How To Block Wind On Your Patio? | 9 Windy Patio Solutions

The worst thing about your patio is the wind. You just want to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air, but the wind just makes relaxation impossible. The wind can be cold, it can blow everything away, and overall it is just annoying. I thought that creating this article of 9 windy patio solutions could help you get out on that patio enjoying the sun!

How Do You Block Wind on Your Patio?

Adding windbreakers are the ideal solution to the windy outdoor problem you may be facing. There are several wind-breaking techniques you could opt for. Each technique is different in terms of how it’s set up and how it works. You must know that one technique may suit a certain setting better than another. As far as patios are concerned, there are a couple of methods that are commonly opted for and have proven to be effective.

Let’s take a look at some windy patio solutions to make life much more relaxing outside.

9 Windy Patio Solutions

1. Setup a Deck Fence Screen TANG 3' x 12' Black Residential Commercial Privacy Deck Fence Privacy Screen 200 GSM Weather Resistant Outdoor Protection Fencing Net for Balcony Verandah Porch Patio Pool Backyard Rails

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Deck fence screens are a common choice for windy patio issues. Just like the term implies, it’s a fence made of very strong and durable net material that is attachable to wooden or metal panels. The fence can run around the patio area to block out winds and prevent them from interrupting normal activity and enjoyment at the patio.

Fence screens are made of high quality, durable material, and are most of the time water-resistant too. They are also highly resistant to fading, which helps the fence last longer despite strong sunny weather or frequent, heavy rains.

Despite its standard designs and features, a couple of them may have special features and properties to withstand varying atmospheric conditions, and also to keep out strong winds effectively. They are usually about 3 feet tall, and work quite well as a shade provider, too. Some companies may offer interesting options to customize designs to suit your specific context and requirements.

The Tang Privacy Fence Screen is my favorite choice. You can choose between 9 different colors, while some options are stripes. Having the option to choose colors makes styling your patio super easy. This fence screen creates privacy but most importantly can block the wind extremely well. Pick and choose from hundreds of dimensions on Amazon.

2. Build a Wooden Fence to Block Wind

Build a Wooden Fence to Block Wind

Wood blocking fences are stylish options for the outdoors, regardless of why you choose to set one up. Nevertheless, they are great when it comes to keeping out wind, and also providing loads of privacy. The options are numerous, as you could choose the type of wood as well as the style of your fence. You might want horizontal bars with a glossy look, or vertically erected bars with a beautiful, matte finish.

Whatever the choice, it’s important to keep in mind the main purpose or the requirement, which is to minimize those winds blowing into your patio. When you consider this specific purpose, you might have to narrow down your choices and think about what the most suitable and practical options are so that you achieve the desired outcome once the wall has been set up.

3. Artificial Hedge Walls

Artigwall Artificial Boxwood Hedge Divider Fence Wall with Black 201 Stainless Steel Planter Box (with Wheels)

The thing about artificial hedge walls is that they look more like decorative pieces than a product with an actual purpose, which is a good thing, of course! These hedge walls are a wall of artificial foliage erected to work as a blocker, but naturally qualifies as decoration, too. They are made from high quality, durable material, particularly those designed for long-term outdoor use.

The foliage or greenery used is most of the time eco-friendly, easy to maintain, and does not cause inconvenience of any sort. The greenery provides full coverage of the supporting frame. The frame is then attached to a fence or wall that runs around the patio area.

The AGPL Artificial Hedge Wall is a great decorative piece to place on a patio to defend against the wind.

4. Glass Walls

Glass Walls

Glass walls right around patios are becoming a common sight. The best thing about them is that they’re both great in terms of keeping winds at bay, and as a stylish, decorative option for the outdoors. Glass walls and doors often provide elegance and a bit of luxury to outdoor settings. They are usually made of thick, strong, and firm glass panels attached to a strong metal frame, which is drilled into the floor and perhaps the walls of the patio. It can be a full glass wall or it can part of the deck, acting as a glass railing.

Maintenance is quite easy as you could use water and soap on the panels to wipe them clean, or simply window cleaners. One of the best things about glass walls would be that you can completely keep the wind out, while still having plenty of light and enjoying the beautiful views from your patio. Modern glass walls often have a range of styles and features to choose from, such as sliding walls or adjustable ones.

5. Place Wood, Resin, or Mesh Privacy Screens (temporary walls)

E&K Outdoor Privacy Screen Fence Freestanding Backyard Patio Privacy Pool Fencing Garden Dog Fence Removable with Stainless Steel Poles Ground Spikes Brown 6'x24'

These reversible privacy screens are useful owing to the amount of convenience. Compared to most options, this is more temporary and usually does not involve a complex process when it comes to setting it up or taking it down. These freestanding screens often come in wooden designs to suit any setting in the outdoors and are quite stylish, too. The hinged panels can be arranged as preferred to increase concealment, and of course, protection from strong winds. Whether wood or resin, they are made with heavy-duty material and are extremely durable.

They are resistant to weather and fading, too. Thus, you wouldn’t have to worry about it being a temporary solution, since it is sure to last as long as it’s needed. These screens are great for concealment too if you want to hide any mess in the area from public view.

Suncast 4 Freestanding Wicker Resin Reversible Panel Outdoor Screen Enclosure, Brown

The Suncast Freestanding Outdoor Panel is a very popular product. I think it works great against the wind, but what I like is that you can use it when needed. The wall is easy to set up and takedown. Just stand it up and fold it to the desired shape. Use rope, zip ties, or something to keep them standing sturdy in wind. If placed on the lawn the included pegs can be hammered into the ground for ultimate sturdiness.

6. Potted Shrubs

Potted Shrubs

Many choose various wind block methods by arranging plants and shrubs in their patios and balconies to help minimize the wind. Some of these methods have proven to be effective, particularly lining potted plants around the patio or balcony areas. Planting trees and shrubs in concrete pots seem to be the most effective method so far.

Firstly, concrete pots are sturdy and can withstand winds, no matter how strong. Secondly, concrete pots are believed to be safer for plants. You can also do a DIY wooden plant pot which can be bracketed to the patio floor. This would keep the plant from falling over, making it a great windy patio solution.

After some research on the best types of plants for this purpose, I found Bamboo, Frangula, and Houseleeks (Hens and Chicks) are found to be effective in controlling winds owing to their various properties and physical structures.

You may also want to make sure that you find plants of the desired height and not those that are too short, for effective protection. Have them lined up close together so it works better in keeping winds out effectively.

7. Setup Windscreen Fence Around Full Yard

Windscreen4less Heavy Duty Privacy Screen Fence in Color Solid Black 6' x 50' Brass Grommets and Durable Binding- Customized…

If you are looking for proper, complete coverage around your patio, you might want to take a look at windscreens for fences. These are amazing solutions for both residential and commercial environments. Whether it’s your yard, poolside, patio, or massive construction site, these are great for privacy and blockage.

If you have a low patio, usually in your backyard where you have additional land, you could have a fence all around. Using a fence windscreen gives privacy and reduces wind flowing around your home totally.

They usually have a height of 6-8 feet. Some may be customizable according to requirement, too. Outdoor windscreens often come in a strong knitted design, made of strong material like polyethylene. You should be able to find them in standard, solid colors like black or dark brown. There’s no need to worry about how well these will hold up because they’re usually very high quality, and resistant to UV and water, making them extremely durable and long-lasting. Setting them up is not hard if you manage to get the good stuff from the right places.

8. Install Outdoor Shades

Patio Paradise Outdoor Roll up Shades Roller Shade 8'Wx6'H Shade Blind Pull Shade Privacy Screen Porch Deck Balcony Pergola Trellis Carport Grey

 In case you haven’t thought about it, outdoor shades make an ideal solution for the winds that keep blowing everything off your patio. While shades are often intended for keeping out sunlight and the heat, they seem to work quite well where winds are concerned, too. They may come in a dropdown style, roller style, and a few others. They are made from strong, durable fabric that’s UV and water resistance. Maintenance is quite easy when it comes to outdoor shades.

Additionally, they are convenient because they can be removed and put back whenever needed, some styles easier than others. These certainly might be a great option when those winds seem more than just a breeze.

9. Find Wind Blocking Outdoor Furniture

Find Wind Blocking Outdoor Furniture

Opting for specific types of furniture for the patio might make a difference, even though it may not sound convincing. Many people opt for hefty furniture, like outdoor sectional sofas, for a good reason. If you think about sectionals, they are like a single mass of furniture, which also has a considerable amount of weight. Such pieces will take up a good amount of space in your patio, which means they can block out some, or most of the wind that blows in.

This is why it’s better to opt for heavy, ‘chunky’ furniture instead of those with small and light, individual pieces. Keep this in mind, particularly when those dreaded winds and gusts are a bigger concern than having stylish furniture in your patio.

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What’s the Best Budget Idea to Block Wind on Your Patio?

Your budget is a major part of your windy patio solution. Each idea on this list costs something, some more than others. The most affordable solutions are:

  • (Number 1) deck fence screens 
  • (Number 5) Temporary Walls 
  • (Number 6) Potted Shrubs 

These 3 ideas are under $100, of course that depends on the product and types, but for the most part they are available under the one hundred dollar price tag.

Also, building a wooden blocking wall could be cheap if you use free recycled wood, such as pallets of other free wood that you could have found on the marketplace in your local area. Mix up concrete as a post and it can be super strong against wind!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are several options and techniques you can use to prevent this issue. If you talked to people who’ve had experiences like this in their homes, each one would ask you to try out their own method. Nevertheless, the best thing to do is to assess your specific setting and your environment because it’s never going to be the same as someone else’s.

Even though all of the above options are generally effective solutions, you need to take a good look at your area, and consider every little aspect. When you do so, you might realize, for instance, that a woodblock fence might be a more suitable solution than having glass walls or hedge walls. Therefore, assessing your specific scenario thoroughly might just be the key to choosing the most appropriate solution for your windy patio problem.

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