9 Best Heated Snow Melting Mats in 2023

Winters can be exciting but most people dread snowfall due to the mess it can create. It often happens that you would not even be able to leave your house with all the snow piled up at your doorstep. Apart from being a nuisance in your day to day life, another problem it brings is that it can compromise on the safety of your loved ones. Every year, thousands of people slip due to snow and end up with severe injuries. Hence, finding a good way to keep your surroundings clean has become a necessity.

With the winters around the corner, you need to find an adequate solution to deal with the snow that bundles up at your walkways, doorstep, and stairs. Rather than investing your time and effort to shovel the snow on your own, your life would become much easier if you opt for snow melting mats instead.

Snow melting mats have only recently started to rise in popularity, and it does not come as a surprise as for a long time, people have been looking for a good solution to help them battle the snow outside their homes. All you need to do is lay the snow mat down, and you would be in awe by seeing how quickly it melts the snow upon contact. If you are thinking to purchase a snow melting mat to gear up for winters, then choosing the right ones can be a bit of a challenge considering the plethora of options you have nowadays. This is why, we have compiled a list of the best snow melting mats in 2020, to help you make an informed decision.

Why Use Heated Snow-Melting Mats?

Of course, these mats are used to prevent slippery walkways for people to walk in and ot of their homes, sheds, detached garages, and many other possible locations. These mats can be used in the most creative ways, the reason I have knowledge about them is that during the winter my family enjoyed using the hot tub, but after 20 plus cm of snow it made it difficult to make our way 10 feet out the door. I found these connectable heated mats online and ordered them as a family gift. We plug them in and made a quick snow-free path to our hot tub. It makes the winter outdoor experience so much easier.

After learning about them I had decided to get my grandparents some for their front walkway and backyard walkway, this would help them to their vehicle much easier and safer. I know to shovel and throwing salts to melt snow and ice can be a hard job, this product really makes winter easier for them.

Lastly, I researched these products online to find the best snow melting mats to make a list for people to find exactly what I was once searching for. I have read real owners saying they purchased these mats for their elderly dogs for easy access up and downstairs. There are so many reasons to buy these snow-melting mats, I know they can be expensive but they are totally worth it in so many ways.

Let’s get started on our list of the best snow melting mats this year offers.

9 Best Snow Melting Mats

1. HeatTrak Heated Snow Melting Walkway Mat

HeatTrak Heated Snow Melting Mats for Walkways - Heated Outdoor Mats - Snow Melting Mats for Winter Snow Removal - Trusted Snow and Ice Melt Products - No-Slip Sidewalk Heating Mats (20” x 30")

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HeatTrak is known to manufacture some of the best snow melting mats, and this HeatTrak Walkway Mat has everything you are looking for. The most important thing to look for in a snow mat is to make sure that it is non-slippery and this one checks the list for that.

It can independently be connected to walkways and stairways of your residence, and its customized thermoplastic material makes it fair well in terms of durability. However, there is one heads up for you and that is, it requires 120-volt power unit to operate. I recommend an exterior weatherproof outlet cover when plugging in these mats.

Key Features

  • Melts up to 2-inches snow per hour
  • Measurement of 20×60 inches making it ideal for residential use
  • Made using customized thermoplastic material
  • Power Cord sold separately – find here

2. Cozy Products ICE-SNOW Ice-Away Heated Snow Melting Mat

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This Cozy ICE-SNOW melting mat is another amazing solution for you to combat bundles of snow outside your house. It can ideally be placed outside all winters long for you to enjoy winters with comfort. This is a melting mat that competes to be the best snow melting mat on the market. It is a convenient size and it has a sturdy design with long-lasting rubber materials. In terms of build quality, this mat is completely waterproof, and it is designed for heavy-duty usage so you can use it worry-free throughout the season. By purchasing this mat, you can bid farewell to the constant stress of shoveling and salting in front of your door, each mat will always keep your surroundings snow-free.

Key Features

  • 35 x 33 x 0.5 inches dimensions.
  • Highly durable and designed with reinforced rubber.
  • Perfect to avoid slipping hazards due to non-slip design.

3. RHS Heated Walkway

RHS Heated Walkway, Non-Slip Snow Melting mat, Diamond Shape Design for Extra Traction, Safety Bright Yellow Edge, Color Black, Helps Prevent Shoveling Your Walkway, Buy Factory Direct (15" W x 10'L)See on Amazon

One of the finest snow melting mats of this list, the RHS Heated Walkway has everything that you would want from a snow melting mat. From the diamond shape design of this mat for extra traction to the safety bright yellow edges, you cannot go wrong with it. Unlike other mats on the list that usually only come in one size, that’s not the case for this one. In fact, you can choose from three different sizes to suit your needs and to provide you with a safe and clean environment. Each size option is 15 inches wide but the lengths available are 10,15, and 20 feet long.

Melting up to 2 inches of snow per hour, this mat is certainly a powerhouse to resolve all the snow-related problems outside your doorstep. If that was not enough, then this mat is also eco-friendly. Being available in long lengths it makes walkways clear from any snow and ice during winter months.

Key Features

  • Only draws 54 watts/foot 120 volts making it eco-friendly
  • Three different sizes at 15″W x 10’L, 15″W x 15’L, 15″W x 20’L
  • Bright yellow strip to easily see even during the dark

4. Summerstep Industrial-Grade Snow Melting Heated Stair Mat

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The Summerstep Stair Snow Melting Mat comes at a length of 36 x 11 inches, it is a great option to help you fight off the snow on your steps going to your front or backyard. What’s unique about stair mats is the ability to connect each one to clear away dangerous stairs. A major con that comes with stair mats is that they are not extremely cost-effective. However, even though they cost a lot per stair they provide you a safe walking environment that requires no time shoveling or ice-breaking.

In terms of height, it stands at 0.375 inches which is not too shabby, this mat sits on a stair and it is barely noticeable so you won’t have issues tripping over it. So all in all, this anti-slip snow melting mat is another great choice to clear away slippery stairs during the harsh winters.

Key Features

  • Anti-slip to help you avoid accidents.
  • 36.0 inches in length.
  • 0.375 inches in height.
  • Connectable

5. Summerstep Home Residential 10’x1′ Snow Melting Heated Walkway Mat

Summerstep Home WM12x120-RES Residential Snow Melting Heated Walkway Mat, Anti-Slip, Ideal for narrow walkways and snowy paths to hot tubs (Requires SMPC Power Cord), Black, Single Item

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This slim but long 1×10 ft Summerstep snow melting mat is ideal if you have narrow walkways such as pathways to your driveway, hot tub, garage, or a shed. On this list of the best snow melting mats, this option is the best priced for a long pathway. Similar to other mats on this list, this one also has anti-slip properties, but another twist is its durable rubber exterior. The 0.35 inches height of this mat is one of the reasons why it is perfect for compact places, plus at such a small height you are unlikely to trip up over it. As this mat is specially designed for narrow passages, it may not do as great of a job for wider areas because it is only 1 foot wide, however, it is 10 feet long making long stretches easy to reach.

Key Features

  • 0.35 inches in height
  • 1 foot wide and 10 feet long
  • Attractive charcoal black in color
  • Anti-slip and durable rubber exterior

6. SnowMeltz 25 Square Foot Heated Driveway

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Snowmeltz 25 is also ideal snow melting mat for not only the driveway but also asphalt, concrete, and pavers. What’s truly unique about this snow melting mat is that it comes along with a jumper kit, and it covers 25 square feet. If installed correctly and professionally these style mats are known to be the best snow melting mats for longevity. You can easily roll this mat out and configure it in numerous different shapes. Moreover, it also sports an automatic activator that can sense temperature and moisture and goes up to 30 amps.

Buy Powercord on Amazon Here.

But keep in mind this is no ordinary outdoor melting mat, this must be installed in concrete, asphalt, or underneath pavers, yes you heard that correctly. This is a radiant in-ground heating mat that heats from under your top surface. It is much harder to set up compared to other above-ground mats on this list. I recommend a professional to provide a guide on how to set up properly or hire them to do the job, this depends on your handyman skills.

Key Features

  • Complies all the safety standards as it is ETL Listed
  • Operational power of 37 watts/sqft
  • Easy to configure and roll out, but difficult to install in unexperienced

7. HeatTrak Residential Snow-Melting Stair Mat

HeatTrak Heated Snow Melting Mats for Stairs - Heated Outdoor Mats - Snow Melting Mats for Winter Snow Removal - Trusted Snow and Ice Melt Products - No-Slip Stair Heating Mats (10" x 48")

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HeatTrak is back on the list with another amazing HeatTrak Residential Snow Melting Stair Mat. Although it is particularly designed for stairs, it can still be interconnected to other walkway mats. The material used to build this mat is thermoplastic so it can hold the ground in terms of durability as well. You can expect this mat to melt around 2 inches of snow per hour, and you can leave it outside throughout winters without any worries. Similar to the other snow melting mat, this one also requires 120-volt power that is sold separately.

Key Features

  • Measurement of 10 x 48 inches making it ideal especially for the stairs
  • Quickly melts snow at a speed of up to 2 inches per hour
  • Durable design that enables you to leave it outside throughout the winter

8. Summerstep Snow Melting Heated Door Mat

Summerstep Home DM24x36C-RES Residential Snow Melting Heated Door Mat, Anti-Slip, Ideal Winter Safety Snow Mat; (Requires SMPC Power Cord), Black, 24" X 36"

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Just as the name of this snow melting mat suggests, it can make the outdoor area of your house look like its summertime. The Summerstep snow melting doormat comes in a rectangular shape 2×3 feet and rocks a durable rubber exterior. The dark black color of this mat gives your outdoor area a sophisticated look. In terms of height, it measures up to around 0.35 inches. The tacky and anti-slip rubber is perfect to prevent people for slipping and falling.

Key Features

  • Dimensions of 2×3 ft
  • Connectable with other snow melting mats around the house
  • Durable rubber exterior ideal for long-term use

9. Summerstep Home Snow Melting 5’x2′ Heated Walkway Mat

Summerstep Home WM24x60C-RES Residential Snow Melting Heated Walkway Mat, Anti-Slip, 120V, 310 Watts, 5ft Length, 2ft Wide, Keep your path safe and clear this snowy winter season See on Amazon

Last on our list is the Summerstep Home Snow Melting Mat. With this mat, you can make it through the snowy weather in a breeze and keep the surrounding environment clean throughout the season. This snow mat is ideal to help in keeping your path safe and clear and what’s more is that its 5 feet length and 2 feet wide. This makes it one of the largest mats on this list. In terms of thickness, this mat stands at around 0.35 inches. All in all, if you want to go for a choice that you cannot go wrong with, then this mat is going to perfectly align with your requirements.

Many users purchase this mat for a large front and/or back entrance, many use them on wheelchair ramps for easy access in and out of a property.

Key Features

  • 5 feet long and 2 feet wide
  • Anti-slip and durable rubber build for long-term use
  • Requires 120volt power to operate

Required Power Cords

Don’t forget if you are purchasing the HeatTrak mats you will also need to purchase their unique power cord that is available on Amazon or them directly. I will update when they are again available on Amazon, right now they are unavailable there.

The Summerstep power cord is available on Amazon and can be found by clicking this link here. Check to see if your Summerstep heat mat includes this cord or not because it is required for use.

Recommended Accessories

These accessories are great to purchase alongside your heated snow-melting mats. They will make the use much less hands-on and overall less work for you, isn’t that the point of having these snow-melting mats?

Thermostatically Controlled Outlet

The Cold Weather Thermo Cube Thermostatically Controlled Outlet is a perfect addition for outdoor heating snow melting mats. You don’t want your mats on when temperatures are warmer, this outlet will only turn on when temperatures reach 35°F and below. Also then it will turn off when it again reached temperatures above 45°F, making your heating mat turn on and off on its own.

DEWENWILS Outdoor Wireless Remote Control Outlet Kit

Having an outdoor wireless remote controlled outlet kit is ideal when you don’t want to go outside to plug in your melting mat.  Simply plug in the outlet kit into your selected outdoor outlet, plug your heating mat power cord into the adapter and you have a wireless controlled melting mat. Click either on or off on your remote to turn the power on or off, it is a simple way to use your heat mat!

Outlet Weather Protector Cover

ENERLITES Extra-Duty in-Use Weatherproof Outdoor Outlet Cover is a perfect way to ensure your heat mats stay safe plugged in outdoors. Winter brings a lot of snow, which eventually turns into water. It is best to avoid letting water in your outlets for many reasons, the number one reason is the dangers associated with water and electricity. You could get electrocuted and it could be lethal. Also, it can cause your outlet to cut in and out of power causing your melting mats to not work to their full potential.

Alternative Non-Heating Options?

I know a heated snow melting mat can be expensive so finding an alternative may be your only option. See these 2 options that are much less harmful on the bank account, however, they are also less effective against snow and ice.

No-Slip Anti-Slip Ice Carpet Runner Outdoor Mat

The No-Slip Outdoor Mat is a low costing alternative to using a heated melting mat. It is great to toss over snowy and icy walkways, but it does not actually melt snow away. It can be used up and downstairs which is handy, but please make sure it will not slip on the snow and ice underneath it. That would be a very painful fall!

WaterHog Eco Premier | Commercial-Grade Entrance Mat

The WaterHog Eco Entrance Mat is another alternative. this style mat is typically seen in front of commercial shops so people can scuff their feet before entering the store. However, it is a great alternative to set up at your own home instead of a heat mat. It makes for a great area to keep free from snow and also makes for a non-slippery area during winter. These mats usually have snowmelt formula on them to melt away any ice or snow. This mat is available in 15 sizes so choose to your liking.

Final Thoughts

Even those who love snow dread the idea of winters. The reason behind that is the majority of their time goes into shoveling and cleaning their outdoor area. It can without a doubt be a huge hassle and require a great deal of effort. One small investment can not only help you stay relaxed throughout the season but also, enable you to make sure that you and your loved ones stay safe. Choosing the best snow melting mats can provide you with an efficient solution to clean bundles of snow that accumulates outside your house.

This is why, we hope after going through our list of snow and ice melting outdoor mats, you will be able to find the option to suit your needs so you can enjoy your winters without any worries. Each one of these mats has its own list of pros and cons but with a little research, you can find what you’re looking for.