10 Best Outdoor Garbage Can Cover Up Ideas

All households somehow need to get rid of their garbage. In most cases, this happens by depositing garbage bags in an outdoor garbage can picked up by garbage trucks at regular intervals.

The problem: garbage cans aren’t very attractive. They can also start to stink a little, especially in hot weather. In addition, some animals are attracted to garbage cans and can make quite a mess if they can easily access them.

The solution: Cover up your outdoor garbage cans.

Fortunately, there are now many options on the market that can help you to make your outdoor space look like there are no garbage cans around.

In this article, I will tell you about the 10 best outdoor garbage can cover up ideas. These ideas are a mix of ideas that are either easy to do, pleasing to the eyes, or even multi-purpose.

Why Cover Up Your Outdoor Garbage?

There are three reasons why people want to cover up their outdoor garbage:

  • They want their property to look nicer.
  • They don’t want wild animals to get into their rubbish or get attracted by their waste.
  • They have children or pets that tend to get into places they should not be. Some dogs, for example, will find the smell from a garbage can very attractive and will try to get into it – and make a mess in the process.

10 Best Outdoor Garbage Can Cover Up Ideas

1. Build a Custom Garbage Storage Shed HOMSPARK Horizontal Storage Shed Weather Resistance, Multi-Purpose Outdoor Storage Box for Backyards and Patios, 26 Cubic Feet Capacity for Bike, Lawnmower, Trash Cans, Patio Accessories

Suppose you are no stranger to DIY or don’t mind learning a new skill. In that case, you could design and build your own custom garbage storage shed (another option is buying a kit you have to put together).

The advantage to building your own custom garage storage shed is that the size and style will be up to you. If you want a pretty, purple lean-to shed with sliding doors, you can have it – as long as you get the materials and have the skills.

If you have a great idea but no skills, you could hire a local builder who can help you to make your dream come true.

2. Buy an Outdoor Storage Shed/Box

A custom shed can either mean a lot of work (if you build it yourself) or can become expensive (if you pay a professional). A cheaper, maybe not quite so cheerful, option is to buy a pre-made outdoor storage shed. There are many options on the market, so you will likely find the right size and style you like.

Some options include:

HOMSPARK Horizontal Storage Shed Weather Resistance, Multi-Purpose Outdoor Storage Box for Backyards and Patios, 26 Cubic Feet Capacity for Bike, Lawnmower, Trash Cans, Patio Accessories

HOMSPARKK’s Outdoor Storage Shed: This is an easy-maintenance shed. It is colorfast, easy to clean, and big enough to store two 32-gallon garbage cans. The shed is easy to assemble and can be locked so that nobody will steal your garbage cans (yes, some people do that!).

Keter Store-It-Out Prime: This storage shed is your solution if you prefer darker colors. Like the HOMSPARKK shed, it is suitable for storing up to two 32-gallon garbage cans. The unique feature is that you can install a hygienic lid to bin opening system that will open the bins for you when you open the top of the shed, so you don’t have to touch the actual garbage cans.

Rubbermaid Large Horizontal Resin Weather Resistant Outdoor Storage Shed: This shed is a great outdoor garbage can cover up idea because it is extra strong and durable. The high-quality material can deal with spills and is ideal for storing heavy items (e.g. full garbage cans).

This Outdoor Storage Shed is ideal if you have a bit more space and more than just garbage cans to store. It looks great, and you could also paint it if you still think about that purple shed. The walls appear wood like but are made of a weather-resistant, easy-maintenance material that will last a long time. Unlike wood, it will not rot if it gets wet.

3. DIY Wooden Fence

A wooden fence is a great outdoor garbage can cover up idea. A solid fence is the best idea to cover the view of the garbage cans completely, but you could also use a picket fence with only small gaps between each plank.

You can leave the fence open at one end or create a gate for easy access.

4. Set Up an Outdoor Privacy Screen or Trellis

Giantex Outdoor Privacy Screen 4 Panels, 48''H Decorative Air Conditioner Fence Trash Can Enclosure with 6 Stakes, Easy Assembly, PVC Vinyl Freestanding Picket Fences for Garden Patio Lawn (2)

An outdoor privacy screen like Giantex Outdoor Privacy Screen is another excellent cover up idea for outdoor garbage cans, especially if you do not have any DIY skills or would like to save time. A privacy screen is a classy way to hide your garbage cans.

Another alternative is a trellis which can have the additional function of supporting climbing plants. You would not only hide an unpleasant view but create something beautiful. Imagine growing sweet peas, for example. This would be seasonal, of course, but many climbing plants also smell nice and would do their part in hiding unpleasant smells coming from your garbage cans.

5. Plant Privacy Hedges

Privacy hedges are a great option if you have the space and prefer something more natural than a fence, privacy screen or lattice. There are many varieties of hedges available, so make sure you do your research. You need to buy hedges that suit your climate and will not grow too large (or you will have to do a lot of maintenance each year).

6. Lattice Fence

Lattice Fence

A lattice fence is similar to a trellis but is generally not used for growing plants on it. It is a wooden structure that will still allow people to see parts of the garbage cans, but it can look charming if you choose the right lattice fence.

7. Plant View-Blocking Trees

Smaller trees are also a great outdoor garbage can cover up idea. You do not want to go for giant trees that create issues with their root system or cause damage to surrounding structures. To hide garbage cans, think of smaller trees like Italian Cypresses (these are ideal for hiding garbage cans).

8. Block the View with Raised Garden Beds

Raised garden beds are another multi-purpose solution (like the trellis). If you build them high enough and plant flowers or vegetables that grow tall enough, they will hide your garbage cans and, in addition, reward you with either lovely flowers or tasty veggies (or both!).

9. Gabion Fence INLIFE Gabion Triple Wheelie Bin Surround Steel 98.4"x39.4"x47.2"

A gabion fence like INLIFE Gabion Triple Wheelie Bin Surround Steel is an excellent solution if you like a more robust look and want to create a heavy-duty shelter for your garbage cans. A gabion fence is often used in landscaping but also for erosion control. It is a cage filled with rocks or concrete, sometimes sand and soil.

10. Install Faux Plants, Trees, or Hedges Upgrade Generation III Fake Boxwood Hedge Wall Faux Grass Backdrop Wall Greenery with Topiary Panels for Outdoor Indoor Privacy Screen Fence Patio Balcony Decor (38" WX33 HX14 D, Without casters)

You like the idea of using plants, trees, or hedges to cover your garbage cans, but you hate the idea of having to take care of them. No problem! These days, there is a large variety of faux plants out there.

You could buy an artificial hedge like the artigwall faux hedge or go for NaturaHedge’s Boxwood panels to cover a trellis or fence.

For a more exotic look, you can surround your garbage cans with cheerful cherry blossom trees or go for a Golden Cane Palm Silk Tree

The big advantage: Faux plants are easy to maintain. You need to hose them off now and then. No green thumb is required!

Related Questions

Where Should You Place Your Outdoor Garbage Cans?

Ideally, you would store your garbage cans away from your house, so you don’t have to deal with unpleasant smells. Store them close to where they are picked up on garbage day or with easy access to that location.

If you want to store them close to your house, try to avoid placing them next to windows.

Should You Anchor Your Garbage Can Storage?

This very much depends on the area you live in and how sheltered the place you put the storage is.

If you live in a very windy region, you should anchor your garbage can storage. A strong wind could move it around or even pick it up and throw it all over your place.

If there’s only ever a mild breeze in your region, it’s not necessary.

Should Your Outdoor Garbage Can Cover Be Waterproof?

It is better to have a waterproof garbage can cover because it will keep your garbage cans from becoming unpleasant to handle. A waterproof cover or shed will also last longer than material that is not waterproof.

Is Covering Up Your Garbage Can Required?

It is not a legal requirement to cover up your garbage cans, so it is up to you what you do. Many people cover up their garbage cans because they prefer not to look at them or because they want to make it harder for wild animals to access the garbage and make a mess.

Final Thoughts

With so many outdoor garbage can cover up ideas, there is no reason why you should have to look at your rather unattractive garbage cans all the time.

While you cannot avoid having garbage cans somewhere on your property, you can choose to see them as an invitation to create something beautiful around them.

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