How to Keep Water from Pooling on Patio Furniture Cover?

There are many ways to prevent water from pooling on patio furniture covers, from water-shedding poles to bucket and broomstick improvisations. This is an important measure to consider if you want to extend the lifespan of your outdoor furniture.

Why It’s Important to Prevent Water Pooling on Your Patio Furniture Cover

If you fail to remove any water that might be pooling on your patio furniture cover, it could lead to several problems.

1. Damage

Most furniture covers designed for outdoor use are not meant to support a great deal of weight. As a result, allowing water to collect on them damages both your furniture and the cover.

Even the tiniest drips can soon accumulate and create pressure on the seams. This weakens the seams over time and may finally result in collapse. How to stop water from gathering on the cover of patio furniture.

2. Sagging

Too much water can cause foam inserts to degrade. This, together with the usual process of wear-and-tear, can reduce the cover’s usable life.

3. Furniture Frames

In addition to the unsightly seams, having your furniture cover support all that water can place strain on the furniture frame. This can quickly deteriorate into a serious and costly situation if not addressed promptly.

4. Clean Furniture

If you don’t look into the matter in the colder seasons, there are chances of pooled water freezing on your furniture cover. This can increase the strain on the cover. As the water ultimately melts, it will end up soaking your outdoor furniture.

What Is a Water Shedding Pole and Why Should You Use One?Classic Accessories 20 Inch Patio Table Cover Support Pole

A water-shedding pole is exactly what it sounds like: a pole that elevates the cover above high back chairs, eliminating pooling water and protecting your cover and garden furniture.

They are basically designed to help stop water from pooling on your outdoor furniture covers, thus helping you avoid all the potential problems that we listed earlier.

There are tons of water-shedding poles available for purchase. You can opt for the Classic Accessories Support Pole that comes with adjustable height and has a rust-proof construction. The iCOVER Boat Cover Support Pole is pretty sweet, too, as it’s made from quality aluminum and bound to last quite a few years.

Do You Need to Use a Water Shedding Pole?

Granted, water-shedding poles do play a very important part in preventing water damage to your outdoor furniture, but they are not mandatory. And that’s because they can easily be replaced by using some other items that you have around the house.


Put a couple of buckets in the center of the table prior to erecting the cover over your furniture set. This contributes to the formation of sloping sides that permit water to flow from top to bottom.

You do not need to utilize buckets with patio sets that have a taller table than seats. The aim is to push something against the middle of the cover, forming an elevated area that allows water to drain quickly.

If you want to take things one step further, you can fill the bucket halfway with cement and center it with a broomstick or cane. However, in most cases, employing buckets alone is acceptable.

Self-Draining Covers

There aren’t many brands that offer revolutionary self-draining furniture covers. These covers differ in shape from standard covers. They almost certainly have an additional shape on the front to aid with water drainage.

Occasionally, items are produced to order and customized to the customer’s specifications. Therefore, if you believe the conventional sizing will not work for you, get in touch with the manufacturer to have a custom sloped cover manufactured.

Use Weighted Bags and Clips to Keep Your Patio Furniture Cover Tight

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Weighted bags are another great alternative to water-shedding poles. The idea is to bring the edges of the cover as close to the ground as possible. Creating a setup similar to a tent. This way, water will slide right off the cover and onto the ground.

You can fill these bags with whatever heavy items you can find, from sand to rocks and pebbles. For example, the Lidlife Sandbags come with their very own clips. Use these to attach them to the correct cover edges and notice how water falls off the cover every time.

Avoid Water Altogether!

If you live in an area where rain has a strong presence for considerable periods each year, it’s best to move the furniture altogether. You could relocate the pieces in the shed, the garage, a covered patio, or some other spot where they’ll be shielded from water.

If none of the solutions sound appealing or possible, then you might want to invest in stronger outdoor furniture. Teak wood furniture, for instance, is more expensive, but it’s also a very durable materials choice. Its natural construction can fight off bad weather with minimal chances of damage.

Final Thoughts

Utilize the methods above to safeguard your patio furniture and cover against excessive wear and tear. While these coverings are excellent, we recommend you look into alternative indoor storage options if you’re looking for a more long-term solution.

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