10 Best Outdoor Faucet Locks in 2024

Have you fallen prey to the all-too-common obstacle of water theft? Looking for the best outdoor faucet lock? Our guide of 10 different faucet locks provides you with all the help you need on your search. 

Water theft is becoming increasingly prevalent in residential areas across the country. You need a way to secure your water and a water faucet lock, also known as a hose bibb, is the option for you. The efficiency of these 10 water locks, or hose bibbs, as part of a water securing tactic, creates a world of possibilities for your backyard endeavors. 

What is a Faucet Lock?

A water faucet lock, or a hose bibb lock, is a tool that will prevent unauthorized and vandalizing use of your water. It is very simple to use. An outdoor water faucet lock will typically come with a padlock or other keyed lock. 

Make sure you get the lock in a size that fits on your spigot or faucet. This is extremely important as a lock that is the wrong size will not work properly and can damage the spigot or faucet. Once you have purchased the correct size lock you will want to attach it to the spigot using the instructions on the packaging for that particular lock.

After attaching it to the spigot you will want to lock it with the key provided. The keys are often able to access multiple faucet locks, so if you have multiple spigots, you can secure multiple locations with just one key. 

Once it has been attached the coupling should be able to spin at will without any water coming out of the spigot. This will frustrate anyone who attempts to steal your water. These locks can only be unlocked using the appropriate key and are hard to take off the spigot without the proper tools. 

Why Use an Outdoor Faucet Lock?

One of the biggest reasons that you might want to use an outdoor faucet lock is that water does not come for free. You pay for the water that comes from your house. Wouldn’t you like to know who is using the water that you pay for? 

The activity of water theft particularly affects families who go on vacation often or leave their houses unattended. They can return to find a water bill double what they normally pay, simply because their outdoor spigots did not have a lock and theft occurred. 

A second, yet just as important reason, that you might need an outdoor faucet lock is that your children, or any young kids in general, tend to do things they’re not supposed to just to experiment. Children can sometimes turn the faucet on and either not know how to turn it off or are merely unable to turn it off. 

A faucet lock can prevent unnecessary loss of water due to unintentional use as well. Without water running out the children can play around a faucet and you will not have to worry about a loss of water.

Additionally, these locks can help with environmental sustainability. They can prevent excessive, un unknown, or unauthorized, use of the water. This is great for the effort to conserve water as a resource.

10 Best Outdoor Faucet Locks

1. Flow Security Systems | The FaucetLock Flow Security Systems | The FaucetLock | Heavy Duty Brass Construction | Prevents Water Theft & Secures Outdoor Bibbs | Promotes Water Conservation | Keyed Differently | FSS 50 | 1 Pack

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The Flow Security Systems’ FaucetLock is a durable, solid brass outdoor faucet lock to brave any weather conditions and attempted damage. The FaucetLock aids in the process of water conservation, which helps the environment overall, and it will secure your water lines for good. 

This device fits ¾ inch hose thread outlets and has an easy installation. The product includes 2 keys, so don’t worry if the first one goes missing. There are no padlocks with this product, no tools for setup, and can be removed with a bolt cutter and a screwdriver. 

Nothing too fancy here, but certainly an incredible usefulness factor.

2. Echaprey Water Faucet Lock Outdoors Echaprey Water Faucet Lock Outdoor/Kitchen/Garden Hose Tap Faucet Lock Anti-Theft Child-Proof Metal Faucet Protection Cover Style A(Yellow)

The Echaprey Water Faucet Lock is approximately the size of a soda can and made from an even stronger metal – iron. It is the perfect size for use, approximately the size of a soda can, and is extremely easy to set up. No tools are required!

It is produced in two different colors, blue and yellow, and provides additional anti-theft measures through a padlock. The product comes with a total of 3 keys, so if you lose the first, you don’t need to worry. If you lose the second, you’re still fine! Though you might want to keep a better eye on the third key. 

This durable, secure, and sturdy water faucet lock is a great addition to any backyard hose or patio mister. 

3. Conservco Hose Bibb Lock 

Conservco DSL-1 Hose Bibb Lock - 2 Pack

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The House Bibb Lock by Conservco does not come with a padlock or any keys, but a padlock is recommended. It is suggested that you use your padlock. While this may be a bit of an inconvenience, the rest of the product makes up for the lack of included padlock. 

It is very small and very discrete, unlike the bright yellow color of the Echaprey. It is chrome and bronze plated to create a sturdy faucet lock for your faucet. You can purchase these locks in packs of 1, 2, 3, and 6 if you enjoy them and would like to use them for multiple spigots. Great if you want to share with your friends as well! 

The Conservco Hose Bibb Lock is easy to use after an easy installation, making this a great product for even the most beginner faucet user.

4. Temeili 304 Stainless Steel Outdoor Faucet Lock System Faucet Lock, 304 Stainless Steel Outdoor Faucet Lock System 3 inches, with Code Lock to Prevent Water Stealing, Prevent Unauthorized Water use and Vandalism

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The Temeili 304 Stainless Steel Outdoor Faucet Lock System comes with a padlock, but not just any padlock. This padlock, instead of taking a regular key, required a code to be entered to open. This reduces the frustration of losing your first and second, and possibly third, key but not requiring a key at all. 

The product is made from insulated, varnished steel. It is a great quality product that is tough and durable, and able to withstand heavy weather conditions with limited damage. It can be installed instantly without any tools and is not very difficult to use. 

For any mathematicians out there, or anyone else interested in numbers, perhaps this numerical code-protected faucet lock is your cream of the crop.

5. Flow Security Systems | Faucet Lock III Flow Security Systems | Faucet Lock III | Magnetic Key | Keyed Differently | Anti Tampering Device that Secures Outdoor Taps | Promotes Water Conservation | Fits Most Outdoor Hose Bibbs | 1 Pack

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The Faucet Lock III is another great product by Flow Security Systems. This time with a hard plastic, high-strength ABS, the faucet lock will not rust after rain and will not corrode or weaken over time. It has a free-spinning design and is only open when the magnetic key is in the lock.

It is extremely easy to install on your faucet. You want to put the key into the lock and keep it there. Then, you want to attach the lock, with the key in it, to the hose bibb and tighten it. Finally, remove the key and spin freely. It really can be that easy! 

If you are looking for the easiest outdoor faucet lock, this might be the one for you.

6. NU-SET Lock | Water Faucet Lock NU-SET Lock | Water Faucet Lock | Water Spigot Lock for Garden Hose Bib Lock | Home Improvement and Garden Accessories (Chrome)

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NU-SET’s Water Faucet Lock is a great addition to any outdoor gardening faucet that you may have. Even if you don’t use it for gardening, you might want to consider getting this high-security, extra-durable faucet lock. 

There are three parts to this water lock: the spigot lock itself, the rubber, and the rubber washer. The rubber washer that is a part of this product prevents flowing water, even if the faucet is somehow turned on. The spigot lock clamps onto the spigot, and a padlock seals the whole thing. 

For your money’s worth, the NU-SET Water Faucet Lock for outdoor faucets and spigots is one of the best choices of faucet locks.

7. Zing Green Products Gate Valve Lockout Zing Green Products 7103 USA Made Recycled Plastic Gate Valve Lockout, 1 to 2.25 Inch, Red

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The Gate Valve Lockout, produced by Zing Green Products, is a great lock for your outdoor faucets. Uniquely shaped and colored, this red, circular lock is great for keeping out unwanted visitors. 

It is a padlock system lock and the entire hollow shell going over the valve gate prevents the opening of the valve. The padlock is, unfortunately, sold separately. The lock is made of recycled polycarbonate. The three locking holes give good mobility and flexibility for different-sized gate valves. 

If you’re looking for a big, red, KEEP OUT sign, this is the lock for you.

8. Flow Security Systems | Faucet Lock II Flow Security Systems | Faucet Lock II | Magnetic Key | Keyed The Same | Prevents Water Theft & Secures Outdoor Taps | Promotes Water Conservation | Fits Most Outdoor Hose Bibbs | FSS 500 | 2 Pack

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The second Flow Security Systems lock, Faucet Lock II, is more similar to the Faucet Lock III than to the first faucet lock. It also has a magnetic key, which is used for installation as well as using the water feature. It is unlocked and the faucet or spigot can be used when the magnetic key is fully in the lock. Like the Faucet Lock III, the lock is installed with the key fully in the lock and a good tightening. 

The locks are all keyed the same and the lock is made with brass material, however, there is the option to make the key difference for your specific lock. The keyhole itself has no grooves and it is see-through. 

The Faucet Lock II is a great addition to any industrial building, school, or home!

9. B and K Industries Flowlock Hose Valve Lock B and K Industries 103-501RP Flowlock Hose Valve Lock

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The Flowlock Hose Valve Lock by B and K Industries is an easy to use, no stress valve lock for your hose. This lock is manufactured in China and made from a metal that is heavy duty and will not rust.

It is extremely durable and easy to install – no tools necessary! This lock has two separate keys, in case you lose one, and is a forest green color. The green makes it great for blending in with hedges and other plants for a discrete installment. 

B and K Industries has produced an excellent Flowlock Hose Valve Lock that is great for keeping out reservoir robbers.

10. Lockatap Tap Lock Lockatap PDSLT001 Tap Lock, Green,12.5 x 6.5 x 7 cm

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Another forest green lock for your outdoor faucet or spigot is the Locktap Tap Lock. This lock is great for ensuring no unapproved access to your tap. It can be used for a wall mounted tap or a tap that stands alone. The Tap Lock closes around the coupling, and clips it tightly in place. 

This Tap Lock is secured via a padlock at the bottom of the lock. It even comes with 3 keys! It is made to fit most ½” outdoor brass taps. While it may not work to fit every tap, it certainly does its job with the ones it does fit! Very easy to install, very easy to use, and very effective! 

This is great for anyone with a small brass tap in need of extra security.

What’s the Difference Between a Faucet Lock and a Valve Lock?

The difference between a faucet lock and a valve lock comes down to where on the water dispenser the lock is located and what exactly it prevents from happening. 

A faucet lock is applied directly to the spout to prevent water from flowing out of the faucet. It usually covers the tip of the hose thread. It is often made of hard, durable metals that will not corrode or break easily. See the above examples by Temeili and Echaparey for exact products exemplifying the faucet lock’s features. 

A valve lock is usually applied directly to the coupling, the part that spins, and prevents it from turning and allowing the water to flow out. This product is often made of a very sturdy plastic, like ABS.The above Gate Valve Lock is a great example of a valve lock. 

What are Faucet Covers?

Faucet covers can prevent damage to pipes and faucets. Cold weather, rain, and dust can all have a negative impact on your faucets, spigots, and hose bibbs. Faucet covers are particularly good at making sure your pipes don’t freeze.

Check out our amazing guide on 5 of the best outdoor faucet covers here, to make sure your pipes don’t freeze this winter! We also have a guide for the 10 Best Freeze Proof Outdoor Faucets you can see here.

Final Thoughts

Outdoor faucets can get a lot of use. From patio misters to garden hoses and sprinklers, your facet can do the work for you! An outdoor faucet or valve lock can help you conserve water and make sure that you’re not spending money on unnecessary water usage. 

Try one of our 10 best outdoor faucet locks today! You can make it even safer by adding an additional purchase of one of the best faucet covers we could find.

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