The 9 Best Adirondack Chair Brands

Adirondack chairs are a staple addition to any outdoor patio and make the perfect seating for summer barbeques and dinner parties. These uniquely designed chairs are a hot commodity and when made properly, will last a long time too. So, which brands produce the best Adirondack chairs?

There are nine total brands we’ve included in this guide. Each one produces excellent quality Adirondack chairs in different styles and colors. The brands listed here are popular amongst customers not only for the product itself but for their customer service too.

In this guide, we’ll cover the nine best Adirondack chair brands and what makes an Adirondack chair of good quality.

Who Makes The Best Adirondack Chairs?

The most popular Adirondack chair has to be the POLYWOOD Classic Adirondack Chair. It is available in 14 colors, it is made from recycled plastics, and it is designed to last in the outdoor elements for years. They even back their products with a 20-year warranty

So, to say who makes the best one has to be plywood because of their top-notch service along with a top-quality product. That is why you will see them ranked number 1 in our guide. With that said, the other brands on our list shouldn’t be overlooked.

What to Consider When Buying an Adirondack Chair

While shopping around for Adirondack chairs doesn’t sound like much thought is needed, it’s actually on the contrary. When looking around, you should pay close attention to the material the chair is made of, how it’s designed, and whether or not the chair is waterproof. These features are going to tell you how long the product will last and the level of quality you’re going to get with it.

Wood Vs. Plastic

The initial indicator of an Adirondack chair’s quality can be found in what the chair is made from. The more expensive and higher-quality chairs will be made from wood. On the other hand, you can easily find plastic versions that are available for a much lower price. With plastic Adirondack chairs, the price may be low but they aren’t likely to last nearly as long as a more durable wooden one.

Shape and Design

Although the general look of an Adirondack chair is the same across brands, the actual design can vary in different ways. It’s important to take note of the various designs you see and choose the one that fits your design aesthetic the most. The design and shape of an Adirondack chair can also enhance its practicality. Some designs may have built-in cupholders or an adjustable recliner option.

It Must be Weatherproof

Because Adirondack chairs are meant to be used outside, weatherproofing is a necessity. Not only will this help your chair last a long time but it also keeps it from developing mold or wood rot after heavy rainfall. In this case, plastic may be easier to take care of because you don’t have to worry about porous wood absorbing water. However, weatherproofing a high-quality wooden Adirondack chair takes only a little bit of time.

Keeping Within Budget

All high-quality Adirondack chairs will be a bit of an investment. However, you can usually find a good option for between $150-$200. Although one company may be more enticing than another, it’s always important to go in with your set budget in mind. Don’t splurge because you feel like you have to.

The 9 Best Adirondack Chair Brands

Now that you know what to look out for while making your decision, let’s take some time to cover our picks for the nine best Adirondack chair brands.

1. Polywood

Polywood was started in 1990 and was the first company to create furniture entirely from recycled plastic materials. Each chair and furniture piece made by the company is made of high-density polyethylene plastic (HDPE) and is extremely durable and resistant to weather. The company recycles an average of 400,000 milk jugs per day and they make a variety of furniture from Adirondack chairs to dining setups.

POLYWOOD AD5030WH Classic Folding Adirondack Chair, 35.00" x 29" x 35.00", White

One of the most popular products Polywood creates is its classic Adirondack chair. This comes in a variety of colors and they easily fold for storage. The seat is also contoured to ensure comfort and the chair is entirely weatherproof as well.

POLYWOOD AD420GY Modern Adirondack Chair, Slate Grey

For people who prefer a more modern look, Polywood also has a modern version of their classic Adirondack chair. Rather than the classic rounded design at the top, the chair is streamlined and rectangular. These modern chairs come in three neutral colors.

2. GDF Studio

Katherine Outdoor Acacia Wood Adirondack Recliner With Pull Out Footrest

GDF Studio is a newer online furniture store that sells a variety of home furniture pieces. They have an extensive collection of Adirondack chairs, many with unique add-ons to cater to everyone.

The Katherine Outdoor Adirondack recliner is great for setting up poolside to soak up the sun in the summer. This recliner chair is made of acacia wood and can be purchased as a single or a set. One of their best-selling chairs is their classic Milan Outdoor Adirondack Chair. This one is available in a variety of colors and can be purchased on its own or in a set.

3. Serwall

Serwall is a furniture company that makes specialty Adirondack furniture including chairs and side tables. Their products are available in a variety of different styles and colors and all outdoor products are weatherproof too.

SERWALL Adirondack Chair for Patio Garden Outdoors Fire Pit- (Folding Gray)

The Serwall Adirondack folding chair is an ideal seating choice for a patio, near a fire pit, or on a balcony. The chair has a foldable design for easy storage and comes with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee. The company also offers a more modern option that has a sharper and more streamlined look. The modern option also has the same weatherproof features as its classic counterpart. SERWALL Adirondack Chair Outdoor Classic Chair Weather-Resistant for Patio Deck Garden, Backyard Composite Chair Design- Blue

4. Leigh Country

Leigh Country has been in business for 20 years and is based in Houston, Texas. The brand boasts top quality and performs rigorous checks and tests on all of its products. They boast quality products, competitive prices, a warranty guarantee, and 30-day returns. Leigh Country Char-Log Adirondack Chair

Perhaps their most well-loved Adirondack product is the Char-Log Adirondack Chair. The Char-Log look is a signature of Leigh Country and has a weathered look without compromising the quality of the chair. Leigh Country also offers Adirondack chairs in red and white as well as an Adirondack folding table too.

5. Highwood USA

Highwood USA claims to provide “carefree backyard living” and does so by creating innovative products while delivering exceptional service too. They place a large importance on personality, teamwork, and adopting sustainable practices in their business. highwood AD-ROCCW30-RED Classic Westport Adirondack Rocking Chair, Rustic Red

The brand offers Adirondack chairs in a variety of styles, including a rocking chair. Their classic Westport Adirondack rocking chair comes in a variety of colors and is 100% made in the United States. It’s also weatherproof and contoured at the seat for maximum comfortability. Highwood USA’s Hamilton folding & reclining Adirondack chair is popular as it comes with a footrest and a built-in cupholder too.

6. West Elm

West Elm is a sustainable furniture company that does 95% of their product design in-house. They place major importance on supporting small businesses and regularly collaborate with artisans to create products. West Elm was also the first home retailer to join Fair Trade USA.

West Elm products are made with modernity in mind and that shows in their Portside Outdoor Adirondack Chair. This chair is made from moisture-resistant mahogany and eucalyptus wood and all materials are sustainably sourced. West Elm has also collaborated with our number one pick, Polywood, to make a classically designed Adirondack chair. 

7. Best Choice Products

Best Choice Products Folding Wooden Adirondack Lounger Chair Accent Furniture w/Natural Finish, Brown

Best Choice Products create high-quality furniture for a fraction of the price of other brands. They offer customer support 24/7 whenever you need to reach them. Among the most popular products, Best Choice has available is the Folding Wooden Adirondack Chair. This chair is completely weatherproof and can be used anywhere from a patio or garden to the sand on a beach.

8. LOKATSE HOME LOKATSE HOME Outdoor Wooden Adirondack Chairs Natural for Yard, Patio, Garden, Lawn

LOKATSE HOME was founded in Southern California in 2005. The mission of the brand is to remain dedicated to providing customers with style and comfort through modern and elegant furniture. The company offers free delivery, a 30-day happiness guarantee, 24/7 customer support, and multi-layer security.

Among their most common products is the Outdoor Wooden Adirondack Chair. This chair has a bare wood design and is ergonomically designed to maximize comfort. They’re also easy to assemble and are weatherproof too.

9. Flash Furniture Flash Furniture Charlestown Folding Adirondack Chair - Black - Poly Resin - Indoor/Outdoor - Weather Resistant

Flash Furniture is an online furniture store that sells far more than just Adirondack chairs. Their Adirondack chairs are made from poly resin and come in a variety of different colors. In terms of cost-effectiveness, Flash Furniture’s prices are on the lower side. However, the lower price point doesn’t reflect the quality of the product.

Their Charlestown Folding Adirondack Chair comes in several colors and comes in a classic or modern design. On top of that, you can choose to buy single seats or go for a double set. The vertical lattice design on the seat’s back is done so for additional comfort and can fold for storage if needed.

Adirondack Chairs FAQ 

Why is it Called an Adirondack Chair?

The Adirondack chair gets its name from the Adirondack mountain range in New York. It’s believed the name came from the fact that this style of chair was used for tuberculosis patients during the outbreak when they wanted to get outside for some fresh air.

What Makes an Adirondack Chair so Special?

Although this is a hard-backed chair, the Adirondack chair is special because it’s comfortable. Despite the hard construction, the recline in the seat and lattice method of the seatback optimize comfort. Adirondack chairs are easier to recline in and also leave enough space to add pillows or cushions if desired.

Why are Adirondack Chairs Expensive?

Simply put, real Adirondack chairs are expensive because of the materials used to make them. While you can find super cheap knockoffs made of plastic for really cheap, real Adirondack chairs are made from high-quality wood or polyresin. These materials are then weatherproofed to allow them to last a long time despite prolonged outdoor exposure.

How Long do Adirondack Chairs Typically Last?

As long as you take good care of your Adirondack chair and maintain it when needed, a high-quality chair can last 10 years or more. With that said, if you choose to go with a cheaper knock-off, the plastic won’t last nearly as long. If you choose a teak Adirondack chair you can expect it to last much longer. 

Parting Thoughts

Trying to figure out how to perfect your outdoor entertainment space can be tricky but a high-quality set of Adirondack chairs is the perfect finishing touch. When looking around, just make sure to choose one made of high-quality wood or polyresin and that it has weatherproof properties too.

Whether you choose to purchase from Polywood or Flash Furniture, or a different company entirely, we hope our guide has been helpful for you!

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