9 Breathable Outdoor Rugs to Lay Over Grass

Whether you’re hosting for a group of friends, or you’re looking to add some more life to your backyard. Adding in a stylish outdoor rug that is not only breathable but can lay comfortably over the top of grass can prove to be tremendously beneficial.

Although, the process of finding the right rug can be tricky, which is why we have come up with some common questions, and concerns, as well as our top 9 outdoor rugs.

Can You Put an Outdoor Rug on Grass?

Contrast to popular belief, you can absolutely put an outdoor rug on grass (given the right circumstances). It is 100% doable but you need to consider the materials being used to ensure that it is durable enough to withstand the elements, but also breathable enough to not damage your lawn to an unsalvable degree.

What to Consider?

How Long Will the Rug Be Over Grass?

The first important consideration is the timeline for how long you plan on leaving the rug over the grass for, typically, rugs should not be left permanently over grass as this is an easy recipe for disaster (aka dead grass). If you plan on leaving a rug outdoors permanently, you should consider ripping up the grass in the spot you desire and invest in stone or brick to lay down instead.

This way you can leave your mat outdoors for as long as you please by simply placing it over the stone or bricks, and securing it in place. However, when you plan on laying a rug over the top of the grass, then this is something that should be looked at as temporary, lasting no longer than 1 week.

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What Materials are Most Breathable for Outdoor Rugs?

The materials used in the manufacturing of these rugs is paramount if you want to understand the true value behind the product. The best outdoor rugs are crafted from quality synthetic materials that are free from toxins, safe for kids/pets, fire-retardant, stain-resistant, mildew/mold-resistant, and fade-resistant. With the best, and most breathable materials being Polypropylene, Polyester, and Nylon.

Is the Rug Waterproof?

A huge question is whether or not an outdoor rug can get wet, depending on the type of material, the rug can absolutely be waterproof.

For example, Polypropylene is one of the most highly sought-after outdoor rug materials due to its strength, and weather-resistant properties. They are made from a synthetic fiber that works well in conditions with high moisture, and heavy foot traffic. Because of its ability to absorb moisture, Polypropylene is the #1 choice for waterproof rugs.

Although, all synthetic rugs are specifically designed to be durable, and weatherproof.

Is the Rug Machine Washable?

Once again this will depend entirely on the materials the item is made with. The best washable rugs are made of Cotton, Polyester, and Polypropylene (or a combination of the three), and have a distinctly flexible feel to them (like a blanket).

If a rug is too difficult to fold in half, and can only be rolled, then it is likely not machine washable. However, outdoor rugs do not need to be machine washable as they can be hosed down for an easy clean.

9 Breathable Outdoor Rugs to Lay Over Grass

1. Prest-O-Fit Aero-Weave Breathable Outdoor Rug (Most Breathable)

Prest-O-Fit 2-3031 Aero-Weave Breathable Outdoor Mat Santa Fe Brown 7.5 Ft. x 20 Ft.

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Our top choice for most breathable outdoor rugs is hands down the Prest-O-Fit Aero-Weave Outdoor Rug. This unique build is constructed with a durable PVC-coated polyester mesh, which allows the air, and sunlight, to flow through effortlessly. It is perfect for preventing damage from the sun and fading over time.

The edges have also been hemmed to perfection, so that the mat will be effective at preventing fraying, or unraveling. Along with brass grommets to allow for easy stake-down. The Prest-O-Fit Aero-Weave outdoor mat is tremendously convenient, easy to use (and store), and affordable. Presenting the best “bang for your buck” item on our list.

2. Happybuy Blue Marine Carpet (Best Event Option)

Happybuy Deep Blue Marine Carpet 6 ft x 39.3 ft, Boat Carpet Rugs, Indoor Outdoor Rugs for Patio Deck Non-Slide TPR Water-Proof Back Outdoor Marine Carpeting Outdoor Carpet

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The Happybuy Carpet is another exceptional option for any outdoor space, as it not only illustrates one of the more durable options on the market, but also one of the more versatile as well. This unique mat comes available in 3 different colours (blue, black, grey), and 10 different sizes!

The Happybuy Carpet is made of thick polyester fiber, with a textured surface to allow for superb traction. The backing layer of the mat is also made with a waterproof TPR that is specifically built to prevent water from penetrating the surface of the mat. This may reduce its breathability, but adding small holes can make this a great option for large spaces when in need. It would be a great temporary flooring to lay over grass.

Aside from the variety of colours, and sizes you have to choose from, this item also exudes versatility through its multifunctional use as both an indoor, and outdoor rug. This amazing outdoor rug is stylish, easy to clean, and surprisingly affordable for its multitude of features.

3. Wefavor Single Layer Outdoor Plastic Rug (Best Price)

Wefavor Reversible Outdoor/Indoor Plastic Rug,Easy to Clean and Fold,Perfect for Garden, Patio, Picnic, Decking-(Grey,8x10Ft)

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Sliding into our 3rd spot on this list we have the Wefavor Single Layer Outdoor Plastic Rug for a remarkably low price. This rug is built for convenience, as not only is it one of the lowest-priced products on this list, but it also requires little to no maintenance, and is built to last for years to come.

It is also exceptional at preventing sun damage, as well as fading, as it is made of a durable, yet breathable material that will not hurt the grass over time. Showcasing this item’s immense adaptability. With a combination of amazing reviews, tremendous convenience features, and exceptionally low prices, the Wefavor Outdoor rug Is easily one of the better rugs left on the market.

4. SAND MINE Reversible Mats

SAND MINE Reversible Mats, Plastic Straw Rug, Modern Area Rug, Large Floor Mat and Rug for Outdoors, RV, Patio, Backyard, Deck, Picnic, Beach, Trailer, Camping (5' x 8', Black Grey Lattice)

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The SAND MINE Reversible mat is another wonderful option that is sure to fit any outdoor space, no matter the size, or décor. This unique design was built with durability in mind, as the rug is made with 100% polypropylene, along with premium edging that is heat-treated to avoid fraying, while still maintaining one-of-a-kind comfort.

This mat is also reversible, which in doing so will flip the color patterns, allowing you to diversify your outdoor space to match your décor, style, or personal preference. The SAND MINE reversible mat is also UV coated to protect against fading, and sun damage over time. All in all, this is a spectacular choice for anyone looking to liven up their outdoor space. Plus, it’s surprisingly affordable and easy to install!

5. VEVOR Artificial Grass Turf


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The VEVOR Artificial Grass Turf is perfect for any homeowner looking to spice up their outdoor space. The grass surface of the outdoor turf is made of a quality polyethylene, and polypropylene material, and has a soft, high-density synthetic grass layer to provide for premium comfort, and a more natural look.

The backing TPR rubber layer is there to resists high temper caused by sunbathing, and it can effectively stop the damp air (or rain) to penetrate the turf’s surface, thus keeping the mat safe, and dry.

The VEVOR artificial grass is amazingly lightweight and flexible as well so that you can move it wherever, whenever with relative ease. This unique turf rug also comes available in two different colours (brown, and blue), and 3 different sizes (6’x10’/6’x15’/6’x20’), illustrating the true value behind this incredible grass rug.

6. Santex Single Layer Outdoor Plastic Rug

Santex Single Layer Outdoor/Indoor Plastic Straw Rug,Easy to Clean Patio Mats,Perfect for Garden, Patio, Picnic, Decking (Blue,6x9Feet)

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Another exceptional outdoor rug is the Santex Single Layer Outdoor Plastic Rug, as it presents us with one of the most affordable options on the market, without the need to sacrifice quality, or comfort.

The Santex rug is thick, and durable, yet soft, and comfortable to the touch. It is amazingly stylish as well, and it comes in 3 different colours (red, green, and blue), and 3 different sizes (4×6/5×7/6×9). It is easily one of the better deals on the market, as you can get an extremely durable rug for a remarkably low price.

7. Ming’s Mark GC1 Stylish Camping Reversible Graphic Patio Mat

Stylish Camping Ming's Mark 142.153 GC1 Black/Silver 8' x 20' Graphic Mat

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The Ming’s Mark GC1 Patio Mat is another exceptional option as it is stylish, easy to clean, and reversible. This unique graphic mat is UV coated to help protect against fading, and damage from the sun, and the material is made with 100% virgin polypropylene to assist with comfort and longevity.

Though it only comes available in one size, and color, this mat carries nothing but spectacular reviews and is conveniently portable as well (folds for easy storage/comes with a carrying bag). Safe to say if you are looking for an affordable, stylish, and easy to maintain outdoor rug, then Ming’s Mark has you covered.

8. Black and White Cotton Outdoor Rug

Black and White Indoor Outdoor Rug, 5’x8’ Cotton Striped Modern Large Area Rug Soft Woven Washable Farmhouse Durable Carpet Mat for Patios Clearance Bedroom Living Room Balcony Playroom Decor

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The LEEVAN Black and White Outdoor Rug is another amazing choice for anyone in need of a stylish outdoor mat. For a conveniently low price, you can get this exceptional outdoor rug that is made with hand woven cotton that can withstand wet weather, and UV fading.

It is also stain-resistant, and specifically designed to bear high amounts of traffic, and spillage, making it the perfect addition to any patio, or backyard area. Also, this unique rug comes in 3 different styles (plaid, horizontal stripes, and vertical stripes), and 6 different sizes! So, you are guaranteed to match any one of these designs with your outdoor décor.

9. BalajeesUSA Outdoor Rug Plastic Straw

BalajeesUSA Recycled Outdoor Plastic Patio Rugs – 6x9, Orange, Yellow, Grey, Premium and Affordable, Multipurpose, Woven Plastic Straw, All-Weather and Waterproof Rug, Reversible Camper Rug

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Rounding out our list we have the BalajeesUSA Outdoor Plastic Straw Rug that is remarkably affordable, durable, portable, and easy to clean. It presents us with one of the less expensive options on the list, without needing to take away the essential features.

It is made from premium polypropylene thin straws, and can fold easily for quick and simple storage. The BalajeesUSA Straw Rug carries exceptional reviews, and perfectly rounds out our list for the 9 most breathable outdoor rugs on the market!

Tips When Laying a Rug Over Grass

Mow your lawn Short!

The #1 tip for laying a rug over top of grass is to cut your grass SHORT!

Make sure to stay on top of your landscaping duties because if you let your grass grow long then the rug will become loose, and walking on it could become problematic. It can also cause problems if you want to lay down any drinks or food as you will no longer have a level surface.

If Possible, Peg the Corners Down

This can help in case of any sudden gusts of wind, or if you plan on leaving the rug out for more than a few days. This is the best way to ensure that once you set your rug in place, it’s not going to go anywhere.

Final Thoughts

All in all, there are undoubtedly a plethora of considerations when it comes to picking out the right outdoor rug.

But ensuring that it is a breathable outdoor rug for grass without damaging your property, are the two most important aspects when it comes to investing in an outdoor rug.

So long as you take our recommendations into consideration throughout your search, you should be able to find the perfect piece to add to your outdoor space in no time!

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