10 Best Garden Hose Pots for Outdoor Storage in 2023

A beautiful pot is an excellent option for hiding and storing your garden hose and even more. Garden hose pots come in different sizes and are usually made from metal, clay, and plastic. Any big, all-weather planter could technically be used as a hose pot.

However, the difference between a regular planter and a garden hose pot is a special hole on the side at the pot’s bottom. This design makes it simple to use the garden hose by threading it through the pot and preventing tangling.

A garden hose pot is a must-have if you water your garden regularly. The best garden hose pots share similar features, including a special hole, drainage in the basin, and durable construction.

Store your garden hose correctly in one of the best garden hose pots for outdoor storage mentioned below.

What is a Garden Hose Pot?

A garden hose pot is a big pot for storing garden hoses. It has a bottom hole where one end of the hose emerges to connect to the nozzle water supply. It serves a functional and decorative purpose. The major function of all garden hose pots is to store garden hoses in a neat way.

Since the pots are generally beautiful, they serve as a decorative element. Ornate, copper, or various garden hose pot types are available to match your garden or patio.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Garden Hose Pot?

The majority of people purchase garden hose pots for decorative purposes. These pots are a more attractive option for storing a garden hose. There are more advantages of buying a garden hose pot, though. It keeps your hose out of direct sunlight.

Plus, a garden hose pot allows you to locate your hose near the place you water the most. Not to mention that it keeps your garden looking neat and tidy.

10 Best Garden Hose Pots

If you’re not sure which garden hose pot to choose, here are ten of the best ones to consider:

1. Liberty Garden Hose Pot Liberty Garden 1917-G Hose Pot, Hammered, Patina

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The pot’s hand-painted steel with a clear coat finish will survive the weather season after season. A hand-hammered steel structure, a hose entrance port, and a drainage base distinguish this hose pot. It’s ideal for hiding your hose in plain sight in a gorgeous flower pot on your patio or in your garden. This attractive and practical hose pot will keep your garden hose tidy when not in use and easily accessible when watering is required.

The Liberty Garden Hose Pot has a hose entrance port for a clean and simple hose connection to the water source. Connect your water supply by threading your hose through the inlet port. The entrance hole is hidden, so your hose stays out of the way and looks excellent.

Drainage holes in the base keep your attractive hose pot from turning into a hose pond, allowing rain and/or excess water to easily drain out the bottom.

2. LifeSmart Garden Hose Holder Storage Pot Copper with Lid

Garden Hose Holder Storage Pot Copper with Lid Antique Green Finish Lattice Steel Updated for November 2020 (Copper)

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Your garden will benefit from the LifeSmart Decorative Garden Hose Pot. This is a larger hose pot, much like the previous one, and will fit a larger hose. It’s not only big, but it’s also incredibly stylish. It has a copper finish and a naturally aged appearance, so it appears to have withstood the test of time. To avoid being surprised when your pot arrives, keep in mind that the color is copper with a tint of green.

Another advantage of the pot is that it is really strong and will stand firm in your garden. It’s made to be strong, yet it’s also light and simple to move around. Of course, when the pot is empty, it’s a lot simpler. You may fill the pot with just about anything because it has a large mouth. Because it’s a hose pot, it features drain holes to keep whatever you’re storing dry and secure.

The pot’s appearance is appealing both inside and out. Keep in mind that this hose pot is pretty huge. So, once again, use it for anything you want – whether it’s full or empty.

3. BIRDROCK HOME Decorative Water Hose Holder Pot BIRDROCK HOME Decorative Water Hose Holder Pot with Antique Copper Exterior - Ground Garden Hose Box - Steel - Powdered Coated - Embossed - Steel Metal Hider - Outdoor or Indoor Use

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The BirdRock Hose Pot may be used both indoors and outdoors. The hose is kept organized outdoors by the central post, which can also be removed to make the pot a great inside storage option for magazines, plants, blankets, or firewood.

The hose holder also has a hole for simple water hose access as well as a drainage hole for excess water, keeping the pot clean and orderly. The Hose Pot gives your garden, patio, deck, or back porch a stylish yet practical addition.

4. Good Directions 448B Sonoma Hose Pot Good Directions 448B Sonoma Hose Pot, Holds Up To 150-Feet of Hose, Brass

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The Good Directions 448B Sonoma Hose Pot is made of copper and brass. An exposed hose may quickly distract from a garden’s charm. The strong center post aids in coiling the hose and preventing kinks and snarls. Drainage is provided through holes in the bottom of the pots, and a handy side hole keeps the hose linked to the faucet.

Each pot is 12-1/2 inches tall and 18 inches wide, with enough room to store hoses up to 150 feet in length. The finish is brass. Brass is non-corrosive and only gets better with age!

5. Suncast Wicker Garden Hose Storage Pot Suncast CPLHPW100 HPW100 Mocha Wicker 100-Foot Capacity Hose Pot, Brown

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The Suncast Java Wicker Hose Pot has a stylish appearance. It is created to be sturdy and resistant to various weather conditions in addition to the design. It comes completely constructed and is quite simple to operate. It’s simple to put up, easy to clean, and beautiful addition to any garden. This hose pot’s wicker style makes it appealing to match your other outdoor décor.

It will accommodate a 100-foot hose. You’ll notice that your hose pot is pretty little when it comes. It can foot a 100-foot hose, but just a thin one. It’s ideal for storing 75-foot or 50-foot hoses. This pot may also be used to store other garden items while also providing safety for your equipment.

6. Good Directions 457 Key West Hose Pot Good Directions 457 Key West Hose Pot, Holds Up To 150-Feet of Hose, Blue Verde Steel

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The Good Directions 457 Key West Hose Pot can be used in multiple ways. It can be used as a hose holder, planter, and even firewood holder. The Key West Hose Pot is constructed from 22 gauge steel for durability. A larger gauge offers added durability to your hose pot, ensuring that it will last for years. It’s easy to pull a hose through the hose aperture and connect it to a faucet. A drainage hole allows water to escape, preventing the hose pot from overflowing.

7. Mayne Inc Fairfield Garden Hose Bin Mayne Inc Fairfield Garden Hose Bin, White

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Made in the USA, the Mayne Inc Fairfield Garden Hose Bin is molded fully polyethylene with UV inhibitors. Because it’s resistant to strong impact, chemicals, and extreme weather conditions, this garden hose container is frequently used for outdoor applications all year.

UV inhibitors are integrated into the resin used to produce garden hose pot, reducing the sun’s harmful effects. This prevents the pot from fading, keeps its color, and extends its lifespan. This hose box comes with a 15-year home guarantee and a 5-year commercial warranty from Mayne.

8. LifeSmart Garden Hose Pot Storage Holder with Copper Accents LifeSmart Garden Hose Pot Storage Holder with Copper Accents 16 x 12 Inches

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Anyone looking to add more rustic beauty to their gardens or inside décor will love the Garden Hose Holder Pot with Copper Finish. It features a worn pattern that seems natural owing to the copper finish with green patina. The pot is sturdy yet lightweight.

The hose pot has a broad opening that allows you to coil and uncoil the hose with little effort, and the central stake makes storage easy. It keeps the interior water-free to preserve your hose from the elements thanks to the water drain holes.

The Garden Hose Holder Pot with Copper Finish creates a fantastic piece of décor that adds extra flair to any garden, patio, grass, or even interior thanks to its worn and rustic appearance. The cylinder hose pot with a copper finish may be used to store books, clothing, newspapers, wood, and much more.

9. Copper Hose Pot beautiful and practical Copper Hose Pot

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This hand-hammered copper hose pot is a lovely addition to your yard and can hold up to 100 feet of hose. It may be used as a flower pot as well as a storage container for your other garden supplies, just like any other hose pot. This garden container stands out from the crowd because of its lovely design.

The primary disadvantage of this pot is that it is rust-prone. You can prevent rust on your lovely pot by applying a clear coat of protection to it. It includes a sturdy handle that makes it easy to transport. Although it is robust and durable, it is nevertheless light.

10. LifeSmart Decorative Garden Hose Pot Storage Holder with Lid Handmade Decorative Garden Hose Pot Storage Holder with Lid Handmade 12 x 16 Inches (Rust Proof Magnetic Steel)

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This outdoor hose container, which measures 16″W x 12″H and can hold up to a 150-foot hose, is also ideal for use as a firewood storage pot for your fireplace. The 30-day warranty covers every item, so you can shop with confidence.

The garden hose pot has a broad opening that allows you to coil and uncoil the hose with little effort, and the central stake makes storage easy. It’s long-lasting, lightweight, and incredibly beautiful. The pot features a lid for more convenience.

Garden Hose Pots FAQs

What’s the Maximum Length a Garden Hose Pot can Hold?

These garden hose storage bins have a surprising capacity for storing a lengthy hose. Depending on the size of the pot, most may handle up to 100 to 150 feet of hose. As a result, double-check the length of your hose before purchasing one. However, this assumes that you coil it neatly within. That will not fit if the hose is crumpled.

Do You Need to Coil Up Your Hose to Place it in the Pot?

The hose is coiled around the interior of the wall in a coil. You should take the time to coil it properly, or it will not fit. The hose readily lifts out untangled and unkinked after being properly coiled around, and you’re ready to use it.

What are Garden Hose Pots Made from?

There are a variety of garden hose pots available, each with its own style and material. They’re generally constructed from metal, ceramic, plastic, and a material that resembles stone.

Can You Make Your Own DIY Garden Pot?

Yes, you can make a wooden-style one pretty easily. Or, you can mold your own concrete garden hose pot. If you’re not good at woodworking or ceramics, simply purchase a big steel bucket and make a hole in it.

Can You Leave Your Garden Hose Pot Outside in the Winter?

You can leave your garden hose pot outside in winter if it’s completely dry. Hoses may be readily drained by passing them over a tall object, causing the water to flow out of the hose due to gravity. When any remaining water freezes, the hose will not split. The best way to ensure that your pot won’t be damaged is to store it in your garage or shed.

Final thoughts

Use a gorgeous yet totally functional pot to hold your garden hose and hide it in plain sight. It’s also possible to use this pot for other purposes.

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