Top 10 Luxury Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chairs in 2024

Chaise lounge chairs are a special breed of furniture, a hybrid between chair and sofa, and its primary function is providing ultimate relaxation. Your nearly horizontal in one of these, with your legs propped up in front of you and your top-half resting at your desired incline, a perfect position for reading a book or dozing while you enjoy the fresh air and sunlight.

As with all other types of furniture, the chaise lounge comes in a full spectrum of styles and quality. The ubiquitous plastic poolside variety is what usually pops into our heads when we first think of the chaise lounge. It’s possible that you own a couple of these. They certainly have their perks: they’re lightweight, cheap, and easy to replace.

But maybe now is your time to invest in “the real deal” and adorn your outdoor living space with a luxury set of chaise lounge chairs. Maybe you’ve recently furnished your indoor living spaces with some new, sophisticated, high-end pieces, and now you want your patio, porch, or pool deck to match in quality and style.

When it comes to committing to the extra expenses of luxury furniture, making the right choice can be a little anxiety-inducing. To help you narrow your search, here’s a top 10 list of luxury outdoor lounge chairs and some other handy pointers to consider.

What to consider when buying luxury outdoor lounge chairs?

Overall Quality

Just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean it’s high-quality. Some brands boast unbeatable styles, keeping up with the latest fashion trends, and making you pay extra for it. But, in the end, fashion is all they offer, leaving out comfort, durability, practicality, and even good old customer service. So before running after the shiniest set on the market, be sure to double-check the overall quality that is being offered.

The Design

Choosing the right design for you might be the hardest part, especially with such a vast variety of options out there. There’s simply so much to consider, but it’s important to know (more or less) what you’re looking for before getting lost in the hunt.

A good starting point is to consider the overall features of your home, both indoor and outdoor. Do you want your outdoor space to be an extension of your indoor space? Or, do you want to mix things up, giving your pool deck or screened-in porch an entirely different vibe from the rest of the house?

You can go bold with a contemporary look that does away with arm rests and comes with unique upholstery and groovy curves. Or, you can go with a classic design that will stand up against fashion trends and changes in personal taste.


Similar to design is materials. The materials you choose will certainly have an effect on how your chairs look, but they’ll also determine other important factors, such as durability, weight, comfort, and maintenance.

For instance, a wicker chaise lounge is simply beautiful, but with this classy material, you lose out on durability and even a bit of comfort, and maintenance is lot more common. Some materials can be painted, such as hardwoods, while other materials, such as HDPE lumber are best left in their original color.

You’ll also want to consider whether or not you want to have cushions or upholstery, as the type of material you chose will determine if these are necessary accessories or not.

Comfort Level

When it comes to luxury furniture, comfort level is often less important than aesthetics. But with a chaise lounge, squeezing in comfortability with elegance and high-end materials is important, otherwise, you’ll be defeating the purpose of the chair. There are plenty of luxury chaise lounge chairs out there that are impossible to relax in for any significant amount of time.

If you want your chaise lounge to stand more as a decorative piece, that’s fine with us. We won’t judge. But for serious rest and relaxation, comfort level cannot be sacrificed. Try out the product if you can, like trying on a new pair of shoes. If you can’t give it a test run, we suggest reading through customer reviews carefully.


Checking for the right size is a common oversight. Chaise lounges do take up a lot of space. A fun, double-seated lounger might be too big for your pool deck. Measure the space you intend to put your chair and be sure a chaise lounge is right for the spot. Since getting in and out of a chaise lounge requires some extra effort, be sure you’ll two to three feet of free space on the sides.

Also, be aware of how low to the ground the chair is, especially if the chair is going to be used someone with mobility issues. A chair that’s too low to the ground can be a bit tricky climbing out of, especially after a long nap in the sun.


Even though you’ll be paying extra for your luxury lounge chair, this doesn’t mean it will be impervious to the outdoor elements. In fact, it might even be a little more susceptible to certain conditions. If you’re going for something that doesn’t boast high durability, be sure to have in mind a storage space for when the weather gets rough.

Top 10 Luxury Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chairs

1. Wyatt Outdoor Chaise

luxury outdoor lounger

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Arhaus is one of the best brands out there when it comes to outdoor furniture. Their products are expertly wand-crafted with all considerations in mind to ensure top-of-line artisan quality.

Their Wyatt Outdoor Living Collection offers a chaise lounge with deep, cozy seating on an all-weather, resin wicker frame that resembles authentic rattan. The synthetic wicker comes in a variety of color tones that mimic natural materials without sacrificing outdoor durability.

The thick cushions mold to your body for ultimate comfort and come with a mold- and mildew-resistant cover that can be removed for cleaning and maintenance.

2. DNNAL Lounge Chair

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The curving, swooping design of this DNNAL chair will appeal to anyone looking for something with a European flair. Don’t let the boldness of style throw you off, this design sticks to the ergonomic principles that ensure total comfort. Fit for children, their grandparents, and all ages in between, this piece is an elegant crowd-pleaser.

The durable resin wicker frame blends well with the modern minimalist design that looks great in any setting: poolside, beachside, balcony, or garden.

3. Midori Mahogany Wood Folding Chaise Lounger (Affordable Luxury Option)

modern luxury lounger

See on GDFstudio

For those who prefer the natural look of hardwood, this Midori option by GDF Studio might be a winner. The mahogany acacia wood is known for its high weather resistance and beautiful coloration. A full-length cream-colored cushion comes it, blending nicely with the light-toned frame and providing maximum comfort.

Also, one of the more appealing features of this chair is that it folds up easily for convenient storage. While it does sit lower to the ground than other chairs on this list, the simple, beachy style of the Midori is perfect for family settings.

4. S.R.Smith R-Series Pool Lounger

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The unique feature of this S.R.Smith chaise lounge is its waterproof design, intended to enjoy on a pool shelf up to 12 inches in depth. So if you have a pool with a refreshing sun shelf, this is hard to pass up.

It has a groovy S-shaped design that’s comfortable for adults. With a sturdy design, the rotomolded materials have UV protection for durability and fade resistance. It comes in a variety of colors and visual textures so you can pick the style that best compliments the design of your pool. And storage is quite easy.

5. Modway June Conway Patio Rattan Chaise Lounge

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This is a cheaper alternative to the Wyatt Outdoor Chaise. The Modway June has the same style and cozy allure, but a few minor differences. The resin wicker comes only in gray, and the cushion is noticeably thinner. The overall construction also lacks the same artisanal touch that Arhaus provides. However, this chaise lounge is still luxurious and elegant, and it provides the most important feature…comfort!

6. Porto Outdoor Chaise

arhaus porto lounger luxury chair

See on Arhaus

Speaking of Arhaus, another luxury chair on their line is the Porto Outdoor Chaise. With a coastal European design blended with a modern aesthetic, the Porto’s finest achievement is the comfort it provides.

Wide enough for two, and upholstered with all-weather fabric that tightly seals the foam cushioning underneath. The frame is expertly crafted for stability and durability, as well as a flexible, no-sag webbing beneath the cushion that evenly distributes your weight.

The Porto has a modular design that makes it easy to rearrange. It’s perfect for both outdoor and indoor settings. And to ensure its quality and longevity, Arhaus provides ample advice on care and maintenance practices.

7. Modway Sojourn Wicker Rattan Outdoor Patio Right-Arm Chaise

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If the Modway June Conway chair was close but just not right for you, then check out their Sojourn model that features extra support along the right-arm side. This subtle difference may not seem to matter much, but what it offers is a sturdy place to set down your beverage or your book. It also provides additional back support options for maximum comfort. As a thoughtful touch that’s often overlooked, we feel it’s worth pointing this one out.

Ultimately, Modway is a reliable brand that provides luxury-quality furniture that won’t break the bank.

8. Hamptons Outdoor Chaise

luxury hampton chaise lounger

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By now it may seem obvious how much we like Arhaus furniture as a luxury pick. The Hamptons Outdoor Chaise is beachy and breezy, inspired by the classic styles found in spacious English gardens. The frame is made with teak hardwood, a variety of wood that contains natural oils which help resist the damaging effects of pests and moisture.

As with all Arhaus outdoor furniture, this elegant piece comes with a highly relaxing cushion that’s designed to withstand the outdoor elements without fading or gathering mold and mildew.

The Hamptons Chaise is also built with wheels at the head of the chair for easy repositioning. And best of all, a built-in side table can be tucked away underneath or pulled out to either side.

9. Tulum Outdoor Chaise

tulum luxury lounger

See on Arhaus

The fourth and final Arhaus piece on our list is the Tulum. This chaise lounge chair has the appearance of the familiar poolside variety. A simple and sleek design, with no armrests or cushions, making it convenient for hoping in and out of the water on a hot day.

However, there’s nothing ordinary about the luxurious quality of the Tulum. The durable frame is crafted from teak hardwood that’s expertly hand-treated with select pigment and a wire brush for a stunning appearance. And the seats are made of hand-woven, all-weather resin wicker that’s as comfortable as it is durable and beautiful.

10. RST Brands Lounge Set

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Our final selection by RST Brands combines high-quality function, comfort, and durability and packages it in a contemporary design that leaves you absolutely certain of what you’re buying. The luxuriousness of this chaise lounge lies in its exceptional reliability.

The frame has a modest wave design, giving it a subtle flair. It’s built with lightweight and weather-resistant materials for excellent longevity. And it comes with 5 baffled sections of 3-inch cushions that are comfy and easy to handle.

As a final touch, this option comes as a two-chair set with a handy side table that folds away for easy storage. And the legs are foldable, too, capable of being adjusted to your desired level.

Final Thoughts

Investing in luxury outdoor furniture is no easy matter. Many people put it off simply because the amount of consideration involved is too daunting. But taking the plunge, when done with a good idea of what you want, can leave your outdoor living space more comfortable and inviting than you thought possible. When it comes to the chaise lounge chair, don’t forget that comfort and relaxation is most likely your number one goal.

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