10 Best Garden Hose Splitters in 2024

A garden hose splitter is an effective and simple contraption that allows you to create separate water flows that stem from the same water source. It allows the user to have more options for their water usage and water directions. It saves water and saves lots of hassle. Most garden hose splitters last for a long time if you buy the right one.

Most gardeners know about garden hose splitters and know their importance for good gardening. Although garden hose splitters are not new to the gardening world, they are still an effective tool that has been used for decades and will continue to be used for a long time! 

Sometimes garden hose Splitters are called Outdoor Faucet Splitters or another name similar. Regardless of what you call it, it’s the same thing if it serves the purpose of making multiple flows from one source.

An example of multiple flows of water from one source is a tap with one water source with a garden hose splitter on it that splits the tap flow into two hoses 

What to Consider When Buying a Garden Hose Splitter?

So what should you consider when you are looking to buy a garden hose splitter? It’s a great question. There are a lot of different things to consider. You should be considering the material that the garden hose water is made out of, the general quality and reputation of the brand that you are buying from, the thread quality, the flow lock quality, the number of splits that it has, and your water pressure.


The first thing that we will talk about is material. Garden hose splitters can come in a variety of different materials. The majority of them come in metal, plastic, and brass. Now, the best garden hose splitters are metal or brass garden hose splitters. While this may not come as a shock, plastic is kind of the cheap option here.

The material is very important when it comes to garden hose splitters. Because they are working with water in our outside, they are subject to all kinds of natural erosion and weather. Plastic usually cannot stand the test of time.

If you live somewhere where it gets cold in the winter, any moisture trapped in the plastic in a crack or chip can freeze, expand, and break the garden hose splitter entirely. It could also cause leaks and make life just a bit more miserable in the spring.

When it comes to brass or metal garden hose splitters, you want to make sure that they are rust resistant and weather resistant. Some metals are naturally rust resistant, but not all are. That is why it is important to look at the label of the garden hose splitter that you are planning on buying and make sure that it is either made out of an alloy that protects it from rust or has a coating that protects it as well.

Overall Quality

The overall quality of the garden hose splitter is also very important. You want to buy a garden hose splitter from a trusted brand that is well known for producing long-lasting products. We have gathered a bunch of these good brands below.

Overall quality also means that you should look at the thread quality, the material, and the flow lock quality. Look up videos online of the garden hose splitter that you are interested in buying to see how well it works. Look at reviews online to see what customers think of it. Do a little bit of digging and explore the options in front of you.

When it comes to something like a garden hose splitter, should always go with something that is high quality and maybe costs a little bit more than a cheaper option. This is because it is very frustrating to go out to the garden one day grab your hose and realize that your garden hose splitter is broken, damaged, or otherwise not working.

Invest a little bit more time and energy into picking and buying your garden hose splitter and you will not regret it.

Number of Splits

Another thing you should consider when looking at garden hose splitters is the numbers that you need. If you need two hoses you need then you should go with a two-way garden hose splitter. But if you need more than two, they do make them with multiple spouts. 

Your Water Pressure

Lastly, you should be looking at your water pressure. You need to make sure that you have enough water pressure so that the number of splits you have can all work at the same time. So if you have two splits, make sure that your water pressure is strong enough to fill two garden hoses at the same time. If you have four splits, the same applies.

There is nothing like it getting a garden hose splitter and then realizing that you do not have enough water pressure to fill both houses at the same time. Make sure that you do your research on your water pressure and water capabilities before you buy any water hose splitter to prevent wasting money time and energy. 

10 Best Garden Hose Splitters

1. DBR Tech 2 Way Water Splitter (Heavy Duty Brass) DBR Tech 2 Way Water Splitter for Garden Hose Spigot Faucet Bib, Heavy Duty Brass Y Connector

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The DBR Tech 2-way water splitter is a great garden hose splitter. It is made out of heavy-duty brass, so you know that it is meant to last the test of time. It boasts four and a half stars and over 1,280 ratings. It is a two-way connector, which means that it can provide water to two different garden hoses from one water source.

It weighs 185 G and features dual shut-off valves so that you can control the water flow to only one or both of the hoses connected to the splitter.

The brass is rust and corrosion-resistant. It attaches to your outdoor water source very well and is designed to increase its resilience and reduce the number of leaks. It features a 10-year warranty, which is fantastic insurance for its ability to work. Customers say that it is easy to use, easy to install, and very sturdy.

2. 2WAYZ- Hose splitter 2WAYZ- Hose splitter, two way heavy duty, garden faucet, faucet splitter, hose y splitter, garden hose y splitter, hose bib splitter, all metal

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The 2WAYZ hose splitter is a great metal garden hose splitter. It is a bit more intricate than other more simple designs, but it is by no means flashy. It comes in green and black and weighs 297 grams.

All of its components are bolted, which means that the inlet and outlet are strengthened. both of the spouts are fastened in with metal bolts, which means that they will not disconnect easily. The neck is connected with threads, which hold the two parts together.

It features dual shut-off valves so you can use one hose or both hoses at once. The handles are coated with rubber, which makes it perfect for people with arthritis, or weak or stiff hands. No tools are needed for installation, which makes them a super easy option for people who want something basic and easy to install.

The water hose splitter also rotates 360 degrees, so you can pull the hose in any direction you want to!

3. Hourleey Brass Garden Hose Splitter (4 Way) Hourleey Brass Garden Hose Splitter (4 Way), Solid Brass Hose Connector 3/4", Hose Spigot Adapter 4 Valves with 4 Extra Rubber Washers

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For anyone looking for a garden hose splitter that has more than two faucets, the Hourleey Garden Hose 4-way splitter is the way to go. This is a solid brass hose connector that allows for four connections to the spigot. Customers say that it is easy to install, easy to use, it’s a great value for its price, and very durable.

This 4-way garden hose splitter is made from 100% solid brass, which means that it’s super durable and it is resistant to the elements and rust. It can support a maximum of 0.8 MPa water pressure. It has a standard three-quarters of an inch connection which fits most standard garden hoses, and each garden hose connected to the splitter has its control valve.

4. DBR Tech 4 Way Hose Splitter (Heavy Duty Brass) DBR Tech 4 Way Hose Splitter Heavy Duty Brass for Garden Spigot Faucet Bib, Multiple Water Split Connector with Shut Off Valves for Outdoor Lawn and Gardening Hoses, Irrigation Manifold Valve

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The DBR Tech 4-way hose splitter is the perfect hose splitter to use for folks looking for a 4-way split. It is made out of brass and comes with a brand of DVR Tech which is a great brand that is known for being highly reliable. Its connector type is an elbow connector. 

This garden hose splitter has an individual shut-off valve for each hose connected to the splitter. You can use multiple hoses at once to maximize your productivity outside. The breath is not only high quality but it is made out of heavy-duty aircraft brass. This means that is resistant to corrosion and rust, which means it will last you a very long time.

This one also has improved water efficiency to help maintain water pressure even when using a very long gardening hose. It comes with a 10-year warranty as well, which is a good sign that it is built to last.

5. Flexi Hose 2-Way or 4-Way Garden Hose Connector Flexi Hose 2-Way Garden Hose Connector - Faucet Adapter Attaches 2 Hoses to 1 Spigot - Features Easy-Grip Copper-Plated Faucet Connector and Easy-Turn Flow-Control Valve Tabs

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The Flexi Hose 2-way and 4-way garden hose connectors are a great option for people looking for something easy to use. Its biggest feature is that it has easy grip control valves to make turning on and off the spigots a breeze.

This is great for people with weak hands or people who struggle with arthritis. It comes with a two-hose connection or a four-hose connection, so you can get the one that fits you.

It fits the US standard size fittings for garden hoses which are three-quarters of an inch. It simply screws on it to any three-quarter of an inch threaded spigot and then you are ready to go. Customers love the fact that it is easy to use and it has a 5-star rating on ease-of-use. They also say that is easy to install, durable, and sturdy.

6. Nelson Faucet Adaptor – High Flow 4-Outlet Manifold Nelson Faucet Adaptor - High Flow 4-Outlet Manifold 50316

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The Nelson faucet adapter with a 4-flow outlet has a unique appearance when compared to other 4 split garden hose splitters. This is because it is designed for ease of use! Valves are ergonomic and designed to be able to be gripped firmly and twist easily.

It is designed for a 45% higher water flow rate and is built with strong metal couplings. The external design is made with soft plastic for the easy grip of the control valves. Its unique shape allows for multiple hoses to connect to 1 spigot without jumbling up the area. Customers say that it is easy to use, sturdy, and durable in its materials

7. Orbit 3-Way Plastic Hose Faucet Valve Manifold  Orbit 62009 3-Way Plastic Hose Faucet Valve Manifold

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The Orbit 6 2009 3-way plastic hose is a great option for people looking for a simple yet useful design. It comes with a standard three-quarters of an inch female brass swivel connection, which is threaded of course. It also comes with a mounting bracket for increased stability. Is designed to be used outside using only cold water.

Customers say that it is very easy to install, very easy to use, and fairly sturdy. Some customers say that it is not as durable as they wish it was, but it is made out of plastic so it’s understandable that it’s not a long-term piece. 

8. Trazon Brass Garden Hose Splitter 2 Way Trazon Brass Garden Hose Splitter 2 Way, Garden Y Hose Connector Metal Body, Water Hose Splitter with Comfortable Grip, Hose Splitter 2 Way Heavy Duty for Outdoor and Indoor Use, Plus 3 Extra Washers

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The Trazon Brass garden hose 2-way splitter is a great simple garden hose splitter for people who just need two hoses. Plus, it is made out of high-quality brass, so you know that it will last a long time.

It comes with two control switches on either hose so you can control which hose is in use and at what time you could of course use both hoses at the same time.

This garden hose splitter can be attached to any three-quarters of an inch faucet, which means it will work with any standard garden hose spigot. It is very easy to install end works by simply attaching the connector to the spigot. Customers said that it is easy to install, easy to use, and very sturdy. It has a four-and-a-half star rating and over 900 reviews.

9. Melnor 4-Way Control Valve Lever Design Melnor 357 4-Way Control Valve, Lever Design

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The Melnor 357 4-way control valve garden hose splitter is a great garden hose splitter because it is so easy to use. Its handles are more like switches and handles, which makes it very easy for people with arthritis or weak hands to use.

The orientation of this hose splitter is horizontal and vertical, which means that it is easier to organize the hoses. It features a swiveling coupling nut which makes installation very easy. It also has metal threads so the attachment is highly secure.

The best thing about this product is that it comes with the Melnor limited lifetime, which is a warranty that shows that they stand behind their products and are proud to create durable and well-made products. Customers say that it is easy to install, easy to use, and a great value for its price.

10. Garden Hose Splitter 2 Way Solid Brass by Oupeng Sky Garden Hose Splitter 2 Way - Heavy Duty Solid Brass Hose Y Splitter,Hose Faucet Splitter,3/4" Brass Hose Adapter Connectors Shut Off Valve, Hose Spigot Adapter 2 Valves, Plus 4 Extra Rubber Washers.

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Last, but certainly not least, is the 2-way garden hose splitter from Oupeng Sky. Its design is simple, it is not extravagant in any sense, and it gets the job done it features three-quarters of an inch brass hose connection, independent shut-off valves for each hose, and comes with four extra rubber washers.

It is made out of brass, which means that it is very solid and durable as well as resistant to both rust and corrosion. It is meant to last a long time. It can support up to 0.8 MPA of water pressure. Customers said that this garden hose splitter is easy to use, easy to install, sturdy, and a good value for its cost.

Related Questions

Can You Leave a Hose Splitter Out in the Winter?

Depending on the hose splitter that you have, yes you can, or no you can’t. You can find out whether you can or can’t leave it out by looking at the information on the packaging of your hose splitter. Most of the metal ones you can leave out over the winter, although it is recommended that you remove them or cover them just to be sure.

You can find covers at our best outdoor winter faucet covers guide here. Leaving out plastic ones can be a bad idea because if they have any cracks with any kind of moisture in them, that moisture could freeze, expand, and break the plastic.

Can You Lock Up an Outdoor Faucet that has a Splitter Attachment?

Yes, you can lock up an outdoor faucet that has a splitter attachment. Here is our guide of the best outdoor faucet locks.

How Long Do Hose Splitters Last?

A hose splitter should last a long time. They are always built to be durable and sturdy, so you can expect to be using a hose splitter for about 10 years or more. That is why it is always best to get a high-quality product that will last you a long time rather than a cheap version that you will have to replace once a year.

Final Thoughts

Buying a hose splitter does not have to be a stressful event. All you need to know is how to navigate the options of what is available to you and what you need. When you know the information, it is super easy to figure out what to do next. Do your research on the products that you think will work for you and then make an educated decision from there! Good luck and happy gardening!

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