24 Fall Yard Ideas That Are Trending Now!

Every year, when summer ends and the cool fall air begins, you can start to feel the excitement for fall. I know I do! Maybe it’s the anticipation of sweater weather, or perhaps it’s the pumpkin-spiced everything. In my household, this change in season leads to an enthusiastic shopping trip to my local Winners and HomeSense—the Canadian equivalent of HomeGoods. As I wander through aisles overflowing with autumnal colors, rustic decors, and spooky Halloween decorations, inspiration hits.

This year, we’re ahead of the curve with several fabulous fall yard ideas we’ve meticulously curated just for you. Ready to give your yard that one-of-a-kind autumn glow? Let’s explore 24 fall yard Ideas that are not just beautiful but are trending right now!

1. Plant Fall Flowers!

fall mums

The shift from summer’s vibrant greens to autumn’s golden hues doesn’t mean giving up on a blossoming garden. As temperatures cool, bring life back into your yard with fall-friendly florals. Chrysanthemums are a timeless choice, bursting with rich oranges, deep reds, and buttery yellows. Asters, with their star-like petals, also make a brilliant display, especially when interspersed with goldenrods. Planting these in clusters or decorative pots can instantly elevate your yard’s aesthetics. And don’t forget ornamental grasses—they add a whimsical touch, swaying with the gentle fall breezes.

2. Revolutionize Yard Gaming with Hay Bales

Fall is a time for outdoor fun! The weather is bearable; we don’t have to deal with the extreme heat from the summer. Transform a simple hay bale into a game table by placing a wood plank on top, paint it for an outside-sized game of Xs and Os. The best part about it? Use pumpkins as the game pieces, differentiated by color—black versus orange—as the Xs and Os. It’s a delightful spin on a classic that’s sure to be a hit with all ages.

But why stop there? Arrange hay bales into bowling lanes and partner with a lawn bowling kit for an afternoon of strikes and spares.

If all fails and the hay bales are not an option, don’t worry there is always Cornhole—a classic fall yard game. Imagine sipping apple cider and taking turns tossing bags, competing who can get the most shots in. 

3. DIY Outdoor Pumpkin Candle Holders

pumpkin candle

Illuminate your yard with the warm, ambient glow of pumpkin candle holders. It’s simple: hollow out a few pumpkins and place tall candles inside. Or carve the top of a pumpkin so you can place a candle on top of the pumpkin as a modern-style pumpkin candle idea. You can even glue pinecones, cut wood, and other items together to create a pumpkin shape.

As night falls, these cast a soft light, flickering shadows, creating an intimate and enchanting atmosphere perfect for fall and Halloween. Mix and match with different pumpkin sizes and candle colors to create a variety that suits your taste best.

4. Get Your Fall Fire Pit Ready

fall fire pit

The nights are getting chillier, and what better way to enjoy them than gathering around a warm crackling fire pit? Clean out any old ashes, stack up the firewood, and maybe add some decorative stones around the pit for an added touch. Throw on a cozy blanket, toast some marshmallows, and enjoy those long autumn evenings in warmth and style. Mix with idea number 7 below with this idea, and you’ll have a cool-looking fall fire pit design.

5. Fall Fence Decor

fall fence decor

Your fence can be more than just a boundary—it can be a canvas for fall decor festivities. Consider hanging rustic wooden signs with warm autumnal messages, or drape garlands made of colorful leaves, pinecones, and berries. The transformation doesn’t require a lot, but the impact is undeniable. Each time you step into your yard, it’ll feel like a fall festival. Your neighbors will ask if they can steal this idea for their own fence, trust me!

6. DIY Rustic Wheelbarrow Display

rustic wheelbarrow

Give that old wheelbarrow in your shed new life this fall. Or get out searching old barns and yard sales for one. Clean it up, fill it with soil, and plant an array of autumn blooms and foliage. Chrysanthemums, ornamental cabbages, and trailing ivy can create a mobile garden display that’s both rustic and vibrant. Place it prominently in your yard or move it around to change the scene whenever you like. Adding some pumpkins into the mix, and you are ready for Halloween.

7. Hay Bale Seating

Incorporate the rustic charm of hay bales into your yard’s seating. Stack them up and throw over some cozy blankets or plaid throws. They’re perfect for bonfire nights, backyard movies, or simply lounging under the clear fall sky. Plus, it adds that rustic touch that screams ‘countryside retreat’, right in your own backyard.

8. DIY Fun or Spooky Scarecrow

Spooky Scarecrow

The typical symbol of harvest is scarecrows, they can range from friendly to fearsome. With a little creativity, you can craft your very own scarecrow masterpiece. This is the perfect activity for those with kids looking for a fun fall activity. Stuff old clothes with hay, choose a fun or spooky face, and then accessorize! Whether it’s guarding your garden or welcoming guests on your porch, your scarecrow will be the talk of the season.

9. Galvanized Bucket Fall Display


Everyone has some old buckets lying around, right? And if you don’t, they’re easy to find at yard sales or local stores. Grab a galvanized bucket and fill it with your favorite fall items: colorful leaves, pinecones, or even small pumpkins. You can also layer in some fairy lights for a sparkly touch in the evenings. Place it by your front door, on your patio, or any spot that needs a touch of autumn charm.

10. Grow a Fall Vegetable Garden

fall veggies

You might think gardening season is over, but fall is a great time for some veggies! Think carrots, lettuce, and radishes. Start a small patch in your backyard and watch them grow. Not only do you get fresh veggies, but your yard also gets a vibrant touch of greens and reds. Bonus: There’s nothing better than eating what you’ve grown yourself!

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11. DIY Fall Garden Arch 

fall garden arch

Build an enchanting entrance to your garden this autumn with a DIY garden arch. Whether it’s crafted from twigs, wood, or metal, drape it with golden-yellow leaves, intertwining vines, and twinkling fairy lights. As you stroll through, you’ll be whisked away into a storybook fall setting, each and every time. It’s also a perfect addition to a fall wedding!

12. Barrel Planters

Barrel Planters

Repurpose those old barrels into fabulous fall planters. Stain them a rustic brown or deep red, then plant an array of autumnal favorites like golden mums, burgundy asters, and ornamental cabbages. Place it right in your yard, on your front porch, or in the backyard, it doesn’t matter these barrels will pop with the vibrant fall colors around.

13. Backyard Apple Cider Station

Apple Cider Station

Nothing screams fall like the taste and smell of apple cider. Set up a cozy apple cider station in your backyard. Lay out mugs, cinnamon sticks, and warm apple cider on a wooden table. When the chill of fall sets in, your family and friends will flock to this warm haven. Paired with some yummy fall treats like apple pie or pumpkin brownies, you will all be in awe. 

14. Buy a Smoker!

smokers in fall

Having a smoker in the backyard will fill your autumn evenings with deliciousness and warmth. Smoke up a number of yummy meats, especially some turkey this time of year. There are many recipes that will warm up your fall, like smoked pumpkin or Smoked Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese. No matter the meal, having a smoker around in the fall will make the neighbors come knocking from all the amazing scents in the air.

15. DIY Pallet Fall/Halloween Sign


Crafting in the fall is a joy! Grab an old pallet and hand-paint a design that captures the spirit of the season—perhaps golden leaves, a haunted moon, or just a warm “Happy Fall” message. Place your creation by your entrance to greet guests with a burst of fall cheer, or place it out in the garden as a nice piece of decor.

16. Add a Garden Bench

fall bench cast iron in fall

Imagine a serene spot to relax while being surrounded by the falling leaves. Place a wooden bench in your garden and toss on some plaid cushions in autumn shades of red, orange, and brown. It’s the ideal spot to sip your morning coffee or evening cider, while you read a comforting novel. A rustic garden bench adds a nice touch to your fall garden, try searching for an old one at the thrift store, facebook marketplace, or a yard sale. 

17. Hang Some Lights

fall lights in yard

The golden hours of fall can be magical, but they’re fleeting. Extend your evenings this time of year with twinkling string lights. Choose warmer tones that mimic the glow of fall and hang them around your patio, trees, or even across the entire garden. Their glow will make every fall evening enchanting for you and your family to get outside to enjoy.

18. Fall Style Water Features

barrel water feature

Incorporating a water feature into your yard always adds a touch of magic, and the fall season offers the perfect opportunity to get creative. Why not explore barrel-styled water features or even those made from rustic metal buckets? They effortlessly capture the essence of autumn. If you already have a water feature, giving it a fall makeover is easy. Add a cascade of colorful leaves, nestle some pumpkins around, and perhaps surround it with hay bales. Beyond its visual appeal, the soothing sound of flowing water transforms your backyard into a peaceful autumnal retreat.

19. Rustic Lantern Displays

fall porch lanterns

The vibe of a rustic lantern in the yard can’t be understated, especially during fall. Position a collection of lanterns, varying in sizes and styles, along pathways or cluster them on patios. Fill them with candles—whether traditional or LED—for that soft, golden glow. On chilly nights, they’ll invoke a sense of warmth, making any evening outdoors a touch more magical.

20. Pumpkins as Planters

Pumpkins aren’t just for carving; they’re nature’s planters waiting to be filled. Hollow out medium to large-sized pumpkins and fill them with soil. Plant seasonal flowers or greenery inside for a festive and natural touch. They’re the perfect centerpiece for any outdoor table or a unique addition to your garden beds.

21. Fall Wreaths

Fall Wreaths

Welcome guests and the season with open arms—and doors—by hanging a fall wreath. Craft it from the bounties of autumn: dried leaves, twigs, acorns, pinecones, and even corn husks. Every time your door opens, it’ll be a reminder of the season’s splendor. Like many of us, have a fall wreath inside that you get to enjoy at all times too!

22. Crushed Leaves or Pine Needle Pathway

Create pathways in your yard using crushed leaves or pine needles. Not only do they give off that typical fall scent when walked upon, but they also add a rustic touch to your outdoor spaces. Plus, it’s an eco-friendly way to use what nature drops in your yard. Picture a pathway using crushed leaves and/or pine needles leading to a firepit with hay bales as seats. That’s quite the fall visual!

23. Old Wagon Wheel Decor

old wagon wheel for fall

Revisit yesteryears and add a dash of rustic charm with old wagon wheels. Lean them against walls, hang them up, or even incorporate them into garden beds. They serve as a nostalgic nod to the past while fitting perfectly into your fall theme.

24. Add Plaid Pillows to Outdoor Furniture

fall patio pillows

Comfort meets style when you throw some plaid pillows onto your outdoor furniture. The iconic pattern screams autumn, making any seating area instantly cozier. Whether it’s by the fire pit or on your porch swing, these pillows will surely make those crisp fall evenings a bit more snug. Add some nice fall-style blankets too; you may need them as it is getting chilly this time of year.

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