How to Store an Expandable Garden Hose? (6 Best Ways)

An expandable hose can be incredibly convenient to store when it’s out of season – you literally put it back in the can. But what do you do when you’re back in season? Unless you want to just leave your hose laying around, finding a good storage solution can be a challenge.

Here are six of the best ways to store an expandable garden hose.

What Is an Expandable Garden Hose?

An expandable garden hose is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a hose that’s very short, but expands and stretches when you turn on the water pressure. This design has a number of advantages. For one thing, it’s self draining. When you take the nozzle off, the hose will squeeze the water out and shrink to its original size.

In addition to that, expandable hoses don’t kink or tangle. This saves you from a lot of the headache you can encounter with a traditional garden hose.

What Are They Made of?

Expandable hoses can be made from a variety of plastics, but the two most common materials are TPU and latex. TPU hoses are generally cheaper, but they also don’t last as long. Latex hoses, on the other hand, are tough enough to last all season. Keep in mind that most expandable hoses won’t last longer than a year or two. This depends on how much you’re using them, but the flexing and stretching eventually wears them out.

The material consists of two different layers. The inner layer is a smooth tube that expands and contracts like a balloon. The outer layer, meanwhile, is typically a woven plastic fabric, like latex. This material crinkles up when the hose is shortened, and smooths out when it expands.

Can You Roll up an Expandable Hose?

Yes, you can. It’s just shorter than a regular hose. Many expandable hoses will actually coil up by themselves when they’re not under pressure. This potentially makes them easy to store.

To properly roll up an expandable hose, you need to first drain it of water. Otherwise, it will be under some pressure, and it won’t properly roll up. To do this, first shut off any active water supply. Then, squeeze the trigger on your nozzle until nothing comes out. Finally, unscrew the nozzle, and give the hose a few more minutes to drain. When there’s no more water coming out, you’re ready to roll it up and store it.

Can You Leave an Expandable Hose Outside?

Yes and no. Rain and wind isn’t going to do any damage to the hose. That said, sunlight will cause the plastic to degrade faster than it otherwise would. If you’re leaving your hose outside, make sure it’s in a shady area, or under a shelter such as a car park.

Can You Leave an Expandable Hose Out in the Winter?

No. Freezing temperatures will cause the plastic to crack and split. Unless your area has very mild winters, you’ll want to store your expandable hose in a heated area.

Where Is the Best Place to Store My Expandable Garden Hose?

During the warmer months, you can store your expandable garden hose anywhere it isn’t exposed to direct sunlight. In the winter months, the best place for your garden hose is indoors, in a heated garage or a basement.

6 Best Ways to Store an Expandable Garden Hose

So, how can you store your hose conveniently? Here are six simple ways.

1. Use a Hose Hanger

Stainless Steel Garden Hose Hanger, Garden Hose Holder, Hose Holder Wall Mount, Heavy Duty Wall Mount Garden Hose Hook 150-Feet of 5/8-Inch HoseA hose hanger is probably the simplest way of hanging an expandable garden hose. The basic design is just a metal hoop or loop where your hose sits over the top. The hanger itself screws onto an exterior wall or another convenient vertical surface.

The KABASAA Stainless Steel Garden Hose Hanger is a good example. It consists of a stainless steel hoop, which arches down from a flat wall plate, then scoops upwards at the end. The GARTOL Garden Hose Hanger is another solid choice. It’s a simpler metal hook, which can be wall mounted or hung directly from a spigot.

2. Water Hose Storage Straps Water Hose Storage Straps (2 Pack) for 50 100 150 ft Water Hose Garden Hose Holder Pool Hose Storage 28" Extension Cord Organizer

If you prefer a more lightweight, modest solution, a storage strap might be a better choice. For instance, take the GEEDAR Water Hose Storage Straps (2 Pack). It’s a sturdy nylon strap, which wraps around your hose and secures with velcro. It’s rated for up to 60 pounds, which is far more than you’ll need to store an expandable hose.

At the top, there’s a rubbery plastic handle, which can be used for hanging or carrying. As an added bonus, you can use the GEEDAR strap for carrying other objects as well. It’s great for carrying heavy objects that don’t have handles.

3. Hose Pot Storage

LifeSmart Garden Hose Pot Storage Holder with Copper Accents 16 x 12 InchesMost hose storage options are highly visible. But what if you want something that blends seamlessly into the landscape? In that case, you might want something like the LifeSmart Garden Hose Pot Storage Holder. It looks like a decorative pot, but it’s made to fit your hose inside. There’s even a drain hole near the bottom for traditional hoses.

4. Free Standing Garden Hose Storage Stand TomCare Garden Hose Holder Detachable Metal Water Hose Holder Hose Hanger Heavy Duty Hose Holder Free Standing Garden Hose Storage Hose Stand for Outside Yard, Black

What if you want the benefits of a water hose hanger, but don’t want to be stuck right next to your house? If you want a more versatile solution, a free standing stand like the TomCare Garden Hose Holder is an ideal choice. It’s a lot like a standard hose hanger, but it sits on a vertical support attached to a base that you stab into the ground.

5. Use a Hose Bracket

Gardzen Steel Wall-mounted Heavy Duty Black Hose Bracket, Car Hose Holder, Carrier, Support For Garden Hose HangerA hose bracket is a lot like a hose hanger, and mounts on your wall, but it’s broader and fatter. The Gardzen Steel Wall-Mounted Heavy Duty Black Hose Bracket is a perfect example. It’s not fancy, but it’s very durable, and it will get the job done.

6. Hose Reel Liberty Garden Products 703-1 Multi-Purpose Steel Garden Wall/Floor Mount Hose Reel, Tan

If you want a more traditional solution, why not go with an old-school hose reel? The Liberty Garden Products Hose Reel is made from sturdy aluminum, and lets you roll up your hose with ease. It’s not necessary for an expandable hose, but it’s great if you might also want to use a traditional hose.

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