Why Are Backyard Pools Screened in Florida?

Backyard pool enclosures have become increasingly popular throughout the United States. A pool enclosure looks fabulous while transforming your pool into a climate-controlled, resort-style tropical oasis.

Florida is well-known for its breathtaking enclosed pools. Why are backyard pools screened in Florida? There are a few reasons.

Pools are screened in Florida because pool enclosures provide an ideal barrier to harsh sunlight, bugs, and unwanted visitors like birds and snakes. But it’s also one of the four ways to ensure your backyard pool passes Florida pool safety regulations. 

People in Florida often debate whether it’s better to enclose a backyard pool or leave it open. There are pros and cons to every choice to consider. Keep reading…

The Pros and Cons of Backyard Pool Enclosures

There are several benefits of having a backyard pool screened, albeit some disadvantages might stop you from a pool enclosure installation.

The Pros

1. Safety features

There are screens that feature an entry handle, which is hard for kids to reach. This is crucially important for keeping kids and pets safe.  Many homeowners in Florida invest in a screen in order to prevent their kids from accidentally falling into the pool.

Since drowning is the leading death cause of kids in Florida, safety is critical during the pool installation. The Florida Legislature enacted the Preston de Ibern/Mckenzie Merriam Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act, which requires Floridians to select one of four specified safety measures when installing a pool, hot tub, or spa. The pool enclosure is one of those measures that helps pass an inspection and get a certificate of the pool installation completion.

2. Keeping the bugs at bay

A screened enclosure provides security from insects and bugs as well as snakes and birds. When you have an open backyard pool, you have to deal with all those unwanted guests. The netting is excellent so even the smallest insects and bugs, including mosquitoes, won’t disrupt your pool fun.

3. Convenience

Florida homeowners appreciate the convenience. Many of them choose screened enclosures that could be taken down, stored, and then reassembled when needed. Not all enclosures offer this type of convenience, though.

4. Simple maintenance

One of the reasons why backyard pools are screened in Florida is that it provides security both from dirt and debris. If your backyard is full of trees, installing screened enclosures will protect your swimming pool from fallen leaves dirtying the water. This means you don’t need to spend extra hours cleaning the pool – especially in the fall.

5. Sunlight and strong wind protection

Also called the Sunshine State, Florida is jam-packed with sunny days. Sunbathing is fun but harmful to your skin. The pool enclosure is designed to lower your direct sun exposure and ward off harsh UV rays.

Strong wind protection is another benefit of the pool enclosures. Florida is probably the most hurricane-prone state in the United States. Therefore, the pool enclosures in this state are produced to withstand strong winds (130 miles per hour).

The Cons

1. Price

When you have a screened pool enclosure installed, you should be ready to splurge on it. Depending on the pool size and your needs, you might find it too expensive to have a pool enclosure. Since there’s a law that requires an enclosure, you might have to say no to a swimming pool.

2. Landscaping restrictions

Depending on the size of your backyard, you might have limited landscaping options. The screen enclosure could cover a bigger part of your yard so you might need to remove some trees.

3. Cold water

Due to poor sun exposure, the water in your pool can be much colder even in summer. The pool heaters can solve this problem, but it requires extra expense.

Backyard Pool Enclosure FAQs

How much does a backyard pool enclosure cost?

On average, a backyard pool enclosure in Florida costs $6,000 to $12,000. The price depends on the deck’s size, materials, and kind of screen enclosure. In Tampa, Jacksonville, Orlando, and Miami, the price is $5 to $15 per square foot for installing a mesh screen enclosure with aluminum frames.

Is it covered by insurance?

A pool screen enclosure isn’t covered by insurance, albeit it could be included in the policy. The majority of providers tend to cover only the framing but not the screening. If the enclosure hasn’t been maintained properly, your insurer might refuse to pay, too.

Could you build a pool in Florida with no screen enclosure?

While you can install a pool in Florida without a screen enclosure, most residents choose to get their backyard pools screened. Apart from the law, mosquitos and easy cleaning are two other main reasons.

The Final Thoughts

If privacy and safety are your major points of concern, you might want to have your backyard pool screened. Florida boasts a variety of enclosure pools. The pool safety requirements are among the most common reasons for it. If you’re thinking about getting your pool screened, pay attention to the aforementioned pros and cons of it.

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