How to Store Outdoor Cushions (9 Creative Ways)

Having outdoor storage is the best way to utilize your outdoor space, but weather conditions, pests, and UV rays, can cause some issues when it comes to outdoor cushion storage. 

You need to make sure your cushions are protected from the UV rays because they can seriously damage the color of your cushions. Rain is another element that can cause outdoor cushion damages, the last thing you want is some mold or mildew growing on your patio cushions… gross.

Wind is another one many of us forget about. All it takes is one windy day and you can say bye-bye to your expensive outdoor cushions and pillows. I do have a post dedicated to prevent your outdoor pillows from blowing away that you can check out here too

Pests can cause stains, they rip through fabric, and destroy your outdoor cushions.

Storing cushions outdoors may seem challenging, but fortunately, there are a number of quick, convenient, and creative ways that will keep cushions fresh, comfy, and easy on the eyes. Let’s jump into it!

1. Outdoor Cushion Storage Bags

Hentex Outdoor Cushion Storage Bag Waterproof Dustproof Patio Cushion Storage Bag with Zipper and Handle Large Duffle Bag Garden Furniture Cushion Carrying Bag PVC Free 48" L×16" W×22" H (Beige)

Using cushion storage bags is a simple way to keep patio cushions safe from dust, debris, moisture, UV rays, and unwanted odors. This Hentex outdoor cushion storage bag on Amazon is a perfect size to store patio chair cushions and larger outdoor sectional cushions. This is what the bag has to offer:

  • Durable Waterproof Material – This storage bag is a heavy-duty 600D Oxford Polyester material, it’s designed to withstand water, sun UV rays, and more – it’s built to last a long time! Although it is waterproof, it’s best to store it in a dry place for a longer life.
  • Zipper Closure – A zipper closure makes easy access to your cushions and makes sure they are securely stored when you are not using them.
  • Easy to Carry – A storage bag with handles or shoulder strap makes it easy to carry your cushions to and from your storage location, trust me, bags without them are a pain in the (you know where).
  • Versatile – An outdoor cushion storage bag can be used to store not only cushions but also other outdoor accessories like pillows, blankets, and other outdoor accessories.

2. Waterproof Outdoor Storage Containers

EAST OAK 100 Gallon Large Deck Box, Outdoor Storage Box with Padlock for Patio Furniture, Patio Cushions, Gardening Tools, Pool Supplies, Waterproof and UV Resistant, 660lbs Weight Capacity, Grey

Another space-saving, cost-effective storage idea to keep cushions safe and sound is using a waterproof outdoor storage container. My family always used these to store away our patio cushions at our family cabin. Having a large family these came in use as many of them are designed to be a bench when in need.

You have a couple of options, you can buy a high-quality storage bench that will last a long time and keep your outdoor cushions safe, or you can choose cheap storage container that saves you money but also isn’t very successful at keeping things dry.

Really you can get away with a cheaper one if your storage container is stored inside a garage or under an enclosed patio space. 

A huge plus about these storage containers is that you can purchase waterproof storage bags that you can use to cover up the entire box. This means you can leave it outside year round with extra protection from rain, the sun, and the humidity. 

3. Place in a Storage Shed

Place in a Storage Shed for patio cushions idea

It is always great to have a storage shed in your backyard. It offers so much space to store your tools, furniture, kids’ toys, and cushions as well. You can conveniently place cushions inside the shed in an outdoor cushion storage bag. The cushions will stay safe, especially during winter.

A bag isn’t required if your shed is weatherproof as they will remain away from any natural elements. 

You can always build a storage shed yourself if you are handy enough to do so, or you can take a look at our most recommended 19 storage sheds you can purchase and piece together yourself here

4. Place Inside Your Garage

Place Inside Your Garage idea

If you are looking for a quick storage solution for cushions, your garage can help you. Simply stack or pack them in waterproof bags/vacuum storage bags and place them inside your garage. If your garage stays dry and there is no mold issue, so you can pass on bagging them up.

To keep it organized and safer, you can buy shelving units for your garage. There are several types of storage options available to organize your garage better such as ceiling and overhead storage, plastic boxes, hanging storage, storage racks/shelves, etc. 

5. Outdoor Furniture with Integrated Storage

Super Patio 8 Pieces Patio Furniture Set, Outdoor Sectional Sofa, PE Wicker Patio Conversation Sets with Storage Box, Coffee Table, Three Red Pillows, Brown

If you haven’t bought outdoor furniture yet or you are planning to buy a new set, then you can consider furniture that has storage integrated inside of it. These are pretty cool, especially if you have minimum space.

Instead of needing a shed or a garage, you can lift up a simple latch and your cushions can be stored without taking up any more space. Many are corner designs where the corner section acts as an end table, but it lifts up or off and the cushions fit right in, take a look at the Super patio set above as an example.

Other designs that include integrated storage would be if the seat section lifts up and you can place them under the seat. These are unique designs as well and I am surprised that many companies don’t do this more often with patio furniture.

6. Build a DIY Wooden Outdoor Storage Box

Build a DIY Wooden Outdoor Storage Box for outdoor cushions

If you are the one who enjoys woodworking, this idea is the one for you! I have personally built decks, patio furniture, and little outdoor items but I have never built a storage box. I think it would be simple and a lot of fun!

You can purchase new lumber if you want, but I think using recycled wood materials could make this a fun environmentally friendly project.

I would first sand the wood to make it look nice and new, then build the frame, paint or stain it to my preferred look, and then apply an exterior wood sealer such as spray urethane. 

Inside I would also add some more protection to avoid wood splinters on my patio cushions. I would either buy a outdoor cushion bag I would place cushions in and then place inside my wood container, or I would add interior lining inside the box. I would use a polyurethane lining to keep water out!

7. Vacuum Seal the Outdoor Cushions

vacuum seal patio cushions

I remember the first time I saw a vacuum seal bag, my friend was planning a trip for work and he started suctioning up these plastic looking bags. I of course asked him what the heck he was doing, and he explained that he could fit double the amount of clothes in his suit case.

Ever since then I use vacuum sealing when it comes to home storage. I purchase different size heavy duty vacuum seal bags and I store anything from clothes to patio cushions in them. 

Just make sure the cushions you are vacuum sealing will not get damaged in this process. 

Here are the steps to vacuum seal your outdoor cushions:

1. Clean and dry the cushions thoroughly before storing them.

2. Place the cushions inside a large vacuum-seal bag.

3. Remove the air from the bag using a vacuum sealer. This will compress the cushions and reduce their size, making them easier to store.

4. Once the air is removed, seal the bag using a built-in seal and the bags are ready to be stored.


8. Vertical Storage Cabinets

Rubbermaid Vertical Resin Weather Resistant Outdoor Storage Shed, 2x2.5 ft., Olive and Sandstone, for Garden/Backyard/Home/Pool

Vertical storage is a space saving option if you can’t fit a bench style storage box, you can go for Rubbermaid Vertical Outdoor Storage Shed as a safe option.

You can fit your pillows, cushions, blankets, and all your patio accessories in one of these vertical sheds. Similarly to the storage boxes choosing a high-quality option is your best bet if you are storing patio cushions as they do better against the elements.

Of course, not only patio cushions can go in it, these are often used for gardening tools and other backyard items you may have kicking around.


9. Place in Heavy Duty Garbage Bags

Place in Heavy Duty Garbage Bags idea

Well, if you are looking for a budget-friendly or an instant solution, what can be better than a heavy-duty garbage bag. You can get durable garbage bags and place your outdoor cushions in them to stay dry and dust-free when not in use. It’s the cheapest yet a very effective solution.

It may not look pretty but your cushions will!

This is also a good idea to pair up with another storage method. For example, when storing in a shed or garage, not having the cushions covered puts them at risk of getting dirty. All it takes is a bit of dirt from the lawn mower, a spill from the kids, or a splatter of paint from a nearby project.

Garbage bags are cheap and easy and will keep your outdoor cushions safe. I recommend using a clear bag (recycling bag) as you don’t want to accidentally throw away your patio cushions! You can also use any plastic bag or canvas bag that protects them, it really doesn’t matter, plastic just protects best from liquids.

Final Thoughts

Storage is super important when it comes to the lifespan of an outdoor cushion. Natural elements can take your patio cushions out of business in one patio season, that’s expensive! I really recommend taking action and store you patio cushions correctly, keep them from fading or growing mold.

Heading outside on a nice summer day to kick back on your patio furniture is so relaxing, it puts me in a great mood rather quickly. The last thing you want is the cushion to be brittle from the sun or full of mildew.

If you have any other ideas on how to store outdoor cushions please mention them in the comment section below.