7 Temporary Outdoor Flooring Ideas to Lay Over Grass

It is a great advantage when you have a vast yard. You can do just about anything with it. You can create a Zen garden, a reading nook under a tree, a picnic area, a playground, and so much more.

Your yard can also be an excellent venue for gatherings. Whether it’s a small party like barbecue dinners and campfire with friends or bigger ones like birthday parties and wedding receptions – your yard can cater to significant events without spending so much.

However, having people over and putting furniture on top of your yard or other items it can damage your grass. That is why it’s a great idea to use temporary outdoor flooring to lay over your lawn.

Why Use Temporary Outdoor Flooring Over Grass?

There are several reasons why you should consider using temporary outdoor flooring in your yard when you’re planning to have parties or events.

As mentioned, it could protect your grass from direct contact with heavy traffic. Without a clear pathway or area to stay on, your visitors will just be walking around and applying such substantial force on your grass. This can result in compacted soil and prolonged root damage and fungal disease.

You don’t need to worry about safety because temporary outdoor floorings are safe and durable. Most of them come in a non-slip material, so there is less risk of slipping or tripping over.

Without temporary outdoor flooring over grass, people can easily slip and fall on the lawn. Especially during parties and events, many people are wearing high-heel shoes, which could sink into the ground anyways, and just in general, dress shoes of any nature are rather slippery.

Plus, most outdoor flooring is versatile when it comes to its use. You can use it as a walking path, driveway, stage, and simply as protective flooring itself. Since they come in varied materials, you can choose which one suits your taste, and that could match the theme of your party.

Temporary outdoor floorings is cost-effective. Most are easy to install, too, saving you from labor costs.

When the party is over, and you want your lush green lawn back, you don’t need to worry. Outdoor floorings are easy to clean, maintain, and store. Whether you’re just renting them from a supplier, or you bought one for yourself, you are sure that it can be used for more than a couple of parties.

What’s the Best Temporary Grass Cover for a Party?

Whether you are creating a dance floor or just a place to set up tables and chairs, the best temporary grass cover for a party would depend on the land its placed on and also the budget.

The best budget-friendly option would have to be laying plywood, carpet can easily be attached creating a true flooring feel.

Another great option for a small party would be interlocking patio tiles, they are easily the best decor option on our list. They are best used on flat ground, if not flat they will look and feel uneven.

7 Temporary Outdoor Flooring Ideas to Lay Over Grass

Here, we list down the best temporary outdoor flooring ideas to lay over grass. You can also use plywood underneath on any of these flooring options on the list to hold them together better. The plywood can create the base making it extra sturdy.

1. Interlocking Patio and Deck Tiles PANDAHOME 22 PCS Wood Plastic Composite Patio Deck Tiles, 12”x12” Interlocking Decking Tiles, Water Resistant for Indoor & Outdoor, 22 sq. ft - Brazilian Ipe

This is probably one of the best options to have. Aside from it’s easy to install, it also looks good and comes in different styles. It makes it easier for you to choose one for whatever party you have.

You can look at something like Panda Home’s Patio Deck Tiles, which is durable and easy to clean and maintain. The best part of this its base has a large sewage capacity, which means that any liquid that falls on its surface (whether from party drinks or rainfall) can easily flow through its base and out. It prevents any water from staying still underneath for too long.

If you are to use interlocking patio tiles your lawn must be completely flat or they will just sit unevenly and not be a great outdoor flooring option. Laying out sheets of plywood on a level surface is an idea on its own, but facing these over the top makes it super stylish.

2. Carpeted Plywood

wedding set up with a carpeted walkway

Did you ever think that putting carpet outdoors would be impossible? Think again.

You can roll out carpet over some plywood – simple as that. It doesn’t cost that much, especially if you already have some carpet with you. This idea is great for inside a huge rental tent outside or used and a large pathway.

Thin carpet would work best, wrap the carpet around the cardboard and staple them on tightly, this makes for a comfortable outdoor flooring over grass idea. If you want this for bigger events, you can also rent outdoor carpets to add style and sophistication to your party floor. Take a look at our recommended carpets for wooden decks here to get an idea of what would work well over plywood.

If you are looking for something really temporary you can look through our 9 breathable rugs that you can lay over grass article here. These can be placed directly on grass or on wood for a more sturdy surface, it totally depends on the yard being used.

3. Mini Wooden Decking

Mini Wooden Decking

Traditional wooden decking never grows old as it looks chic and polished.

It has a versatile look since wood never runs out of fashion when it comes to furnishings, fixtures, and floorings. Just make sure to build the decking properly to make it safe for everyone.

Any handyman or carpenter would know how to make a temporary deck that could act as a great temporary outdoor flooring over grass idea. If you use recycled materials it could be very cost-efficient, if not depending on the size the price can increase.

4. Rubber Tiles Rubber-Cal 03-122-INT-BK-4 Dura-Chef Commercial Interlock Anti-Fatigue Rubber Matting, 36" x 36" x 1/2", Black (Pack of 4)

Rubber tiles or mats are also a popular choice since rubber in itself is a non-slip material.

This is a more expensive choice since rubber doesn’t come cheap, especially when covering a large area. But if you think that you need a more durable, more shock resistant, and more non-slip flooring, rubber tiles are a great option.

You can get durable rubber-cal tiles on Amazon that are good quality and can be used in many outdoor situations.

5. Artificial GrassArtificial Grass


If you want to have a green look still but don’t want to damage your lawn, then use artificial grass as your temporary outdoor flooring.

It gives that clean impression and keeps everything dry.

Fake grass over the top of grass can be a clean and dry solution. It also keeps your guests away from any allergic reaction from real grass or insects that might be on your lawn.

Buying a large sheet makes a huge outdoor flooring area, this is great for a number of things. If kids are involved artificial grass is my recommended choice.

LITA Realistic Deluxe Artificial Grass is a perfect product and I always choose to recommend this one because you can choose over 20 different sizes. They range from 1066 square feet down to 3.3 square feet, basically, it will fit exactly what you are looking for.

6. Rental Staging

Some parties and events need a center stage. Of course, you don’t want any flat surface to highlight the ‘man of the hour’ – be it a band or the celebrant.

You can always rent staging platforms if you need one. Most popular rental staging come in a wooden platform or the premiere ones with the carpeted surface. If you want a higher stage, you can ask the supplier for a 3-step block.

Most rentals also provide outdoor flooring for a dance floor. This option can be costly with no real return. Once you spend money on the rent its gone!

7. Cassette Flooring System

elevated flooring

If you’re not familiar with the cassette flooring system, you might want to give them a try.

This outdoor flooring is sturdy, durable, and lightweight. Plus, it is suited for ground or elevated flooring. You would likely have to rent from an event company in your local area, it will likely cost more than any on this list but it provides you with a professional outdoor flooring option.

Cassette flooring is famous not only as temporary outdoor flooring but for other indoor flooring and construction as well. Professionals compare their strength and durability as concrete – but only lighter.

It also comes with flexible designs so you can choose whatever suits your style!

Lawn Care for Backyard Events

Now that you have the temporary outdoor flooring as options, the possibilities are endless for your yard. You can have as many backyard events as you want while not neglecting lawn care. If anything, this is the best lawn care solution you can do.

Once you’re done with your party and event, you can simply take them out and check on the damage of your lawn underneath. We assure you that there is less damage to worry about than not using any temporary outdoor flooring at all.

After assessing the damage, you can go on and try to do the simple fixes that you know: clean up, aerate, water, and fertilize. Then, your yard is as good as new.

If you have an area of dirt and you are unsure of what to do, these 9 Cheap Ways to Cover Dirt In Backyard are also great flooring ideas for your backyard! However, these can be considered more permanent.

So, whether you’re renting out flooring or buying your own, you know which among these temporary outdoor flooring over grass ideas suit you best.

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