locks in place at whichever setting you prefer from 0 to 170 degrees of motion.

If all this comfort still was not enough, this chair even has a small fold-down table attached with a built-in cupholder so you can enjoy your food and drink comfortably around your fire pit. Lightweight but strong (it can support up to 350 pounds and can accommodate people up to 6’2″ tall), it also folds up for easy maneuvering and storage, which is handy because it is not the most weatherproof of chairs – the manufacturer recommends bringing it in from the rain or extended periods of sun.

8. Christopher Knight Home Karen Outdoor Club Chairs Christopher Knight Home Karen Outdoor Club Chairs, Steel and Rope, Water-Resistant Cushions, Boho, Brown and Beige (Set of 2)

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The Lokatse Home Outdoor Club Chair are beautifully bohemian in style – you can pretend you’re at a beach resort fire pit while staycationing at home with these lovelies. Sold as a set of two, they feature rust-resistant strong iron frames with a grid back and sturdy seat. The frames are partially wrapped in naturally textured polyester rope in a bohemian woven and wrapped design for an organic look and feel. But unlike the natural rope, the polyester is much more weather-resistant and will not fray or break down as easily.

Lightweight at only 16 pounds each, they are easy to move around your fire pit. These chairs are spacious and quite strong, featuring removable weather-resistant cushions on both the back and seat. For an extra perk, the cushion covers can also be unzipped, machine-washed, and air-dried for easy cleaning.

9. Keter Corfu Resin Wicker Outdoor Loveseat 

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If you need a bit more space than a single chair can provide, the Keter Corfu Resin Wicker Outdoor Loveseat might be perfect for your fire pit seating. Made of weatherproof, heat- and UV-resistant polypropylene resin wicker, the open weave frame is extremely durable, unlike natural rattan or wicker. Because it is not made of metal, the frame will not rust and can be wiped down easily for cleaning. The loveseat is also sturdy, supporting up to 484 pounds, but light enough to be moved around relatively easily. Two corded seat cushions provide luxuriously thick comfort, and they are also weatherproof.

For an extra measure of practicality, the covers are washable for easy cleaning. The loveseat is also part of a larger set of matching furniture if you want to outfit your whole yard in the same comfortable style.

10. Kettler Roma Resin High Back Chair KETTLER Roma Resin High Back Chair

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White and pristine, the Kettler Roma Resin High Back Chair is a simple yet elegant seating solution for your fire pit area. Expertly crafted with quality in Germany, it is made from weather and heat resistant high impact resin. The slatted backrest is contoured for an ergonomic design, and the chair can be reclined in 4 different positions, locking into place securely at each one with a safety track and latch system. The white resin frame is easy to clean and can accommodate a wide range of your favorite cushion styles.

This chair folds neatly and securely for easy storage, and at only 14 pounds, it is easy to move around. Because of its nice high back, it can comfortably seat even taller people. And perhaps best of all for people that don’t like a DIY project, it arrives fully constructed with no assembly needed!

Final Thoughts

Finding comfy fire pit chairs can be difficult, you want something of high-quality but you don’t want to see them damaged from fire embers. I typically grab a blanket when heading out by the fire just to protect my chair cushions, but I think comfort is greater than the risk of damaging your chair.

I hope one of these options on the comfy fire pit chairs list was the right pick for you. Always remember that having comfy outdoor furniture is worth it. Check out our top 10 Most Comfortable Outdoor Lounge Chairs that will go nicely with your new fire pit chairs.

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