5 Ways to Keep Your Outdoor Pillows from Blowing Away

I know how annoying it can be when you look out the window and see outdoor pillows blowing away from the wind. My neighbourhood receives a lot of wind and everything blows around. It is so common to see a status in our neighbourhood Facebook group of someone posting a photo of patio furniture and pillows that ended up in their yard.

I have created a list of ideas to help keep your outdoor pillows from blowing away, but don’t worry I also have a great guide on how to secure your outdoor furniture from the wind too.

How to Keep Your Outdoor Pillows from Blowing Away?

1. Proper Storage

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When not using your outdoor cushions, always take the time to place them in an area where the wind, sun, and the weather can’t get to them. Water will cause your outdoor pillows to grow mold and mildew, sunlight will cause UV damages making your pillows lose color and become brittle, and wind causes your pillows to disappear! 

The best places to store your patio furniture cushions are:

  • Weather sealed storage container
  • Dry shed
  • Your Garage!
  • Inside your home
  • Under your deck

You can get creative with this, or you can simply bring the cushions into your garage or coat closet, depending on their size. So long as the area you are bringing them into is dry, you shouldn’t have to worry about your pillows blowing away again!

You could even consider a deck organizer, such as a durable and attractive storage box that can hold your pillows but also look nice in your backyard space. I like the Keter Weather Resistant Deck Storage Container as it looks modern and doesn’t hurt my backyards visual appeal.

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2. Add Ties to Pillows

You can always simply add ties to your cushions so that they are tied down to your outdoor furniture. This can be especially useful for larger cushions that are more difficult to store. If you are just experiencing wind and no rain, this solution may be the most simple and cost-effective! Even if it rains, these ties are simple to pull loose and store them away, it will just take an extra couple of seconds per cushion.

Hole punch or cut a small hole into your cushions and loop fabric ties or cord through the holes – then, tie through the backside of the cushion and knot onto furniture. These knots can easily be undone as well so that you can store your cushions with ease! It is a simple process, but The Family Handyman has a great 13 step guide to help you add ties to your patio furniture cushions and pillows

3. Sew on Hook and Eye Lock

sew hook and eye loop on outdoor pillows

This is similar to adding ties but less damaging to the pillows in my opinion. Not all of us are sewing pros, but you should be able to easily attach a hook and eye lock to your various projects, including your outdoor furniture. This method works best if you are attaching decorative cushions onto a stable fabric or base cushion.

Simply sew an eye lock onto your base cushion or fabric and line up your hook correctly onto your moveable cushion. You can always sew in a reinforced manner, with multiple stitches on both the hook and eye lock. This simple method may be enough to keep your cushions in place without sacrificing style!

You can watch this video below by Threads Sewing YouTube channel, they show you how to properly sew on a hook and eye lock in a matter of minutes: 


4. Add Some Weight

canvas baggy

If you have a pillow that opens up by zipper, add some weight inside it. This is best for décor pillows or throw pillows rather than base cushions because it may affect your overall comfort level. What can you use to weigh down these zippered pillows?

A small and durable bag of sand will keep it from blowing away. Make sure you use something other than a plastic baggy, as these will be most likely to break or burst open. Using a fabric or synthetic material bag that can be tossed around a bit is ideal, you want to be able to throw your pillows into storage without being scared they may break open.

I found the most successful bag option was a canvas drawstring bag, they can handle most all tossing and handling you will be doing with your patio pillows. 

Just a slight amount of weight may be enough to prevent your delicate throw pillows from blowing away in a storm.

5. Velcro Strips

velcro strips for pillows

There are a great number of things that Velcro can do when it comes to backyard projects. You can easily use Velcro strips to attach your outdoor pillows to the furniture it sits on or the cushion its placed on, you can even use the velcro to connect the pillows together side by side.

Keep an eye out for Velcro that has adhesive properties for fabric, or you can purchase Velcro that you sew on. Adhesive is advised if you are planning on sticking your cushions down to the frame of your furniture rather than another cushion or pillow.

You can even find Velcro in various shades so that it will match your outdoor cushions more thoroughly. While you can still see the Velcro strips when not attached, this could be a simple and cost effective solution to your outdoor pillows problem. Plus, Velcro is very easy to install!

What to do if your outdoor pillow blew away?

It can be disheartening to wake up after a windy night and notice your patio furniture has blown around everywhere. You may even notice that you have some furniture pieces missing or otherwise unaccounted for. What can you do?

The best thing to do is go for a search. Take a walk around your neighborhood and look for your outdoor pillow. You should also let your neighbors know, especially if your backyards are connected. They may have found it and picked it up already!

You could also post on your local Facebook group or marketplace and alert people that your cushion is missing. If you still can’t find it, it may be time to shop for some new outdoor pillows…

How can you clean your outdoor pillows?

If your pillows or cushions blew away and you found them, you’re in luck! However, they might need a cleaning by the time you get them back.

The easiest way to clean outdoor pillows is to check your pillow’s care instructions. Some might be machine washable, but it will depend on their materials, both inside and out. You can always spot treat your pillows with soapy water and a rag, depending on the severity of the stain.

There are also many home remedies that may serve the stains better, especially if you can’t machine wash your outdoor pillows. You may consider using:

  • White vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Laundry soap
  • Essential oils
  • Oxygen-based cleaner
  • Hot water soak
  • Hydrogen peroxide

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Where can you buy new outdoor pillows? (If they blew away and are lost)

Outdoor pillows are a popular purchase for many homes, and are readily available at most retailers during spring and summer months. Stores with affordable and reliable outdoor cushions include Walmart, Lowes, The Home Depot, and other hardware stores.

If you are shopping for outdoor pillows during the fall or winter months, you may consider making an online purchase, such as on Amazon or other home goods retailers. Fall and winter is often a good time to shop for outdoor cushions as they may be found at a discounted rate!

See the latest price and selection of outdoor cushions on Amazon here!

Make sure to only purchase pillows or cushions that are made for outdoor use, as these fabrics and materials are often more UV and water resistant than others. You can always add a waterproof spray to your cushions if you are worried about them holding up.

Final Thoughts

No matter the type of outdoor pillow or furniture you have, you can take special precautions to keep them from blowing away and getting lost forever. By using some of these simple tips and tricks, you can keep your pillows on your patio for seasons to come!

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