10 Best Tall Outdoor Artificial Trees in 2024

You’ve just moved into your new home with a lovely garden, set up a cozy chair outside to rest after lifting heavy boxes… And then you realize it. The afternoon sun is shining directly onto your garden and there’s no shade in sight! You spot the neighbors who have a direct line of sight into your pool from their patio and you need to do something about it.

Do you buy a few trees for your sorely needed shade and privacy? Could you even afford a full-grown tree, to begin with? Ah, you can just get small trees and let them grow. Maybe in 10 years, they’ll reach a height you’re happy with? Except that your lease is only 12 months long… What to do?

Fortunately, there is a quick and easy solution – artificial trees provide most of the benefits that a real one would give to your garden. Privacy? Check. Shade? Check. Vibrant and lively colors? Check.

But how long before it’s reached the height you want? No time at all! And never spare a thought for watering, pest control, or pruning. The tree you want is the tree you’ll get.

Why Buy a Tall Outdoor Artificial Tree?

Extra Privacy

Instantly create a barrier between your garden and your neighbor’s with artificial plants as densely packed as you need. An artificial tree can give you privacy for your garden pool or patio with ease.

Just for Looks!

Since artificial trees are modeled after the tremendously vast assortment of living trees, there’s an artificial tree to suit whatever Décor your outdoor area needs. Since they won’t need sun or soil as a living plant would, these tall artificial trees can take up residence where living plants couldn’t normally survive.

Can’t Wait for a Real One to Grow

Perhaps you’re renting your current home and don’t plan to be there for longer than a year or two, or you’re setting up a home for the market. Where a normal tree would take time, regular care, and maintenance to grow, an artificial tree arrives at the exact height and condition you need it in without having to nurture or prune it in the future.

10 Best Tall Outdoor Artificial Trees

1. 8 Foot Outdoor Artificial Cedar Topiary Tree UV Rated One 8 Foot Outdoor Artificial Cedar Topiary Tree Potted UV Rated Plant by Silk Tree Warehouse Company Inc (8 Foot)

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When it comes to privacy, these cedar trees are a cut above the rest. Each artificial topiary Cedar tree is densely populated with natural-looking UV-rated leaves from top to bottom and can be lined up alongside each other to effectively create a wall of greenery.

Depending on your needs, these trees are available reaching heights from 3 to 8 feet so you can find the perfect size for your garden. Leaves are made from durable and dense UV-rated synthetic rubber so they will last for years to come.

2. AnTing 8.5ft Artificial Triple Tropical Palm AnTing 8.5ft Artificial Palm Trees Triple Tropical Palm Artificial Plant Tree Outdoor Indoor in Pot Large Palm Plants for Living Room Front Porch Patio Pool Garden Home Office Decor Green

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AnTing does a fantastic job of making realistic and exotic faux trees for your indoor or outdoor areas. Standing at a whopping 8.5 feet tall, their triple-branched artificial palm tree can give your garden a relaxing tropical vibe without a worry for care and maintenance.

The base is supported in a planter cast with solid concrete and can hold your tree well in place when buried in a larger planter or directly into the garden soil for better support and stability to withstand wind and rain. Made to last against the elements, this tree will provide your garden with lively color for the summer months and stand firm in the winter.

3. Nearly Natural 7ft. Paradise Palm Nearly Natural 5261 7ft. Paradise Palm,Green

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The 7-foot tall Paradise Palm by Nearly Natural arrives at your doorstep with the leaves bunched together for ease of shipping and moving. Once you’ve placed it into its new home, allowing you to shape it to the dimensions you need and fluff it out as much or as little as you’d like.

This fake palm tree stands out by presenting thick foliage from the base all the way up to its full standing height of 7 feet, perfect for added privacy or to cover up an unsightly view in your garden.

4. Kazeila Artificial Ficus Silk Tree 7ft. Kazeila Artificial Ficus Silk Tree, 5FT Faux Plastic Ficus Plant in Pot with Durable Plastic Trunk, Fake Plant for Home Decor Office House Living Room Indoor Outdoor

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This Faux Ficus Tree by Kazeila is a beauty! Made with fabric leaves that can be fluffed for added realism, and because they’re so light they can easily sway in a breeze, don’t be surprised when friends and family ask how long it took to grow to 7 feet tall.

As you can see from the images the leaves are made in dark and light colors to copy the lighter new growth you’d see on a real Ficus, while having none of the downsides of looking after a living plant. The base is molded from plastic to look real but carries no risk of wood rot so you will rest easy placing this tree outdoors where it will be exposed to wind and rain.

5. AMERIQUE Pair Gorgeous 6.3 Feet Standable Triple Trunk Artificial Palm Tree AMERIQUE Pair Gorgeous 6.3 Feet Standable Triple Trunk Artificial Palm Tree, Real Touch Technology, with UV Protection, Super Quality, Green, 2

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I love the way that this set of 2 6.3-foot artificial palm trees stands on their own thick bases as compared to most artificial trees that are cast in unattractive cement-filled planters. For use in your garden, it is a smart idea to plant them in a large planter or directly in the ground for added strength against the wind, and they look gorgeous adorning your garden, patio, or front door with their UV-protected leaves and strong trunk.

Unfortunately, the picture isn’t accurate, as the trunks are green instead of brown, so keep that in mind when you’re picking out the area you’ll be setting them up.

6. Kringle Traditions 7-Ft 10-Function LED Lighted Palm Tree Kringle Traditions 7-Ft 10-Function LED Lighted Palm Tree - Pre-Lit Artificial Palm Tree Decor - Remoted Controlled with Timer

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Taking a step away from perfect realism for a moment, Kringle Traditions’ 5, 6, and 7-foot-lit palm trees offer a fun evening decoration. The 18 fronds look great and have built-in lights to brighten up any late-night conversations with features such as dimming and flashing available with a press of a button on the included remote control.

The lights also wrap around the trunk which isn’t made to look like real wood, but that won’t matter in the dark when the lights are turned on. This tree option is fun, clever, and cute! The base plate allows you to secure it to a deck or rest it on a flat surface, and it will need to be plugged in as it has a transformer to run and control the lights.

Although it is UV-protected so the color doesn’t fade, don’t allow this one to get rained on since the electrical components will take damage.

7. Nearly Natural 7’ Fiddle Leaf Fig Artificial Tree Nearly Natural 7’ Fiddle Leaf Fig Artificial Trees, 84in, Green

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The Fiddle Leaf Fig tree with its large and full-bodied leaves is perfect for any office or lounge – but coming in at up to 7 feet tall, you’d be justified in wanting to decorate your garden with these lively fake plants! With sizes available from 4 to 7 feet, a few different-sized fiddle leaf trees placed strategically around the garden could add a lot of interest and beauty.

Just be sure to coat them in UV-protective spray and provide good drainage for the natural wooden trunks to avoid rot and mold. I’ve included my suggestion for a quality UV-protective spray at the end of this list, so please read on…

8. 8′ Phoenix Palm Tree 8' Phoenix Palm Tree (Pack of 2)

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Standing 8 feet tall, placing an order of these artificial Phoenix palm trees by Allstate Floral gets you 2 trees to place around your pool at a much lower cost. For a molded styrofoam trunk, these trees are surprisingly sturdy against wind and rain and the leaves are of fantastic quality. If you want to make them even taller, might I suggest using a large planter to support them and add an extra foot or so of height?

These 2 trees will help you achieve that tropical feel for you and your friends when you are lounging around the pool on a hot summer’s day. And best of all, there’ll be no leaves or palm tree seeds falling into your pool to clog up your pump throughout the year!

9. AMERIQUE 6 Feet Gorgeous and Dense Blooming Wisteria Artificial Tree AMERIQUE 6 Feet Gorgeous and Dense Blooming Wisteria Artificial Tree, Cream White, Pre-Potted with Nursery Pot, Real Touch Tech., Green and White

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Many artificial trees on the market are relatively plain, coming in green only. Even if they use different shades of green to present new and old growth, your garden needs a touch more color. So who not a tree in full bloom?

This dense blooming Wisteria by Amerique is crafted with gentle-looking flowers that will never wither or wilt through every season, and although they do look delicate they have been made to last. Hopefully, the bees won’t be too disappointed to discover that these flowers have no nectar and pollen…

10. Nearly Natural 7.5’ Super Deluxe Ficus Artificial Tree Nearly Natural 7.5’ Super Deluxe Ficus Artificial Trees, Green, 5453

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I enjoy the customization feature built into this 7.5-foot Deluxe Ficus Tree. All 1386 leaves are on bendable wire branches and twigs so that you can move them into any position that your patio, garden, or indoor area needs.

You can fluff up the leaves to have the plant reach out more or place the leaves closer to the branches for denser foliage if that’s what you want. The tasteful twisting trunks complete the natural look of this artificial tree so beautifully, it’s a masterful piece of art to be sure.

Protect Your Artificial Trees from Outdoor Elements Using Scotchgard Spray! Scotchgard Sun and Water Shield, Repels Water, 21 Ounces (2 Cans)

Not all plants are made to be outdoors and therefore aren’t made using UV-resistant materials. If you have a plant that you aren’t sure was meant to be used outdoors, it’s wise to use a coating spray like the Scotchgard Shield Protector for fabric plants or the 303 Aerospace Protectant for plastic or rubber artificial plants. This protects them from having their color fade and other sun damage like cracking.

Final Thoughts

Whether you want to protect your outdoor furniture from direct sunlight, your pool from prying eyes, or just want some more lively color in your outdoor space, there’s an artificial plant out there that will suit your needs. Not everyone can afford to take the time to care for plants every day or spend the money that living plants need, making artificial trees ideal for so many situations.

I do hope that you’ve found the right tree, or multiple trees that suit your needs, and are well on your way to building the garden that you desire and deserve. Happy gardening and if you are looking for more artificial trees to decorate your patio or garden, click through to my article on the 10 Best Artificial Trees For Outdoors where I’ve compiled a list of my favorite trees regardless of height.

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