Is it Illegal to Skinny Dip in Your Backyard?

No matter the reasons, the act of skinny dipping is something that happens, especially in the privacy and comfort of someone’s backyard. However, have you ever considered the legal ramifications of this simple action? Is it really such a bad thing to swim naked in your own backyard pool?

You may be asking yourself: is it illegal to skinny dip in your backyard? The answer depends on where you live, but yes, it is illegal to skinny dip in your backyard if other people can potentially see you. While every state has different views on this, you can be charged with indecent exposure.

But is this a law that many states adhere to? And what if your backyard pool has a privacy fence around it, or perhaps you live on a private piece of land? Let’s take a look at some of the more nitty-gritty motivations behind such a practice.

Is Skinny Dipping at Home Really a Big Deal?

While you may not initially consider skinny dipping on your own property a very big deal, it can be without you realizing it. You may need to consider how visible you are to your neighbors or passersby, and consider how they might feel about you skinny dipping.

You should also think about your state or local laws and how your community or neighborhood might feel about skinny dipping. Some areas of the United States may be more conservative, for example, or may have a more family-oriented neighborhood in mind.

While some people may choose to skinny dip in their own backyard without thinking about the ramifications, there may be some that can surprise you. Taking the time to read up on local ordinances and laws could be in your best interest!

Where You Physically Live Matters

The biggest issue with skinny dipping in your backyard is if other people can see you doing this relatively innocent act. If you live on acreage or a farm with no neighbors in sight, you should feel fairly comfortable skinny dipping in your own backyard, law or no law.

However, if you have neighbors or unexpected visitors dropping by often, you may want to think twice before skinny dipping. This should be doubly true if you live in a location with any state or local laws making skinny dipping illegal.

Having a privacy fence is one thing- it’s never a bad idea to have a fence around your pool, especially for safety. But a privacy fence may not be enough to stop nosy neighbors from seeing what you are doing, no matter how private you think your backyard is.

If you live in a community or neighborhood with many taller homes with multiple stories, it can be easy for someone to look down into your supposedly private backyard and see you skinny dipping. While some neighbors might not care or feel too embarrassed to call and tattle on you, others may care a lot.

This can be especially true if you live in a neighborhood with kids or families. While you may think you are being safe and private about your personal life, there may be people that catch you in the act and report you accordingly. It’s best to be safe rather than sorry!

Can You Skinny Dip in Your Backyard in the United States?

In the United States, you can skinny dip in some locations but you can’t skinny dip in others. It all depends on state law as well as any county regulations, depending on where you live. Plus you may have nosy and prude neighbors living nearby who will complain about you, laws or no.

There are a few states that are known to dislike skinny dipping- enough to make it illegal! Let’s go over some of those locations now.

US States Where it’s Illegal to Skinny Dip in Your Backyard

There are a number of states where it is illegal to skinny dip on your own property, no matter whether you own or rent. The states that have deemed skinny dipping illegal are:

  • California
  • Colorado
  • Arizona
  • Alabama
  • Delaware
  • District of Columbia
  • Idaho
  • Vermont
  • Arkansas
  • Alaska
  • Nebraska

Every state has different laws, regulations, and punishments associated with skinny dipping, primarily having to do with indecent exposure. It is important to know the laws where you live, and keep them in mind.

For example, California is strict regarding any and all forms of nudity. However, California will also consider a homeowner’s attempt to shield their skinny dipping from public eyes if they have built a tall enough privacy fence or otherwise made an effort at modesty.

There are more states against nudity than for it. But where might there be some safe places to skinny dip in the United States? Let’s take a look.

Where Can You Skinny Dip Worry Free in the U.S.?


There are very few places to skinny dip worry free in the U.S. Even if nudity is legal in a certain state or area, much of the United States population has an uncomfortable relationship with nudity and it may mean that you run the risk of offending people.

However, there are certain places or times that you can skinny dip. Some of these places include:

  • Clothing optional pools, beaches, or hot springs. Many private businesses can allow skinny dipping or soaking, depending on the business license and state. This includes private pools, gyms, or hot springs. Many of these places also only allow nudity at certain times, when minors won’t be present. There are nudist beaches across the US as well, but you should always keep an eye out for a sign saying so.
  • The state of Florida. Most any beach in Florida will let you skip clothes, and so your backyard should also be legal to skinny dip in.
  • Seattle, WA. So long as no one around you is uncomfortable, Seattle is comfortable with you going skinny dipping!
  • Philadelphia, PA. This particular city boasts no laws against skinny dipping, unless you are being purposefully crude.
  • The state of Oregon. Much like Seattle, the Pacific Northwest state of Oregon doesn’t care much if you are naked. While you should always consider families or kids when skinny dipping in a state park, most people in Oregon don’t mind it, especially if you are on your own property.

While there are no doubt other safe places to skinny dip, and exceptions to everything (including nightfall rules and certain days where clothing is optional), you should always double check the rules before you go nude!

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Skinny Dipping in Your Backyard FAQ

Still have questions about whether or not it is illegal to skinny dip in your backyard? Let’s take a look at some more questions in detail now.

Is it Illegal to Skinny Dip in your Backyard in Florida, New York, or Texas?

It is technically illegal to skinny dip in your backyard if it is in New York or Texas. Some cities may have different rules, but Florida seems to accept being naked in your own backyard and many beaches without many issues. However, always check your local ordinances!

Is it Illegal to Skinny Dip in Your Backyard in Canada?

There are conflicting notions regarding skinny dipping in Canada. Many provinces and locations don’t mind skinny dipping, especially if there is no lewd intention behind doing so. However, some locations cite skinny dipping as totally illegal, whether you are on private property or not.

Always check your local ordinances and aim for privacy in your backyard, should you be concerned! Check on your neighbor’s sightlines as well- if no one can see you, you should feel comfortable doing it, but keep in mind the act might still be illegal.

Is it Illegal to Skinny Dip in Your Backyard in the UK?

In the UK, there are technically no laws against skinny dipping or being nude in public. However, the line is thin because there are laws against being nude and harassing others. Keep this in mind if you would like to skinny dip in your backyard in the UK- you never know who may find it offensive!

Final Thoughts

Skinny dipping in your backyard may be illegal or legal, depending on where you live. However, using your best judgment before taking a nude dip is what’s important. If you know you have nosy neighbors that like to spy on you, maybe put on a bathing suit next time you go for a swim!

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