10 Best Teak Adirondack Chairs for Your Outdoor Space

One thing that comes with warmer weather, is the opportunity to spend more time outdoors. However, if you truly want to enjoy your time outside, you are going to need a comfortable and stylish chair to sit back and relax in. While there are countless outdoor chairs that offer reliable comfort and durability, perhaps one of the most timeless pieces of furniture is the Adirondack chair.

These chairs are renowned for their simple wooden design, sloped back, and wide armrests, making them ideal for nearby fire pits, lakeside cabins, or anywhere else in the great outdoors. With more on everything you need to know when buying Teak Adirondack chairs, as well as some of the best options currently available, we’ve put together the following guide.

What to Consider When Buying a Teak Adirondack Chair

Make Sure it is Real Teak Wood

The first thing that you will need to account for is that your Adirondack chair is made of real Teak wood. Teak is one of the best woods for outdoor furniture, and far more reliable than other woods such as pine, oak, bamboo and wicker. The reason being is that these woods are not nearly as capable of withstanding the elements, and they require a lot more maintenance and upkeep. Whereas Teak is a hardwood that is known to produce its own oil, meaning that it isn’t as easy to scratch or dent.

The issue is that not only are there different grades of Teak wood, all with their own advantages and disadvantages, but some Adirondack chairs are only ‘Teak stained’, and not actually made of real Teak wood. When it comes to outdoor furniture, there are 3 grades of Teak wood; Grade A Teak, Grade B Teak, and Grade C Teak. Grade A Teak derives from the center of the tree known as the ‘heartwood’, and can be identified by it’s golden-brown hue.

It is completely mature, and carries the highest oil content of all three grades, meaning that it has the highest resistance against the elements. While it is easily the most durable, and long-lasting, it is also the most expensive grade of Teak. Grade B Teak comes from what is called the ‘sapwood’, which is the outer and typically the greenest area of the tree trunk.

This grade of Teak is generally lighter in color and carries less oil content, meaning that it is less durable than Grade A Teak. Finally, there’s Grade C Teak, which comes from the outer sections of the tree surrounding the ‘sapwood’. This grade of Teak is the least expensive, but also the most susceptible to damage due to its inherent softness. Since it does not contain any natural oil, it is far less durable and can deteriorate quickly.

The Comfort

All Adirondack chairs are crafted from wood paneling and feature a high back that is slightly reclined, and a top that is rounded by design. That being said, there are plenty of other designs for Adirondack chairs that each come with varying levels of comfort.

For example, there are Adirondack rocking chairs that carry the same level of comfort as traditional Adirondack chairs, except they feature the rhythmic comfort of a rocker. While other designs come with a slightly curved back as opposed to the classic straight back, which may ergonomically mold to your spine better than the traditional design.

Then there are Adirondack chairs that feature oversized seats which obviously give you more space and comfort, and some that fully recline so that you can lie flat on your back with your feet extended. Simply put, there are tons of different types of Adirondack chairs, all with unique features that can factor into how comfortable the chair will be.

Additionally, wooden chairs are renowned for being hard on your backside, which is why many people opt to invest in cushions to make their Adirondack chairs more comfortable. If you do feel the need to buy cushions for your chair, make sure that the cushion fabric repels water and resists fading when placed in direct sunlight, sunbrella is high-quality well-known outdoor patio cushion I recommend.

If you plan to leave your patio furniture outside in the winter you should avoid leaving your patio cushions out as they can become damaged loosing quality, overall impacting the comfort levels.

The Price

As with any purchase, you are surely going to want to make sure that you are getting what you pay for. The good news is that real Teak wood is one of the most durable hardwoods on the market, and carries natural oil that gives it the strength and durability to last a good 60 to 70 years.

This means that even if you live in environments where the weather swings from hot to cold, and wet to dry in an instant, the Teak will not rot, crack, or break down over time. So, even though this popular wood comes at a high price, you’ll truly be getting what you pay for, and can safely leave it outside for years to come.

It’s important to keep in mind that even though you should never feel pressured to step outside of your budget, oftentimes when you invest more money into a product. You get that money back twofold with how long the item lasts. The following guide will provide you with the best quality options that money can buy!

10 Best Teak Adirondack Chairs

1. Brindley Santa Fe Teak Adirondack Chair (Best Overall) Brindley Santa Fe Teak Adirondack Chair, Weight Capacity: 300, Premium Materials: Natural Hardwoods

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Sliding into our first spot on the list we have the Brindley Santa Fe Teak Adirondack Chair. This rock-solid design is made from Grade A Teak wood that has been harvested from government managed legal teak plantations, and features a rolled front for comfort behind the knees.

Additionally, it’s bolstered with stainless and weather-resistant hardware for additional support, and features a curved back which is situated at a comfortable angle. Moreover, the chair comes with a reliable 300-pound weight capacity, and a natural hardwood finish that is stunning and timeless.

2. Cambridge Casual Indonesian Arie Adirondack Chair (Best Price) Cambridge Casual Indonesian Arie Adirondack Chair, Natural Teak

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Next up we’ve got the Cambridge Casual Indonesian Arie Adirondack Chair. This gorgeous design has been carefully crafted with superior Indonesian Teak wood, which is a strong and robust hardwood that is renowned for its natural teak grain and exotic appearance. Furthermore, this solid-Teak Adirondack chair is weather-resistant, and features a wider seating space so that you can lounge in comfort.

On top of all this, the chair features contoured seating and a perfect ergonomic design, so there’s no need for additional cushions in order to relax for hours on end. Plus, the Cambridge Casual Indonesia Arie Adirondack Chair comes with a 250-pound weight capacity, and stands as one of the more affordable chairs on the market.

3. Anderson Teak Adirondack Lounger Anderson Teak Adirondack with Ottoman, Natural

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This unique lounger design is another tremendous alternative for those in search of comfort that lasts. The Anderson Teak Adirondack Lounger features a deep curved seat, low flat arms, and is perfectly matched with a sturdy ottoman to help make this one of the finest and most comfortable chairs on the market.

Fully assembled in it’s ‘Natural’ unfinished state, this beautiful Adirondack chair is constructed with extra-thick Grade A quality Teak wood that is built to last for generations to come. As well as marine grade brass and stainless steel fitting that is weather-resistant, and long-lasting.

On top of all this, the Teak wood is kiln dried, and plantation grown from the legal and renewable sources in Indonesia. Made only from high-quality materials and hardware that has been assembled using the traditional method of mortise and tenon joints with teak wood dowels for increased performance and longevity.

4. TITAN GREAT OUTDOORS Grade A Teak Adirondack Rocking Chair TITAN GREAT OUTDOORS Grade A Teak Adirondack Rocking Chair Indoor Outdoor Patio Solid Wood

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Another astounding choice is the TITAN GREAT OUTDOORS Grade A Teak Adirondack Rocking Chair. This solid rocker is handcrafted with high-quality materials and superior craftsmanship that makes it able to withstand the elements for years to come. Moreover, this heavy-duty design comes with solid brass hardware as well as powerful wooden dowels which help to ensure that you’ll be able to enjoy it’s natural beauty for generations.

Plus, all of the Teak is legally sourced, and sanded down by hand, as well as meticulously measured to ensure a smooth feel, and precise fit. On top of all this, this teak Adirondack rocking chair is able to withstand unfavorable climate conditions thanks to its Grade A Teak construction, and reinforced back slats.

5. Windsor’s Premium Grade A Teak Adirondack Chair Windsor's Premium Grade A Teak from Indonesian Plantations, Adirondack Chair 28"/40lbs Chair, 5 Yr Warranty, Teak Lasts A Lifetime!

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The Windsor’s Premium Grade A Teak Adirondack Chair is another stunning design that features a high-quality build, and incredibly durable construction. This unique Adirondack chair features superior craftsmanship with machine-made mortise and tenon joints that help to provide maximum longevity. As well as marine grade stainless-steel hardware and chrome finished marine grade brass for additional support.

Furthermore, the Teak wood is kiln-dried before construction to an optimal moisture content of 8-12%, in order to help reduce cracking, splitting, and warping. Plus, it’s even backed with an incredible 5-year warranty. So, not only is this Adirondack chair absolutely breathtaking, but it is also guaranteed to last for generations to come. 

6. Niagara Teak Adirondack Armchair NTCH006 Niagara Teak Adirondack Arm Chair by Niagara Furniture

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Next up we’ve got the Niagara Teak Adirondack Armchair. This rock-solid design is not only completely foldable, so that you can keep it safely stored away when it’s not in use. But it’s also an extremely versatile product that is completely suitable for both indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Featuring a straight-line design in the back, the entire chair is constructed from the finest grade of Teak wood (Grade A), and handcrafted by skilled and experienced artisans. Plus, it features a sturdy high back for increased support, as well as deep contoured seating for you to kick your feet up, and relax for hours.

7. Jaime Teak Adirondack Chair Jaime Teak Adirondack Chair, Extra Dimension Provides More Room and Comfort, Overall: 37'' H x 31'' W x 37.5'' D

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Another extremely versatile and gorgeous alternative is the Jaime Teak Adirondack Chair. This unique design masterfully combines the rickly-stained Teak wood, with the all-weather wicker to help create a truly one-of-a-kind Adirondack chair. With the deeply contoured back, wide arms, and curved seat, you don’t have to look far to see the value that flows through the product.

Plus, it is reinforced with stainless steel and brass hardware, as well as mortise and tenon joints to help ensure maximum sturdiness for years to come. Not to mention the fact that the entire piece has been finely sanded down to form a naturally smooth feel, and the added thickness to certain parts gives off an especially unique level of strength and durability.

8. Westminster Teak Adirondack Chair Westminster Teak Adirondack Chair

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The Westminster Teak Adirondack Chair is an especially unique set that not only comes with the classic slanted back, low seating, and wide flat armrests. But it even comes with the matching ottoman foot rest as well. This exclusive design distinguishes itself from traditional Adirondack chairs in that it has especially contoured seating in both the backrest and the accompanying footstool.

While the entire piece is built with 100% Grade A Teak wood that has been harvested from sustainable plantations in Indonesia, and is reinforced with mortise and tenon joints for additional support. Plus, the Westminster Teak Adirondack Chair has even been quality rated as the ‘Best Overall’ by the Wall Street Journal!

9. KingRattan All Natural Teak Wood Adirondack Chair All Natural Top Grade Genuine Teak Wood Adirondack Chair and Ottoman 2-PC Set with Sunbrella Cushion

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Next up we have the KingRattan All Natural Teak Wood Adirondack Chair. First and foremost, this beautiful chair is made from Grade A Teak wood that is plantation grown from Indonesia, and is backed with incredibly durable brass hardware for additional support.

Furthermore, the entire set comes with the ergonomically designed, wide-armed Adirondack chair, as well as the matching ottoman, and even a supremely comfortable Sunbrella Canvas Jockey Red cushion. All in all forming one of the most comfortable, and long-lasting Adirondack chairs on the market. 

10. Ernie Teak Adirondack Chair Ernie Teak Adirondack Chair, Mortise and Tenon Joint Construction ensures Extremely Sturdy Furniture, Warranty Length: 5 Years

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Finally, we’ve got the Ernie Teak Adirondack Chair. This deep-seated, wide-back design is reliably constructed with mortise and tenon joints to help ensure maximum durability. Furthermore, the premium design offers a deeply contoured back, wide arms, and a dangerously comfortable curved seat.

On top of this, the chair has been constructed with Grade A, plantation grown, premium Teak wood that is incredibly solid, and built to last. Plus, it carries an impressive 300-pound weight capacity, and is backed with a 5-year warranty. What’s not to love about the Ernie Teak Adirondack Chair!

3 Alternative Teak Adirondack Options

As previously mentioned, Teak wood is one of the finest woods in the world for manufacturing outdoor furniture. However, because it is so popular, over-exploitation of this fine wood has turned it into a scarce commodity in the world today. Not to mention the fact that it is extraordinarily expensive and, in some countries, the trading and use of Teak wood is even illegal.

Luckily, there are some fantastic alternatives to Teak wood for those in search of a quality and long-lasting Adirondack chair. Some of which are included below;

POLYWOOD Adirondack Chairs POLYWOOD AD4030GY Classic Outdoor Adirondack Chair, Slate Grey

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Polywood is undoubtedly one of the best alternatives to Teak when it comes to Adirondack chairs because it is guaranteed to last just as long, but for a fraction of the cost. Polywood is generally made of 100% recycled products, such as milk jugs and other landfill-bound, or ocean-bound plastics, making it a more eco-friendly method for building furniture. As well as high-density polyethylene plastic (HDPE), which is incredibly durable, replicating the strength of other high quality lumbers.

When it comes down to the best Polywood alternative, look no further than the POLYWOOD Adirondack Chair. Firstly, since this chair is made up of proprietary materials, it is not only eco-friendly, but also remarkably easy to clean with the simple use of soap, and water.

Additionally, this chair is entirely weatherproof, and is able to withstand a range of severe climates, including hot sunny environments, and cold winters. Plus, this particular model is reinforced with marine grade quality hardware, and comes available in up to 14 stunning colors.

Best Choice Products Folding Wooden Adirondack Best Choice Products Folding Wooden Adirondack Lounger Chair Accent Furniture w/Natural Finish, Brown

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Another astounding alternative is the Best Choice Products Folding Wood Adirondack chair. This classic design is made from natural Hemlock wood, and features the patented large seat, tall backrest, and wide armrests that made the Adirondack chair so desirable.

Furthermore, this specific model can fold up easily for simple storage and portability, and is built with a natural wood finish that is classic and timeless. Or you can even customize it to your liking as your next DIY project.


POLYTEAK King Collection XL Adirondack Chair POLYTEAK King Collection XL Adirondack Chair, Adult Size with 22-inch Wide Seat, All Weather Poly Lumber Outdoor Chair, Color: Red, Model: King-ADI-RED

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Last, but certainly not least, we’ve got the POLYTEAK King Collection XL Adirondack Chair. This immensely comfortable design features a unique blend of HIPS and PS recyclable plastic which helps to provide a realistic finish that mimics the look and beauty of real Teak wood.

While still maintaining incredible durability that won’t splinter, crack, peel, or rot over time. Each piece is made with a combination of marine grade stainless steel hardware, UV color fade inhibitors and weather-resistant materials to ensure maximum longevity.

Additionally, the ultra-comfortable ergonomic design is guaranteed to fit with any décor, while still providing you with the necessary comfort to have you relaxing for hours. Plus, the chair is completely foldable, and comes in 5 gorgeous color configurations.

Teak Adirondack Chairs FAQs

What’s the Difference Between Teak and Acacia Outdoor Furniture?

Another extremely popular choice of material for outdoor furniture is Acacia wood. Outside of the obvious difference of aesthetics, as Acacia wood is typically reddish-brown, and Teak is a light tan or darker golden brown color. Both Teak and Acacia wood come with various advantages. Acacia is a dense and bulky hardwood, which makes it far heavier and more durable than other wood.

However, unlike Teak wood, Acacia wood is not water resistant and is better used for indoor furniture for exactly this reason. Outside of this major factor, these two woods are relatively similar in terms of overall strength, and durability.

Why is Teak Furniture So Expensive?

As you’ve probably noticed throughout this guide, Teak wood is one of the more expensive materials used to manufacture outdoor furniture. The main reason for this is because it is so durable, resistant to rot, pests, and water, and absolutely stunning by design, without the need for additional coatings. Thanks to the natural oils that Teak wood produces, it remains one of the best materials for outdoor furniture, and is priced as such.

How Long Should Teak Furniture Last?

Teak is an extremely durable wood that is known to last for quite a long time. In fact, if properly maintained, any piece of Teak furniture can last up to a lifetime, with most pieces lasting approximately 75 years!

Is Teak Furniture Heavy?

Even though Teak furniture is able to withstand more extreme weather conditions, and hold more weight than others, it is also far heavier than other types of wood. Teak is a hardwood and making it a durable wood, it also has a high oil content making its density higher. This leads to it being one of the heavier types of wood when it comes to outdoor furniture, which can have both good and bad results.

Final Thoughts – Should I Get a Teak Adirondack?

The truth is that there is plenty to consider when it comes to choosing the perfect and most comfortable Adirondack chair for your outdoor space. With that being said, hopefully we have provided you with the necessary information to help you make an educated decision. So long as you keep what’s been mentioned in this guide in mind, you should be able to find the perfect addition to your home in no time!

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