10 Most Comfortable Outdoor Chairs for Reading in 2024

Regardless of where your passions lie, nobody can deny that spending hours lost in a novel is one of the best ways to devote your time. However, being that you are going to spend hours doing so, you will want to ensure that you surround yourself in an environment that is cozy and comfortable. Which begins with a quality reading chair!

Any outdoor reading chair of value is one that not only provides you with support, and comfort, but also one that is going to be able to withstand extended use, as well as nature’s elements. With so many factors to account for in your purchase, it’s vital that you have a reliable buying guide to help you through the process. Luckily, we’ve gone to work to pinpoint all of the necessary information, and outline the 10 most comfortable outdoor chairs for reading right now.

Considerations When Buying an Outdoor Reading Chair

Overall Comfort

The first factor which should not be taken lightly is the overall comfort of the chair itself. When you’re reading a book or magazine, there’s a very good chance that it will result in hours of time spent. None of which I’d assume you’d like to spend in discomfort, right? While looking nice and lasting forever are certainly important aspects to consider, you also need to make sure that you can actually enjoy using the furniture. Or else that ultra-long lifespan isn’t particularly advantageous.

Beyond this, you will also want to make sure that it is ergonomically-friendly, and offers the support necessary to allow for extended periods of use. Not only can ergonomic designs have an effect on comfort, but they also tend to relieve stress, tension, and even decrease overall fatigue levels over time. All ergonomic furniture is uniquely designed to help reduce strain on bones and muscles, decreasing pain while also improving sleep.

The Type of Chair

Tying into our first point of comfort, style will also play a vital role in the decision process for a variety of reasons. Firstly, you’ll want to go with a style of chair that will keep you comfy and relaxed for hours on end, like a design that carries a relatively tall or rounded back. Similarly, some chairs will offer oversized features that too can increase the overall comfort, while others may even carry a reclining feature for you to put your feet up.

Beyond this, you should also take into account the specific type of chair that you want. Are you specifically searching for a rocking chair or lounge chair design? Or maybe one that offers zero-gravity reclining? Maybe you feel that an egg chair would best suit your outdoor space, or perhaps even a stylish new hammock. It’s important to think about these sorts of things before you hop online to make your purchase. Personal preference is a vital part of any purchasing process, especially when it comes to items for the home.

Material Choice

Materials are another important part of choosing outdoor furniture because different climates and geographic locations may require different materials to ensure they remain intact and functional over time. For example, hardwood furniture such as oak, walnut, and hickory, typically lasts much longer than other materials because the timber is a lot harder and more durable, especially when compared to some softwoods. In comparison, softwoods like pine, cedar, and spruce need to be treated to prevent rotting in wet environments and are not nearly as long-lasting, even if they are less expensive.

Another popular outdoor furniture material is plastic or PVC, which are built to last but can heat up rather quickly when left out in the sun for extended periods of time. Stainless-steel carries the same problem, but it’s much hardier and durable, making it ideal for windy areas. Alternatively, aluminum is another popular material used for outdoor furniture because it is incredibly lightweight, and long-lasting. Even if it is prone to denting or damage from more extreme weather conditions.

Finally, rattan or wicker is manufactured from thin strands of cane or sometimes paper woven together. Which results in a strong, light, and comfortable material that can be used for many different designs and colors. All in all, there are countless material types that can be used to make outdoor furniture, but choosing the right one will depend heavily on your environment, and how much money you’re willing to spend.

Overall Price and Value

Any piece of outdoor furniture needs to be able to retain structural decency and their appearance over many seasons, and through varying weather conditions. However, as with most things in life, the cheapest option is not necessarily the best option. Even if your budget is on the lower end of the scale, paying more up front for high-quality outdoor furniture can pay off tremendously because it’s almost guaranteed to last a lot longer.

With that being said, the ideal outdoor furniture should have a price that is within your budget. Which will depend heavily on the design, size, and material of the furniture. Above all else, you never want to step outside of your budget, so the key is finding value at an affordable price.

Size and Storage Considerations

The last point that you’ll surely want to consider is the overall size and storage capability that the chair holds. First and foremost, with whatever item of furniture you buy, regardless of whether or not it’s a reading chair, you’re going to want to ensure that it will actually fit into your space.

No matter where you’re hoping to place it, or what you’re intending on using it for, double (and even triple) check the measurements before you place the order. Even though most major retailers are fast and efficient with returns, the last thing you want to deal with once the chair is already in your home is having to go through the process of sending it back.

Also, size has a lot to do with the overall comfort of the chair as well, as you’ll want one that has relatively deep and wide seating if you’re hoping to curl up, and relax with your favorite book. Storage is another important aspect because depending on your current circumstances, or the intended purpose of the chair, there may be certain options that are more convenient than others.

For example, if you’re limited in terms of storage space, then maybe you’d be better off with a chair that is foldable, and compact in size. But if you have a large space to store your outdoor furniture overnight, or in the colder months of the year, then storage space may not even be an issue for you. In which case you’re not too limited in terms of your selection!

10 Most Comfortable Outdoor Chairs for Reading

1. Hanover Ventura Outdoor Patio Recliner Hanover Ventura Outdoor Patio Recliner with Hand-Woven Wicker, Rust-Resistant Frames, and Thick Vintage Meadow Green Cushions, VENTURAREC

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The Hanover Ventura Outdoor Patio Recliner is easily the most optimal solution for those in the market for outdoor reading chairs due to its sensational aesthetic, robust frame, and cozy seating. The chair itself is made from extraordinarily elegant hand-woven wicker surrounded by a heavy-duty, steel frame that is UV-protected, and resistant to rust. The high-quality cushions are made from premium olefin fabric that is 4’5” thick to help provide maximum comfort, while the padded toss pillow is included to help complete the look.

Beyond this, the material is soft to the touch, dries quickly, and resists fading, making it one of the easier designs to maintain. Plus, the entire frame is ergonomically designed to allow for comfort and durability for long-lasting use to enjoy for years to come. Not to mention the fact that this gorgeous reading chair comes in four unique color configurations; vintage meadow, crimson red, navy, and ocean blue. Oh, and did we mention that it reclines too?

2. EVER ADVANCED Oversize XL Zero Gravity Recliner Padded Patio Lounger Chair EVER ADVANCED Oversize XL Zero Gravity Recliner Padded Patio Lounger Chair with Adjustable Headrest Support 350lbs (Olive Green)

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Another remarkable option is the EVER ADVANCED Oversize XL Zero Gravity Recliner Padded Patio Lounger Chair. This lightweight design not only offers the convenient reclining option, which extends out 72” when fully reclined. But it also easily folds up for compact storage, and convenient carrying. The zero gravity recliner is designed with a locking system as well, and can be adjusted to any desired position from 0 to 170 degrees.

However, don’t let the flexible and lightweight build fool you, as the frame is made from a heavy-duty steel frame that can support up to 350 pounds. And the entire seat and back are fully padded, featuring an adjustable padded pillow as both a headrest or additional lumbar support. As if all this wasn’t already enough to have you whipping out your credit card, this model also comes with a conveniently placed side table that folds up fast and efficiently.

3. Ursula Outdoor Acacia Wood Chaise Lounge and Cushion Set (Most Comfortable) Great Deal Furniture Ursula Outdoor Acacia Wood Chaise Lounge and Cushion Sets (Set of 2), Gray and Dark Gray

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The Ursula Outdoor Acacia Wood Chaise Lounge and Cushion Set is another amazing alternative that, while more expensive, is arguably the most comfortable reading chair on the market. Outside of the unique box-like style that’s sure to catch your eye, the entire frame is made with acacia wood that is extremely durable, and built to withstand the natural elements. As well as not darken over time, and resist natural wear and tear. Plus, the entire frame is finished with a complementing wash, and brushed with an additional coating that provides a hand-crafted touch to the lounge set.

Also, the cushions are covered with a non-porous material that makes cleaning up spills a breeze, and they are also water-resistant. Most notably, the Ursula Outdoor Acacia Wood Chaise Lounge and Cushion Set also offers adjustable seating with four different positions (including a full-reclined option) to ensure maximum comfort. All in all, this one-of-a-kind chaise lounge masterfully provides a homey yet sophisticated style that’s built to last, and match with any outdoor décor.

4. MacSports Padded Cushion Outdoor Folding Patio Club Chair MacSports C932S-129 Padded Cushion Outdoor Folding Lounge Patio Club Chair, Gray

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The MacSports Padded Cushion Outdoor Folding Patio Club Chair is a unique reading chair that’s sure to provide you with hours of comfort, and relaxation. As you can probably guess, this chair is designed to be one of the more portable and easy-to-store units on the market. But beyond this, it’s also comfortably padded, and incredibly inexpensive, making it an absolute no-brainer for our list.

However, don’t let the flexible design fool you, as it too is made with a durable steel frame that can support up to 375 pounds! Specifically engineered for easy transportation, the MacSports Padded Cushion Outdoor Folding Patio Club Chair can be used indoor or outdoor, reliably providing you with the comfort you need.

5. Best Choice Products Outdoor Hanging Curved Steel Chaise Lounge Chair Best Choice Products Outdoor Hanging Curved Steel Chaise Lounge Chair Swing w/Built-in Pillow and Removable Canopy, Teal

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Another tremendous choice for anyone in search of a vibrant yet cozy reading chair is the Best Choice Products Outdoor Hanging Curved Steel Chaise Lounge Chair. Firstly, this stunning set includes a conveniently-located (entirely removable) and incredibly durable 46” canopy that’s made from a reliable polyester material that is UV-resistant and built to last. It also features a dangerously comfortable chaise seat with a tempered steel cantilever to create a unique, suspended lounging experience. As well as 2” thick foam-filled cushions and a removable headrest for you to lie back and take in the sights.

To help support the suspended design, this chair features a powder-coated steel frame with water-resistant cushions and weather-resistant polyester. Thanks to this surprisingly weightless design, the curved shape with suspended seating beautifully forms a truly one-of-a-kind, zero gravity experience that’s completely versatile. Plus, the Best Choice Products Outdoor Hanging Curved Steel Chaise Lounge Chair even comes available in 6 different colors (teal, charcoal gray, green, navy blue, orange, & red). And is easily one of the more affordable chaise lounge chairs on the market.

6. SUNCREAT 55 Inch Extra Large Double Hammock with Stand SUNCREAT 55 Inch Extra Large Double Hammock with Stand, 475lbs Capacity, Outdoor Portable Hammock with Hardwood Spreader Bar, Extra Large Pillow, Grey

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For anyone in need of a durable hammock to settle in and catch up on your favorite read, look no further than the SUNCREAT 55 Inch Extra Large Double Hammock with Stand. Designed specifically to be stable and long-lasting, this incredible hammock features a 12’ stand that is made from powder-coated heavy gauge steel that can be easily assembled in minutes. Thanks to this heavy-duty build, this hammock is made for sharing and designed to support up to 475 pounds. You will also notice heavy duty cotton ropes that are hand-woven with comfortable, long-lasting threads woven by the hammock artisans.

Also featured are 55” thick hardwood spreader bars to help form a more stylish and stable build, offering you a comfy space without the anxiety of potentially falling down. As well as countersunk spreader bar holes that reduce the friction between the rope and wood. Plus, the hammock itself is made with a two-layer 100% quilted polyester fabric with poly fiber filling that is far cozier than other quilted hammocks. And it’s specifically designed not to fade over time, and even features a polyethylene stuffed head pillow for superior support. Making it the absolute best outdoor hammock for reading.

7. Signature Design by Ashley Paradise Trail Outdoor Swivel Patio Lounge Chair Signature Design by Ashley Paradise Trail Outdoor Swivel Patio Lounge Chair, Set of 2, Medium Brown

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Another superb pick is the Signature Design by Ashley Paradise Trail Outdoor Swivel Patio Lounge Chair. As the title suggests, this swivel chair features a 360-degree swivel functionality, and is made entirely of all-weather, hand-woven resin wicker overtop of a rust-proof aluminum frame. More importantly (in terms of comfort), the cushions are wrapped in Nuvella, while the armrests and base give off a natural wood finish.

Despite the incredibly sleek aesthetic, this chaise lounge is durable enough to weather the elements, while still providing the much-desired modern style to match with any outdoor (or indoor) décor. While it is a tad more expensive than some other options on our list, not only is it durable and comfortable, but it comes in a set of two. Plus, it’s manufactured by Ashley Furniture, which is one of the most reputable furniture brands on the market in terms of overall quality, style, and value.

8. Luckyberry Wicker Egg Chair Rattan Chair Brown Luckyberry Wicker Egg Chair Rattan Chair Brown, Outdoor Patio Porch Lounge

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The Luckyberry Wicker Egg Chair Rattan Chair Brown is perfect for those who enjoy the coziness of the egg shape, but can’t live without the wicker rattan material. First and foremost, this unique reading chair is made from an extremely durable PE wicker built overtop of a sturdy iron frame. So overall durability is not to be questioned.

While the provided seat cushions are made with a water and UV-resistant fabric that features polyester filling, as well as an adjustable headrest for additional support. More specifically, the seat cushions are 5” thick, and the back cushion is 6” thick, so you can sit back and bask in the sun for hours without having to worry about getting uncomfortable. Making this undoubtedly one of the most comfortable reading chairs on the market.

9. Best Choice Products Set of 2 Adjustable Steel Mesh Zero Gravity Lounge Chair Best Choice Products Set of 2 Adjustable Steel Mesh Zero Gravity Lounge Chair Recliners w/Pillows and Cup Holder Trays - Burgundy

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Alternatively, Best Choice Products also offers a unique set of 2 Adjustable Steel Mesh Zero Gravity Lounge Chairs. Included in the set are two incredibly comfortable and fully adjustable chairs that smoothly glide into ergonomic zero-gravity positions, with removable elastic cords that instantly adjust to your body weight. Beyond this, the core of the frame is made from a heavy-duty steel material, with low-wear, weather-resistant textilene fabric covering the outside, as well as a removable, padded headrest for an additional element of adjustable comfort.

Plus, each chair is lightweight and foldable by design, so you can pick it up and take it with you wherever you need to go. And they’ve even included a removable tray that has two built-in cup holders, as well as a phone or tablet holder so that you never have to be too far away from your favorite drinks or devices (or books!). Despite the immense flexibility offered with the set, both offer an astounding 250 pound weight limit, and remain one of the more affordable reading chairs on our list!

10. Jaxx Juniper Outdoor Bean Bag Patio Chair Jaxx Juniper Outdoor Bean Bag Patio Chair, Navy Stripes

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So, right off the bat I know what you’re thinking; “why would I spend 100+ dollars on a bean bag chair?”. Well, not only is the outer and inner cover of the Jaxx Juniper Outdoor Bean Bag Patio Chair made entirely of fade and weather-resistant materials. But the polystyrene bead filling inside of the chair perfectly conforms to your body, and the cover is both removable and machine-washable.

Plus, the inner-liner is moisture-resistant, which keeps the filling safely out of sight during the cleaning process. And, since it’s a bean bag chair, it can be easily stored or transported to anywhere of need in a matter of minutes. As if all this wasn’t already enough, it’s also backed with a 1-year warranty if you happen to have any issues with the product. Above all else, thanks to the cozy bean bag design, there’s no question that it’s one of the more comfortable ways to sit back and relax with your favorite book.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve taken the chance to glance over some of the most comfortable outdoor reading chairs, all that’s left to do is take that leap of faith, and invest in one for yourself! Remember that what’s ‘perfect’ for you may not be for someone else (and vice versa). So, the most important decision you can make is understanding what you like, and what you need to make your home more inviting, and comfortable. The good news is that with this handy guide now in your side pocket, you should have no problem finding the perfect reading chair to add to your outdoor living space!

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