10 Best Snow Roof Rakes for Snow Removal in 2024

The only positive thing about having snow accumulate on a roof is that it confirms the attic is properly insulated. Roof damage is something that can easily go unnoticed and end up costing you a lot of money to repair. As the snow melts it can leak or get into small cracks in the roof. These cracks will than expand and repeat the cycle every time it snows further expanding the cracks.

Roof blisters may form when warmer temperatures come around trapping moisture in the roof. You may even cause damage to a roof by not using a roof rake properly. Puncturing a shingle or two while removing snow is not uncommon but it can be avoided.

For this reason, I believe that choosing the right roof rake for yourself is not only necessary but a vital step in rooftop snow removal. There are numerous certified professionals that can assist you with rooftop snow removal for a price. Why spend your money on something that with the right tool can be so easy to accomplish yourself? A good snow roof rake is all you really need to do the job right and save yourself some money while you’re at it.

Manufacturers strive to make roof rakes as easy to use, assemble, and store as possible to lighten your workload. They add extra specs to avoid damage to your roof when removing snow such as wheels or rollers. Extendable poles and grip enhancers for better movement and control.

They use lightweight materials for their designs and continue to come up with even more features to better assist you in roof snow removal. No matter the shape or height of the roof. Regardless of the amount of snow, there’s a snow roof rake for the job.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Snow Roof Rake

Firstly, the best roof snow removal tool is known to be a snow roof rake. The best snow roof rakes come in a variety of sizes so picking the appropriate length for the job is important. Are you experienced or is this your first time using a roof rake? Some rakes are easier to use than others and may even have extra attachments to prevent tile damage.

Do you prefer a straight fold or curved switch rake? Plastic or metal? Plastic rakes are lighter and cause less accidental damage to your roof. Look for a rake with a telescoping slide it will allow you to have a much longer and adjustable reach. Think about grabbing an extra extension or two as well the ability to add a little more length may come in handy at times.

Having to remove snow from your roof can be a hassle. Choosing the right rake for the job, so to avoid damage while maintaining your roof, can be a bit frustrating as well. Snow roof rake manufacturers give you a lot of options to choose from and they are not all equal.

The following list of top ten snow roof rakes will surely help in easing those concerns. Each rake will have its own product description and explanation to help you make the best buying decision possible. Believe me after picking the right roof rake for you and your roof you will be singing, let it snow, let it snow all day long. With any of these ten snow roof rakes your job will become much easier.

10 Best Snow Roof Rakes for Snow Removal 2020

1. Avalanche! Snow Rake Deluxe Avalanche! Snow Roof Rake Premium 1000 Package: Easy Snow Removal Combining Complete Original 500 with Rake Head with Wheels and Adapter for Easy Conversion for Better Access to Valleys

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The Snow Rake Avalanche Deluxe Rake is lightweight and easy to use. Capable of heavy snow removal and it requires no extra tools to assemble. Just snap it together and get to work. Designed to be easy on your back by allowing gravity to do most of the work for you. The Avalanche! snow rake deluxe is ideal for every level of user. From the do it yourself a beginner to certified professionals.

The best deal for snow removal is the Avalanche! Premium Package 1000, it includes the deluxe snow rake and the original 500 rake head with wheels and adapter. The new version of the original is also on this list below, but to get a two in one deal is well worth it in my opinion.

Quick Specs

  • A traditional snow roof rake
  • 24 inches wide, 20 feet long
  • 1.5-inch wheels
  • Weight – 9 lbs.
  • Aluminum handle with a plastic rake

2. Garelick Roof Rake 

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This Garelick Roof Rake is easy to use and assemble. Garelick’s patented shingle saver roller technology helps avoid any shingle damage. Using a roof rake with wheels also makes your workload feel lighter pushing and pulling the rake. The blade and roof never physically meet thanks to these unique rollers. This rake is a lightweight and dependable choice.

Quick Specs

  • 16 feet long with 3 separate sections
  • Snowflake roller design, shingle saver rollers
  • No physical contact between blade and roof
  • Aluminum handle
  • Weight 5 lbs.

3. Garant Yukon 24-Inch Poly Blade Snow Roof Rake Garant GPRR24 Yukon 24-Inch Poly Blade Snow Roof Rake

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The Garant Yukon 24-Inch Poly Blade Snow Roof Rake has a wide-angled head to help with snow removal. Which in turn helps in alleviating some of the workloads. The blades are made from polyethylene material with smooth edges to further help protect your roof. With lightweight aluminum handle and no-slip grip, you will have a rather smooth experience clearing your snowy roof.

Quick Specs

  • 16 feet 3 inches long – 3 sections
  • 24-inch poly blade
  • Anti-slip grip
  • Aluminum handle ultra-lightweight
  • Weight 4.2 pounds

4. True Temper Telescoping Snow Roof Rake with Aluminum Handle 

cheap way to clear snow on roof

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The True Temper Snow Roof Rake has a telescoping aluminum handle and lightweight poly blade with wear strip for better durability. Featuring a push-button to enable telescoping your snow reach will make clearing at higher areas an easier task. Furthermore, with a non-slip handle grip it will make it easier to use in general.

Quick Specs

  • 17 Feet long
  • 24-inch poly blade with wear strip
  • Push-button telescoping capabilities
  • Nonslip handle
  • Aluminum handle
  • Weight 4.8 lbs.

5. Avalanche! Original 750 Snow Roof Rake Snow Roof Rake by Avalanche! Original 750 with Slide Material: Easy Snow Removal for Metal, Cedar Shake, Tile, Architectural Shingled Roofs and Solar Panels. 17 Inch Wide, 16 Feet Long, 3 Inch Wheels

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Removing snow is easy with the Avalanche! Original 750 Snow Roof Rake because it is capable of removing a ton of snow per minute and is designed to make snow removal easier on your back. Being a heavy-duty tool but having a lightweight design makes heavy loads of snow on your roof easier to remove. What’s great is its easy assembly to get clearing quickly.

Quick Specs

  • 16 feet long – 4 sections
  • 3-inch wheels
  • Fiberglass poles with steel alloy
  • Patented cutter frame
  • Weight 9 lbs.

6. Sesiwillen Roof Snow Rake Removal Tool 

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The Sesiwillen Roof Rake is very sturdy and lightweight. The high-density aluminum will never lose its form. Utilizing its wheels and wide head cutters to help reduce labor. Equiped with a durable nylon slide and telescoping pole you will see snow sliding off your roof in no time. It is capable of reaching even the hardest of places for removal.

Quick Specs

  • 20 feet long
  • Wide head cutter
  • Two 3-inch wheels
  • High-density aluminum
  • Nylon slide
  • Weight 5.5 lbs.

7. MinnSnowta Dynamo Roof Razor Snow Rake MinnSnowta Dynamo Roof Razor Roof Rake Snow Rake


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A super trusted item in the snow removal world is the MinnSnowta Dynamo Roof Razor Snow Rake, it is made from aircraft-grade tempered aluminum. Extremely heavy-duty and reliable. It has a wide and thick cutting blade capable of removing almost anything. Good for industrial work as well as residential.

Quick Specs

  • 24 feet long – 4 sections
  • 2-foot blade
  • Reinforced woven fiber slide
  • Thick blades
  • 2-inch wheels
  • Weight 11.83 lbs.

8. Snow Joe 21′ Twist-n-Lock Telescoping Snow Shovel Roof Rake Snow Joe 21 Twist-n-Lock Telescoping Snow Shovel Roof Rake w/ 6 x 25 Poly Blade – RJ204M.


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This Snow Joe Rake has an oversized poly blade head. A telescoping pole with twist and lock capabilities. Its ultra-light with an aluminum handle making it easy to use and less work for you. This easy to handle and highly durable rake will help you clear snow off your garage, house, shed, or any roof you are looking to keep clear in winter.

Quick Specs

  • 21 feet long
  • 25-inch blade
  • Twist and lock telescoping
  • Aluminum handle
  • Poly blade
  • Weight 4 lbs.

9. SNOWPEELER | Roof Snow Removal Tool SNOWPEELER Roof Snow Removal Tool - 20 ft. Reach Aluminium Roof Shovel - Heavy Duty - Easily Remove Hard to Reach Snow - Ideal for Single Storey & Cabins

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The one and only SNOWPEELER Rake has a tear-resistant snow slide to fight off the wind while working. Telescoping capabilities for longer reach and glide pads to avoid roof damage. With big commercial-grade blades capable of cutting threw anything you will clear snow and ice quickly and efficiently. It is also an easy to use snow rake that can be set up quickly.

Quick Specs

  • 20 feet long
  • 9-foot slide
  • Tear resistant slide
  • Aluminum and stainless steal
  • Weight 10.75 lbs.

10. ProValue Snow Roof Rake 

The ProValue Roof Rake is ultra-light with telescoping capabilities. It has a wide aluminum blade with bracing to help with anything that may get in the way. Telescoping handle comes with snap engagement making it easier to put together.

Quick Specs

  • 16 feet long
  • 22-inch-wide blade
  • Snap pin engagement
  • Aluminum
  • Weight 5.6 lbs.

What to Look for in A Snow Roof Rake?

When looking to purchase the best snow roof rakes for snow removal, there are a few common traits you always want to be looking for. You can think about choosing plastic over hard materials like metal since plastic is typically lighter; it can make the job a lot less strenuous. Plastic is also less likely to cause roof damage. Aluminum is also a good choice because It can be lightweight like plastic and it is a durable material too.

Plus it is less likely to cause roof damage, however, it is more likely to do so compared to plastic. If careful, all materials when used properly can have the same positive results and leave behind no damage to your roof.

Finding a roof rake with wheels or rollers reduces the chances of roof damage, instead of the rake pulling on a shingle it will roll on over it, it’s a pretty smart design. Removing snow off the roof is not an easy task but having wheels will help with heavy loads.

Assure the rake has telescoping capabilities. You will need a variety of length options when removing snow off the roof. Some places are harder to reach than others or harder to access making this option ideal for roof work.

Make sure your rake has a little curve or a slight bend in the handle, the ergonomic design will be much appreciated, trust me. This will allow for more freedom in your movement of the rake. A straight rake can only move back and forth which is not ideal for uniquely shaped roofs. Also, think about buying a few extra extensions for good measures, of course this depends on the height of your project. You may need to reach a little further at some point or need to replace a broken section of the rake.

Work Safer Not Harder

Snow usually comes with frigid temperatures and having to handle it doesn’t make it any warmer. For this reason, proper dress attire is very important when removing snow from your roof.

Snow rakes are built to be used from ground level so avoid using them any other way if possible. Make sure to take the proper safety precautions if you must do so. Standing on a roof, you are clearing can cause snow to fall and take you down. Also, do not use a ladder to reach tough areas, if snow falls while you’re on the ladder it can throw you off and it could cause life-threatening injuries.

Don’t overexert yourself when removing snow, let the rake do most of the work for you. Remove the snow in smaller size piles that are manageable for the size of the rake you are using. Work with extra caution and space when dealing with any ice formations. You wouldn’t want a solid block of ice crashing down on you or on an unsuspecting bystander.

Most importantly, always perform an inspection of the roof before and after snow removal. Look for loose or broken shingles. Holes, cracks, obstructions anything that will possibly damage the property from melting snow. Do you have trees that will get in the way? Are you clear of electrical or cable line obstruction? Maybe you need to move some things around outside your house to make a safe path for walking around. Both inspections should be taken seriously. Your safety and the quality of the job will depend on it.

Alternative Snow Removal Tools

Snow Melting CablesFrost King RC60 Heating Cables, 60', Black

A great alternative for snow removal or snow prevention is installing snow melting cables. These cables are plugged into an outlet and heat up enough to melt snow and ice on the edge of your roof. This is a great way to prevent ice dams and major damages to your roof. If you’re interested see our “5 Best Roof Heating Cables” article for more information.

My favorite heated roof melting cable is the Frost King Heating Cable, it is a constant heated cable, meaning once plugged in the temperatures are not controlled by you. They heat up once plugged in and cool down once unplugged, simple stuff.

Roofmelt ROOF ICE MELTER - 2 Pack

This 95 percent calcium chloride formula called Roofmelt is a great product to use on your roof. Along with heat cables I had this thrown on my roof to prevent snow and ice build-up. One thing about melting tablets is how easy they are to use compared to other products.

All you need to do is throw some of it on the roof, you don’t need to do any climbing. It helps melt snow and ice so your roof will properly drain the water instead of ice causing any damages or leaks.

Read our related post “What Kind of Salt Is Safe for Melting Ice on Roofs?” here.

Snow and Ice on Roof Tips

It is essential that your house is properly insulated. We all know heat rises, this means inside your home when you heat it up in the winter, the hot air is rising into your attic. Having proper insulation will keep the heat inside your home and not entering your attic. If the hot air can enter your attic but can’t properly escape you are at risk for ice dam build-up.

This is when the hot rising air melts snow on your roof and quickly freezes on your roof. It will continue to build more and more, eventually causing damage to your roof, meaning potential leaks.

How do I know about this? Well, I have a rental property that has had this issue and needed to be fixed. We had cleared the roof many times, but the leaks continued. The older home had poor insulation and we needed to fix the issue.

First insulating the ceiling of your home is a great start, but what will really help is having proper airflow in and out of your attic space. Installing a ventilation system of some sort to keep warm air from sitting in your attic will prevent ice dams and save you a lot of hassle in the future. The idea is to make your attic cool like the outside temperatures, so your roof doesn’t form ice.

Final Thoughts

Clearing snow off of your roof with one of the 10 best snow roof rakes will help with winter maintenance. Using a combination of the best roof snow removal tools such as a snow roof rake, heating cables, and roofmelt, can really keep your roof snow and ice-free.

Depending on your location snow accumulates differently. For example, in the United States, this would not apply in southern states, but more north snow accumulation can get higher meaning more snow clearing tools required. Almost anywhere and everywhere in Canada you will need snow removal tools, trust me… If you don’t get a lot of snow these tools are not as important, but if you do get tons you need a snow roof rake to keep your home safe.

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