10 Best Artificial Trees for Outdoors in 2024

Trees are beautiful gifts from nature. They’re a natural wonder in how they steadily grow, change, and fight to survive in almost any environment where they manage to plant their roots. Not only do they provide life-sustaining oxygen and delicious fruits and nuts as a natural part of their existence, but there’s also a plethora of species and subspecies in numerous shapes, sizes, and colors.

If there’s a garden or patio at your home, having a variety of trees and plants gives it life and warmth. For all their natural beauty, it’s no wonder that people from all walks of life adorn their homes with plants inside and out, both living and artificial. While trees are beautiful as they are, they do require love, time, and effort to keep them living healthily.

Needing enough natural light but not too much, just the right amount of water, healthy nutrient-rich soil that drains well, and protection from harmful insects and disease, sometimes living trees simply are not the solution for your outdoor area.

I assume this is what brings you to my list of the 10 best artificial trees money can buy. These faux trees have been expertly made to decorate your patio, garden, or home entrance in places where a living tree’s needs can’t all be met.

They’re also convenient for the busier household on the go that doesn’t have time for intricate plant care, an empty garden when you don’t have time to wait for trees to grow, and decorating a home for the housing market in a hurry.

There is also the added benefit that a faux tree is much cheaper than a tree grown from a nursery, and they require less delicate care in transporting and potting which helps to reduce costs even further.


1. Pure Garden Hedyotis Triple Ball Tree 5-Feet Pure Garden 50-10007 Hedyotis Triple Ball Tree, 5-Feet, 15x15, Green

The Hedyotis is a genus of plants often used for medicinal purposes with the name derived from the Greek words for “sweet” and “ear”, due to its sweet scent and ear-shaped leaves. What better plant to build a warm and welcoming patio or garden for your friends, family, and guests?

The triple ball Hedyotis stands at 5 feet tall and makes use of a natural wooden trunk holding the UV-resistant PVC leaves to withstand even the harshest summer days.

Be sure to factor in drainage at the base of this tree wherever it will live in your garden as the wood will rot if rainwater cannot escape the base. Read more about the beautiful Hedyotis plant on Wikipedia.

2. Nearly Natural 7ft. Paradise Palm

Nearly Natural 5261 7ft. Paradise Palm,Green

Made by Nearly Natural, this 7-foot Paradise Palm has a full-bodied 21 fronds to liven up your outdoor space while adding privacy and color. Each leaf is connected from the base which gives the plant its large area of coverage, and since it arrives with leaves carefully packed together you’re able to spread them out as far as you’d like to get the leaf density you’re looking for.

When in use outdoors, this artificial plant will need a UV-protecting spray coating like the 303 Aerospace Protectant as it isn’t manufactured with UV-resistant materials.

3. Silk Tree Warehouse Outdoor Artificial Cedar Topiary Trees UV Rated 4-Feet Two 4 Foot Outdoor Artificial Cedar Topiary Trees Uv Rated Potted Plants

Arriving at your doorstep in sets of 2, these 4-foot Cedar trees are UV-resistant and suitable for use in all outdoor areas. The synthetic rubber used to craft them ensures that they’ll last you for many years with their dense natural appearance.

Because they come in sets of 2, they’re an ideal option to adorn your front door to welcome guests without dropping leaves for you to clean regularly, or place around your garden in interesting arrangements to add immediate signs of life and color.

4. Nearly Natural 5ft. Golden Cane Palm Artificial Tree Nearly Natural 5ft. Golden Cane Palm Artificial Tree, Green

Another artificial tree by Nearly Natural, the 5-foot Golden Cane Palm tree has lighter shades or leaves to add a greater sense of realism with ‘new growth’ and the 2 natural-looking trunks build on that realism a step further. Made with polyester, silk, and plastic, you’ll need to apply a coating of Scotchguard Sun and Water Shield to give UV protection to the silk leaves unless placed in the shade.

With the lightweight leaves, a gentle breeze will make this plant sway naturally just as a real palm tree would.

5. Davos Artificial Eucalyptus Tree

Davos Artificial Eucalyptus Tree

Making use of an iron frame, the Davos artificial Eucalyptus tree can be shaped and altered as you desire for the look you need. Simply coat using a UV-resistant spray for use in a sunny area, or position in the shade as you desire for a long-lasting strong faux tree.

The store offers 2 trees of 5 or 6 feet tall at a reasonable price for a tree that doesn’t ever need special care, watering, or fertilizing. Simply place and forget, only wiping the plastic leaves occasionally to remove dust.

6. AMERIQUE Gorgeous & Unique 5 Feet Tropical Palm AMERIQUE Gorgeous & Unique 5 Feet Tropical Palm Artificial Plant Silk Tree, Real Touch Technology, with UV Protection, Super Quality, 5', Green

The AMERIQUE silk palm tree has been specifically manufactured to hold up to torrential rainfall and blazing UV rays. Built for the outdoors and suitable for indoor use, this tree effortlessly imbues a tropical feeling into the environment it’s used in.

At 5’ tall and with a sturdy thick base, this is an ideal option for privacy from neighbors while breathing life into your garden or patio. Be sure to use an appropriate UV spray once a year to retain the silk leave’s vibrant colors.

7. Two Artificial Outdoor 4′ Spiral Boxwood Topiary UV Rated VOPVZVKO Two Artificial Outdoor 4' Spiral Boxwood Topiary UV Rated! Free Returns!

With an incredible 4.8 star rating on Amazon, these outdoor spiral boxwood topiary trees are handcrafted using synthetic UV-resistant material and made to weather snow, rain, ice, and sun.

Being made by hand, the 2 trees you get will be expertly made and no 2 are ever the same; just as nature intended! This set of 2 trees is perfect to place on either side of a bench, front door, or to decorate your garden and front lawn.

8. Goplus Artificial Boxwood Topiary Tree Goplus 4 Ft Artificial Boxwood Topiary Tree, Fake Greenery Plants Ball Tree, Leaves & Cement-Filled Plastic Flower Pot Decorative Trees for Home Office Indoor Outdoor

The biggest problem you’ll find with most faux trees is that the pot they arrive in is usually small, light, and boring. This 3 or 4-foot boxwood tree has a gorgeous pot, decorated to impress straight out of the box and weighted with cement for stability and strength. Adding to that strength is an iron tube through the center of the tree to withstand external forces while tastefully decorated with wood rattan for natural beauty.

Since the pot is already weighted and decorated you won’t need to bury the base in a larger pot or in the ground, nor will you need to add sand or stones to keep it upright in wind and rain which makes this one of the most convenient faux trees on the market.

9. VIVOSUN 6FT Artificial Ficus Silk Tree VIVOSUN 6 ft. Artificial Tree Artificial Ficus Silk Tree Potted Plant for Indoor Outdoor Decor

This 6-foot Ficus tree is made from polyester leaves that elegantly sway in the wind, a natural wooden trunk, and each leaf is attached to thin branches with interior metal wires so you may shape them into whatever style suits your décor. For use indoors and out, protect the leaves from direct sunlight using a UV-protective spray once a year to ensure the bright color remains steadfast.

The base won’t be suitable for withstanding windy conditions. You’ll need to either weigh it down in a larger pot or bury the base in the garden with appropriate drainage.

10. OXLLXO 6ft Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree OXLLXO 6ft Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree (72in) with Plastic Nursery Pot Faux Tree, Ficus Lyrata Fake Plant for Office House Farmhouse Living Room Home Decor (Indoor/Outdoor)

The Ficus Lyrata, or Fiddle-leaf Fig tree, is prized for its huge leathery leaves. OXLLXO has designed their Fiddle-leaf Fig to have leaves nearly indistinguishable from the original complete with a natural wooden trunk and real moss to cover the concrete block that weighs the tree down.

To balance the size of the tree with the base you’ll want to put the tree into a larger pot or the ground, and if it is exposed to sunlight then use a UV-protective spray immediately to avoid fading colors. This artificial tree isn’t UV-rated.

What to Consider When Buying an Outdoor Artificial Tree?

The Size of the Tree

You’ll want to consider the design and layout of your garden in choosing how big you’d like your artificial tree to be. Taking into account they won’t ever be growing, you have the peace of mind in knowing that your garden or patio will look exactly how you want it immediately without fuss.

Small trees are great for providing interesting decoration and color, while larger trees can also provide privacy or obstruct an unsightly view.

If you are looking for a tall outdoor artificial tree please check out our article of the 10 best tall outdoor artificial trees here!

Is it Sturdy?

Like any tree outdoors, your artificial tree will be exposed to winds and storms. In a situation where your tree isn’t protected from winds, it can bend and break like any other tree – but this one won’t grow back. So make sure that the tree is either positioned somewhere safe or is constructed with strong materials and a sturdy design.

You can make it hold its ground better in high winds by ensuring that the tree is weighted down securely using soil or stones, by placing it into a larger pot with good drainage, or by burying the base in the ground. Drainage is important here to prevent mold and mildew buildup.

Type of Tree

Just as trees come in so many species, so do artificial trees which are made to mimic their natural counterparts. The type of tree you choose is entirely dependent on the look you’re hoping to achieve for your outdoors.

If you want to add warmth and color to your home’s entrance then a 4’ tall and interesting tree like a spiraling boxwood would be a fine feature, the densely populated fig tree is perfect for providing privacy, and a paradise palm can impart a relaxing tropical aesthetic.

Is it UV Protected?

Artificial trees that see direct sunlight will have their colors fade in the first year or two if not UV protected. Even trees that are protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays won’t stay color-perfect forever, so I advise coating them with a protective spray once a year to greatly extend their life expectancy.

I’d recommend a spray like the 303 Aerospace Protectant for plastic or rubber plants, and a product like the Scotchguard Sun and Water Shield for plants with fabric leaves.

Does it Look Real? 

Not all artificial plants are made equal. In my selection below you’ll find that these plants have been manufactured in such a way as to ensure that leaves are crafted into the exact shapes as their living counterparts and the coloring of each stem and leaf is masterfully worked.

The last thing you’d want is for any artificial tree in your garden to have a mass-produced appearance with poor color and mold quality. Beware of cheaply made products that cut corners on quality.

Related Questions

Can I Use an Indoor Artificial Plant Outdoors? 

You certainly can, although there are 2 things to take into consideration. Your artificial indoor plants might not be structurally sound in wind and rain, and they are normally not UV-rated and will fade if exposed to direct sunlight. Using the appropriate UV-protective spray to coat the plant once a year will help to retain the leaves’ rich colors.

How Can You Prevent Outdoor Artificial Plants from Blowing Over? 

Placing your plant’s existing base into a bigger pot and weighing it down with stones or sand will add considerable wind resistance, especially if your artificial plant has large leaves or groups of leaves with a wide surface area that catches the wind easily. Burying the base in the ground will have a similar effect and having them stand next to a windbreaker or some sort will help even more.

The next best option is to tie them to a fence or pole for structural support when that won’t hurt the look of your plant. If your artificial plant is broken in extreme winds, it won’t ever grow back! So, take safety into account when considering where your plant will live in your garden.

How Long Will an Outdoor Artificial Plant Last?

If the plant isn’t exposed to damaging high winds, mold, or mildew from pooling water, and it has proper protection from UV rays, then it could last up to 10 years looking vibrant and fresh. This is dependent on the materials used being high quality and some general care now and then, but still less trouble than any living plant!

If the artificial plant is not UV protected or water-resistant then you may only have a few months before leaves fade and deteriorate, so use a UV-protective spray coating immediately and regularly every 6-12 months for the best results. Even UV-rated plants should get a fresh coating yearly to last as long as possible and stay as vibrant as the day you bought it.

Final Thoughts

Artificial trees are a relatively new option on the market in the greater scheme of things. They are convenient for so many people and in a multitude of situations, it’s no wonder why they’re gaining popularity among homemakers and decorators. I hope that you’ve found the tree for you and learned a thing or two about setting up and maintaining a vibrant garden using artificial outdoor trees!

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